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Advertising, Calculators, and Lead Generation for financial websites to increase advertising revenues. Publishers must be approved by works with publishers to monetize their traffic with lead generation efforts. Business in a Box allows Wordpress blogs and sites to offer these forms, phone numbers, and comparison widgets without needing programming expertise.

Upon configuration, the Plugin adds 5 Widgets and 13 Shortcodes to make it esay to implement forms, calculators, comparison engines, and advertisement within your site. Users are able to complete their experience on your website, only redirecting to an external signup page of the advertiser requires submission on their site. will also provide a landing page that your form links to, that has more information for users that want to learn more before applying.

Revenue Opportunity: The various widgets use comparable space to an Adsense Advertising block, and potentially generate 20% or more revenue than the equivalent Ad Sense Unit, without taking the user off your site. There is no conflict with running Adsense and Business in a Box, successful publishers do run both.

All Service Providers must abide by the Code of Ethics.

Note: Donate Link is to our primary corporate charity.


Version Specific Documentation is fully included within the plugin, within two Tabs, Getting Started and Technical Documentation.

Usage of the Plugin is contingent on compliance with our Code of Ethics. Before or after installation, you must apply

Once you have been reviewed by the Code of Ethics Compliance team, you are issued a BIB URL and a Publisher ID, which are used for tracking and credit purposes.

You can add Widgets to the Sidebar or add the Shortcodes. The Shortcodes have buttons in the Visual Editor, but are also fully documented in Technical Documentation.

The Plugin is English Only in this release, but Internationalization is coming soon.


Supplies, via Shortcode and Widget, a mobile-friendly "Call Now" box, a dynamic "Lead Form," and product comparisons and calculators.

Full List of Product Components:

  • Lead Form
  • Lead Phone
  • Student Loan Comparison
  • Identity Theft Comparison
  • Business Loan Comparison
  • Personal Loan Comparison
  • Student Loan Calculators
  • Business Loan Calculators
  • Personal Loan Calculators
  • Student Loan Ad Units
  • Identity Theft Ad Units
  • Business Loan Ad Units
  • Personal Loan Ad Units

Coming Soon

  • More Comparison Widgets
  • More Calculators
  • More Lead Categories
  • Spanish Language Support
  • Tools for helping Publishers expand their content reach
  • Faster and Faster Performance

Technical Information

Configuration is built upon the plugin. The included version of and MB Settings Page are loaded after plugins, if you have already installed these plugins, it will use the existing version of them.

Contributors debtcom, alexhochberger
Tags ads, advertising, affiliate, marketing
  1. debtcom-business-in-a-box screenshot 1

    Account Info Screen where your BIB Url and Publisher ID are entered

  2. debtcom-business-in-a-box screenshot 2

    Business in a Box Lead Form

  3. debtcom-business-in-a-box screenshot 3

    Student Loan Comparison Widget

  1. Reach out to or apply online,
  2. Unzip the download package,
  3. Upload 'debtcom-business-in-a-box' to the '/wp-contents/plugins' directory,
  4. Activate the Plugin,
  5. When you get your welcome email, include your BIB URL and/or Publisher ID based upon approval in the Settings Panel.


  • Critical Bugfix


  • Critical Bugfix


  • CSS Improvements
  • CDN References Updated


  • Initial Public Release
  • Made compliant with Plugin Guidelines
  • Inclusion of Comparison, Calculators, and Ad Units
  • Ability to run form in two places on page


  • Bug Fix: Retina Friendly Images
  • Refactor: Separation of Business in a Box from to ease testing


  • Bug Fix: Phone Number Error Mishandled


  • Initial Release to 3 Partners.

Why do I have to be approved?

All Publishers require approval for compliance to ensure that only quality sites are working with

How long does approval take?

If everything checks our right away, approval can happen within 2 business days. If there are questions, our compliance team will work as fast as possible.

I want to buy leads, how do I do that?

Make certain that you comply with our Code of Ethics, and reach out to

How much will I make with your Plugin?

That depends on Traffic. Most of our publishers are finding results that exceed Adsense by 20% of more for less screen real estate.

Can I run Business in a Box and Adsense

Absolutely, we do!

Is your Plugin Mobile Responsive?

Of Course!

Where can I get more information about this?

You can read about our Publishers and Bloggers Programs. Publishers and Bloggers

Is your Code of Ethics really that important?


Why is there a Donate Link? requests one. We picked our favorite charity that we support annually as a company. We think it's important to give back to our community.

Version 2.1.2

Requires WordPress version: 4.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 23 Dec 2016

Date Added: 21 Sep 2016

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