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Domain Check

Domain Check lets you search domain names, check SSL certificates and HTTPS, set email alerts for domain and SSL expiration, and get daily coupons.

Domain Check

Domain Check allows you to see what domains and SSL certificates are coming up for expiration and to quickly locate the coupons, coupon codes, and deals from your favorite sites before renewing. Add any email addresses and have multiple people get alerts for upcoming domain renewals or SSL certificate expiration. You can also search for new domain names with the domain checker using hundreds of supported extensions and even check if your SSL certificates are working on a number of sites. All this plus bulk importing makes Domain Check the ultimate domain management tool.

Your Domains

Marking a domain as Owned will show it within the Your Domains section. This is used to easily filter out the domain names within Domain Check that you own. You can use this section to easily filter your own domains and add expiration notifications and domain expiration alerts to all of your domains. Searching a domain from the Your Domains section will automatically mark it as Owned. Its also the perfect for anyone using domain mapping to keep track of their domains.

Domain Search

Domain Search is where you can search the availability of domain names just like any other domain checker and see a history of your past domain name searches. Search any of the available domain extensions and TLDs within Domain Check, mark domains as Owned or Taken and set a domain expiration notification for a domain. You can easily click from any search result to see other domains available with the name name but a different domain extension.

Domain Watch

Domain Watch lets you see at a glance which domains you've set up domain expiration alerts for and allows you to view at a glance when your domains are expiring. You can see domains that are Owned or Taken allowing you to monitor other domains you may want backorder to keep track of expiration dates on.

SSL Check

SSL Check is where you can search to see the status of your SSL certificates and check if your current SSL certificates are valid. See all your previous SSL checks easily so you can keep checking all your certificates and mark any of them as needing SSL expirtation notification alerts. See at a glance which SSL certificates are valid and which sites are not secure.

SSL Expiration Alerts

SSL Expiration Alerts allow you to monitor your SSL certificates and send out SSL certificate expiration notifications and alerts. All of the SSL certificates and domains you are monitoring are seen in this SSL Expiration Alerts list and you can refresh or remove any SSL certificate at any time.

Import / Export

Import / Export is how you get your domain names and SSL certificates in to Domain Check. You can use any CSV or XML outputs from your domain registrar or even just highlight you entire list of domains and copy and paste. Domain Check will find any domain names within the CSV, XML, or copy and pasted text and allow you to bulk import your domain names. You can also bulk import SSL certificate URLs and mark any bulk imports to set all domains or SSL certificates to have expiration alerts. This is also a great bulk domain checker.


Like most plugins Domain Check allows you to adjust certain settings within the plugin to help you stay on top your domains and domain names.

Coupons & Deals

The Coupons and Deals section of the plugin is where you can view all of the coupons or deals from major domain registrars, SSL certificate providers, and hosting companies. Refresh the coupons to get the most up to date daily coupon codes.

Services & APIs Used

The plugin uses some data and services for free through calls to URLs & APIs at the domain No tricks, no signups, and everything is 100% free and included with use of the plugin! This plugin uses affiliate links from some registrars and services to help keep this plugin free :-)


Looking for more help with Domain Check, the Domain Search domain checker, Domain Watch, SSL Check, SSL Alerts, or Coupon, Coupon Codes, and Deals? Please see the Domain Check website:

Author Domain Check
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  1. domain-check screenshot 1

    Use Domain Check to see your domains and SSL certificates coming up for expiration at a glance using the dashboard.

  2. domain-check screenshot 2

    Use Your Domains to view the list of domains you own and make sure you never miss a domain expiration.

  3. domain-check screenshot 3

    Search for new domain names or check domain names using the Domain Search domain checker. See your previous domain searches to get the exact domain you want.

  4. domain-check screenshot 4

    Check your SSL certificates on HTTPS enabled domains with the SSL Check section. Set alerts for your SSL certificates expiring and never have a broken HTTPS lock again by getting email notifications.

  5. domain-check screenshot 5

    See the lastest coupon codes and daily deals from major domain registrars, SSL certificate providers, and hosting companies. No more clicking to shady coupon sites!

  1. Upload the Domain Check Plugin to your blog.
  2. Activate the Domain Check blog.
  3. Import your domains and SSL certificates.


  • Major upgrades for domain lookups and WHOIS server data
  • Better checking for domain availability
  • Automated support for WHOIS server standards
  • Bugfix for error message when setting domain Owner and domain emails introduced in version 1.0.10
  • Improved icon graphic performance for large result table layouts
  • Full expiration support for many more domains! Including: .bet, .ca, .club,,,, .creditcard, .dk, .domains, .fi, .fm, .fr, .hosting, .in, .info, .it, .jobs, .la, .live, .marketing, .mobi, .mx, .nu, .pro, .pw, .rich, .rocks, .ru, .se, .services, .shop, .tax, .tel, .today, .travel, .tv, .xxx, .xyz, and of course!


  • UI / UX upgrades
  • Included availability checks for 300+ new domain extensions
  • Updated lookups for many new and old domain extensions
  • Improved coupon searching
  • Bugfix for some expired SSL lookups
  • Advanced Help section added with new PHP compatibility checks
  • Support link added to footer
  • Full support for dot cn, use .cn domain names!
  • Full support for dot top, use .top domain names!
  • Full support for dot me, use .me domain names!


  • Bugfixes


  • Added setting the domain and SSL owner! Use the Screen Options to show the column in the table views.
  • Improved PHP 5.3.x compatibility
  • Improved updating functionality


  • Bulk actions added! Bulk delete, bulk watch start, and bulk watch stop. This feature provided by donations from Artemis IT.


  • Improved handling of URLs during SSL checks
  • Fixed links in admin notices


  • Compatible with Wordpress 4.4.2
  • Import UX upgraded
  • Email Test tool in Help section for debugging email alerts
  • Improved handling of URLs during search


  • Critical database issue fixed for alternate Wordpress DB_PREFIX settings
  • Navigation added within plugin to help blogs with long admin menus
  • FTUE messaging added to help new installs
  • Improved UX for Import section


  • Compatible with Wordpress 4.4.1
  • Full PHP 5.3.x testing and all 5.3.x issues fixed
  • Fallback for using file_get_contents if curl is not installed
  • Removed errors during plugin activation (double activation calls caused a race condition)


  • Plugin was breaking on PHP 5.3.x installs on activation, has been fixed
  • Plugin versioning was incorrect because the developer is a n00b


  • Better handling of admin notices
  • Better handling of SSL lookups
  • Correctly upgrades versions of Domain Check in the database
  • Updates coupons on activation


  • Initial release. Posted to

Q: Can I add multiple email addresses to a domain expiration or SSL expiration notification?

A: Yes! You can add multiple email addresses to your expiration alerts.

Q: Does Domain Check let me change my DNS records?

A: No. Domain Check only allows you to search and monitor domain names it does not allow you to change anything about DNS or WHOIS. Domain Check does not impact your domain mapping.

Q: Does Domain Check let me change my MX records?

A: No. Domain Check only allows you to search and monitor domain names it does not allow you to change anything about MX, DNS, or WHOIS. Domain Check does not impact your email domain mapping.

Q: Does Domain Check give people access to my GoDaddy / Bluehost / Hostmonster / etc. account?

A: No. Domain Check does not require any logins, passwords, or access to any of your domain registrar, SSL certificate provider, or hosting company.

Q: One of the coupon codes or deals I want does not work or expired, what should I do?

A: Be sure to go to the Coupons page and refresh the coupons to make sure you have the most up-to-date coupons available. If it still is available but the site is not giving you the coupon please contact their custom support directly.

Q: Domain Check does not support the domain extension I use, what should I do?

A: Domain Check is updated with new extensions and TLDs as they become available. Please keep up with new updates and your extension will become available for use with the domain checker!

Q: Does Domain Check track my domain searches and lookups and send them to a third party or make the public?

A: No. Domain Check does the opposite and allows you to do all your domain name searching privately from your own server and blog. Using Domain Check is a more secure way to search domain names and prevent domain name frontrunning. Domain Check is the best domain checker because it is your domain checker!

Q: My domain expriation emails alerts, domain watch alerts, or SSL expiration alerts are not working?

A: Please use the email alert tester in the Help section within the plugin. This will allow you to test sending an email to any email address. If you still do not see the email message please check your Spam inbox. If you see any emails from Domain Check in your spam inbox be to mark them as not spam. Make sure to accept all emails from your blog's primary admin email address.

Version 1.0.11

Requires WordPress version: 3.8 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 13 Feb 2017

Date Added: 25 Jan 2016

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