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Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar

Social Share Buttons (Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin,Google+,Pinterest,Youtube,Mail,Stumbleupon,Reddit) & Share Floating Sidebar.


, it is plugin for social networks. It is very simple plugin for share your site with your friends through social sites,The plugin supports 9 social networking. Your users share via their accounts on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Youtube and Refer a Friend.

With this plugin, you give users the tools to share your content, product details and other information with their own networks.

More than 22 billion shares are viewed each and every day on the internet, with sharing becoming an increasingly important part of every website owner’s marketing strategies.

Let your users share via their accounts on popular social networks. Install this free plugin to enable Social Sharing on your WordPress site and start driving high quality referrals to your website.

It is lightweight plugin. There are not added any external JS files in this plugin so it’s does not effect on your site speed as well.

You can add a social share floating sidebar with all social share buttons and Even you can change the share buttons images and their style from admin if you wish!.

Upgrade to Pro Version


  • Options for add to Custom Image of any buttons
  • Options for add to background color of buttons
  • Floating Sidebar
  • Share Buttons for every post/page
  • Show/Hide options for any buttons
  • Options for edit to message ("Show Buttons","Hide Buttons"...etc)
  • Options for set the position of Floating Sidebar (Left/Right/Bottom)
  • Options for set the position of Social Buttons (Left/Right)
  • Options for manage the style of the plugin
  • Option for disable sidebar for mobile
  • Option for define the pinterest share image
  • Option for auto close sidebar buttons on page load
  • Option for hide "Share This!!" button on page/post
  • Option for define share buttons postion (above content/below content)

Go Pro

We have also released an add-on for Custom Share Buttons With Floating Sidebar which not only demonstrates the flexibility of CSBWFS, but also adds some important features:

  • Responsive Floating Sidebar
  • Hide Floating Sidebar On Home/Post/Page/Category and on Custom Post Type
  • An Option for Show/Hide sidebar on any specific page/post/product
  • Show Social Share Buttons On Home/Post/Page/Category and on Custom Post Type
  • An Option for Show/Hide social share buttons on any specific page/post/product
  • An Option for Show/Hide sidebar on any custom post type
  • Responsive Lightbox Contact Form (for Mail Icon)
  • An option for add to any custom shortcode into lightbox
  • Advance feature for choose to pinterest share image
  • An option for add to OG tags content(title,image,description)
  • An option for set automatically horizontal sidebar position for mobile
  • An option for add to social site official page URL for all social buttons
  • Extra Buttons (Google Translate,Instagram,Whatsapp,Digg,Yummly,Vk, Buffer, Line, Skype, RSS, Print, G-Mail, Blogger, Tumbler,Delicious,Weibo, Telegram & SMS )
  • An option for define to twitter username in thier share window.
  • An option for display to number of share(Facebook,LinkedIn,StumbleUpon,Google Plus,Pinterest and Reddit)
  • An options for change to any button image, title, background colour and url (You can use any button as your own custom button)
  • An options to define sorting order for all buttons
  • 10 extra custom floating sidebar buttons with extra options (i.e you can define your own custom size for these buttons)
  • An option for show to sum of total share count for all buttons
  • An option for remove mouse hover animation effect for all social buttons
  • Faster support

    Addon Documentation

    Upgrade to Pro Version

    For any query contact to plugin author on

    We have released also a social share pro extenstion for magento Sites Go Pro Magento Version

Author MR Web Solution
Contributors india-web-developer
Tags custom share buttons, Facebook, float, float share buttons, floating share buttons, floating sidebar, google, linkedin, pinterest, Reddit, Share, share links, Social Share Buttons, stumbleupon, twitter
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Step 1.Dowanload the plugin and upload "custom-share-buttons-with-floating-sidebar" plugins file to plugin (/wp-content/plugins/) directory

Step 2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress

Step 3. Go to Settings/"Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar" and configure the plugin settings.


  • Tested with latest wordpress version 4.7
  • Optimized plugin code


  • Tested with latest wordpress version 4.6
  • optmized CSS
  • Released pro addon new verion 2.8


  • Tested with latest wordpress version 4.5.3
  • Minify sidebar share buttons images.
  • optmized CSS
  • Released addon new verion 2.7


  • Tested with latest wordpress version 4.5.2
  • Fixed linkdin button spelling error.
  • Fixed + sign issue for mail button


  • Tested with latest wordpress version 4.5
  • Fixed buttons hover animation effect issue.
  • Optimized image, html and css
  • Updated home page conditions for show/hide social buttons


  • Fixed upload image issue.
  • Added reset button for reset to images/title for sidebar and social buttons.
  • Optimized js code for floating sidebar
  • Optimized design and css of social share buttons


  • Fixed share url issue for custom post type.
  • Fixed show/hide share buttons issues
  • Tested with wordpress latest version


  • update code to display content into footer section
  • Added an option for define position of share buttons (below/above or content)
  • Fixed some minor js/css issue


  • Fixed double time open share url issue
  • Added an option for auto close sidebar buttons on page load
  • Added an option for hide "Share This!!" button on page/post


  • Fixed share buttons css issues
  • Fixed some minor js conflict issues


  • Fixed pinterest share image issue
  • Fixed youtube buttons url issue
  • modify layout of plugin settings page
  • Added options for define the buttons image alt text
  • Released Pro Version 1.6


  • Released Pro Version 1.3
  • Fixed all suggested issues by users
  • Fixed css conflict issues
  • Added Stumbleupon and Reddit buttons to social share buttons
  • Minify CSS


  • Released Pro Version 1.1
  • Added new bottom position option for floating sidebar
  • Modify CSS


  • Released Pro Version
  • Added an option disable floating sidebar on home page
  • Fixed share url issue on home page


  • Added new option for disable floating sidebar for mobile site
  • Added two new Stumbleupon and Reddit buttons
  • Added options for define Pinterest Share images
  • Fixed show/hide button issue


  • Make plugin settings page more stylish
  • Added a new option for remove show/hide buttions
  • Added an option for change position of social share buttons
  • Make "Share This!" button text editable
  • Add Youtube button
  • Change image opacity on hover


  • Added an options for define the background color of custom social share buttons
  • Added a new options for show/hide the buttions, so now if you will be click on hide buttons and then go to next page OR reload same page,then buttons will be not publish in front end,so buttons status will be remain until you will not change the their status by click on show/hide buttons
  • Added an options for manage the general text (like "Show buttons", "Hide buttons"..etc)
  • Fixed some JS issues


  • Added an options for add the social share buttons on bottom of the content on every post/pages


  • Fixed button image gap issue for right position
  • Added new option for set the delay time to publish the share butttons


  • Fixed the right float sidebar issue
  • Added new option for define the margin from TOP
  • Added the show/hide buttons
  • On Mail buttons :by default set current page title as a mail subject-line and page link in mail-body


  • First stable release

1.) How add floating share buttons on my website?

  • After active the plugin you have must need to enable this plugin through the plugin settings.

2.) Can i change the custom share buttons images from admin?

  • Yes,admin can changes all social share custom buttons images if you wish, for that you have only need to define the buttons images path from plugins settings page.

3.) Can i disable the floating sidebar for mobile?

  • Yes,You can disable the floating sidebar by configure the plugin settings

4.) Can i define the top margin for share buttons block?

  • Yes, admin can define the top margin from plugin settings page

5.) Can we add the social share buttons on bottom of every post/pages?

  • Yes,you have only need to enable the "Social Share Button" from admin by plugin settings

6.) Can we add at a time only the "Floating Sidebar" OR "Social Share Buttons"?

  • Yes,You have need to enable at a time only one from both "Floating Sidebar" and "Social Share Buttons"

7.) Is this mobile friendly OR is this responsive plugin?

  • No,this is not a responsibe but you can use our csbwfs addon, Our CSBWFS ADDON is responsive with some new extra features.Please visit on this site for check full details about addon.

8.) Is there any option for show share count number for share buttons?

  • No, there are not an option for show share count number but you can use our csbwfs addon, In CSBWFS ADDON we have given an option.Please visit on this site for check full details about addon.

    9.) Is there any option for show/hide share buttons OR floating sidebar on some specific pages?

  • No. this options are available in pro addon.

Version 3.0

Requires WordPress version: 3.8 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 20 Dec 2016

Date Added: 04 Jun 2014

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