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Currency Converter

Currency Converter for any currency in the world. Allows selection of colors, size, layout, default currencies and values.

Currency calculator, converts amounts between currencies. Size, color, and layout can be customized.

  • Choose default currencies for the calculator
  • Choice of over 200 currencies
  • Choice of display formats, adjustable width and header colors
  • Calculation is instant. The widget is preloaded with exchange rates so response is instant.
Author enclick
Contributors enclick
Tags bitcoin, currency calculator, currency conversion, currency converter, foreign exchange conversion, fx rate converter
  1. currency-converter screenshot 1

    Generic currency calculator - vertical layout

  2. currency-converter screenshot 2

    Generic currency calculator - horizontal layout and green colour selection

  3. currency-converter screenshot 3

    GB Sterling Pound currency calculator - vertical layout and blue colour selection

  4. currency-converter screenshot 4

    Generic currency calculator - compact vertical layout and gold colour selection

  5. currency-converter screenshot 5

    US Dollar currency calculator - horizontal layout and gold colour selection

  6. currency-converter screenshot 6

    Admin panel

  7. currency-converter screenshot 7

    US Dollar currency calculator - horizontal layout and dark blue colour selection

  1. Download the zip file and extract the contents,
  2. Upload the folder currency-conversion to your WP plugin folder /wp-content/plugins/ directory,
  3. Go to Plugins > Plugins, and activate the plugin,
  4. Go to Appearance > Widgets, and drag the widget to a sidebar,
  5. Select your currency, and the size and other currency options
  6. Please email us any problems to widgets at, we appreciate the help in improving the plugin
  7. If you find the widget useful, please take the time to rate our plugin. Thank you.


  • Removed PHP 4 style constructor. Bug in WP_DEBUG enabled only.


  • Upgraded currency list & resources. Now includes crypto currencies like bitcoin and ethereum


  • Upgrade for https


  • In detail compliance with Wordpress Plugin Guidelines
  • Flag images are now included in the plugin
  • Plugin makes one call to an external site for real time exchange rate data


  • Released 23/06/2011
  • Corrections to html and css that affected alignment and title of plugin


  • Released 11/06/2011
  • Upgraded internal programming to allow multiple widgets on sidebar, for improved admin panel response, and compatibility with Wordpress in the future


  • Released 11/08/2010
  • Upgraded Converter Design
  • Added design options; choose width, colors, default value and so on


  • Released 25/02/2010
  • First release provides two types of calculators

How frequently are the values updated?

The table values are updated once a day GMT from central bank and financial institution sources.

Can I paste multiple converters, for different currencies?

Version 2.1 onwards allows multiple currency converters on the same sidebar.

Why are the prices always favorable?

The conversion uses a single price value, the mid-price between buy and sell side in the interbank market for the currency in question. The mid-price, by definition, is more competitive than the buy price and sell price for selling and buying respectively.

Can I paste the currency converter into a post ?

Yes, javascript code is available directly from You have to paste the javascript into the post in HTML mode.

Is there support ?

Yes, further support is available at and


Email any problems or suggestions to widgets at

Version 2.3.1

Requires WordPress version: 2.8 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 07 Feb 2017

Date Added: 23 Feb 2010

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