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WC Marketplace

WC Marketplace is the fastest growing multi-store marketplace plugin for WooCommerce.

Transform your site into a marketplace and allow people to sell products from your site - just like Themeforest, Etsy or Amazon.

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Why use WC Marketplace:

Wondering why 3000+ marketplaces love and use WCMp? Here you go:

Lightening quick support

85+ reviews here in, and everyone loves WCMp. Here is why:

Boatload of Features - Vendor Registration - Admin Capabilities - Vendor Capabilities - User Capabilities - Commissions - Short Codes - Translations

Compatible plugins addons

Still not convinced?


Admin Dashboard ( Administrator Access=> Username: "demo" Password: "demo" ) Vendor Dashboard ( Vendor Access=> Username: "demo_vendor" Password: "demo_vendor" )


All we want is love. We are extremely responsive to support requests - so if you face a problem or find any bugs, shoot us a mail or post it in the support forum, and we will respond within 12 hours (during business days). If you get the impulse to rate the plugin low because it is not working as it should, please do wait for our response because the root cause of the problem may be something else. It is extremely disheartening when trigger-happy users downrate a plugin for no fault of the plugin.


WC Marketplace has been heavily inspired by the ideas and concepts of numerous WordPress plugins and other open source projects, without which WC Marketplace in its present form would not have been possible.

  • Pippin Williamson and his team, Easy Digital Downloads

  • Mike Jolley and the WooThemes development Team, WooCommerce

  • Joost De Valk and the Yoast team, WordPress SEO

  • Tareq Hasan and team, Dokan Lite

  • Ben and Jamie, WC Vendors

  • The entire development team at Your Inspiration Themes, YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor

Author WC Marketplace, The Grey Parrots
Contributors Dualcube, greyparrots, arimghosh, dualcube_subrata
Tags amazon, commission rate, dokan, ebay, Etsy, multi seller, multi store, multi vendor, multi vendors, multistore, multivendor, One Product Multi Seller, product vendor, product vendors, vendor, vendor system, vendors, wc market place, wc marketplace, wc vendors, woo vendors, woocommerce market place, woocommerce marketplace, woocommerce multi vendor, WooCommerce multivendor, woocommerce product vendors, WooCommerce vendors
  1. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 1

    General settings: Default commission and other general configurables.

  2. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 2

    Vendor users\' customer support details.

  3. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 3

    Product settings.

  4. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 4

    Frontend settings.

  5. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 5

    Payment settings.

  6. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 6

    Site wide vendor users/' capabilities.

  7. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 7

    To do list settings.

  8. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 8

    Vendor pages settings.

  9. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 9

    Admin can set vendor's logo, banner, commission and other capabilities for an individual vendor from edit user Edit User.

  10. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 10

    Admin can change vendors and set rate of commission from Edit Product.

  11. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 11

    Sales report overview.

  12. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 12

    Vendor specific sales report.

  13. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 13

    Product specific sales report.

  14. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 14

    Vendor's dashboard page.

  15. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 15

    Shop settings page.

  16. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 16

    Vendor can see their total sales report.

  17. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 17

    Vedors' can see their order report.

  18. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 18

    Vedors' can see their payment history.

  19. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 19

    Vendor can add coupon.

  20. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 20

    Customers can report abuse products.

  21. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 21

    Vendor can enable policy mode.

  22. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 22

    Vendor can edit policy.

  23. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 23

    Vendor can see their policy.

  24. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 24

    Vendor review and rating settings.

  25. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 25

    Vendor review and rating in front-end.

  26. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 26

    Vendor review and rating in order-details page.

  27. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 27

    Vendor review and rating in front-end upper section.

  28. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 28

    More Vendor Settings.

  29. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 29

    Show Multiple Seller in Single Product.

  30. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 30

    Default settings for Vendor Registration.

  31. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 31

    Vendor registration form builder.

  32. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 32

    Vendor registration form builder with fields.

  33. dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor screenshot 33

    Front end vendor registration form.

NOTE: WC Marketplace plugin is an extension of WooCommerce, so the WooCommerce plugin must be installed and activated in your WordPress site for this plugin to work properly.

  1. Download and install WC Marketplace plugin using the built-in WordPress plugin installer. If you download WC Marketplace plugin manually, make sure it is uploaded to /wp-content/plugins/ and activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress. Or follow the steps below: Plugins > Add new > Upload plugin > Upload > Install Now > Activate Plugin.
  2. Configure as you see fit, under WooCommerce / DC Vendors.
  3. Configure email notifications from WooCommerce / Settings.
  4. View Commissions under WooCommerce / Commissions.
  5. View reports WooCommerce / Reports / DC Vendors.


  • Added: Restrict backend access from vendor
  • Added: Shortcode for display vendor recent products
  • Added: Extension page in setting panel
  • Added: Filter for display admin bar in frontend
  • Fixed: Email notification logic after apply for vendor


  • Fixed: Vendor products shortcode
  • Added: Filter in more vendor tab
  • Updated: Language file


  • Fixed: Plugin deactivation hook


  • Added: Support Wordpress 4.7
  • Fixed: CSS issue in Dashboard
  • Fixed: Email Notification on new vendor registration


  • Added: Filters & hook.
  • Fixed: Vendor dashboard menu.


  • Fixed: Shipping tracking url and tracking id display in email template
  • Added: More hook & filters
  • Fixed: Vendor commission payment via paypal masspay


  • Fixed: Payment method dropdown in backend Issue#9.
  • Fixed: Vendor registration form error.


  • Fixed: Database error in product name Issue#4.
  • Fixed: User role capabilities Issue#5.
  • Fixed: WCMp speed optimization Issue#7.
  • Fixed: Vendor registration javascript error fixed.


  • Added: Vendor Registration
  • Removed: Apply Become a vendor checkbox from my-account page.
  • Fixed: Vendor description formatting
  • Fixed: WPML support


  • Removed: fancyBox - jQuery Plugin.
  • Removed: jquery-2.1.3.js.


  • Added: Shipment tracking.


  • Added: Add Paypal Payout Payment Gateway.
  • Added: Chinese translations.
  • Modified: Russian translations updated.


  • Added: Support WooCommerce 2.6.
  • Added: Vendor can manage zone wise shipping methods.


  • Added: Instagram in the vendor Social Media profile.
  • Modified: Arabic translations updated.


  • Added: One product multiple sellers.
  • Modified: Choose vendor on the edit product page shown vendor fullname.
  • Fixed: Vendor Shipping class dropdown issue.


  • Fixed: SQL syntax error on the shop page has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Unassigning vendor from the product has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Issue with the "Download CSV" under Stats & Report has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Notification issue on the "To-do-list" has been fixed.
  • Fixed: "More Products from vendor_name" has been fixed
  • Changed: Vendor payment settings panel


  • Added: Beta version for one product multiple sellers available over GitHub repository
  • Added: [wcmp_vendorslist] : List of vendors in your site shows vendor rating too.
  • Added: Updated french language files have been added.
  • Fixed: Commission status issue for bank transfer has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Shop-front social icon issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Payment history showing garbage data issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Commission in To-do list issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Show more under order session issue has been fixed.


  • Added: Vendor review and rating functionality.
  • Added: French language files have been added.
  • Added: Spanish language files have been added.
  • Added: Persian language files have been added.
  • Fixed: Vendor email issue on ordering product.
  • Fixed: Commission Status - Bank transfer issue.
  • Fixed: Stats/Reports issue in vendor-dashboard.
  • Compatibility: WCMp is now compatible with WooCommerce Table Rate extension via WCMp Advanced Shipping extension.


  • Added: Admin can allow vendors to hide/show their information(phone, email, address, description) from the customers.
  • Added: Admin can view "Rejected Vendors" under "User" tab.
  • Fixed: Shipping class issue for variable products has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Vendors can't mark products as featured.
  • Fixed: Overriding email template issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed: The "Add Commission" tab has been removed from the Admin's back-end.
  • Fixed: Shortcode - [wcmp_products vendor="VENDOR LOGIN NAME"] has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Product variation type is now available on the "Cart" page.
  • Fixed: Responsive issues in Vendor Dashboard fixed.
  • Fixed: Commission payment via PayPal MassPay issue has been fixed.
  • Modified: Description editor on the vendor's profile page has been modified.
  • Modified: Shipping class now has User ID as a suffix.


  • Fixed: Hide Promote Tab from Vendor Dashboard when coupon creation capability is disabled.
  • Fixed: Commission issue has been fixed now.
  • Fixed: Publish product capability issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Duplicate SKU alert added.
  • Fixed: Publish coupon capability issue has been fixed.


  • Added: Compatible with WooCommerce 2.5X.
  • Added: Policy Section is added in WCMp General tab.
  • Feature: Vendor messages shortcode has been replaced with the vendor announcement.
  • Fixed: Shipping address in email issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Front-end Vendor Dashboard, pending Shipping report issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Vendor product listing issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed: shipping issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Multiple CSS issues have been fixed.


  • Fix: Multiple shortcodes in vendor dashboard issue has been fixed.
  • Fix: Some CSS tweaks in the shop settings page.


  • Added: An all new vendor dashboard, with a revamped Information Architecture.
  • Added: Restructured WCMp admin settings panel.
  • Added: University module - admin can now publish posts visible only to vendors. May be used to publishing tutorials, how to guides, best practices etc.
  • Added: Announcement module – admin can now broadcast announcements to vendors.
  • Added: Admin can now optionally add the following fields in Vendors’ Order export (in CSV ) - customer name, billing and shipping address.
  • Added: Admin can now allow Vendors to set message/notifications for buyers that would be shown in Thank You page, Order Details page as well as order email.
  • Added: Admin can now allow Vendors to add customer support details and return address in Thank You page, Order Details page as well as order email.
  • Added: New fields added in Vendor Sales report – order id, date and time of purchase, vendor name, coupons used, payment gateway, customer name, email, customer contact, billing address, order status, tax, shipping cost.
  • Added: Vendors can now download Vendor Sales Report in CSV format.
  • Added: Admin can now sort product listing from the back-end by vendor username.
  • Added: New shortcode - Vendor Listing page[wcmp_vendorslist] – customers can now sort vendors by product category.
  • Added: Admin can now allow Vendors to add external store URL, with the label.
  • Fixed: Tax was added to vendor commission despite being set up otherwise. This issue is now fixed.
  • Fixed: Vendor quick info sidebar issue is fixed.
  • Fixed: Linked product option was not working. The issue is fixed now.


  • Feature: Admin can filter products in product listing page by the vendor.
  • Fixed: Open a different vendor's product and coupon by changing post id in URL - the issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Shop settings page issue is fixed.
  • Fixed: Commission amount for two products from same vendor issue has been fixed.


  • Fix: When an order is deleted, commissions are also deleted for that order.
  • Modify: New hook added for "successful commission creation" => hook name-> "wcmp_vendor_commission_created".
  • Modify: In WCMp Settings>Product tab -> "Add Comment" label renamed to "View Reviews".
  • Feature: Vendors can now hide email, phone, address from the profile and shop settings page.
  • Feature: Admin can un-assign a vendor from a product.
  • Feature: Vendors can set shipping from the front end.
  • Support: WCMp now supports WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form - inquiry mail will be sent to the vendor of that product if this plugin is activated in site.
  • Support: WCMp now supports WooCommerce Extra Checkout Fields for Brazil.


  • Fix - is_vendor_dashboard() function issue fixed.
  • Feature - [wcmp_products id="VENDOR ID"] : New attribute for the shortcode that shows products of the vendor.


  • Fixed: "Report Abuse" link text can be changed.
  • Fixed: "Choose a Vendor" dropdown is fixed for bulk edit products.
  • Fixed: Fixed coupons issue, now coupon created for a product by a vendor could not be used for other vendors' product.
  • Fixed: Fixed commission field in variation issue, now in the case of variation, vendors could not edit the commission fields.
  • Fixed: Fixed shipping in variation issue, now in the case of variable product, vendors could not use others' shipping classes.
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixed when showing related products.
  • Modified - Language files are modified to include more text strings.


  • Added: Filter is added to add new payment mode for his/her store.
  • Added: Filter is added to add new disbursal mode for admin
  • Fixed: Bulk edit to assign shipping to multiple products by a vendor has been removed.
  • Modified: Min file is generated for all CSS and js.


  • Feature - Admin can do bulk edit and assign multiple products to vendors in one click.
  • Feature - Shortcode: [vendor_shipping_settings] -> vendor can set shipping from front end.
  • Feature - Translated files for Norwegian, Russian, Italian and Portuguese(Brazilian).
  • Feature - Vendor frontend dashboard now contains a link to the backend dashboard.
  • Fix - Small UI issues in Reports tab.
  • Fix - Fixed product commission security issue.
  • Fix - Fixed notification issue in "Disbursal by Request Withdrawal" mode.
  • Fix - Code optimization and improved inline documentation.


  • Feature - Enhanced report capabilitites.


  • Feature - A revenue sharing mode - Admin fees.
  • Fix - International flat rate shipping support is added.
  • Fix - Minor bug fixed with latest WooCommerce.


  • Feature - WCMp now supports WooCommerce 2.4+ shipping module.
  • Feature - Admin can set a threshold amount before commissions are disbursed.
  • Feature - Admin can set the number of free withdrawals
  • Feature - Admin can add commission withdrawal charge.
  • Feature - Admin To-Do list.
  • Feature - New payment module - Vendors can withdraw commission(as opposed to automatic disbursement).
  • Feature - Vendors can now withdraw to Paypal as well as request for direct Bank transfer
  • Feature - New features added in the report module
  • Feature - Vendor can see backend report
  • Feature - WCMp now supports WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager - Free version.
  • Feature - New shortcode added - [transaction_details]


  • Feature - Admin can moderate(approve/edit/disapprove) coupons created by Vendors.
  • Feature - Admin can set commission as a percentage plus fixed amount.
  • Feature - Added hooks and filters.
  • Fix - Vendor can see only their attachments.
  • Fix - Globally publish product bugs are fixed.
  • Fix - Template override and text domain issues are fixed.


  • The name of the plugin is changed to better represent it's functionality
  • Contains a completely redesigned settings panel with a more intuitive categorization of features.


  • Fix - Fixed the report for fixed commission amount.
  • Fix - Fixed some issue with adding shipping class from vendor dashboard.
  • Features - Admin can block a vendor with all their items.


  • Fix - Duplicate Commission Entry per order.


  • Fixed: New order email template to Vendor has been fixed. Now order calculation is Vendor specific.
  • Features: Split shipping amount to Vendors. Following shipping methods are supported: "Flat rate per item: Vendor can add flat rate class from their dashboard", "International delivery per item", "Local delivery per product".
  • Features: Commission can also be calculated in fixed rate.
  • Features: Vendor list can be sorted using "[dc_vendorslist]" shortcode.


  • New Shortcode is added as [vendor_coupons] to show vendor's coupon and the usage counted. Also added coupon information in vendor order details page.
  • Admin can edit vendor shop page URL base from WordPress permalink settings page.


  • Provided "Powerful Shortcodes" with more editable vendor shop page.


  • Initial version release.

Does this plugin work with newest WP version and also older versions?

Ans. Yes, this plugin works fine with WordPress 4.6! It is also compatible for older WordPress versions upto 4.2.

Up to which version of WooCommerce this plugin compatible with?

Ans. This plugin is compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce.

Up to which version of PHP this plugin is compatible with?

Ans. This plugin is tested with PHP version 5.5.

A few points about us and this plugin

  • The core plugin is free, and will always remain so.
  • Support is free and fast, and will always remain so.
  • We will keep adding more features to the core plugin.
  • If you want any new feature(s), have noticed a bug or need help in setting up this plugin - just open a new thread here. We have a team of 4 developers working full time on this plugin, so chances are we will be able to help you sooner than you think.
Version 2.5.2

Requires WordPress version: 4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 10 Feb 2017

Date Added: 24 Jul 2015

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