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Custom Field Suite

A custom fields management UI

Custom Field Suite (CFS) is a visual custom fields management plugin.

CFS includes over 12 field types, include text, date, wysiwyg, file upload, relationship, user, and loop (repeatable fields). With CFS, creating and managing custom fields is easy, thanks to our clean and intuitive admin UI.

It also features an elegant, lightweight API for loading (and saving) field values.

Setting it up

  • Browse to the "Field Groups" admin menu
  • Create a Field Group, containing one or more custom fields
  • Choose where the Field Group should appear, using Placement Rules (see screenshots)
  • Use the get method in your template files to display custom fields

This plugin is a free, lightweight alternative to Advanced Custom Fields.

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  • Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) - thanks to Felipe Elia
  • Catalan (ca) - thanks to Luis Bordas
  • Chinese (zh_CN) - thanks to iblackly
  • Dutch (nl_NL) - thanks to wverhoogt
  • French (fr_FR) - thanks to Jean-Christophe Brebion
  • German (de_DE) - thanks to David Decker
  • Italian (it_IT)
  • Japanese (ja) - thanks to Karin Suzakura
  • Persian (fa_IR) - thanks to Vahid Masoomi
  • Polish (pl_PL) - thanks to Digital Factory
  • Russian (ru_RU) - thanks to Glebcha
  • Spanish (es_ES) - thanks to Andrew Kurtis
  • Turkish (tr_TR) - thanks to Ertuğrul
Author Matt Gibbs
Contributors mgibbs189
Tags custom fields, fields, forms, meta, metabox, postmeta, relationship, repeater, upload, wysiwyg
  1. custom-field-suite screenshot 1

    A custom field group with field nesting (loop field)

  2. custom-field-suite screenshot 2

    Clicking on a field name expands the box to show options

  3. custom-field-suite screenshot 3

    Placement Rules determine where field groups appear

  4. custom-field-suite screenshot 4

    The Tools area for migrating field groups

  1. Download and activate the plugin.
  2. Browse to the Field Groups menu to configure.


  • New: "Page Hierarchy" placement rule
  • New: Term field type
  • Improved: smarter field name generation (supports accent characters)
  • Fix: graceful error handling for fields with unrecognized field types


  • New: ability to insert loop rows inline (props @chrisvanpatten)
  • New: Brazilian Portuguese translations (props Felipe Elia)
  • Fix: colliding text when field names are excessively long
  • Updated documentation URLs

  • Tested against WP 4.6


  • Improved: loop field accessibility improvements (props @chrisvanpatten)
  • Improved: set default value for Color fields
  • Fix: "Hide the content editor" box (props @jchristopher)
  • Fix: do not save custom fields during Preview
  • Fix: set minimum select2 character limit to 2
  • Fix: ensure that post exists in get_field method


  • Tested against WP 4.5
  • Select field type now supports Select2 (props @chrisvanpatten)
  • True / false fields use basic HTML elements (props @chrisvanpatten)
  • Added Hungarian translation (props @ersoma)
  • Upgraded to Select2 3.5.4
  • Minor UX tweaks


  • New: cfs_form_before_fields filter
  • New: cfs_form_after_fields filter
  • Fix: allow tabs in separate field groups to be active simultaneously


  • Fix: issues with Loop field "dynamic label" functionality
  • Changed: "Field Groups" menu moved below "Settings" in the admin UI


  • New: support for dynamic Loop labels from select field values (props @superbiche)
  • Fix: PHP notice for "Placement" column


  • Fix: issue with $cfs variable


  • New: find_fields API method
  • New: CFS()->field_group->load_field_groups() method
  • New: Turkish transation (props Ertuğrul)
  • New: Chinese translation (props iblackly)
  • Improved: documentation overhaul
  • Improved: major code cleanup and refactoring
  • Improved: efficiency improvements for internal API methods
  • Improved: removed deprecated (< 3.5) code from File field type
  • Improved: show post titles instead of IDs for "Placement" admin column
  • Improved: now using a built-in WP dashicon
  • Changed: removed buggy Gravity Forms integration
  • Changed: removed cfs_relationship_post_types filter (use cfs_field_relationship_query_args instead)
  • Changed: removed add-ons screen (for now)
  • Changed: toggle icon for loop fields
  • Fix: field validation for loop sub-fields
  • Fix: CFS()->save gracefully handles missing fields (no errors)
  • Fix: wysiwyg fields would break when dragged
  • Fix: Remove non-existing post IDs from "Posts" placement rule
  • Updated translations


  • Fix: WP 4.3 wp_richedit_pre deprecated notice (props @jchristopher)
  • Fix: MySQL error when field IDs is empty (props @hubeRsen)
  • Fix: CFS no longer forces editor into "Visual" mode
  • Bumped minimum version to WP 4.0


  • Added Catalan translation (props Luis Bordas)
  • Updated translations


  • Prevent hyperlink field with target="none" from opening new tab (props @jchristopher)
  • Enable media filtering of file fields (props @camiloclc)
  • Updated jQuery minicolors to fix deselect issue
  • Updated translations (props @jcbrebion)


  • New CFS logo (props @chrisvanpatten)
  • Added composer.json file


  • Security fix: ensure that only admins can import field groups (props James Golovich)


  • Added Hyperlink field type (previously an add-on)
  • Added Revision support, just use DEFINE( 'CFS_REVISIONS', true );
  • Added license.txt (props @chrisvanpatten)
Version 2.5.8

Requires WordPress version: 4.2 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 24 Jan 2017

Date Added: 01 Oct 2011

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116 ratings


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