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Easy Summit

Use Easy Summit Dashboard to create series menu item. Then add new post to your created series, then run timed post hangouts.

Easy Event manager allows you to generate a custom post with a timed event for the public, whether you want to use google hangouts or youtube iframe of your own custom code. features include addevent and button for offer of service or product and shortcodes to be placed into your own pages. Easy summit is 2 part, initial gui allows the generation of custom post type (category/series) from there this will add to the admin menu a custom post type that allows you to add custom event post organized.

Author Web Master Christian
Contributors ChristianK.
Tags broadcast, episodes, events, hangouts, Live, livestream, stream, tv, video, webcast, webinar, webseries
  1. easysummit screenshot 1

    Easy Summit 2 part allows you to use the GUI to create your own custom post under a custom category.

  2. easysummit screenshot 2

    Set Timers and for Live, next up and replays easily from with in the custom post.

  3. easysummit screenshot 3

    Create a Custom public offer, or embed your affiliate link into a offer button.

  4. easysummit screenshot 4

    Start a Google Live Hangout, email invitations and Share publicly from your website.

  5. easysummit screenshot 5

    Once the event is running just copy the share link and paste into your post for public access.

  6. easysummit screenshot 6

    Now you can run Timed Google Hangouts and Host a custom offer all from your own site.

Upload to /wp-content/plugins/ Login to WordPress Admin and goto Plugin and activate. Look on admin menu and see Easy Summit line item. In Easy summit Create a Series Category for Events. Once Series is created it is added to admin menu. Create events under these Series categories. Use shortcodes from ez admin to generate galleries and lists.


*added btc and paypal donations link


  • set wordpress default jquery
  • removed calendar/pxclickme
  • set domain to use blog_url
  • set plugin url to use plugin_url
  • set admin esc_html and esc_url
  • validated input fields
  • santize input fields


  • Merged external database into wp database
  • Created admin user interface
  • Relying more on wordpress core features
  • Google Hangouts api running.


  • External database and tables
  • password protected external page
  • Audio only

FAQs are answered on Easy Summit page.

Full Version Demo:

Version 2.0.2

Requires WordPress version: 3.3 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.5.6

Last Updated 13 Dec 2016

Date Added: 05 Jul 2016

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