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Crusader Security

A must have all around security plugin for your website.

Bleeding edge technology combined with our security expertise has brought one of a kind security suite for your WordPress website that nullifies all threats with ease.

  • Prevent exploitation by filtering out all incoming requests
  • Easily block out unwanted visitors with our Firewall
  • Protect yourself against Spam and Brute Force attacks

An amazing collection of security tools inside of one WordPress plugin will keep your website safe from the online dangers.

Author n-finity Software (
Contributors nfinity
Tags antivirus, protection, security
  1. crusader-security screenshot 1

    Login Guard

  2. crusader-security screenshot 2

    Two Factor Authentication

  3. crusader-security screenshot 3

    Tweak Settings

  4. crusader-security screenshot 4

    Anti-Exploit Module

  5. crusader-security screenshot 5

    Exploit Scanner

  6. crusader-security screenshot 6

    Live Traffic Monitor

  7. crusader-security screenshot 7

    IP Blocking

  8. crusader-security screenshot 8

    Country Blocking

  9. crusader-security screenshot 9

    Crawler Blocking

  • Go to your WordPress website
  • At plugins, Add a New plugin and select a zip file of Crusader Security (or FTP the extracted zip file into /wp-content/plugins/)
  • Activate the plugin


  • Initial release.

What should I do when I activate Crusader Security?

First, you would start with configuring your reCaptcha and turning it on to harden your login security. After that is done, you might want to head over to Anti-Exploit module and turn on the features that you like.

Am I going to be 100% protected from all threats?

While Crusader provides a huge bonus to your website's security, we cannot guarantee that you will be safe from all threats. It's simply not possible to predict every method hackers use these days.

Can I use Crusader locally?

Yes, our plugin works totally fine on your local machines.

Version 1.0.0

Requires WordPress version: 4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 12 Feb 2017

Date Added: 12 Feb 2017

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