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DML Easy Map

DML Easy Map lets you integrate easily a Google Map to the Wordpress posts or pages using shortcode and customize it.

Add a customized Google map to your WordPress posts and/or pages quickly and easily with the supplied shortcode. No iFrames and super easy to use! Perfect for contact page maps, routes, maps showing delivery areas and any other use you can think of!


  • Place Google map on a page / post with shortcode,
  • Responsive design,
  • Pin unlimited locations,
  • 100+ ready to use Google Map marker icons,
  • Add description popup for each marker,
  • 10 ready to use map style,
  • Customizable map zoom feature,
  • Customizable map height,
  • Marker cluster,

Pro Version Features

  • Add multiple lines on the same map,
  • Change line color with just one click,
  • Draw multiple polygons,
  • Change polygon fill color according to your needs,
  • Change polygon border color,
  • Add descripiton for each polygon,

Demo Page

Author Ozkan ARDIL
Contributors ardsoft
Tags add markers, google map, map markers, marker cluster, markers with description, wordpress map
  1. dml-easy-map screenshot 1

    DML Google Map admin page.

  2. dml-easy-map screenshot 2

    DML Google Map activation panel at the front-end.

  3. dml-easy-map screenshot 3

    Activated default map.

  4. dml-easy-map screenshot 4

    Admin page after a map is activated.

  5. dml-easy-map screenshot 5

    Admin page after a map is selected from the map list.

  6. dml-easy-map screenshot 6

    A clicked map with SETTINGS button and the temporary pin on the map.

  7. dml-easy-map screenshot 7

    Map settings panel.

  8. dml-easy-map screenshot 8

    Temporary marker panel with center, new marker and clear buttons.

  9. dml-easy-map screenshot 9

    Marker customization panel.

  10. dml-easy-map screenshot 10

    Marker text editor panel

  11. dml-easy-map screenshot 11

    Marker icon panel

  12. dml-easy-map screenshot 12

    A sample customized map front-end view.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen in WordPress.
  3. Open the page or post where you want to locate your map.
  4. Copy the shotcode [dml_eform] and embed it on the page.
  5. View the page.
  6. Enter Google Map API code and activate the map by clicking Save Api Code button (*).
  7. Visit DML Map page and select the page link where the map shortcode [dml_emap] has been put.
  8. After selecting the page, the map is shown.
  9. Then it's possible to customize map, pin new location and edit the location description.

(*) Since this plugin uses GOOGLE MAP service and As of June 22, 2016 Google no longer supports keyless usage (any request that doesn't include an API key) of the Google Map, user has to take a valid API key.

To upgrade to new versin;

  1. Download new version file,
  2. Go to plugin directory within your project,
  3. Delete "dmlmap" folder,
  4. Copy & past "dml_easy_map" folder,
  5. Activate your plugin from "Plugins/Installed Plugins" Page.


  • New - Marker cluster


  • First release

Why do I need to take a Google API to activate it?

Because it is mandatory according to Google’s policy. Google Maps API allows you to display maps on your web site / applications. 25.000 view is available daily for standard (free) API. For more, you supposed to take a premium code.

Is it possible to add more than one map on the same page?

No, it's not possible currently. You can place only one shortcode on each page.

Why it is not possible to customize map from the front end?

For PHP and .NET versions, it's possible. But for Wordpress version, customization is possible via admin side because of the performance and security aspects.

Arbitrary section

DML Easy Map PRO version is coming soon. PRO version will let to draw polylines, squares, circles, polygones and customize them.

Version 1.1.1

Requires WordPress version: 4.6 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 28 Dec 2016

Date Added: 16 Dec 2016

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