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The easiest tool available for creating custom & great-looking Google Maps. Add multiple pins and customize maps with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Easy2Map is a simple-yet-powerful tool for quickly creating custom Google Maps for your posts and pages. Using a drag-and-drop interface, you can create maps containing one or many markers, customize the maps' size, zoom and location, and then drop it into any page or post using the simple [easy2map] shortcode. Any page or post containing a map's shortcode with display the map and its markers. No special programming required!

Please view documentation here


  • Easy installs directly into the left Wordpress Menu
  • Easy to use map interface to create your own Google Map
  • Drag-and-drop map markers straight onto your map
  • Add unlimited markers to your map
  • Upload your own marker icons
  • Add custom HTML and hyperlinks to your markers' information text
  • Manage unlimited maps with the map manager
  • Easily administer your map's markers
  • Set your map's size, location and zoom level according to your exact requirements
  • Add maps directly to your pages and posts with a simple shortcode
  • Quite simply, the best plugin available for creating functional and beautiful Google maps.
  • And all this for free!
Author Steven Ellis
Contributors stevenellis
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  1. easy2map screenshot 1

    Map Manager - create, administer and delete your easy2map maps from here

  2. easy2map screenshot 2

    Add a marker to your map by entering the marker's address (auto-prompts assist with address selection).

  3. easy2map screenshot 3

    Also add a marker to your map by simply dragging and dropping it onto your map.

  4. easy2map screenshot 4

    Edit your marker's details, including adding custom HTML and links to your marker's content.

  5. easy2map screenshot 5

    Upload your own marker icons, to tailor your map to your exact requirements.

  6. easy2map screenshot 6

    Resize your map to a preset size, or to a custom size (pixel or percentage).

  7. easy2map screenshot 7

    Add multiple markers to your map.

  8. easy2map screenshot 8

    Choose from several great-looking map templates; edit CSS of maps; import and export maps and markers (Easy2Map Ultimate Version).

  9. easy2map screenshot 9

    An example of one of the map templates available (Easy2Map Ultimate Version) .

  10. easy2map screenshot 10

    Display a list of markers alongside your map (Easy2Map Ultimate Version).

  11. easy2map screenshot 11

    An example of a color CSS editor for changing the map's background color (Easy2Map Ultimate Version).

  12. easy2map screenshot 12

    Style your map to your exact requirements (Easy2Map Ultimate Version).

  13. easy2map screenshot 13

    On saving your map, you are shown the map's shortcode for easy insertion into your pages or posts. Simply add your map's shortcode to your pages or posts to include the map.

  14. easy2map screenshot 14

    Voila, your Easy2Map!


  • PHP 5+ (same as WordPress 3.3.2)

  • Wordpress: 3.3.2+

  1. Upload the wp-easy2map folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

  3. Go to the Easy2Map menu page (viewable on the left admin menu) to create your first map.

  4. Add as many markers as your require, and save your map once you have customized it to your requirements.

  5. Place the map's shortcode (which will be displayed to you when you save your map, for example [easy2map id=123] (case-sensitive) in the body of a page or a post to display your map


  • Plugin uploaded to WordPress


  • Fix implemented that sorted out issue with install on certain WordPress platforms.


  • Fix implemented that sorted out issue viewing maps when not logged into WordPress.


  • Map Marker HTML editor fixed.
  • Easy2Map Ultimate Version added.


  • 5 new map templates added (Ultimate Version).
  • Map Type added (Ultimate Version).
  • Style editor enhanced (Ultimate Version).
  • Ability to import only markers from another map (Ultimate Version).
  • General fixes.


  • WordPress version 3.6 loading issue fixed.


  • Plugin's database tables set to utf8 charset (to support all character sets)
  • 8 new map templates added (Ultimate Version).
  • Ability to add marker name to popups (Ultimate Version).
  • Ability to add directions link to popups (Ultimate Version).
  • Ability to add set man width of popups (Ultimate Version).
  • Ability to add set 'pixel' and 'em' font size, widths etc.
  • General fixes.


  • WordPress version 3.9 compatability.
  • Ability to import map markers from CSV file.


  • WordPress version 4.1.1 compatability.
  • Map styling functionality added (Ultimate Version).
  • Ability to import map markers from CSV file using addresses (previously only supported latitude and longitude) (Ultimate Version).


  • WordPress version 4.2.2 compatability.
  • SQL injection vulnerability fixed.
  • Ability to show/hide pin description in list alongside map (Ultimate Version).


  • SQL injection vulnerability fixed.


  • Javascript library upgrade and further setting features added.


  • Ability to set the width and height of custom uploaded pin icons.
  • Two new map templates added.
  • Additional styling options added to map templates containing pin lists.


  • Increased data sanitization logic, for improved plugin security.
  • WordPress version 4.3.1 compatability.


  • Geolocation logic added for centering map on user's current location.
  • Geolocation logic added for displaying distance of marker from user's current location.
  • Intelligent search functionality added to map templates 5 and 6.
  • WordPress version 4.4.2 compatability.

Is there a limit to the number of markers I can add to a map

No, you can add unlimited markers to each map you create with Easy2Map.

How do I upload a custom icon for my map's markers

When adding a new marker (or editing an existing marker), click on the 'Change Icon' button, thereafter click on the 'Browse' button to browse to the image on your computer that you wish to use. Click the blue 'Upload Icon' button to upload the icon and associate it with your map marker.

Version 1.5.5

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 27 Oct 2016

Date Added: 12 Mar 2013


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35 ratings


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