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Easy SwipeBox

Easily enable the SwipeBox jQuery extension on all media links. Optimized for responsive layouts and touch devices.

Easy SwipeBox plugin for WordPress websites gives you a flexible, aesthetic and mobile-friendly Lightbox solution for just about all media links on your website. Easy SwipeBox uses the packed SwipeBox and is multisite compatible.

Main features

  1. Enqueuing of SwipeBox Javascript and CSS files.
  2. Customization of SwipeBox lightbox appereance and behaviour from the Lightbox Settings page.
  3. Autodetection of links to images or videos. You can exclude/include media types from the Autodetection Settings page.
  4. Other geek settings in the Advanced Settings page.


Select one or more options from Autodetection setting page, Easy SwipeBox automatically detects the media type and add class="swipebox" to their links. Otherwise, add class="swipebox" yourself to make the magic happen.

If you like to exclude some images or videos from autodetection enter the selector that groups these elements. By default, Easy SwipeBox uses .no-swipebox.


There are many ways to contribute to this plugin:

  1. Report a bug, submit pull request or new feature proposal: visit the Github repo.
  2. Translate it in your language: visit the WordPress translation page.
  3. Rate it 5 stars on
  4. Buy me a beer!


Need help? Read the FAQ or visit the support page / Github Issue Tracker.

Note: this plugin use SwipeBox jQuery plugin as Lightbox solution. For any issues and pull requests related to SwipeBox functionalities please visit the SwipeBox Repo.

Author Leonardo Giacone
Contributors LeoPeo
Tags fancybox, gallery, image, images, lightbox, mobile, responsive, swipebox, video, vimeo, youtube
  1. easy-swipebox screenshot 1

    Example of SwipeBox lightbox

  2. easy-swipebox screenshot 2

    Easy SwipeBox setting page

  1. Download the plugin from Wordpress repository.
  2. Upload the plugin folder in /plugins/.
  3. Activate the plugin.

Done! Now all link to image or Youtube/Vimeo opens in a beautiful mobile-friendly Lightbox. Visit the new admin page (Settings > Easy SwipeBox) to enable/disable the autodetection for selected media type and customize the lightbox behaviour.

1.1.0 - Major release (27/01/2016)

  • New feature: Added Lightbox Setting Page. Customize the SwipeBox lightbox behaviour. Discover more about SwipeBox options.
  • New feature: Esclude media from autodetection. Exclude some images or videos from autodetection entering the selector that groups these elements.
  • New feature: Advanced settings Page. Customize geek options, like javascript files position (header/footer) and choose to enqueue minified or unminified version of the files.
  • New feature: Overview page.
  • Security issue: Fix SwipeBox XSS vulnerability (see SwipeBox pull request).
  • Updated readme.txt.
  • Updated licence.

1.0.2 (22/11/2015)

  • Bug fix: moved from wp_print_scripts to wp_enqueue_scripts. Better compatibiliy with Soil plugin from Roots. Thanks to Gifford Nowland

1.0.1 (28/10/2015)

  • Bug fix: better image format detection (jpg -> .jpg). Thanks to jas8522
  • Updated readme.txt

1.0 - Major release (14/09/2015)

  • Updated SwipeBox to 1.4.1
  • Bug fix: Added support to UPPERCASE image extension
  • Bug fix: Removed SwipeBox to Youtube User and Channel links
  • New feature: Added admin page for autodetection settings.

0.9.1 (14/04/2015)

  • Bug fix: Added JPEG extension support
  • Bug fix: Use image title as link title (alt fallback)

0.9 (02/02/2015)

  • First commit

Can I use Easy SwipeBox to show Google Maps iframe?

Yes, SwipeBox support inline content, here below an example of code:

First create the selector that contains the Google Maps iframe, usually it's hidden within the page:

<div id="mymap" style="display:none;">IFRAME_MAP</div>

Then create your link, pointing at the selector:

<a href="#mymap" class="swipebox" title="My Map Title">Click to open the map</a>

Done! Clicking on the link, the Google Maps iframe will be showed within the lightbox.

Version 1.1.0

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 25 Jan 2017

Date Added: 08 Feb 2015

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