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E-MAILiT Share Buttons

Activate advanced share buttons to help you grow your audience, while you get more followers and generate more revenue.

Sharing anything, anywhere, made easy.

The E-MAILiT WordPress share buttons plugin has a dedicated website! Check out

Sophisticated features and unique functionalities, without coding

  • Global Share Button (more sharing options)
  • Choose from 180 sharing and following services
  • Drive social traffic and increase engagement and monetization on your site
  • No ads (it can be turned off anytime). No branding. No clutter. You can completely remove the E-MAILiT branding and add your logo to make the share buttons entirely your own! Make it look like you paid for this customized solution without spending a dime
  • Complete Mobile Sharing Support
  • High customization with no website registration. No signup, no login, no user accounts to manage
  • Automatic Google Analytics integration for sharing analytics
  • Display share counts on posts and pages
  • Loads asynchronously so your content always loads first
  • Many more web publisher and user features

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  • 24/7 Dedicated Development Support to help you manage your solution at scale
  • Unique Design Customization and Tailor Made Tools
  • Full Implementation, Custom Integration and Strategy Support

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Author E-MAILiT
Contributors e-mailit
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  1. e-mailit screenshot 1

    Example of the share buttons.

  2. e-mailit screenshot 2

    E-MAILiT modal window after user clicks on E-MAILiT icon.

Automatic installation through WordPress:

  1. Log-in to your Wordpress site.
  2. Hover over Plugins and click Add New.
  3. Under Search type in E-MAILiT, then click Search Plugins.
  4. In the results page, click Install Now.
  5. Once installed, click Activate Plugin. You're done!

Manual installation:

  1. Download here: and unarchive the plugin folder.
  2. Upload the E-MAILiT folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Go to your Wordpress dashboard and navigate to Plugins -> Installed Plugins.
  4. On the Plugin page in your WordPress Administration area, activate the E-MAILiT plugin.

To upload the plugin through WordPress, instead of FTP:

Upload the downloaded zip file on the 'Add New' plugins screen in your WP admin area and activate.

How to Un-install

Through WP admin:

  1. Go to Plugins screen.
  2. Find the E-MAILiT Plugin > deactivate and un-install.
  3. Click deactivate.
  4. Click delete if you want to completely remove the plugin.

Manual process:

  1. Open any ftp software, on your computer.
  2. Enter the server's credentials.
  3. Open the root folder.
  4. Go /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  5. Search for emailit folder and select.
  6. Click delete.


  • New feature: SHARE Configuration: open with 2 options available: a) in a tab (new window), b) in a popup window.
  • New feature: Innovative New Responsive and Adaptive Social-Sharing-Following-Button Options E-MAILIT Blog
  • Add Following Channels: Reddit, Product Hunt, AngelList, Medium, Spotify, SoundCloud, IMDb, Blogger, Blogspot, Delicious, Digg, Messenger, Email, MySpace, Pocket, Renren, Slashdot, StumbleUpon, Telegram, Yummly E-MAILIT Blog
  • Remove Following Channel: Vine.
  • (total following channels: 54)
  • Update Sharing Endpoint/Submission URL: Delicious.
  • (total sharing services: 126)
  • WordPress 4.7.1 compatibility.
  • CSS Fixes.


  • MOBILE SHARING. Mobile Share Bar Configuration: position with 2 options available: a) Bottom, b) Top.


  • Buttons can be added in search results.


  • Large sharing buttons & Pixel-perfect at any size (MAJOR NEW FEATURE!). Make them as large as you want.
  • Scalable, customizable (endless button style combinations) vector icon sizes & shapes (SVG icons). Flat, sharper, mathematically precise, minimal vector-based design (clean mobile-optimized design).
  • Retina/Retina HD display and High-PPI screen ready (faster loading).
  • Add WeChat.
  • Add Kik.
  • Add Kakao.
  • Add Plaxo.
  • Remove moShare.
  • Remove PageSpeed.
  • Remove Quora.
  • Remove Tapiture.
  • Remove Yardbarker.
  • Remove 100zakladok.
  • Remove
  • Add Following Channels: GitHub, Quora, Sina Weibo, Snapchat, Stack Overflow.
  • Update button code builder and admin tweaks.
  • New customized options for floating bar.
  • CSS Fixes.
  • WordPress 4.5.2 compatibility.


  • Buttons can be added in content using shortcode {e-mailit}.
  • Update admin slug.


  • Plugin translation Enabled.
  • WordPress 4.4.2 compatibility.


  • Add new and improved Custom Color Selector.
  • Bug fixes.


  • WordPress 4.4.1 compatibility.
  • Turn ON/OFF E-MAILiT branding on sharing widget menu footer.


  • MOBILE SHARING (Mobile Share Bar). Share Buttons & Floating Share Sidebars are fully optimized and customizable, ensuring that they automatically appear only on mobile devices. Mobile Share Bar Configuration: activate/deactivate with 3 options available: a) Default for Mobile Services, b) Same as Desktop (Standalone) Services, and c) Customize for Mobile Services, along wih custom images or colored share icons.


  • Add your logo. Brand your share button by including your site's logo.
  • WordPress 4.4 compatibility.


  • URGENT UPDATE: read only fields in admin options panel when using firefox: Resolved.
  • Mobile Share Bar. Share Buttons & Floating Share Sidebars are fully optimized, customizable, ensuring they automatically only appear on mobile.
  • Auto Show. Auto Show Share overlay will appear after a custom time duration given by you, encouraging your visitors to share your site's content, offering them an easy way to engage effectively.
  • Deprecation of the Tweet count.
  • Add Skype, Telegram.
  • New Following Channels: LinkedIn for companies, YouTube for users, Flickr, Yelp, Bloglovin, Dribbble, Behance, Etsy, Disqus, Skype, Xing, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, LiveJournal, Vine,


  • URGENT UPDATE: crucial jquery conflict error: Resolved.


  • New global mobile-optimized sharing menu button design!
  • New UI/UX Admin Plugin Settings Panel Interface.
  • E-MAILiT branding removed. No branding on our website tools by default. Make your share buttons entirely your own.
  • Your sharing stats automatically roll into your Google Analytics Social Plugin metrics.
  • HTML5 and CSS3 valid code.
  • Pinterest Shareable Images.
  • Update icons: Google, Google+, Google Translate, .Tuenti.
  • Add Viber, Tapiture, Line, Known, Pinboard, Renren, Embedly, moShare, Facebook Messenger Send, SMS Client (includes Apple's iMessage), Copy Link in email or IM.
  • Remove BlinkList, Bloggy, Kaboodle, Mashbord, Mister Wong, Transferr.
  • WordPress 4.3.1 compatibility.

  • Reorganize source code.

  • Code performance improvements.

  • New feature: Auto-show the widget Menu after a given interval.

  • Remove FriendFeed.



  • WordPress 4.2 compatibility.


  • Bug fixes.


  • New Following Channels: Add Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Foursquare, Tumblr.
  • Turn on/off after share ads.



  • Add Google PageSpeed Insights.


  • Update MailRu, Taringa icons.
  • Update Quantcast sharing endpoint.
  • Add Hacker News, Mixi.
  • Remove Arto, Favoriten, funP, PhoneFavs, GiveALink, iWiW, LockerBlogger, Logger24.


  • Add Hootsuite.
  • Add Quora.


  • WordPress 4.1 compatibility.
  • Add Yummly.

  • Minor bug fixes.

  • Backend: Coding modifications.


  • Standalone Circular icons support in: Large Sharing Buttons and Custom (large) Sharing Buttons.
  • Display buttons in excerpts (fixed).


  • Major new features in Admin Plugin Settings Panel Interface.
  • Re-order, drag and drop customization.
  • Minor updates.
  • Minor bug fixes.

  • Standalone Buttons:

  • Sharing Buttons
    • choose between large and small buttons
    • control how many buttons show up
    • current supported services: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, E-MAILiT
  • Custom Sharing Buttons
    • set your own colors
    • choose large buttons
    • control how many buttons show up
    • current supported services: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, E-MAILiT
  • Improved Original Sharing Buttons
    • share counters to encourage sharing: Included
    • get a specific sharing button or a full set
    • control how many buttons show up
    • current supported services: Facebook Like & Share or combo, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, E-MAILiT
  • E-MAILiT Button
    • edit: text, text color, background color
    • show count checkbox (share counter to encourage sharing: Included)
    • show menu on click or on hover


  • WordPress 4.0.1 compatibility.
  • Code performance improvements.
  • Add Flipboard.


  • Code performance improvements.


  • Urgent upd:
  • Frontend WordPress admin panel: Notice removed.
  • Frontend WordPress admin panel: New Text.
  • Frontend WordPress admin panel: Settings link added.
  • Frontend WordPress admin panel: Logo in search results added.


  • Bug Fixes.


  • WordPress 4.0 compatibility.


  • Automatically localized in 75 languages (already included) with auto-button Share-Text translation.
  • UX changes in E-MAILiT account control panel.


  • WordPress 3.9.2 compatibility.
  • UX changes in E-MAILiT Share Mobile for High-end mobile devices.
  • Code performance improvements in E-MAILiT Share Mobile for High-end mobile devices.
  • Add and remove services in E-MAILiT Share Mobile for High-end mobile devices.
  • Prioritized sharing services in E-MAILiT Share Mobile for High-end mobile devices.
  • Update Sharing Endpoint Services / Submission URL's in E-MAILiT Share Mobile for High-end mobile devices.


  • Code performance improvements.


  • UX changes in E-MAILiT account control panel.


  • Backend: Coding modifications.


  • UX changes in E-MAILiT Share Desktop Version.


  • Backend: Coding modifications.

  • Bug fixes.


  • Security improvements.

  • Update content.

  • Backend E-MAILiT Share Desktop Version: Coding modifications.

  • 3rd party share counter buttons include the Facebook Like Button, Facebook Share Button, Facebook Like/Share Button (combo): button text has been optimized and localized with automatic detection of the browser.

  • Other plugin conflicts: Resolved.

  • Backend: Coding modifications.


  • Add 100zakladok.
  • Add Adfty.
  • Add Arto.
  • Add Bloggy.
  • Add Blogmarks.
  • Add Blurpalicious.
  • Add Bobrdobr.
  • Add BonzoBox.
  • Add
  • Add Bookmerken.
  • Add
  • Add BuddyMarks.
  • Add Camyoo.
  • Add Chiq.
  • Add ClassicalPlace.
  • Add Cndig.
  • Add COSMiQ.
  • Add Diggita.
  • Add Digo.
  • Add Diigo.
  • Add Douban.
  • Add Embarkons.
  • Add Fabulously40.
  • Add Fai Informazione.
  • Add
  • Add Folkd.
  • Add funP.
  • Add GiveALink.
  • Add Good Noows.
  • Add HTML Validator.
  • Add iWiW.
  • Add Kaboodle.
  • Add Kaevur.
  • Add LockerBlogger.
  • Add
  • Add Mashbord.
  • Add
  • Add N4G.
  • Add Nasza klasa.
  • Add Nujij.
  • Add PDF Online.
  • Add PDFmyURL.
  • Add PhoneFavs.
  • Add Posteezy.
  • Add Pusha.
  • Add Quantcast.
  • Add Qzone.
  • Add Rediff MyPage.
  • Add Sekoman.
  • Add SodaHead.
  • Add Sonico.
  • Add Startlap.
  • Add Stuffpit.
  • Add Stumpedia.
  • Add Svejo.
  • Add Symbaloo.
  • Add Taringa.
  • Add The Web Blend.
  • Add ThisNext.
  • Add Transferr.
  • Add Viadeo.
  • Add Virb.
  • Add Webnews.
  • Add Whois Lookup.
  • Add Wykop.
  • Add Yardbarker.
  • Add Yoolink.
  • Add


  • New third-party counter button to Share with E-MAILiT: Odnoklassniki.


  • Update Sharing Endpoint Services / Submission URL's.


  • WordPress 3.9.1 compatibility.

  • Bug Fixes.


  • Minor bug fixes in Facebook's sharing functionality.


  • UX changes in E-MAILiT account control panel.


  • Launch of our new E-MAILiT website homepage!


  • Backend E-MAILiT Share Desktop Version: Coding modifications.


  • WordPress 3.9 compatibility.


  • Bug Fixes.


  • WordPress 3.8.2 compatibility.


  • Bug Fixes.


  • UX changes in E-MAILiT account control panel.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • E-MAILiT's innovative Advertising notice, can be hidden.


  • Eliminate/remove the plugin from certain page(s) or post(s).


  • Remove Bebo.
  • Remove Netlog.
  • Add Kindle It.
  • Add Mendeley.


  • Without register, E-MAILiT allow you track how visitors are sharing and what content is being shared and driving traffic back to your site. View E-MAILiT social share data in your Google Analytics dashboard you already use.
  • Update FAQ.


  • Place your buttons in both position (top and bottom of a page/article etc.).
  • Frontend WordPress admin panel: UX interface re-design.
  • Backend WordPress admin panel: Coding modifications.


  • Several small bug fixes and improvements.


  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Update FAQ (Q: Facebook Share Button seems to show an incorrect number! Why?).


  • Display a Facebook Share Button next to the Facebook Like Button, showing one counter, to let people add a personal message and customize who they share with.


  • Other plugin conflicts: Resolved.


  • Add WhatsApp.

  • Bug Fixes.


  • Remove E-MAILiT pink Share Button and use only the (out of the box) third-party share counter buttons.
  • Other plugin conflicts: Resolved.


  • Update FAQ.
  • Bug Fixes.

6.0 [2014-2-9]

  • Launch of our new E-MAILiT website!


  • Remove Hyves
  • Add Mail.Ru


  • Backend admin panel modifications.
  • Minor bug fixes: style/template conflicts resolved.
  • WordPress 3.8.1 compatibility.
  • Update FAQ.


  • Support links via Twitter, WordPress Forum and Email, located at your E-MAILiT account control panel.


  • UX changes in E-MAILiT account control panel.

5.3.2 [2014-1-19]

  • Code performance improvements.

5.3.1 [2014-1-16]

  • Bug fix - Several small bug fixes and improvements.


  • Important: Show your trust, certainty and upgrade now! We assure you that upgrade will not change your current E-MAILiT plugin settings.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Security improvements.
  • Improved CSS styling.


  • UX changes in E-MAILiT Share Desktop Version.
  • CSS floating bar modifications.
  • Update FAQ.
  • Bug Fixes.


  • New third-party counter button to Share with E-MAILiT: Facebook SHARE.


  • UX changes in account email alert notifications.
  • UX changes in E-MAILiT Share Mobile Version.
  • Add alert check validation to Your Button ID text box, at WordPress Admin panel / E-MAILiT Settings.
  • UX changes in WordPress frontend Admin panel.


  • Minor bug fixes.


  • CSS Fixes.


  • Update FAQ.
  • Bug Fixes.


  • UX changes in E-MAILiT Share Mobile Version.
  • WordPress 3.8 compatibility.
  • Bug Fixes.


  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Bug fix: Style conflicts with some themes resolved.
  • Fix conflict with other plugins.
  • CSS Fixes.

  • Update Facebook Like button.


  • Sharing services icons (Desktop & Mobile): re-designed/replaced.
    Desktop Version: AOL Mail, Baidu, Bebo, Blogger, Delicious, Email, Evernote, Gmail, Google, Hyves, LinkedIn, LiveJournal, Meneame, Myspace, Odnoklassniki, Orkut, Pinterest, PrintFriendly, Reddit, Sina Weibo, StumbleUpon, Tuenti, Tumblr, Twitter, VKontakte, Yahoo Bookmarks, Yahoo Mail.
    Mobile Version: AOL Mail, Baidu, Bebo, BizSugar, Blogger, Delicious, Digg, Email, Evernote, Facebook, Favoritus, Gmail, Google+, Hyves, LinkedIn, LiveJournal, Meneame, Myspace, Odnoklassniki, Pinterest, Reddit, Sina Weibo, StumbleUpon, Translate, Tuenti, Tumblr, Twitter, VKontakte, Yahoo Bookmarks.


  • Minor bug fixes: style/template conflicts resolved.


  • UX changes in E-MAILiT account control panel.


  • Bug Fixes.


  • New third-party counter button to Share with E-MAILiT: VKontakte.


  • E-MAILiT site-verification meta tag registration accepted from: WHATWG Wiki community.
  • 10 Sharing services icons (Web & Mobile): re-designed/replaced.
  • New Sharing Service to Share with E-MAILiT: Foursquare.
  • Prioritized the Outlook email service, alphabetically, in mobile version.
  • Bug Fixes.


  • Code Performance improvements.


  • Sharing services icons/submission url's (Web & Mobile): re-designed/replaced.


  • Prioritized the most popular sharing services to the top, in mobile version.


  • IE v10 loading bug, fixed.


  • Enable automatically your own Twitter id to your tweets. You can set your own "via @Twitter Username" and simply remove "via @EMAILiT".
  • You can now add, instantly, share buttons in Content and Sidebar, as well. Have them both, in a single page, without conflicts.


  • Introducing Mobile Sharing. Share anywhere and anytime on your websites with E-MAILiT Mobile-ready auto-optimized share tool, with automatic detection of device-type. If you are already have installed E-MAILiT on your site, you have nothing to worry about and you ensure that your visitors will share and access your content on multiple devices (PC, tablets and smartphones). The mobile widget will automatically show the mobile sharing layout.


  • Ηave the Share button appear after each post in the same page, and targeted to help people share each post.


  • Conflict occured when Twitter tools already installed on page, resolved.


  • Add alert check validation to Domain Verification Publisher Key text box, at WordPress Admin panel / E-MAILiT Settings.


  • Show 3rd party share counter buttons in Sidebar. Done.
  • WordPress frontend Admin panel, re-designed.
  • Bug Fixes.


  • UX changes in internal admin system.
  • Bug Fixes.


  • Social Services icons, re-designed.
  • Follow Channel Flickr replaced with Pinterest.
  • Follow Channel LinkedIn, for personal profiles, replaced with LinkedIn for companies.


  • Bug Fixes.
  • CSS and menu style appearance, resolved. Compatibility issues repaired in a variety of websites, with special meta charset, also containing numerous third party js tools.
  • Background color replaced when share menu is opened.


  • UX changes in admin settings.


  • Bug Fixes.


  • Backend admin panel modifications.


  • Add Domain Verification Publisher Key field, in settings.


  • Add Toolbox options for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn Horizontal Share Counter Buttons.


  • Initial release.

Do I need to edit html or javascript?

There is no need to edit any line of code.

How do I eliminate/remove the plugin from certain page(s) or post(s)?

When editing a post or page, you can check the "E-MAILiT" option in "screen options" to enable E-MAILiT remove meta box.

How do I activate / de-activate your plugin?

Please, read the guide here

How do I link the Facebook Like Button or the Tweet Button to my pages?

Facebook Like Button displays the likes about a specific url. In order to show correctly your likes you must place the button in the right place. If you haven't inserted the button in your home page, propably your likes are linked to it. If in case this is valid, by placing the button in your home page you will see the correct like counter for your site.

Facebook Share Button seems to show an incorrect number! Why?

The count result is common for share and like interactions. Please, see here There are counters for posting an article or sharing a page content. These are two seperate different interactions. But you can include the Share button next to the Like button, having more sharing options to display on your website and not feeling confused about the similar counters. You will have two different buttons together, with one counter only to display.

Version 9.0.4

Requires WordPress version: 2.9 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 10 Feb 2017

Date Added: 13 Feb 2013

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