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Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Powerful, easy to use ecommerce shopping cart. Bank level PCI DSS Level 1 security. iPhone & Android apps. Superb support. Free plan available.

Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart is a powerful, secure and easy-to-use online store solution that gives you a full-functioned shop on your WordPress website. Join over 1 million sellers in 175 countries and sell globally with over 40 international payment options, real-time shipping integrations and support of 45 languages.

Automatic Shipping and Taxes

The Ecwid ecommerce plugin integrates with major carriers including USPS, UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, Australia Post, and others to automatically calculate shipping rates. Taxes are also automated and can be set-up in a few clicks. Automated tax rate calculations are available for the U.S., Canada, and EU VAT. Additionally, integration with TaxJar provides automatic sales tax reporting and filing in the U.S.

Facebook Ecommerce

Add your online store to Facebook and sell to millions of Facebook users. No addons needed. Ecwid will automatically synchronize your products, customers, orders and inventory between your WordPress and Facebook storefronts. Ecwid is the #1 e-commerce app on Facebook. Join!

eCommerce Mobile Apps

Ecwid Shopping Cart provides free mobile applications for iOS and Android to manage your store and sell on the go. Scan products, track inventory, manage sales and accept payments using your mobile device as a POS station. Your ecommerce data is automatically synchronized with your Wordpress shopping cart, Facebook store and other online storefronts.

Unlimited Storage, Automatic Backups and Seamless Upgrades

With the Ecwid Shopping Cart, your online store data is fully hosted on our secure servers. Regardless of the WordPress hosting service you use, your Ecwid online store includes:

  • unlimited storage
  • regular backups
  • seamless upgrades and security updates

So you don't need to worry about software updates, security patches and server maintenance – we do that for you. Your online store gets all the new ecommerce features and bug fixes automatically.

PCI DSS validated Level 1 Service Provider

Ecwid Shopping Cart is PCI DSS Level 1 certified, which is the gold standard for e-commerce solutions worldwide. This means that when selling online with the Ecwid plugin, you won’t have any problems with the bank you do business with. With 40+ payment options and secure HTTPS checkout, your Ecwid shopping cart is PCI DSS compliant from the beginning.

Free Support

Friendly and knowledgeable support experts available 24/5 so you can get immediate help when you need it. Free email support and ecommerce community forums. Unlimited chat and phone support available in premium plans.

Sell Everywhere

With Ecwid, you can include your online shop on multiple websites, blogs, social sites and ecommerce marketplaces like Google Shopping and eBay and sell simultaneously everywhere. Add your online store to as many sites as you want, manage it from one place.

Mobile Responsive Design

Ecwid works great on any Wordpress site, especially those running on mobile-optimized themes. Your online store looks perfect on smartphones and automatically adapts to your customer’s screen size: laptops, tablets, smart TVs or smart watches. Check out this demo

Your Favorite Free Plugin

Ecwid offers a free plan that’s always available with no hidden setup charges or transaction fees. Get your online store up and running at zero cost. As your online shop grows, Ecwid grows with you. When the time is right, consider upgrading to one of our premium plans to get more robust features and preferred support. See also: Ecwid plan and pricing

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Automatic installation (the easiest way)

  1. In your Wordpress admin backend, navigate to Plugins → Add New
  2. Under Search, type in Ecwid and click Search
  3. In the search results find the Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart plugin and click Install now to install it
  4. When plugin is installed click Activate Plugin link
  5. Navigate to Ecwid Store → General page in your Wordpress admin backend and follow the instruction provided there

Alternative ways

Uploading the plugin zip archive in Wordpress admin backend

  1. Download Ecwid plugin from this page (click Download button)
  2. In your Wordpress admin backend, navigate to Plugins → Add new
  3. Click Upload link and choose the saved zip file in the appeared dialog window.
  4. Click Install

Uploading plugin folder to Wordpress directory on your server

  1. Download Ecwid plugin from this page (click Download button)
  2. Unpack the downloaded zip archive
  3. Upload ecwid-shopping-cart directory from the archive to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory on your server

Please refer to this article for the details and troubleshooting on plugin installation in Wordpress:


  • The new search widget is now enabled for every site. We released the new search widget in the version 4.2 — it is mobile friendly and looks great with any wordpress ecommerce theme. We made it possible to turn on/off the new widget temporarily to make sure every site would have time to try it before it’s enabled for everyone. Now it’s enabled. If you have it enabled previously, nothing will change for you — your search widget is already updated. If you have the old search widget displayed on your site, this update will replace it with the new one. Please let us know if you have any trouble with the new widget.
  • Fixed a minor issue with displaying store control panel on the Ecwid Dashboard page in Wordpress admin backend. The control panel previously might be displayed with a horizontal scrolling. We fixed that — it should look fine now.
  • Layout fixes for the ZeroGravity Wordpress theme.


  • Fixed an issue with erroneous “Restore backup” messages in the editor in Wordpress admin backend. One of the recent changes in our plugin made the WordPress editor display messages like “The backup of this post in your browser is different from the version below.” In fact, the messages did not mean there was a change that had not been not saved. The restore backup messages are normally hidden by Wordpress, but one of our CSS changes (editor page layout tweaks) made them appear. All your data is safe and the warning messages were displayed by mistake. We fixed them now and they should not appear anymore.


  • Improvements and fixes for the new "Add product" button in the Wordpress editor. We recently added a tool for inserting a product from your store to any page or post on your site. In this update, we polished the tool look and feel, fixed a few issues and improved performance. To try it, click the "Add product" button in the editor in your Wordpress admin backend.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Screen options" and "Help" Wordpress menus in the page editor in Wordpress admin backend. Those Wordpress functions were slightly affected by the new "Add product" functionality of the Ecwid e-commerce plugin and might not work well. We fixed that. Everything should work properly now.
  • A few fixes for the new integrated search functionality. Feel free to enable and try the new search feature on the plugin settings (Ecwid Store -> Advanced) — it will make your store products available in your site regular pages/posts search.


  • Fixed an issue in the new integrated search functionality causing javascript errors on site pages where no store widgets are installed. Feel free to enable and try the new search feature on the plugin settings (Ecwid Store -> Advanced)
  • Improvement for the Single Sign On. If you have Single Sign On (SSO) enabled in the plugin settings and your customer do not have name specified in their profile, the store account will use their nickname as the firstname. This will make store more friendly for your new buyers. (edited)


  • Integration with Wordpress search. This new feature will make your ecommerce site search find store products among other site pages and posts. So, when your customer searches for something on your site, they will see both site content and store products in the search results and will be able to navigate directly to the product pages from there. Please enable it on the Ecwid/Advanced settings page in your Wordpress backend and do not forget to click "Synchronize products" link. The feature is now in beta stage and we are actively improving it. So if you face any trouble with it, please let us know.


  • New "Add product" button in the Wordpress post and page editor. Now you have a useful and easy tool to place a product from your store on any page or post on your site. Just open any post or page in your Wordpress admin panel, click the "Add product" button in the editor, select the product you want to see on that page and click "Insert" – a product widget will appear on that page after you publish the chnages. The new "Add product" popup allows customizing the appearance of the widget so you can choose whether you want to see the picture along with title, price and quantity selector or just a simple Buy now button. Product widgets that you put on your site are seamlessly integrated with your store and shopping cart — wherever you place a product or buy now button on your site, the customers will be able to add it to the cart and proceed to checkout as if it was a regular store page. We recommend using product widgets and buy now buttons on every page or post where you mention the products or services you sell – this way you will provide an easy and natural way for a customer to know more about the product and buy it from the same page, be it a blog post, an "About" page, a testimonial or any other page on your ecommerce site. Enjoy!


  • Fix for the legacy search shortcode ([ecwid_searchbox]), which was broken in the recent 4.7.5 release.


  • A few enhancements for the Wordpress brand new "Twenty Seventeen" theme. Ecwid store page in that theme will look better with this update – we made the page layout a bit wider to make sure it's convenient for your buyers to navigate the catalog.
  • Another improvement for the new Ecwid single product widget. Now it's possible to use the "center_align=1" parameter in the shortcode to make the widget center aligned on the page. You may want to use that if you place one product widget per page – in this case, it will look better when center-aligned. An example shortcode: [ecwid_product id="12345" version=2 center_align=1]. Do not forget to replace 12345 in this example with the actual product ID.
  • Minor fixes for the "Trend" Wordpress theme.


  • WordPress 4.7 and Twenty Seventeen theme compatibility. The new WordPress version with the 2017 theme is coming soon. Ecwid shopping cart plugin is ready for the upcoming changes – everything will work well. Feel free to upgrade your site to WordPress 4.7 as soon as it's released and try a new theme.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.


  • Improvements for the new Ecwid’s single product widget. Now it's possible to use the "show_price_on_button=0" and “show_border=0” parameters in the shortcode to disable the price on buy now button and widget border respectively. If you want to hide the widget border, for example, the resulting code will like this: [ecwid_product id="12345" version=2 show_border=0]. Do not forget to replace 12345 in this example with the actual product ID.
  • Fixed a bug with the floating shopping cart: the floating cart widget didn't appear on some rare Wordpress themes, we fixed that. Now it should work fine.


  • Added support for the Ecwid’s improved single product widgets. To feature a single product on a separate page or blog post of your ecommerce site, you can use the [ecwid_product] shortcode. We improved the look and feel of the single product widgets in Ecwid and added those improvements to the single product shortcode version #2. You can use it like this: [ecwid_product id="12345" version=2]. Do not forget to replace 12345 in this example with the actual product ID.
  • Fixed error messages appearing on some Wordpress sites with the "Trend" theme installed. If you use Ecwid shopping cart with Trend theme and recently noticed an error message in your site admin backend, please use this update this update – it should fix that issue.


  • Fixed a few warning messages appearing on some sites with the new version of the plugin.


  • Fixed a layout issue in the floating cart widget in the "Mobius" WordPress theme.
  • Fixed a few issues with the Single Sign On functionality in the plugin.
  • Improvements for compatibility with GravityView plugin. You can use that plugin and Ecwid ecommerce shopping cart together – they should work with no issues.


  • Fixes infinite loading issue that occurred under certain store configurations.


  • Fix for the legacy search shortcode ([ecwid_searchbox]), which was broken in the recent 4.6 release.


  • The latest update (v 4.6) had a bug in the sidebar widgets (search box and recently viewed products). The widgets did not display and generated error/warning messages on the sites. We fixed that.
  • Another issue with the latest update is related to the legacy Ecwid shortcodes ([ecwid_script], [ecwid_productbrowser] etc). On the old installations (2 years old and more), the warning messages appeared – you might notice them on the store page. We now fixed this and everything should be fine, all Ecwid plugin installations work well.


  • Compatibility with the "Contact form 7 designer" plugin . When installed, the "Contact form 7 designer" plugin adds its own code to the and tags on the page on every page of the site. This conflicted with Ecwid storefront styles. We fixed that – now if you use the both plugin t the same time, your site pages styles should work fine. Note: this plugin is not the same as the popular "Contact form 7". Ecwid ecommerce functionality works well with the latter, so don't worry if you use it on your site.
  • Fix for a store links issue in the "Flora" theme by Wyde. Users with "Flora" theme on their sites reported that there are glitches in the way Ecwid online store links behave in that theme. We fixed that – Ecwid now works well with "Flora".
  • Compatibility with the "Trend" Wordpress theme. Ecwid shopping cart is designed to work great with all WordPress themes. However, we sometimes see that Ecwid has troubles working with some AJAX-driven WordPress themes. We found a way to fix this and started working on improving the plugin. With this release, the Ecwid plugin becomes compatible with the beautiful "Trend" theme. We'll get to the other AJAX themes in the future releases. If you find a theme that Ecwid has troubles with, please let us know – we'll fix that.
  • Fixed a bug with the store menu item duplicates. In a recent update, we fixed duplicate Store pages appearing when you deactivate and re-activate the plugin several times. In this release, we fixed a similar bug with the "Store" menu items. However often you enable/disable the plugin, the site navigation menu now works properly, keeping a single Store link, unless you deliberately add a few shop links to the menu (e.g. to have store category links in the menu).
  • Minor improvement and fixes to make the plugin more stable and user friendly.


  • Update in the Single Sign On Module (Ecwid SSO). Single Sign-On allows your customers to have a single login for your WordPress site and your Ecwid store. We updated it to use the latest Ecwid ecommerce APIs to make it more convenient for you. Now the module doesn't require a separate API key – it works seamlessly with no extra setup.
  • Compatibility with Divi builder editor. Divi builder adds a nice WYSIWYG editor to the Wordpress admin. Ecwid shopping cart now is compatible with that editor – so you can add Ecwid store shortcode right from the Divi builder editor, no need to switch back to the default Wordpress editor if you prefer to use the Divi's one.
  • Fix for a bug in the store appearance popup. The store widgets settings were hidden when the "widgets" part was manually removed from the Ecwid shortcode in the page editor in Wordpress admin. We fixed that, now the settings popup should work fine.
  • Slight improvements in Chameleon. The "Chameleon skin" option in the plugin Advanced settings automatically adjusts the store texts and styles to match those of your site. We continue improving it so that it works better with all sites.
  • Fixed a bug with store pages duplicates. Previously, an extra Store page was created each time you deactivated and re-activated the plugin. It's fixed – now the Ecwid plugin remembers the store page and use it however often you deactivate/activate the plugin.
  • Slight layout improvements for the stores embedded into sites with Salient theme installed.


  • Minor fixes and improvements.


  • Minor fixes and improvements.


  • Minor fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed a few layout issues in the categories menu layout and the "Store root categories" widget. Both wigets should look good now on any site and let your customers navigate your store easily. If you find any issue in the categories navigation in your store, please let us know.
  • Fixed an issue for meta title and description fields (SEO) for the sites with Yoast SEO plugin installed. The issue appeared on the sites where the store is installed on the main (home) page – meta title and description didn't work properly. We fixed this. Ecwid shopping cart plugin is totally compatible with Yoast SEO so we recommend using them together to make your store more visible in search engines.

  • Fixes PHP warning messages appearing on some server configurations.


  • Fixed notice/warning messages that appeared in rare cases in a sitemap generated by 3d-party Sitemap/SEO plugins. Now sitemaps should be generated without any error messages. Here, you can find the plugins we recommend to generate a sitemap on your Wordpress site:
  • Added a few improvements to the plugin code to work better on servers with PHP7 installed. If your hosting is going to migrate your site to PHP7, you can rest assured Ecwid eCommerce plugin will work fine in new environment.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Default category" drop-down in the store page appearance settings. You might notice that the Default category list in the store page settings didn't show a category if you just created that category in your online store. We updated this tool so that it faster reacts on creating new categories.
  • Fixed an issue with price display in the Recently viewed products sidebar widget. You might notice that the Recently Viewed Products widget didn't display product prices on your site – we fixed that.


  • New store categories sidebar widget. The new categories widget displays your online store root categories list in the site sidebar to let your customers navigate the store easily. Compared to the legacy sidebar categories widget, the new one fits your site layout perfectly – its style is fully based on your theme fonts and styles and looks good on any device and screen size. Find it under Appearance->Widgets->Store Root Categories.
  • Fixed an issue with the categories list in the page default category option. Ecwid Ecommerce plugin allows you to define a store category shown by default when a customer opens the store page. This could be used to feature some part of your products or display different categories on different site pages. In some cases, the drop-down selector of categories in this tool didn't have the actual categories list from your store (e.g. when you add a new category). We fixed this. You can continue using this tool – it should work good.
  • A few minor fixes and improvements.


  • New Minicart Widget. We added a new floating minicart widget. You can enable it on the "Appearance -> Widgets" page in you Wordpress backend. The new search widget appears as soon as a customer adds something to the cart and resides at the top right or bottom right position on the screen so that the customer always sees it and can easily proceed to checkout. The minicart widget also contains a counter displaying the number of products in the cart. Feel free to add it to your site – it's free!
  • Look and feel improvements and minor layout fixes in the themes Zerif-lite, Storefront, Pixova-lite and Accesspress Mag. Thanks to the Chameleon skin feature we released a few months ago, Ecwid looks good with every Wordpress theme. Now it became even better in these four popular themes.
  • Fixed a bug on the category pages in mobile view. In some Wordpress themes, click on category icon returned an error and got customer back to the category listing page, when the store was opened from a mobile device. We fixed that and now there shouldn't be any troubles with viewing your shop on mobile devices.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Ecwid plugin working well with the Envira Galleries plugin. Those of you using Envira Galleries on the site might notice it doesn't work properly on the pages containing Ecwid. We fixed that, you can now use the both plugins, they should work fine together.
  • Improved the plugin settings page footer. It now includes a link to the mobile app page inside Ecwid Control Panel, which significantly simplified the Ecwid mobile apps installation.
  • Fixed a few more minor bugs on the plugin settings pages. We're constantly improving the plugin settings pages to make store managements as convenient as possible. If you find any trouble working with your store in the plugin, please let us know.

  • Fixes for the perfomance issues on some sites.

  • Fixes an error appearing on some sites with the previous version of the plugin.

  • Fixes for a few warning messages appearing on some sites with the new version of the plugin.


  • New Help page in the plugin settings. We have a lot helpful articles and ecommerce tips in the Ecwid Help center at In this update, we made it closer to you – the Help page with FAQ and a simple search field is now available right in the plugin settings. Have a question about your online store? Refer to the new Ecwid->Help page in your Wordpress admin backend.
  • Better compatibility with Accesspress Store and Sliding Door themes. We adjusted Ecwid storefront look a bit to better match these Wordpress themes layout and fonts.
  • Fixed a bug in the product page titles. You might notice that the product page titles repeated the product name twice. We fixed it.


  • New Search Widget. We released a new search widget that’s vastly improved over the previous one. You can enable it on the "Ecwid -> Advanced" settings page in your Wordpress backend. The new search widget is fully adaptive, automatically fits in its parent section, and looks great with any ecommerce theme. It also fits your sidebar even if it's very narrow, so feel free to add product search to your site sidebar in the "Appearance -> Widgets" section of your site admin.
  • Fixed a bug in the categories menu on mobile devices. You might notice that the product categories menu disappeared on your site when it's opened on a mobile device with narrow screen. It's now fixed – the categories menu looks great on any screen size.
  • Bug fixes and improvements for the Recently Viewed Products widget.


  • Improvements for the plugin Dashboard page layout and a few minor fixes.


  • Ecwid mobile apps badges of the dashboard page. We made a facelift for the plugin dashboard page footer and included mobile apps badges there to make it easier for new users to find and install Ecwid ecommerce mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and Android. Why bother to install it? It allows you to manage your store and sell on the go.
  • Fixes for the embedded store Control Panel. There were issues in the store control panel when the Wordpress site was hosted on a server with incorrect system date set. We made the plugin tolerant of this kind of hosting issues – the embedded ecommerce Control Panel should now be displayed fine on every server.
  • A fix for the Advanced settings page in the plugin backend. In some rare cases, the advanced settings page in the plugin didn't show the Chameleon option, which enables auto adjustment of the store layout. We fixed that and the Chameleon option is now available for every user. A good moment to try it, if you haven't yet.
  • A few miscellaneous fixes and improvemens in the plugin core.


  • Layout improvements for the Accesspress-mag theme. Accesspress-mag theme users might notice slight glitches in the store buttons. We fixed those.
  • Added the page default category dropdown for free users. When you add a store on your site page, you can set the store category to be displayed on that page. This "default category" tool was previously just a text input where you were supposed to put the category ID, if you're on free Ecwid plan. Now it's a dropdown menu so you can easily select a store category for each page. It's very useful if you want to display different categories on different pages of your site.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements


  • Product images are included in the sitemap generated by the Yoast SEO plugin. Ecwid is integrated with popular SEO plugins: Yoast SEO and Google XML Sitemaps, which allows merchants to generate a sitemap containing the links to their products and categories. Now, the sitemaps generated by Yoast SEO will also automatically include links to the product images. This will make Google better index your products pictures and list them in the search results.
  • Ecwid plugin now supports oEmbed discovery. As of version 4.4, WordPress supports oEmbed. In short, that's a tool which makes a link to a post or a page of your site looks nice when pasted on another site supporting this. Ecwid ecommerce plugin now supports it too, so if you paste a link to your store page on any other oEmbed-empowered site (e.g. another Wordpress site), it will automatically displays a nice widget with the page title and a list of your store categories.
  • Fixes and improvements for the storefront widgets and for the plugins admin pages.


  • Fixed a problem with connecting to the Ecwid API on the servers with misconfigured or outdated CURL. Some servers couldn't connect to Ecwid from to display the Ecwid Control Panel inside Wordpress backend. That caused a "Connection problem" error message, which some of Ecwid users saw in their Wordpress admin section. We added a fix that should resolve this problem and make the Ecwid Ecommerce Control Panel inside Wordpress work OK for those users.
  • Improvements for the new drop-down categories store menu added in the version 4 of the plugin. If you haven't tried it yet, go check it out in the Appearance -> Menus settings of your site.
  • Fixes and improvements for the plugin settings pages.


  • Fixed a bug affecting the links in store sidebar widgets. The bug appeared in the version 4.0.5. It’s now fixed and all categories/cart/search links should work OK


  • Updated SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions. Google recently launched a new crawling schema to better index rich AJAX sites and applications like Ecwid, which is a great news for all Ecwid users. We're keeping an eye on this and help Google improve indexing of all Ecwid stores. In this update, we made the product/categories page titles and descriptions change on the fly (with no page reload) so that Google will index them better. No action is required from your side – we will continue improving how your online store appears for Google to make sure your products and categories will get to the search results.
  • Fixed a bug affecting the "Re-connect Ecwid account" link. The "Disconnect the Ecwid store and connect to another one" link at the bottom of the plugin dashboard now works fine.
  • Fixed a bug affecting the sites with enabled JetPack's "Spelling and grammar" module. The Ecwid ecommerce plugin v4 conflicted with that spelling module from JetPack, which affected the process of a publishing new posts and pages. Now it's fixed. Posts/pages publishing should work OK for all users.


  • Fixed an issue affecting site preview in Wordpress Customizer in some themes. Now the preview in the customizer tool should work fine.


  • Fixes for a few warning messages appearing on some sites with the new version of the plugin (v4).


  • Built-in Full-featured Store Control Panel. You can now manage your store, add new products, track sales and more right in your Wordpress site admin backend. No redirects, no external dashboards, no extra login/password – you now have a single place and single login to manage your site and your store. To make it even better, we added the Products and Sales shortcuts to your Wordpress admin menu – feel free to use them to easily access your inventory and sales list.
  • New Drop-down Categories Menu. Noticed how WordPress automatically updates your site menu adding your site pages to it? Ecwid now does it too: open "Appearance -> Menus" in your Wordpress control panel and add the "Store with Categories Menu" item to your site menu. A drop-down menu containing your store categories will automatically appear on your site. It will keep the categories list up to date even if you often change your store categories. Rest assured your customers can easily quickly get to the category of products they are interested in right from the site menu.
  • More Store Menu Items for your site. In addition to the drop-down categories list, the new "Store" menus section under Appearance -> Menus provides "Search", "Cart" and "My Account" items. Add those quick links to your site for your customers to browse your store easier.
  • Bug Fixes and Improvements. As usual, we fine-tuned the plugin and fixed a few bugs.

We wish you happy holidays and all the best in the New Year! Sincerely yours, Ecwid team.


  • Fixed a few layout issues in three popular Wordpress ecommerce themes: Responsive, Attitude, ResponsiveBoat.
  • Added a fix for the bug in WordPress editor, which corrupts the HTML codes. This should prevent the editor from corrupting Ecwid single products widget codes and other HTML snippets containing / microdata formatting.


  • Layout improvements for Mantra theme. Mantra theme users might notice slight glitches in the recently viewed products and horizontal menu widgets. We fixed those.
  • Minor fixes for plugins settings page layout in Wordpress 4.4. Feel free to update your Wordpress to the newest version 4.4 as soon as it's released, the Ecwid plugin will work fine with it.


  • Updates and bug fixes for the new horizontal categories widget.
  • Fixed a layout issue in the "Categories" block on the store page management in the Wordpress admin backend.
  • Improved store connect functionality for the servers, which may have troubles connecting with the Ecwid API.
  • A few minor bug fixes and improvements to make the plugin more stable.


  • Added compatibility with the "Add Meta Tags" plugin. The "Add Meta Tags" plugin is a popular tool to set SEO meta tags on site pages. Previously it rewrote the titles and description that Ecwid generated for search engines on your site. It's now fixed so if you use the plugin, everything should work fine and Google will index your products pages properly.
  • Fixed a problem in the recently viewed products widget caused by Autoptimize plugin. Previously, if Autoptimize plugin is used on the site, the recently viewed products widget reset the displayed products when page reloads. We fixed that.
  • A few internal improvements to make the plugin more stable and ready for the upcoming cool features. Stay tuned! More updates are coming.


  • Updated Italian and Turkish translations.


  • Fixed option to enable the new categories widget released in the v.3.4 .


  • Minor fix for the "Twenty Sixteen” Wordpress theme


  • New look for the categories menu widget. The old Ecwid categories menu widget (horizontal categories) was created long time ago and has been working in thousands of Ecwid stores. However, it doesn't adapt itself for the customer screen size as well as the other Ecwid widgets do. This has been always be a problem for responsive sites which look good on mobile devices. The new widget is fully responsive and looks great on mobile devices. To enable the new look of the categories widget on your site, navigate to Ecwid plugin settings -> "Advanced" tab and tick the "Enable the new category menu" checkbox. Once enabled, it will your store menu widget to the new look. If you don't have this option on the Advanced page, that means you installed the plugin after this change and the new categories are already enabled in your store. Enjoy!
  • Bigger product images for search engines. The plugin used to generate small product thumbnails on special store pages for search engines. Now it displays the original large product pictures there to assure better indexing of your product images in Google. Please make sure you're on one of Ecwid paid plans to make your products along with the pictures indexable by search engines.
  • A few improvements and fixes to make plugin perfectly compatible with Wordpress 4.3 and the new Twenty Sixteen Wordpress theme. Please feel free to update your sites to the newest Wordpress version, if you haven't yet, and try the brand new Wordpress theme (Twenty Sixteen) – your store should work OK with them.
  • Fixed SEO issues on the sites with Genesis theme. The Genesis theme places a special 'canonical' tag on each site page to improve the SEO of the pages. This in some cases conflicted with Ecwid ecommerce plugin. We overcame this from our side and now the plugin is compatible with SEO features of Genesis theme – your online store should be better indexed by search engines with this improvement.
  • Fixed a bug with duplicate store pages that appeared if the user re-installed the plugin. If you for some reason need to remove the plugin and install it again, everything will work smoothly now with no extra store pages drafts.
  • Improve the search widget layout. On a lot of Wordpress themes, the product search widget was displayed with 100% width, which makes the search input all-page-width. We fixed that and now it looks better.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.


  • Small improvement for "Twenty Twelve" WordPress theme. The default drop down menu stayed open after clicking Ecwid links sometimes. We adjusted our plugin to work around this issue.
  • Fixes of PHP notices. In some cases the plugin caused some PHP notices or warnings to appear on screen if the site was run in debug mode. Although it did not cause any malfunction in plugin operation, these messages could be quite annoying. We fixed it.


  • Improved Single Sign On functionality. Single Sign On module has been available in Ecwid ecommerce plugin for a while – it makes it possible for your customers to sign into your Wordpress site and fully use the Ecwid store installed on the site without having to sign in to Ecwid. Now we added a few improvements that should make the feature more useful. In particular, the Ecwid's "Sign in" link was usually hidden when Single Sign On is used, supposing a customer should use the Wordpress login functionality. Now, we made the link visible and redirecting to the Wordpress login form to avoid confusing the user who otherwise has to look for the area to login.
  • Storefront layout improvements for the "Evolve" WordPress theme. We adjusted Ecwid plugin to better integrate with a popular and beautiful free Wordpress theme – Evolve. In particular, we fixed the borders appearing around every storefront element in this theme. Ecwid stores now look a way better on WordPress sites with Evolve theme to provide better customer experience on any device and to generate more sales in your store.
  • Compatibility with Autoptimize plugin. One of Ecwid users recently reported an issue – the plugin doesn't work well on the sites with Autoptimize plugin installed. We fixed this in our plugin – it is now working well with Autoptimize. Feel free to use it on your site.
  • Improvements for Recently Viewed Products. We included a few improvements and bug fixes for the recently viewed products widget in this release.
  • Fixed a bug in the "Add store" button in Wordpress editor. The authors of Easy Image Collage plugin recently discovered a problem in the way Ecwid "Add store" button interacts with the other custom button in the Wordpress WYSIWYG editor. It's fixed now. Thanks to Easy Image Collage team.
  • A few improvements in the Chameleon skin tool.


  • Fixed a few minor bugs in the Chameleon skin feature


  • Fixed an issue in the new "Chameleon skin” tool that could affect font styles on the site.


  • New "Chameleon skin" tool (beta). You can use it to adjust your online store styles to fit your Wordpress theme. Whatever Wordpress theme you use, Ecwid ecommerce plugin will detect predominant colors and font and use them in your product catalog. The feature is by default disabled on the existing accounts to make sure the update will not affect your storefront. To enable it on your site, open the "Advanced" page in the Ecwid plugin settings and tick the "Chameleon skin" checkbox. The feature is in beta so if you find any troubles with it, please let us know.
  • Pre-populate Ecwid registration form fields with user Wordpress profile data. When a new user installs the plugin and registers an account at Ecwid, the registration form will contain the name and email prefilled to make it easy for the merchant to create a new store and install it on their site.
  • Improvements of the plugin settings pages to make them look good on mobile devices. If you manage your Wordpress site from a phone or tablet, feel free to check the store settings there – Ecwid plugin settings pages now work better on mobile.
  • Fixed an intermittent issue with the default category option in the store appearance settings.


  • New recommendations block in Wordpress Dashboard. Every Ecwid user has access to a lot of built-in features and third party applications that can be used to extend the store functionality and attract more sales. To make those features more visible and inform you of the new and existing tools you can use in your store, we added a new "Recommendations for your store" widget to the dashboard page in your Wordpress backend. We will update the content of this ecommerce widget from time to time to provide more actual advice and inform of the new applications and features, so stay tuned.
  • Storefront layout improvements for the "Customizr" WordPress theme. Ecwid plugin is by design compatible with any theme and looks good on any device and screen size your customers use. In this update, we adjusted our plugin to better integrate with one of the most popular free Wordpress themes – Customizr. Ecwid stores now look a way better on WordPress ecommerce sites with Customizr themes to provide better customer experience on any device and to generate more sales in your store.
  • Added German translations to the plugin settings pages in Wordpress admin backend. Thanks to Stefan Wagner for the great job on the plugin translation.
  • Improved Italian translations for the plugin settings pages. Big thanks to Luciano Delfico who has contributed a lot of Italian translations to Ecwid.
  • Improvements for Recently Viewed Products. We rolled out a few improvements and bug fixes for the recently viewed products widget. It now displays a link to the store page when there are no products in the list; the thumbnails pictures shown in the sidebar are now of the better quality; the currently opened product is now not displayed in the list if there are other recently viewed products.
  • Slight improvements in Single Sign On functionality. If you use Single Sign On, the plugin will now send user first name and last name along with user email to your Ecwid store when a new user is registered on your site. This allows you to make tighter integration of your site and your Ecwid store – your customer name will appear at checkout automatically if they enter their name on your site.
  • Fixed an invalid meta description bug, which appeared in some rare cases when product description contained special characters.
  • Fixed a bug in XML sitemap generation. Some users faced a problem with XML sitemaps generated by Ecwid for Yoast SEO plugin (malformed product pages URLs). It's fixed. You can use Yoast SEO plugin to make your products listed in your XML site map.
  • A few improvements in the plugin settings pages layout.


  • Fixed a few issues in the recently viewed products widget


  • Added Russian translation of the new plugin settings and registration pages
  • Temporary fix for low quality images in the recently viewed products sidebar widget
  • Fixed a few layout issues on the new registration page in the plugin backend


  • New sidebar widget: Recently Viewed Products. A new Ecwid's sidebar ecommerce widget is now available – your site can now show the products that the customer has recently visited. The links and images in the sidebar are updated automatically, so the customer can return to the product they previously opened and probably decide to buy it. This will increase visibility of your products for the customers and generate more sales. Enable the new widget under Appearance->Widgets menu in your admin backend.
  • New design of the plugin Dashboard. The dashboard ("Ecwid") page in the plugin backend is now nicer and more useful.
  • Completely redesigned Registration page. This is for the new users of the plugin. When installing the plugin, a user will now see a beautiful welcome page that will introduce them to Ecwid and guide through the setup process.
  • New easier store connection. Previously, to connect an Ecwid store with a Wordpress site and display store products, a new user had to copy and paste their store ID from Ecwid Control Panel. Now, even this easy step became easier – the user only needs to click a few buttons to authorize themselves and the plugin will automatically detect and connect their store. For those with technical background: we use oAuth2 for this, which is now a part of the newest Ecwid API.


  • Integration with the XML sitemap functionality of Yoast and All in One SEO Pack plugins. Ecwid has been integrated with Google XML Sitemaps plugin allowing you to generate a sitemap containing the links to your products and categories. Now, the sitemaps generated by Yoast SEO and All in One SEO plugins will also include online store pages, if you're on a paid Ecwid plan.
  • Improved design of Ecwid sidebar controls in the Appearance/Widgets page in Wordpress backend. Store sidebar widgets controls are now more noticeable and responsive.
  • Improved compatibility with the Cloudflare's Rocketloader. Rocket loader tool sometimes blocked Ecwid scripts from loading. We added another improvements to prevent such issues.
  • Fixes and improvements of the meta title tag generation on product and categories pages.
  • A few minor fixes and adjustments.

  • Additional fixes for the "title" tags on product pages following the 2.7.4 version's updates.


  • Improvements of 'title' and 'canonical' meta tags generation. The update prevents incorrect meta tags appearing in some WordPress themes in WordPress 4.1


  • Several bug fixes and minor improvements for the new "Add Store" button in WordPress Editor


  • A new sidebar ecommerce widget: Ecwid Store Page Link. The widget adds your store page link to the site's sidebar. You may want to use it with blog-focused WordPress themes that don't have a navigation menu, e.g. the upcoming "Twenty Fifteen" theme. Also, you can consider adding the widget to your sidebar to make your store page more visible to your visitors.
  • Wordpress 4.1 and Twenty Fifteen theme compatibility. The new WordPress version is coming soon and bringing a brand new 'Twenty Fifteen' theme. Ecwid plugin is now totally ready for the upcoming changes and will work OK in the new environment. Feel free to upgrade your site to Wordpress 4.1 as soon as it's released.
  • A few minor improvements and bugfixes for the new "Add Store" button released in the version 2.7


  • Fixed a few issues with the store appearance settings that were discovered in the recently released update (v2.7)


  • A brand new 'Add store' tool in WordPress editor toolbar. Ecwid is now integrated with WordPress WYSIWYG editor: click the 'Add Store' button in the page editor toolbar, chose widgets to show, adjust the appearance and place your store on any page of your site. Now you can decide what store widgets to show and configure store appearance right in the page editor.
  • New "[ecwid]" shortcode. The new ecommerce shortcode allows you to control every aspect of your store appearance by means of tweaking the shortcode parameters right in the store page code. Display/hide the search widget, choose the minicart layout you like, display different store categories on different site pages and so on. This shortcode serves the "Add Store" button mentioned above and almost every tweak is available in the new "Add Store" window so you don't have to edit any code in most cases. Still, an advanced Wordpress user may consider using shortcodes for more flexible and quick integration.
  • Improved behavior of single product widgets. If you put a single product widget on your site using the [ecwid_product] shortcode, you might notice that it opens a popup with the customer cart when a customer purchases the product. Now single product widgets are smarter: when the customer decides to buy a product and opens a cart page, the main store page on your site will be opened providing the customer with the built-in cart&checkout functionality. The checkout layout will fit better your site design and provide better buying experience when it's embedded into a page rather than in a popup-like window.
  • Fix for the Envision theme. The Envision theme didn't display Ecwid widgets properly because of a custom page content generation it uses. We issued a workaround from our side to let all Envision users install and use Ecwid plugin on their sites. If you use Envision theme and want to set up an online store on your site, go ahead and install Ecwid ecommerce plugin, it will work OK for you.
  • Fixes of PHP notices. Some of Ecwid users discovered a few PHP notices (warnings) on their site referring to the Ecwid plugin. Although those didn't break anything, they could be quite annoying. We cleaned up the plugin code to get rid of those warning messages, now the plugin should work without any odd message.


  • Ecwid's new SEO URLs compatibility. The new Ecwid clean URLs have been released a few days ago for all Ecwid users. Our WordPress plugin is already fully compatible with the new URLs. Your online store pages will be better indexed by search engines and the search results will look more attractive as the links themselves will mention the product/category they lead to. Of course, Ecwid will handle all redirects, backward compatibility with the old URL scheme and avoid any duplicate issues. Enjoy the new SE-friendly URLs with no trouble.
  • Improved formatting of product snippets markup. In this update we tidied up in the product HTML representations generated for search engines and fixes a few issues in the products data markup. In particular, the price and availability tags have been re-formatted according to the Google recommendations to ensure better search engine results.
  • A few improvements and fixes for Twenty Fourteen and Responsive themes layout. Ecwid looks nice on the vast majority of WordPress themes. Additionally, we strive to make it look even better on the most popular themes. This update brings a few more minor layout fixes for the sites with "Responsive" and "Twenty Fourteen" themes installed.


  • Extended compatibility with the "Responsive" WordPress theme. Ecwid ecommerce plugin is by design compatible with any theme and automatically adapts itself to any layout and screen size. This makes your store looks good on any device your customers use. One of the most popular free themes for Wordpress -- Responsive -- is also famous for its responsive design. In this update, we adjusted our plugin to better integrate with Responsive theme and Ecwid stores now look a way better on WordPress sites with Responsive themes to provide better user experience on any device and to generate more sales. If you're thinking which WP theme to choose for your site, you should definitely try the "Responsive" theme with Ecwid.
  • Added compatibility with WordPress 4.0. WordPress 4.0 is just around the corner and we already prepared our plugin for it. We enhanced the plugin installation process to be compatible with the new plugins management coming with WordPress 4.0 and tested every plugin's function to make sure your stores are ready for the upcoming WordPress update.
  • Automatic store page recovery functionality. Some Ecwid users previously faced issues when they deleted or replaced the plugin's generated store page on their Wordpress sites. We added a smart mechanism to Ecwid plugin to automatically detect such situations and prevent any possible troubles connected with them. Now, it you decide to move your store from one page to another within your Wordpress site or temporary hide your store page, the plugin will detect that, find an alternative store page on your site (if any) and keep the links and all the store functionality working OK regardless of whether you currently have a new store page or not. So, whatever update you're making on your site pages, you can rest assured your Ecwid store works fine, be it the product browser, single product snippet or a sidebar widget.
  • Fixed broken link in single product widgets. We fixed a minor issue with broken links in single product ecommerce widgets, that was reported to us recently. You can add a single product to any page of your site as usually by means of [ecwid_product] shortcode -- everything will work fine. All existing single product widget will continue working as well -- no actions is required from your side.
  • Fixed a few layout issues on the plugin's setting pages. During the recent updates, we were improving the plugin setting pages interfaces. This update brought a few more fixes to the plugin settings pages to make them more user-friendly.
  • Several fixes for old WordPress versions. WordPress is often updated with new features and bug fixes. Still, there are some merchants who use the old versions. While encouraging everyone to update their sites regularly, we want our plugin work great for all users. So, in this update, we added a few fixes addressing issues in the old Wordpress versions (2.8 - 3.1)

  • Onboarding for the new plugin users. Ecwid ecommerce plugin now displays new helpful messages when you set up your store and configure the setting. The messages guide the new users through the setup process and provide helpful tips and recommendations.
  • Improvements in the plugin settings pages and messages. We updated the texts and styles of the messages displayed on the settings pages. They became clearer and more user-friendly.
  • Minor optimizations for search engines including tidying up of the product pages 'meta' descriptions tags and fixing potential issues in compatibility with Yoast SEO plugin. This is to ensure better indexation and appearing of your online store products in the search results.
  • Several minor fixes and enhancements
  • Added in fixed incompatibility of the plugin v2.4.3 with the servers running PHP 5.2.x
  • Added in additional fix for the outdated PHP versions (5.2.x)


  • Minor issue is fixed on the plugin's "General settings" page


  • Added compatibility with the new versions of "Google XML Sitemaps" plugin (v4.0 and higher)


  • Ability to add a single product to a page or post on your site using new [ecwid_product] shortcode. In addition to embedding a whole product catalog on your Wordpress site, you can also feature a single product on a separate page or blog post of your ecommerce site and allow your customers to purchase the product right from that page. To embed a product on a page or post, add [ecwid_product id="12345"] shortcode to the page/post in your Wordpress backend. Do not forget to replace 12345 in this example with the actual product ID.

  • Better SEO for store pages. Ecwid plug-in now automatically adds product attributes to SEO-optimized versions of product pages on your site to let the search engines index attributes like UPC, brand and others along with the other product properties. Also, some improvements were applied to the format of product HTML snippets to meet the Google recommendations on how to better organize ecommerce information (title, descriptions, price etc) on the product details pages. These improvements will help search engines to better index your products and optimize their appearance in search results.

  • Slight improvements of store layout for mobile devices. All Ecwid stores are mobile-friendly by design, i.e. they adapt themselves to the given layout and look good on mobile devices, so if your ecommerce site is mobile-optimized, your Ecwid store will be as well. Earlier, if you use horizontal categories widget on your Wordpress site, you might notice that it didn't fit the given width on narrow screens, e.g. when opened on a mobile device. Now, the plugin automatically hides horizontal categories widget on narrow screens to ensure better look on mobile-optimized sites.

  • Several improvements and bug fixes for plugin settings pages, store appearance and SEO.


  • Fixed an issue in sitemap functionality. Ecwid uses third party plugin to generate an XML sitema

How secure is this plugin? Is my store PCI DSS compliant?

Ecwid is PCI DSS Level 1 certified shopping cart plugin – the gold standard for e-commerce solutions worldwide. This means you won’t have any banking compliance issues when selling online with Ecwid. More details.

How much does Ecwid cost?

Ecwid shopping cart plans vary by number of products, types of ecommerce functionality, and level of support. * Free - Up to 10 products * Venture - $15/month * Business - $35/month * Unlimited - $99/month Pro Tip: you can save money by enrolling in our annual plans. For more information, check out our pricing page.

How can I manage my online shop from a mobile device?

Ecwid shopping cart provides mobile applications for iOS and Android to manage your online store and sell on the go. Scan products, track inventory, manage sales and accept payments using your mobile device as a POS station. More details on Ecwid mobile apps.

How do I set up a storefront on Facebook with Ecwid shopping cart?

You can add your online shop to any web presence, including your Facebook business page. Ecwid plugin will automatically synchronize products, customers, orders and inventory between your WordPress and Facebook storefronts. More details.

How can I add a shopping cart widget to my site sidebar?

You can add a product search box, shopping cart widget and other tools on the Appearance/Widgets page here in your site admin. Read more about Ecwid sidebar widgets.

How do I add my store products to a sitemap?

To create a sitemap for your WordPress shop, we recommend using the fully compatible Google XML Sitemaps or Yoast WordPress SEO plugins. Generating a sitemap that contains links to store categories and product pages will help index your pages faster. Please note that the store sitemap option is only available to paid Ecwid users.

How do I add store categories to the site menu?

You can add the store categories menu to your site menu to help your customers easily navigate your online shop. Just open "Appearance > Menus" in your WordPress control panel and add the "Store with Categories Menu" item to your site menu. A drop-down menu containing your store categories will automatically appear on your site.

How do I migrate my shop from Shopify or Woocommerce?

You can use Ecwid’s built-in import tools to copy your store products from any other shopping cart to Ecwid. Find more details in the Import-Export article in the Ecwid shopping cart help center.

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Compatible up to: 4.7.2

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Date Added: 21 Oct 2009

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