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RegistrationMagic-Custom Registration Forms

Create customized registration forms, accept payments, track submissions, manage users, analyze stats, assign user roles and much more!!

For any issues, bugs, feature requests and general help, contact our awesome support team! Create New Support Ticket

So, what exactly is RegistrationMagic?

RegistrationMagic is a powerful WordPress plugin that gives you TOTAL CONTROL of user registrations on your website. You can create different forms for user registrations, each with different pre-defined fields. You can also set up payments for paid registrations. A Front-End user area allows your users to login, reset password, check their transactions, download submissions etc.

RegistrationMagic tracks all incoming form submissions and activities which you can monitor from dashboard, making informed decision about form changes. You can also accept attachments (single or multiple), and view/ download them from single area in the dashboard. Advanced filters allow you to see form submissions for specific form and time.

There’s also a fully fledged User Managed module integrated with RegistrationMagic. It goes a step ahead of default WordPress User manager by connecting registration and payment activities with individual user accounts.

In short, RegistrationMagic is the missing user registration system for WordPress and a powerful addition to any WordPress admin’s arsenal.

And that’s not all! RegistrationMagic is in active development with new features being rolled out every fortnight. If you feel anything is missing, just request our team and you may see it in the very next release!

Here’s quick overview of features:

Forms Manager

  • Unified Forms Manager
  • Unlimited Forms
  • Form Cards with at-the-glance information
  • Quick form creator
  • Built in Login form
  • Submission counter on form card
  • Default form selector
  • Short-code system for forms
  • Submissions Dashboard Widget
  • Submissions under User profiles
  • Sort form cards alphabetically or chronologically
  • Duplicate forms
  • HTML Embed code for forms (GOLD)

General Settings

  • 2 Form Styles with 3 layout options
  • Ability to define accepted attachment extensions (SILVER and GOLD)
  • Allow multiple attachments to form
  • Show form expiry countdown above the form
  • Define and replace default WP registration page
  • Set redirection after user logs in
  • Submission Form PDF and print header logo (GOLD)
  • Custom Text on Submissions PDF and print (GOLD)
  • Display RegistrationMagic Button, Popup Menu and Sliding Panels
  • Define accent color of RegistrationMagic Button, Popup Menu and Sliding Panels


  • Google reCaptcha Support
  • Form Submission Limit on a device
  • Custom Password restriction (GOLD)
  • Banned IP Addresses from accessing form (GOLD)
  • Banned Email Addresses from Accessing form (GOLD)
  • Blacklisted and Reserver Usernames (GOLD)

User Accounts

  • Auto Generate Password
  • Send Username and password to user by email
  • WP Registration Auto-Approval (SILVER and GOLD)

Email Notifications

  • Send notification to the user for front-end notes (SILVER and GOLD)
  • Set recipients list
  • SMTP Relay option
  • From Name and Email

External Integration

  • Allow users to login using Facebook Account
  • Integrate with MailChimp
  • Integrate with Google Maps API key. (SILVER and GOLD)


  • PayPal Integration
  • Stripe Integration EXTENSION (SILVER and GOLD)
  • PayPal custom checkout page
  • Current definition
  • Currency position

Visual form editor

  • Define border, border-width, border-color, border-radius, background-color, background Image and padding for the Form
  • Define border, border-width, border-color, border-radius, background-color, background Image and padding for the Input fields
  • Define border, border-width, border-color, border-radius, background-color, background Image padding, font color and label for the Submit Button


  • Create WP User with each submission
  • Bound the form to a user role (SILVER and GOLD)
  • Allow the user to select from predefined roles (SILVER and GOLD)
  • Automatically login after submission

Post Submission

  • Custom Success Message with Mail Merge
  • Show unique token number with each submissions (SILVER and GOLD)
  • Redirect after submissions to a page or URL.
  • Submit Submission data to an external URL (SILVER and GOLD)

Auto Responder

  • Custom Email Subject and Body with mail merge fails.


  • Limit the form submissions based on number, date or both.
  • Define the number of submissions allowed
  • Set a deadline for form submission
  • Custom message to the user after submission is complete.


  • Select a list to Map
  • Map MailChimp Email, First Name and Last Name fields to your form fields
  • Map MailChimp advanced custom fields with your form fields (GOLD)
  • Show an opt-in box with custom text

Access Control

  • Enable date based access. Define age or specific time between dates.
  • Passphrase based access. Define secret question and passphrase.
  • User Role based Access. Define roles that will have access to the form.
  • Custom Denial Message.

Custom Fields

  • All common field types supported
  • Special Custom Fields (23 in SILVER and 33 in GOLD)
  • WP User Profile Fields (SILVER and GOLD)
  • Drag and Drop Field Sorting
  • Custom label for every field type
  • Custom Icon from over 900 Google Icons.
  • Define Icon color, background color, background-shape and transparency.
  • Custom CSS class
  • HelpText as tooltip
  • Placeholder text, length for supporting field types.
  • Define field as required.
  • Show field on user page inside RegistrationMagic UserManager
  • Add pages and divide fields month them (GOLD)
  • Name the pages (GOLD)
  • Duplicate fields with a single click

Form Submissions

  • Submissions Manager with table of all submissions recorded chronologically
  • Filter submissions by day, week, month, year or specific period (SILVER and GOLD)
  • Search fields inside the submissions
  • Export submissions as CSV (SILVER and GOLD)
  • View Individual Submissions
  • Add Note to Submissions (SILVER and GOLD)
  • Define note visibility to the user and its color
  • Download individual submission as PDF (SILVER and GOLD)

Form Analytics

  • A table with visitor IP visiting time, submission status, submission time and filling time information
  • Track Geolocation of the visitor
  • Piechart of conversion percentage of the visitors
  • Piechart of the browsers used by the visitor
  • Failure rate in percentage
  • Average filling time in seconds
  • Browser-wise conversion rate

Field Analytics (SILVER and GOLD)

  • Piecharts divided by options chosen by the users on checkbox, radio box, drop down and country fields.

Price Fields

  • A separate manager to create and manage prices for forms
  • Fixed, Multi-Select, DropDown and User Defined price options (SILVER and GOLD)
  • Custom labels for sub-pricing options (SILVER and GOLD)

Attachments Browser (SILVER and GOLD)

  • A single place to view and download all files received with forms
  • Download individual files or all files as zip
  • View Thumbnails of image type files

Email Users

  • Broadcast email message to all users who have submitted a specific form.
  • Use Mail merge to send personalized messages
  • See queues in progress sending messages
  • Quickly view number of recipients for each form

User Manager

  • User Manager with tabular view of registered users or those who filled out the form
  • Filter Users registered on this day, week month and year.
  • Filter Users based on their status.
  • Activate or deactivate multiple users
  • Add new or Edit existing user
  • View Custom Fields filled by user on user page
  • See submissions by individual users
  • See transactions by individual users

User Roles

  • Create and name custom user roles
  • Inherit permissions from WP User roles
  • Paid User roles (SILVER and Gold)
Author CMSHelplive
Contributors cmshelplive, registrationmagic, registrationmagicsupport
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  1. custom-registration-form-builder-with-submission-manager screenshot 1

    Forms Manager with options to sort, delete and edit forms.

  2. custom-registration-form-builder-with-submission-manager screenshot 2

    Individual Form Configuration.

  3. custom-registration-form-builder-with-submission-manager screenshot 3

    One of the form configuration panels.

  4. custom-registration-form-builder-with-submission-manager screenshot 4

    Form custom fields manager.

  5. custom-registration-form-builder-with-submission-manager screenshot 5

    Custom field settings. Here’s an example of radio box.

  6. custom-registration-form-builder-with-submission-manager screenshot 6

    Submissions Manager. Data hidden to preserve privacy.

  7. custom-registration-form-builder-with-submission-manager screenshot 7

    Form Analytics. IPs hidden for privacy.

  8. custom-registration-form-builder-with-submission-manager screenshot 8

    Field Analytics.

  9. custom-registration-form-builder-with-submission-manager screenshot 9

    Pricing Manager.

  10. custom-registration-form-builder-with-submission-manager screenshot 10

    Attachments Manager.

  11. custom-registration-form-builder-with-submission-manager screenshot 11

    Email Broadcaster.

  12. custom-registration-form-builder-with-submission-manager screenshot 12

    Users Manager.

  13. custom-registration-form-builder-with-submission-manager screenshot 13

    User Roles Manager.

  14. custom-registration-form-builder-with-submission-manager screenshot 14

    Global Settings.

  1. Download the plugin

  2. Go to your Dashboard and locate Plugins tab. Click on Upload Plugin and specify the path of downloaded plugin in the text box.

  3. Click on Activate Plugin

Detailed instructions can be found here: Installation

  • Transaction log display is now tabular and includes stripe log as well. (Requested by Ulf Skogeng)
  • Added "receipt_email" in stripe payments (mapped to user email). (Requested by @toonwolf)
  • Fixed: default submissions page not being created properly in multi-site env.
  • Fixed: Long email address messing up table layout (submission manager page)

  • Minor Fixes

  • Fixed: Text cuts-off for long entries in submission pdf (reported by: Veronica)
  • Fixed: File upload field validation issue with uppercase extensions (reported by: Peter)
  • Added: Legend on submission manager page for quick information about icons.
  • Improvement: Gender options are now translatable in Gender type field (reported by: Ulf Skogeng)
  • Improvement: long-entries are now truncated on submission manager page. Other minor bug-fixes and improvement.

  • Added: Paypal response details now available in submission details.
  • Other bug-fixes and improvements.

  • Added: Post-logout redirection feature (Global Settings >> General) - Requested by @ms416
  • Added: Product tour for form settings dashboard.
  • Expiry detail displayed above the form can now be fully translated with ordered arguments - Reported by Lolita
  • Other bug-fixes and improvements.

  • Fixed: PDF content not displaying Cyrillic characters properly. (Premium)
  • Added: Option to exclude pdf from admin email. (Premium)
  • Other bug-fixes and improvement.

  • Improvement: Front-end error messages can be translated now.
  • Fixed: A rare bug that may cause Magic pop-up panel to go behind site content sometimes.
  • Other minor bug-fixes and improvements.

  • Enhancement: Now different values can be specified for dropdown, radio and check-box fields using pipe(|). Syntax: label|value.
  • Fixed: "This year" filter in submissions.
  • Fixed: Checkbox label not displaying sometimes for Terms and Conditions field.
  • Other minor bug-fixes and improvements.

  • Fixed: Admin notification email missing values for checkbox fields.
  • Fixed: 'Email Users' feature showing wrong count for recipients sometimes.
  • Fixed: 'Email Users' sending multiple emails to same users.
  • Added "Cancel" button to stop email queue.
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

  • Added: Product tour for fresh installations.
  • Added: Sample forms for fresh installation.
  • Fixed: Wrong date of payment when using Stripe.
  • Other minor bugfixes.

  • New: WooCommerce integration. (Platinum bundle)
  • Fixed: Notices appearing with php v7.
  • Fixed: Auto responder email not containing correct values for file, image fields.
  • Fixed: Form design: Placeholder color applying globally.
  • Fixed: Magic popup blocking click to area underneath even after hiding.
  • Lots of other minor fixes and improvements.

  • Fixed: CSV export containing limited submissions.
  • Fixed: rare reCaptcha issue due to 3rd party conflict.
  • Fixed: reCaptcha sometimes overlapping submit button thus rendering it unclickable.
  • Fixed: SMTP email test nullifying banned email settings (Gold bundle).
  • Fixed: Broken support link.
  • Fixed: Conflicts with third party css for certain ui elements.
  • Typo fixes.

Fixed: Blocks showing up on front-end with some WP themes.


  • New feature: Browse sent emails with filters.
  • New feature: Send custom email to user directly from User page.
  • New Feature: New shortcode - easily display users list on frontend (Gold Bundle).
  • New Feature: Save submission search criteria as labels (Gold bundle).
  • Fixed: "&nbsp&nbsp" text appearing sometimes alongside fields.
  • Fixed: Plugin causing some layout issues on frontend.
  • Fixed: Plugin JS sometimes not working properly with third party themes and builders.
  • Improvement: Field color now applies to paragraph, checkbox and radio fields as well.
  • Reduced overall plugin package size.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

  • CSS fixes for front-end
  • Fixed an issue with toggle button in dashboard area.

  • CSS fixes and improvements

  • UI Improvements


  • Brand New Form Dashboard
  • Social Login Integration (Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Instagram) in Gold Bundle
  • Allow admin to edit submissions
  • New line graph which tracks submissions over days, weeks or months
  • Revamped RM activity widget for Dashboard
  • Import Export feature now available in Standard bundle
  • Option to mark all Submissions read (Gold bundle)
  • Role specific registration forms (Silver and Gold bundle)
  • Improved Submission Manager with new icons
  • Improved session mechanism

  • Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug related to field creation due to bypassing DB version null case
  • Fixed bug related to database version

  • Important bug fix related to field creation


  • WP Login added in Magic PopUp
  • Users can edit their submissions from front-end now
  • Option to use email as username [Silver and Gold bundle]
  • New custom filters added for submissions tracking [Gold Bundle]
  • Send message to submissions [Silver and Gold Bundle]
  • Read/Unread labeling of submissions [Gold Bundle]
  • Customizable links in Magic Pop Up [Silver and Gold Bundle]
  • Block email or IP of a submission [Gold bundle]
  • Submission pdf included in admin notification email [Silver and Gold bundle]
  • Other Improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

  • Important bug fix

  • Added paid user roles [Gold and Silver]
  • New option to select form type in form general settings
  • New Social category for custom fields
  • New Global Setting section added 'Floating Action Button'
  • Added logos for Stripe and PayPal
  • Added option to display alternate form after the form expiry
  • Icon on Magic Popup Button can now be changed.
  • User interface improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with date fields

  • CSS fixes
  • Improved Terms and condition custom field
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Replaced iframe in Magic Popup
  • Replaced PHP native session
  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • Aweber, Constant Contact integration (Gold Bundle)
  • Data Import/Export feature added (Gold Bundle)
  • Global settings override (Gold Bundle)
  • New Fields added (Custom field with regex validation) (Gold Bundle)

  • Fixed a bug with password reset feature
  • Fixed an issue where on some forms register button may hide under bottom area of frontend slide out panel.

  • Improvements to Magic Menu
  • Magic Menu is turned off by default for new installations

  • Multiple minor improvements and fixes

  • Major bug fix


  • Added New front end floating button, menu and panels
  • Added default form selection option
  • Added helptext option for custom fields
  • Added form configuration panel in free edition
  • Added 30+ new custom field types (Gold Bundle)
  • Added Label icon, label icon color, background color and shape
  • Added Form Access Control with age, passphrase and role restriction
  • Added visual editor for form editing.
  • Added styling box for front end
  • Added option to add logo and text to submissions PDF (Gold Bundle)
  • Added password reset feature to user area on front end
  • Numerous bugs fixed and GUI improvements
  • Set password restrictions (Gold Bundle)

  • Fixed an issue with payment forms
  • Bug fixes

  • Sortable field ordering issue fixed
  • Fixed Typo in password validation message

  • Bug fixes


  • Added an option to send a mail when Admin activates user’s account.
  • Fixed a major bug with outgoing emails.
  • Performance enhancements.
  • GUI improvements all across.
  • Compatibility fixes with php 7.
  • Bug fix with Submission Export feature.
  • Improved Session check.
  • Other minor bug fixes.
  • Multi-Page Form Builder (Gold Edition)
  • Ban IP and Email feature. (Gold Edition)
  • Embed forms using HTML code (Gold Edition)
  • Advanced custom fields mapping with MailChimp. (Gold Edition)


  • Address Field Type (Silver Edition).
  • Map Field Type (Silver Edition).
  • Added Spanish translation.
  • Exception handling for missing extensions.
  • Work around for session path bug.
  • Other bug fixes.


  • Added user activation through email (Silver Edition).
  • Added French Language.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Added 'Export submission to third-party url' feature (Silver Edition).
  • Improved validations on admin side.
  • Improved MTML structure.
  • Fixed a bug in Facebook login.
  • Shortcode now works inside widgets.
  • Fixed a submission issue related with browser caching.
  • Stripe Payment system Integration (Silver Edition).
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • GUI improvements.


  • Added Option in global settings to enable/disable expiry countdown
  • Other bug fixes or functional improvements.


  • Now users can re-submit forms
  • New Progress bar/Message above the form when auto-expiry is turned on
  • Fixed compatibility issues with PHP 5.3 version
  • Revamped Support Page
  • Front End user details page
  • CSS fixes and improvements


  • Fixed: form always appearing before post content on front-end.
  • Fixed: CSS issues.
  • Fixed: Typos.
  • Unavailable features in standard edition now have grayed-out links.
  • Forgot Password link visible under login area.


  • CSS Fixes


  • Complete code overhaul
  • Plugin-wide GUI improvements
  • New Email Users section
  • New sidebar with filters in table view
  • Latest submissions visible on form card
  • Lot of bug fixes and improvements
  • Style Layouts


  • Maintenance Release


  • Added option for SMTP relay for outgoing mail
  • Random bug fixes


  • Fixed issues with Multi-Site (network sites) installations


  • Fixed an issue that did not allowed fetching more than 10 MailChimp lists
  • Added a new option in reCaptcha settings for users who get errors while submission


  • Added “Users” section in left menu
  • Added User Manager
  • Added ability to show custom fields on User Page (Silver Edition).
  • Added option to deactivate existing user (Silver Edition).
  • Added Users Table.
  • Random bug fixes and GUI improvements.


  • Security issue with password encryption fixed
  • Fixed an issue where multiple forms on a single page did not worked properly


  • Fixed some Front-end issues when migrating old data
  • Changes in Database for recording additional data
  • Added user role manager feature
  • Fixed user role label formatting issue in front-end (Silver Edition)


  • Added PayPal integration
  • Added option to create different pricing fields
  • Added Attachment browser for form submissions
  • Added User facing area with submission and payments tab
  • Added One Time Password (OTP) system
  • Added option to download submissions as PDF
  • Added option to add notes to submissions
  • Added profile fields in custom fields manager
  • Added dashboard latest submissions widget
  • Added OTP Widget
  • Long list of bug fixes
  • General CSS improvements
  • Increased default list size of submissions to 20
  • Added ability to show admin notes to the user and send email notification


  • Fixed bugs
  • Added a new view for checkbox and radio button custom fields using CSS Attribute "rm_row"


  • Fixed some bugs


  • General structural improvements and bug fixes.
  • Added add form button in WYSIWYG Editor to make it easier to insert short codes.
  • Global Settings is now divided into sections.
  • Added an option to add multiple emails for admin notifications.
  • Added MailChimp integration and default field mapping.
  • Improved search and filtering for submissions.
  • Replaced date picker with one that allows easier changing of years.
  • Made it easier to turn on WP registrations to forms.
  • Added WYSIWYG/ HTML Editors for Form header content and Auto-Responder.
  • Added Mail Merge feature to auto-responder editor.
  • Added ability to chose submit button background and text color.
  • Removed reset button in classic theme.
  • Added short-code for adding login box.
  • Added option to define default WordPress registration page.
  • GUI Improvements.
  • Added form and field statistics/ analytics.
  • Added ability to define redirection page after successful login.
  • Changed left menu main link title to "Registrations".


  • Fixed some issues with last update


  • Added option for Facebook login
  • Added option to send Username and Password to users through email
  • GUI Improvements to adding items in checkbox and radio-box
  • Under the hood improvements to handling submissions
  • Made classic theme responsive


  • Improved HTML Structure
  • Fixed a bug where the form was always appearing on top, despite pasting the short-code within content.
  • Fixed a bug that did not allowed showing multiple forms on a page.


  • Minor changes


  • Major Security Updates
  • Form Auto Expiry Option Added


  • Minor Bug Fixes


  • Minor Bug Fixes


  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Corrected some file names
  • Fixed a bug in file upload field
  • Added new demo and upgrade options


  • Stability Improvements
  • Added option for new add-on


  • Browser name in entry details is more apparent now


  • Added option to change Submit button label


  • CSS Fixes


  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue with special character labels
  • Default theme CSS fix


  • Now you can copy short-code by clicking on it.
  • Bug fixes


  • Required fields now show asterix at their end.


  • Fixed validation issues in checkbox and radio fields.


  • Terms and Conditions field is now configurable and easier to use.


  • Now you can add special characters in field labels
  • Bug fixes


  • Added default value option for text fields
  • Usability fixes


  • Added timezone field type


  • Added country list field type


  • Made it easier to add forms from WordPress default top menu by clicking the New link.
  • Made Paragraph a Text Area field for adding multiple lines of text.
  • Bug fixes


  • Made left menu link to the plugin more accessible


  • Added a new theme “Default”. Old theme renamed as “Classic”. Default theme now picks form elements from active site template for a more uniformed look. Theme settings can be accessed from settings link.
  • Fixed a bug with recaptcha


  • Global Settings are now easier to access


  • GUI Improvements
  • Email notification issues fixed
  • Some CSS issues fixed
  • Pagination bug fixed
  • Added IP capture and browser capture option in global settings
  • Added quick link to view geo location of the IP captured
  • Added View button submission manager


  • Added From Email feature
  • Bug fixes related to notifications
  • File Addon support added


  • UI Improvements


  • Bug Fixes
  • Added Banner


  • First Release
  • Added Custom Fields

Is there a limit to the number of forms I can create?

No, there is no limit. You can create as many forms as you like.

How can I show forms on my website or blog?

Just copy the short-code for a form on it’s card in forms manager and paste it inside the page or post you want to show the form on.

How can I add custom fields to my form?

Click “Fields” button on a form card to go to fields manager for that form. Here you can add, edit and sort the fields.

Where can I access form submissions?

Either click the number counter on a form’s card or go to “Custom Registration Form -> Submission” on the left menu.

Can I set autoresponder for a form?

Yes, you can set autoresponder for a form by clicking “Edit” button on a form card and turning the autoresponder toggle on. 2 New fields will appear below it to set Subject and Message.

Can I rearrange fields in my forms?

Yes, you can change field order of custom fields by drag and drop method in dashboard

= How can I inset a form within the content? Please update to version 1.4.2. It fixes an old bug that always moved the form above the content.


Requires WordPress version: 3.5 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 13 Feb 2017

Date Added: 17 Dec 2014

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