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Dadi Shal

Displays share buttons in the posts, pages and custom posts type list

Dadi Shal is a plugin that allows to share your contents in the social networks, from posts, pages and custom post type lists, displayed in admin panel.

Available features:

  • You can select social network button between availables buttons
  • You can set type of window open (popup or target blank)
  • You can select type of list: post, page or custom posts type (if availables)

Official buttons available:

  • Facebook (slug: facebook)
  • Twitter (slug: twitter)
  • Google Plus (slug: googleplus)
  • Linkedin (slug: linkedin)
  • Pinterest (slug: pinterest)
  • StumbleUpon (slug: stumbleupon)

Translations: italian

For developers

Social values for conditional tag "get_dadishal_options( $value )" that allows to edit custom buttons:

  • enable_facebook
  • enable_twitter
  • enable_googleplus
  • enable_linkedin
  • enable_pinterest
  • enable_stumbleupon

Remember to use this conditional tags when you edit default buttons. See FAQ for details.

Values for the array button:

  • url (share url)
  • name (name of social)
  • icon (css classes for icon font)
  • color (background color for button. You must use Hex Color like #000000)
Author Davide Mura
Contributors davidemura
Tags administration, post list, Share
  1. dadi-shal screenshot 1

    Dadi Shal List Post

  1. Download and extract plugin files to a wp-content/plugin directory.

  2. Activate the plugin through the WordPress admin interface.

  3. Customize your buttons in settings/dadi shal.

If you have any questions or problems please make a post here:


  • Initial version

Can I add custom buttons?

Yes! You can. Simply use shal_buttons filter in your theme functions.php or personal plugin. Example:

add_filter( 'shal_buttons', 'my_callback_function' );
function my_callback_function( $buttons, $post_id ) {

    $buttons['SLUG_OF_SOCIAL_BUTTON'] = array( 
        'url' => 'HERE_URL_FOR_SHARE',
        'name' => 'NAME_OF_SOCIAL',
        'icon' => 'ICON_CSS_CLASSES_OF_SOCIAL' // this plugin uses socicon - see
        'color' => 'BACKGROUND_COLOR_OF_BUTTON'

    return $buttons;


Can I rewrite entire default button?

Yes! You can. Simply you use shal_buttons filter and rewrite entire button. Example, we rewrite facebook button:

add_filter( 'shal_buttons', 'my_callback_function' );
function my_callback_function( $buttons, $post_id ) {

    unset( $buttons['facebook'] ); // unset default facebook button

    if( !get_dadishal_options( 'enable_facebook' ) ) return $buttons; // remember to add this conditional tag for enable/disabled new button

    $buttons['facebook'] = array( // set new facebook button
        'url' => 'HERE_URL_FOR_SHARE',
        'name' => 'NAME_OF_SOCIAL', // yes in example will be facebook
        'icon' => 'ICON_CSS_CLASSES_OF_SOCIAL' // this plugin uses socicon - see ex. socicon socicon-facebook
        'color' => 'BACKGROUND_COLOR_OF_BUTTON'

    return $buttons;


I rewrite entire button, and now this button is at the end of buttons.

Yes. You can avoid this problem, editing button for each value without unset button. Example:

add_filter( 'shal_buttons', 'my_callback_function' );
function my_callback_function( $buttons, $post_id ) {

    unset( $buttons['facebook']['url'] );
    unset( $buttons['facebook']['name'] );
    unset( $buttons['facebook']['icon'] );
    unset( $buttons['facebook']['color'] );

    if( !get_dadishal_options( 'enable_facebook' ) ) return $buttons; // remember to add this conditional tag for enable/disabled new button

    $buttons['facebook']['url'] = 'NEW_SHARE_URL';
    $buttons['facebook']['name'] = 'NEW_NAME';
    $buttons['facebook']['icon'] = 'NEW_ICON_CLASSES'
    $buttons['facebook']['color'] = 'NEW_COLOR' // rembember: hex color

    return $buttons;


Can I edit certain array value of default button

Yes. Simply you use shal_buttons filter and unset chosen element of the array. See example above.

Version 1.0

Requires WordPress version: 2.8 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 07 Jan 2017

Date Added: 07 Jan 2017

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