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Dash Notice

Dash Notice allows users with access to dashboard to publish notice(s) for other members to read. It works exclusively in dashboard only.

Dash Notice is a service which makes leaving notices on dashboard easier. The Dash Notice plugin for WordPress seamlessly integrates using the Dash Notice API provided by Yopers.

This plugin was born out of personal necessity for a quick, convenient way to communicate with other members with access to dashboard. This also implies that it isn't for the visitors of your website to see i.e. solely for the eyes of back-end users.

The good thing about Dash Notice is that it doesn't even touch your database at all! Instead, it uses the server hosted elsewhere. This means your resources aren't scraped for it to work (especially useful when working on a budget hosting or a shared server with limited resources).

Dash Notice plugin

  • Uses the Dash Notice API (provided by Yopers).
  • Notices are stored, and managed by Dash Notice API.

Dash Notice Features

  • Zero load on your website database.
  • Notices are updated in (near) real-time.
  • Available for free.


In order to get started, you will need to get unique key by visiting Dash Notice. Once you have the name/key combination, then start by installing the plugin.

Fair Usage

Considering the fact that the Dash Notice uses independent server, it is expected that the users are kind enough to limit usage to a maximum of 10 notices. And to delete notice(s) which are not required anymore.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

For complete Terms of Service, please visit this page. And for more on privacy policy and how your data is handled, please visit this page.

Hope you enjoy the plugin and since this is the initial release, minor hiccups while using the plugin are expected. If you were to encounter one or have a suggestion to make then don't hesitate to get in touch via support forum.

Author Paritosh Bhatia
Contributors paritoshbh
Tags board, dashboard, notice, notice board
  1. dash-notice screenshot 1

    Dashboard widget, right after installation and before activating the plugin.

  2. dash-notice screenshot 2

    Setting up the plugin from Settings -> Dash Notice.

  3. dash-notice screenshot 3

    After setting up the plugin, key and name are shown for future reference (and restoration).

  4. dash-notice screenshot 4

    Dash Notice dashboard widget in action!

  1. Install and activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress (a non-working widget will automatically be placed in your dashboard).
  2. Activate it by going to Settings -> Dash Notice, and entering your name, key.
  3. After activation, the dashboard widget will be functional and you should be able to post notice(s).


  • Initial release.


  • New: Lowered minimum Wordpress version to 3.8.
  • Added: Pressing 'Enter' key publishes notice.
  • Fixed: Useful message displayed in case of invalid verification.
  • Misc.: Minor UI changes.


  • Version bump to support Wordpress 4.7.
  • Changed: Readme links update, in-line with the internal changes.
  • Updated: API end points and required libraries.
  • Added: Scrollbar to make sure notices don't take up entire screen!

Does the plugin put extra load on my server?

Simple answer is no. More technical answer is, Dash Notice doesn't even touch your database at all! Instead, it uses the server hosted elsewhere. Additionally, it is also important for you, as a user, to understand that NONE of user related information is sent back to our server. As a matter of fact this is the reason why, there's a separate, independent mechanism (name/key combination) to verify authority of your domain.

Is it free?

For the time being, yes it is. It may carry a paid feature in feature to cover for hosting costs, domain name charges, etc but there will always be a free tier available.

How to delete a notice?

Just hover mouse over the little black icon (to the left of date), a cross sign will appear. Clicking on it will delete the notice. Deletion implies permanent deletion from the database.

Version 1.2

Requires WordPress version: 3.8 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 30 Dec 2016

Date Added: 04 Sep 2016

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