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Dynamic User Directory

Highly configurable front-end user directory based on user profile and meta fields.

Multi-user WordPress websites often serve organizations whose members interact both online and in person. This lightweight plugin facilitates that interaction by creating an alphabetically sorted user directory displaying the user meta information you specify. It can show avatars, mailing address, email address, website, phone, or any other user meta information you wish. It is also fully compatible with the Cimy User Extra Fields plugin.

Current Features

The best thing about Dynamic User Directory is the high degree of control you have over the content, formatting, and style. This allows you to create a highly customized directory and integrate it seamlessly into your WordPress theme. Features include:

  1. Sort by user last name or user display name.
  2. Specify which user meta fields to display (up to 10), including fields from the Cimy User Extra Fields plugin.
  3. Hide users with specified user roles.
  4. Include or exclude specific users.
  5. Optionally hyperlink to each user's WP author page.
  6. Enjoy a fully responsive display for smaller screen sizes.
  7. Optionally show a search box to quickly locate a user
  8. Easily format the display in the following ways:
  • Show/hide avatars
  • Set avatar style (circle, rounded edges, or standard)
  • Show/hide listing border
  • Set listing border style, color, length, and thickness
  • Control font size of all text displayed
  • Set the display order of each field
  • Control space between alphabet letter links
  • Control space between each directory listing
  • Choose between showing all users or filtering by selected alphabet letter

Add-Ons and Customization

There are Dynamic User Directory add-ons available here to enhance and extend your directory. You can also hire me to customize the plugin according to your site's specific needs (email:

Your Feedback is Valuable!

If this plugin benefits your website, please take a moment to say thanks by leaving a positive rating and/or review. Did you find a bug? Let me know and I'll fix it ASAP. Have suggestions for improvement? Don't hesitate to email me with your thoughts. Thanks so much!

Author Sarah Giles
Contributors Sarah_Dev
Tags cimy, cimy user extra fields, directory, dynamic user directory, extra fields, member directory, members, Profile Fields, user directory, user listing, user meta data, user profile, User profiles, users, website directory
  1. dynamic-user-directory screenshot 1

    Directory style example #1

  2. dynamic-user-directory screenshot 2

    Directory style example #2

  3. dynamic-user-directory screenshot 3

    Responsive Directory (300px screen size)

  4. dynamic-user-directory screenshot 4

    Directory style example #3

  5. dynamic-user-directory screenshot 5

    Directory style example #4

  6. dynamic-user-directory screenshot 6

    Directory style example #5

  7. dynamic-user-directory screenshot 7

    Directory type: Show all users

  8. dynamic-user-directory screenshot 8

    1 of 3: plugin settings page

  9. dynamic-user-directory screenshot 9

    2 of 3: plugin settings page

  10. dynamic-user-directory screenshot 10

    3 of 3: plugin settings page

  1. Copy the whole dynamic-user-directory subdir into your plugin directory or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Settings->Dynamic User Directory screen to configure the plugin


  • First public release.


  • Updated readme.txt.


  • Added default plugin settings.
  • Corrected a spacing issue related to the directory listing display.


  • Security update: Added SQL injection protection.
  • Fixed: Display issue related to show/hide user role feature.


  • Fixed: Spacing issue when a directory listing showed an avatar next to three or less lines of text.
  • Fixed: An extra underline was appearing in the empty space next to each letter link for themes that underline hyperlinks.
  • Fixed: The city and state of the address fields did not display if there was no zip code.
  • New Feature: A fifth meta field was added.
  • New Feature: An "Include/Exclude User" setting was added to provide a more customized directory.


  • New Feature: "Space between listings" setting added for greater formatting control
  • Fixed: Directory was not displaying results when using the include/exclude or hide user roles feature and sorting by display name
  • Fixed: Directory would not work if the default WordPress table name prefix had been changed (thanks, Jaya P!)
  • Fixed: Responsive display at very small screen sizes was not properly formatting the avatars


  • Successfully tested on WordPress 4.6
  • New Feature: Added 5 new meta fields for a total of 10 available meta fields (not including address fields).
  • New Feature: Added the User Meta Fields dropdown on the settings page so you can select the exact number of fields you need.
  • New Feature: Added the Address Fields checkbox so you can hide that section if you do not need it.


  • New Feature: Added a "link to author page" checkbox on the settings page that will hyperlink the user name and avatar to the user's WP Author Page.
  • Code cleanup and reorganization


  • Internal change to code generating alpha links to eliminate potential display issues
  • New Feature: Added "Debug Mode" setting that will display a set of debug statements for Admins ONLY when turned on. This will help me debug site-specific issues more quickly.


  • New Feature: Added "Directory Type" dropdown on the settings page. You may select the "all users on one page" option to display the entire directory on one screen.
  • Code enhancement: Minified all CSS files for faster load time.


  • Code successfully tested on WordPress 4.7


  • New Feature: Added "Show search box" checkbox on the settings page that will show a search box at the top of the directory. You may search by user last name or display name, depending on the sort field.
  • Fixed: A message incorrectly stating that there are "no users in the directory" was being displayed when viewing the directory with the following settings: 1) the "Single Page Directory" option was selected, 2) The Sort Field was set to "Display Name," and 3) users were selected for exclusion.


  • Enhancement: Added five filter hooks to allow developers to extend this plugin
  • Fixed: The city/state/zip portion of the address field was not showing if there was no state meta field. It will now show any portion of the city/state/zip address fields that is present.
  • Fixed: Search box was case sensitive, so that you could not search using all lowercase letters. You can now search using upper, lower, or mixed case.


  • Fixed: internal change in the id field of the letter dividers.


  • Fixed: Admin settings page did not set a default value for the letter divider font and fill colors, resulting in an error message if you submitted the page without choosing those colors.
  • Changed: Removed the Cimy User Extra Fields notification from the settings page for those who do not have that plugin loaded.


  • New Feature: Added Name Display Format on the settings page that will allow you to display name as "First Last" or "Last, First."
  • Enhancement: Expanded the width of the key names listing and sorted it alphabetically for ease of use.
  • Enhancement: Added link to the Dynamic User Directory add-ons page.


  • Fixed: the code variable "$this" was causing fatal error in php 7.1. Changed variable name to correct problem.

Q: Why are the avatars misaligned in my directory?

A: The Dynamic User Directory plugin should play well with most themes. However, on occasion there may be CSS conflicts with a particular theme that skew the appearance. Currently the only known theme with this problem is the Basic theme. If you are using Basic or any other theme that skews the appearance, contact me and I will work with you to resolve the issue.

Q: Why do the avatars show up as circles no matter which avatar setting I choose?

A: Some themes enforce a certain avatar shape. For example, the WordPress Twenty Fifteen and Twenty Sixteen themes do this. The Dynamic User Directory plugin intentionally does not interfere with the sitewide avatar settings, so the theme-enforced avatar shape will take precedence in your user directory display.

Q: Will this plugin support non-English languages?

A: Currently this plugin only supports English. However, there are plans to internationalize it in the near future!

Q: How do I contact you with questions or suggestions?

A: If you have a support question please create a thread under the Support tab of the plugin page. I will be glad to help you resolve the problem ASAP. You can also reach me at In the future I will have a page on my website dedicated to comments and FAQs.

Version 1.2.1

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 10 Feb 2017

Date Added: 05 Jul 2016

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