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DocConversionAPI Embeddable Document Viewer

Embed and View PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook documents on your WordPress Site in an awesome HTML5 viewer.

DocConversionAPI's Embeddable Document Viewer is an easy to use WordPress plugin that allows users to embed PDF and Microsoft Office documents within their WordPress installation or site simply, easily and quickly. The viewer does not require any plug-ins (Flash, Adobe Reader etc) and comes with an easy to use file management portal which allows you to fully customize your documents for sharing.

Key Features of DocConversionAPI's Embeddable Document Viewer

  1. Strong Cross-browser compatibility: DocConversionAPI's Embeddable Document Viewer is designed to work great on mobile devices and with all major browsers that support HTML5, including: Chrome, IE8+, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

  2. Great Features: Set expiry dates to remove your documents, text selection, restrict downloading and printing, turn on / off all DocConversionAPI features, stats and Google Analytics integration.

  3. HTML5 Viewer: A future-proofed viewer using the most modern technologies. Supports a standard single page view as well as a multi-page page-turn viewer option.

  4. Great Document Fidelity. Using OpenOffice technology and PDF.js we've built a great rendering engine that shows your documents off in the best light.

Supported File Formats (more added on customer request)

  • Adobe Portable Document Format: .PDF
  • Microsoft Word: .DOC .DOCX .DOCM .DOT .DOTX .DOTM .ODT .TXT
  • Microsoft Excel: .XLS .XLSX .XLSM .XLSB .CSV .MHT .ODS .PRN .SLK
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: .PPT .PPTX .PPTM .PPSX .PPSM .PPS .ODP
  • Microsoft Outlook: .MSG .EML
  • OpenDocument Formats: .ODT .ODS .ODP
  • Rich Text Format: .RTF
  • Comma Separated Values: .CSV
  • Image File Formats: PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, SVG, JPEG, TIFF
  • Secured using the latest technologies including end-to-end SSL
  • Need More?: Just contact us and we'll be happy to add them

For more information on DocConversionAPI's Embeddable Document Viewer, please visit our website.


Important: To use our plug-in, you need to register with DocConversionAPI, we offer 500 free viewing credits a month and the option to upgrade your plan if you need more.

For detailed installation instructions, please see our installation guide.

Any Questions?

Please contact us and we'd love to help.

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  1. docconversionapi-html5-office-document-viewer screenshot 1

    DocConversionAPI Embeddable Document Viewer in action, embedded within a live WordPress site.

  2. docconversionapi-html5-office-document-viewer screenshot 2

    DocConversionAPI Embeddable Document Viewer's File Management UI.

  • Create a DocConversionAPI account to store your documents, it's free and takes 30 seconds.
  • Download the DocConversionAPI viewer plugin from the Wordpress Plugin Repository.
  • Alternatively, download the plug-in from here, Upload and extract the archive into your sites wp-content/plugins directory.
  • You can now use the DocConversionAPI button or our ShortCode syntax to easily embed documents on your WordPress installation.


  • Initial Version of DocConversionAPI's Embeddable Document Viewer

Is this a free plugin?

Yes, we offer all users 500 free document viewer credits (as well as other API features) each month.

500 free credits each month?

Yes, we feel this is a fair number of credits than many users will be able to use with no limits.

What happens if I use my 500 credits?

We offer paid plans to suit all budgets, as well as one-off, non-recurring options.

Do you have features other than document viewer features?

Yes - lots!, Document Expiry options, Document Statistics, Google Analytics integration, document page, word and paragraph count, split and documents, find and replace in documents, text and image watermarks, control over downloading and printing and lots more

How can I get my Document Viewer Code?

Please follow the instructions here.


Embed and View PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook documents on your WordPress Site in an awesome HTML5 viewer.

Version 1.0

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 09 Jan 2017

Date Added: 29 Nov 2016


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