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Data Browser

DataBrowser is a system for creating charts based on the real existing data on your site.the created chart used for analyzing/browsing posts/pages/cpt

Demo live example link :

Advanced Analyzer for Site Data

  • DataBrowser is a premium multi-purpose system for analyzing/browsing data, based on the real existing data on your WordPress site.
  • This is a system to create interactive charts and tables automatically
  • This is a system to anaylse and find data in simple way
  • This system supports all custom post types and all taxonomeis and custom fields

**** this is free version but it is complete like pro version - just 5 options ****

    in pro version you can use  8 type of charts

    in free version you can use 3 type of charts 

all other options are completely the same in pro and free version

documentation link :

official site link :

another demo live example link :

pro version link

DataBrowser features

General Features
    Fully customizable
    Unlimited colors
    Multi-purpose system
    Full control on height and width
    Powerful admin panel
    Fully ajaxed
    No need to fill chart data
    You can create unlimited \"DataBrowser\" instance
    You can view \"DataBrowser\" anywhere using shortcode
    Free updates & support
Navigation Path Section
    With the \"Navigation Path Section\" you have full control on the browsing process
    You can delete a query
    You can choose one query and delete all other queries just by one click
    You can return to one of the pervious queries
    You can reset queries
    You can customize each element in Navigation Path specifically with a lot of settings
Chart Section
    With the \"Chart Section\" you can see \"auto generated charts\" in customizable view
    8 type of chart ready to use : ScatterChart, LineChart, AreaChart, BarChart, ColumnChart ,StepedChart , DonutChart and PieChart
    You can build charts based on taxonomies , custom fields and other post data
    You can sort charts
    All charts are interactive and clickable so you can click on a value of a chart and see the results
    Each type of charts has its own settings
    Animation ready for ScatterChart, LineChart, AreaChart, BarChart, and ColumnChart
Post List Section
    With the \"Post List Section\" you can see analysed post in a customizable list
    You can use taxonomies , custom fields and other post data in this section
    You can sort post list contents
    You can customize each element in \"Post List Section\" specifically with a lot of settings
    You can customize post list pagination
Single Post Section
    With the \"Single Post Section\" you can see a post with the full details in fully customizable lightbox
    You can use taxonomies , custom fields and other post data in this section
    You can sort single post contents
    You can customize each element in \"Single Post Section\" specifically with a lot of settings
Available setting for each element
    Background color
    Font size
    Font Color
    Font name
    Font weight
    Font style
    Min width
    max width
    Min height
    Max height
    Text align
    Float Property
    Direction Property
    Display Property
    Overflow-x Property
    Overflow-y Property
    Word-wrap property
    Word break
    Letter spacing
    Word spacing
    Border type
    Border width
    Border color
    Border top setting specifically
    Border bottom setting specifically
    Border left setting specifically
    Border right setting specifically
    Border radius
    Text shadow enable/disable
    Text shadow H-shadow
    Text shadow V-shadow
    Text shadow Blur
    Text shadow Color
    Box shadow enable/disable
    Box shadow H-shadow
    Box shadow V-shadow
    Box shadow Blur
    Box shadow Spread
    Box shadow Color
    Box shadow Direction
    Vertical align
Available settings for charts
    Pie Hole
    Is 3D
    Connect Steps
    Area Opacity
    Line Width
    Slice text style
    Slice Text color
    Slice Font name
    Slice Font size
    Pie Slice Text
    Pie Start Angle
    Pie Residue Slice Color
    Pie Residue Slice Label
    Curve type
    Point shape
    Point size
    Points visible
    Crosshair enable/disable
    Crosshair Color Focused
    Crosshair Opacity Focused
    Crosshair Orientation Focused
    Crosshair Color Selected
    Crosshair Opacity Selected
    Crosshair Orientation Selected
    Trendlines enable/disable
    Trendlines type
    Trendlines Color
    Trendlines Line Width
    Trendlines Opacity
    Trendlines Show R2
    Trendlines Visible in legend
    Trendlines Degree
    Trendlines Point size
    Trendlines Points visible
    Data opacity
    Animation Startup
    Animation Duration
    Animation Easing
    Annotations enable/disable
    Annotations content
    Annotations hover content
    Annotations both mode separator
    Annotations content manual
    Annotations hover content manual
    Annotations Always outside
    Annotations High contrast
    Annotation type
    Annotations text Style
    Annotations text Color
    Annotations text Font name
    Annotations text Bold
    Annotations text Italic
    Annotations text Font size
    Annotations text Aura color
    Annotations text Opacity
    Axis titles position
    Title position
    Font size
    Font name
    Force iframe
    Enable interactivity
    Reverse Categories
    Title text style
    Title Text color
    Title text Font name
    Title text Font size
    Title text Bold
    Title text Italic
    Background color
    Border color
    Border width
    Chart area width
    Chart area height
    Chart width
    Chart height
    Legend Legend max lines
    Legend Position
    Legend Alignment
    Legend text style
    Legend Text color
    Legend text Font name
    Legend text Font size
    Legend text Bold
    Legend text Italic
    Tooltip Ignore bounds
    Tooltip show color Code
    Tooltip trigger
    Tooltip text style
    Tooltip Text color
    Tooltip text Font name
    Tooltip text Font size
    Tooltip text Bold
    Tooltip text Italic
    Requires WordPress 3.5 or newer. Compatible with WordPress 4.1.
    Working in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE7-11, Opera
    Working in mobile browsers
Author wide soft
Contributors widesoft
Tags auto generated chart, automatically crate charts, chart, charts, create chart, create charts, shortcode, visualise data, visualize data, widget
  1. data-browser screenshot 1

    Description of the working example in fronted.

  2. data-browser screenshot 2

    setting : general section.

  3. data-browser screenshot 3

    setting : edit chart section.

  4. data-browser screenshot 4

    setting : edit boxes section.

  5. data-browser screenshot 5

    setting : navigation path section.

  6. data-browser screenshot 6

    setting : chart section.

  7. data-browser screenshot 7

    setting : post list section.

  8. data-browser screenshot 8

    setting : single post section.

  9. data-browser screenshot 9

    setting : default query section.

  10. data-browser screenshot 10

    settings for charts.

  11. data-browser screenshot 11

    settings for elements.

  12. data-browser screenshot 12

    setting : working example in frontend(these charts created using one shortcode in a simple post).

step by step tutorial for installation and basic use :

08.09.2016 - ver 1.1.5

- Improved widesoft plugin creation standards 
- Improved fr ver detector
- Improved automatic chart builder for new wordpress installations   

09.06.2016 - ver 1.1.4

- Updated "data-browser-by-ws.pot" translation file
- Added  close button for single post lightbox  
- Improved lightbox css style 
- Improved browsers list / order by ID 

06.06.2016 - ver 1.1.3

- Fixed / No Calling core loading files directly 
- Fixed / use ajax in standard way 
- Fixed / No Including jquery files (or calling them remotely)
- Fixed / preventing Direct File Access to plugin files     
- Fixed False Description general setting section

01.05.2016 - ver 1.1.2

- Added ability to populate or empty chart section just by one click  
- Added ability to populate or empty single post section just by one click 
- Added ability to populate or empty post list section just by one click 

08.04.2016 - ver 1.1.1

- Fixed bug when user clicked on the delete sign that caused resetting queries .
- Fixed compatibility with the new Google chart API  
- Added ability to exclude "empty_value" item for basic post parameters  
- Added ability to exclude "empty_value" item for taxonomies  
- Added ability to exclude "empty_value" item for custom fields  
- Added ability to exclude "one_space" item for basic post parameters  
- Added ability to exclude "one_space" for taxonomies  
- Added ability to exclude "one_space" for custom fields 
- Updated "data-browser-by-ws.pot" translation file

06.04.2016 - ver 1.1.0

- Added new section "default query" 
- Added ability  to add default query based on basic post parameters
- Added ability  to add default query based on taxonomies
- Added ability  to add default query based on custom fields
- Added ability  to add multiple default queries 
- Improved error messages

01.04.2016 - ver 1.0.2

- major user interface improvement
- Fixed some css bogs
- Improved documentation file

27.03.2016 - ver 1.0.1

- Changed setting interface 
- Changed default setting for table
- Changed default setting for chart box
- Changed default setting for DataBrowser section
- Fixed some css bogs
- Improved documentation file

20.03.2016 - ver 1.0.0

- First release
Version 1.1.5

Requires WordPress version: 3.5 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 25 Jan 2017

Date Added: 07 Jun 2016

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