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Datafeedr API

Connect to the Datafeedr API.


The Datafeedr API plugin requires that you have an active Datafeedr API Product subscription. Purchase Subscription

The Datafeedr API provides access to our database of affiliate products. We have aggregated over 250,000,000 products from over 10,000 merchants and 32 affiliate networks. We have indexed and normalized the product data making it easy for you to search for and find products you want to promote on your website.

The Datafeedr API plugin currently integrates with the following plugins:

The Datafeedr API plugin provides the interface to connect to the Datafeedr API and perform the following tasks:

  • Configure your API connection settings.
  • Select affiliate networks you are a member of.
  • Select merchants who have approved you.
  • Add your affiliate network affiliate IDs.
  • Import/export your selection of affiliate networks and/or merchants.
  • View your API account usage.

The Datafeedr API plugin was built to be extended. The Datafeedr API plugin contains its own functions that third party developers can use to connect to the Datafeedr API, make search requests or display an 'advanced search' form. We encourage other developers to build on top of the Datafeedr API plugin.

Additionally, we have written plugins that integrate the Datafeedr API plugin with WooCommerce. More extensions are on the way...


  • PHP's CURL support must be enabled.
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  1. datafeedr-api screenshot 1

    API key configuration

  2. datafeedr-api screenshot 2

    Network selection

  3. datafeedr-api screenshot 3

    Merchant selection

  4. datafeedr-api screenshot 4

    Account usage overview

This section describes how to install and configure the plugin:

  1. Upload the datafeedr-api folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the Datafeedr API plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  3. Enter your Datafeedr API keys here: WordPress Admin Area > Datafeedr API > Configuration
  4. Select the affiliate networks you are a member of here: WordPress Admin Area > Datafeedr API > Networks
  5. Select the merchants who have approved you here: WordPress Admin Area > Datafeedr API > Merchants

1.0.53 - 2017/02/12

  • Added support for the Malaysian ringgit currency.

1.0.52 - 2017/01/21

  • Fixed another bug introduced in 1.0.49

1.0.51 - 2017/01/21

  • Removed option added in 1.0.49. It caused all sorts of issues.

1.0.50 - 2017/01/20

  • Added support for a Tracking ID for Shopello.

1.0.49 - 2016/12/27

  • Added new option to WordPress Admin Area > Datafeedr API > Configuration page to allow the API to be disabled without having to deactivate the Datafeedr API plugin.

1.0.48 - 2016/12/14

  • Updated Snapdeal logos

1.0.47 - 2016/10/24

  • Modified searchfilter.js to improve speed when searching for merchants on the Merchants page (#13955).

1.0.46 - 2016/09/07

  • Remove Connexity from interface (#13803).

1.0.45 - 2016/09/02

  • Replaced "Current Usage" section on Account page with link a link to the Members /api page.

1.0.44 - 2016/09/01

  • Added support for
  • Replaced old Shopello icons with new ones (#13589)

1.0.43 - 2016/06/27

  • Removed 'database_rotation' message. (#13535)

1.0.42 - 2016/06/26

  • Fixed CSS for 16x16 network icons. (#13534)

1.0.41 - 2016/06/20

  • Updated CSS file for new networks.

1.0.40 - 2016/06/20

  • Added support for Snapdeal (#13161)
  • Added support for Shopello (#13258)

1.0.39 - 2016/05/24

  • Added new dfrapi_impression_url() function. (#13237)

1.0.38 - 2016/04/10

  • Modified search form help text.
  • Added support for India, Brazil and Mexico for Amazon API queries.

1.0.37 - 2016/04/06

  • Updated PepperJam logos.

1.0.36 - 2016/03/21

  • Updated links to documentation on how to find your affiliate IDs on the Networks page.
  • Updated links to pages on the Account page.

1.0.35 - 2016/02/16

  • Fixed more new links (see 1.0.34)

1.0.34 - 2016/02/16

  • Changed links to Datafeedr's new support and members sites.

1.0.33 - 2016/02/03

  • Added new function to get Amazon keys. This is related to DFRCS integration.

1.0.32 - 2016/02/03

  • Added a "less than or equal to" and "greater than or equal to" option for the price field filters. (#12217)
  • Added CSS to accommodate the new price field filters.
  • Added compatibility/support for the upcoming DFRCS plugin. :)

1.0.31 - 2016/01/27

  • Added support for FamilyBlend (previously Affiliate4You).

1.0.30 - 2015/10/20

  • Added "Sort by Date Created Ascending" to API search form. (#11836)
  • Added "Sort by Date Created Descending" to API search form. (#11836)
  • Added "Sort by Final Price Ascending" to API search form. (#11836)
  • Added "Sort by Final Price Descending" to API search form. (#11836)
  • Added "Has Direct URL" filter to API search form. (#11836)

1.0.29 - 2015/09/21

  • Added support for negative currency queries. (#11499)
  • Added support for product ID queries (not exposed in search form). (#11499)
  • Fixed "quirk" where individual products added to a Product Set would throw off pagination when those products were no longer available via the API. Now you can delete those products from the set and pagination works again.
  • Updated the datafeedr.php library which fixed a small array issue. (#11346)
  • Added new "noimage" image.

1.0.28 - 2015/08/12

  • Added support for new affiliate network Optimise. (#11221)

1.0.27 - 2015/07/02

  • Added new DatafeedrServerError class to the datafeedr.php library file. (#11199)

1.0.26 - 2015/06/30

  • Removed DGM and replaced with APD affiliate network. Added APD network logos.

1.0.25 - 2015/04/29

  • Added cache bypassing functions when getting transients. (#10866)

1.0.24 - 2015/04/06

  • Added new icon to admin menu.
  • Added new 128x128 and 256x256 plugin icons.
  • Fixed broken URL to admin menu icons that have existed since the beginning of time.


  • Fixed wrong error message when the merchant filter is added to the search form but no merchants are selected.


  • Added support for Brazilian Real, Indian Rupee & Polish Złoty currency symbols.


  • Updated Datafeedr API file.


  • Just updating readme.


  • Added FlipKart support.
  • Added Amazon Local US support.


  • Added MyCommerce to css file.
  • Added link to docs for MyCommerce.


  • Removed M4N from tags in readme.txt file.
  • Changed RegNow to MyCommerce in readme file.
  • Added MyCommerce icons.
  • Added plugin icon for WordPress 4.0+.


  • Fixed undefined 'tid' index.
  • Changed the 'delete cached api data' tool from checkbox to ajax button.
  • Display notice if a user has selected a Zanox merchant which has not approved their account. This prevents many extra API requests from being generated. (#9474)
  • Removed p tags for nags.
  • Added ajax.php file to handle... um... AJAX stuff.
  • Add "MISSING" to Zanox URLs if affiliate ID is missing.


  • Removed Commission Monster from list of supported affiliate networks.


  • Fixed bug introduced by removing dfrapi_filter_affiliate_id filter in v1.0.12 related to Zanox.


  • Removed BOL from list of supported affiliate networks.
  • Changed WP header image.


  • Removed dfrapi_filter_affiliate_id filter.
  • Added ability to add tracking ID to outgoing affiliate links.


  • Changed add_option to update_option in upgrade.php file.
  • Updated the datafeedr.php API library to deal with 32-bit systems and product IDs.


  • Added upgrade.php file to track version changes.
  • Added dfrapi_get_total_products_in_db() function.


  • Fixed issue where searches with duplicates excluded returned a higher 'found' count than really was there. (#8672)


  • Added css and mapper link for docs for


  • Added logos for


  • Forgot to update version numbers in plugin file.


  • Tweaked search form css.
  • Added message for database rotation time between 8:00am and 8:20am GMT.
  • Added search form help text.
  • Changed some labels in the search form.
  • Added support for Affiliator affiliate network.
  • Updated Datafeedr API library.


  • Tweaked search form css.
  • Changes to a lot of help text on all pages.


  • Changed of Tools page.


  • Edited nag boxes when API requests are 90% of max.
  • Removed the 80% API usage email notice.
  • Changed the text in the API usage emails.
  • Converted emails sent from plain text to HTML.
  • Fixed undefined indexes.
  • Added "Free" plan to list of available plans.


  • Added utm_campaign parameters to help tab links.


  • Updated "Contributors" and "Author" fields to match username.
  • Added support for AUD, DKK, SEK, NOK, CHF, NZD & TRY currency codes.


  • Added support for Zanox.
  • Fixed undefined indexes.


  • Fixed issed related to using Sort by Relevance. #8439
  • Fixed "support" links in help tab.
  • Updated plugin information.


  • Added if(!class_exists('...')) checks to the Datafeedr Api Client Library.


  • Fixed undefined indexes.
  • Added "static" to static methods to meet Strict Standards.


  • Removed letters and characters from 'tagged' version.
  • Updated "Tested up to" to 3.8.1


  • Initial release.

Where can I get help?

Our support area can be found here: This support area is open to everyone.

Version 1.0.53

Requires WordPress version: 3.8 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 12 Feb 2017

Date Added: 02 Feb 2014

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