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Display All Image Sizes

Displays all sizes of each image, including name, dimensions, and permalink for each size.

View and Use Every Size of Your Images

When you upload an image to your WordPress site, WordPress auto-generates lots of sizes of it. However, there aren't many good ways to see and use those sizes:

  • The Media Attachment page in "Media" doesn't list anything about the different image sizes, or the permalinks to use them.
  • "Add Media" in the post editor doesn't always show you all the sizes that exist (such as sizes intended for featured images).
  • There's no easy way to simply copy a custom-sized image's permalink.

Until now! Display All Image Sizes displays information about every size of every image: name, dimensions, and permalink.

How to Use

Just install and activate the plugin, and you'll see a list of all sizes of each image in both the "Add Media" pop-up modal, and in each image's individual page in "Media." (See Screenshots.)

Anything else?

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Image credit for banner: woodleywonderworks

Author Press Up
Contributors pressupinc
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  1. display-all-image-sizes screenshot 1

    Sizes on the "Insert Media" pop-up modal.

  2. display-all-image-sizes screenshot 2

    Sizes on "Attachment Details" in Media.

  3. display-all-image-sizes screenshot 3

    Sizes on "Edit Attachment."

Install Display All Image Sizes through "Add Plugin" or your favorite method, and activate it. It'll work by default, and it doesn't register any options pages.

1.1.5 (02.10.2017)

Changed syntax that broke sites running PHP < 5.4

1.1.4 (02.01.2017)

Added all sizes directly to "Attachment Display Settings" dialog

1.1.3 (11.08.2015)

Styling cleanup

1.1.2 (11.08.2015)

Fixed serious bug (incomplete array checking) causing plugin to freeze media library in some cases; added no-JS message

1.1.1 (10.08.2015)

  • ...and then updated readme file with new version

1.1.0 (10.08.2015)

  • Changed image list to a dropdown

1.0.6 (02.06.2015)

  • Fixed screenshot MIME types and one readme tweak

1.0.5 (30.05.2015)

  • Banner filename typo :\

1.0.4 (30.05.2015)

  • Added banner image to Assets

1.0.3 (29.05.2015)

  • Screenshots to Assets

1.0.2 (29.05.2015)

  • readme.txt improvements

1.0.1 (27.05.2015)

  • Initial commit

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Version 1.1.5

Requires WordPress version: 3.5 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 10 Feb 2017

Date Added: 29 May 2015


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