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"Crop Thumbnails" made it easy to get exacly that specific image-detail you want to show in your featured image or gallery image.

The plugin enhance functionality to crop your automatic cropped images individuell and simple. It add buttons to the edit-pages and media-dialog to access a crop-editor. In the crop-editor you can choose one or more (if they have the same ratio) imagesizes and cut-off the part of the image you want.

Further Features

  • It is possible to filter the list of available image-sizes (in dependency to post-types) in the settings (Settings > Crop-Thumbnails).
  • You could provide your users a custom style for the Editor-Window (see F.A.Q.).
Author Volkmar Kantor
Contributors volkmar-kantor
Tags images, media library, post thumbnails
  1. crop-thumbnails screenshot 1

    You have access to the crop-editor on post / page / custom-post-types.

  2. crop-thumbnails screenshot 2

    All images attached to this post, will shown in a overlay. You have to choose the one you want to crop.

  3. crop-thumbnails screenshot 3

    Choose one or more images (with the same ratio).

  4. crop-thumbnails screenshot 4

    The crop-editor is also integrated in the media library.

  5. crop-thumbnails screenshot 5

    Choose what image-sizes should be hidden (for what post-types), for better usability.

  6. crop-thumbnails screenshot 6

    Quicktest on settings-page, to check if your system is correct setup.

You can use the built in installer and upgrader, or you can install the plugin manually.

  1. You can either use the automatic plugin installer or your FTP program to upload it to your wp-content/plugins directory the top-level folder. Don't just upload all the php files and put them in /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Configure any settings from "Settings > Crop-Thumbnails".
  4. Use it.


  • add italian translation (thanks to akteon18)


  • bugfix: hide disabled image-sizes in the crop-editor again


  • bugfix: Checks if the current page have a featured image box in the first place


  • bugfix: click on the button in the featured image box (WP 4.6 and above)
  • button in featured image box is no longer visible if no image is choosed
  • minor style improvements


  • change empty-array-definition to be compatible with old PHP-Versions (prior 5.4)


  • fix a behaviour where the 'image_size_names_choose'-filter could remove image-sizes from the settings page
  • add a seperate filter 'crop_thumbnails_image_sizes' to remove/adjust image-sizes used by the plugin (use carefully)
  • use DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR in the save-function
  • add a quicktest to the settings screen


  • improve the bugfix of 0.10.5 (sorry for that)


  • bugfix: proper handling of non latin characters in filenames


  • i18n of the button in the image-media-view changed
  • add 'medium_large' size to (intern) default-sizes (fix notice)
  • add action-hook 'crop_thumbnails_after_save_new_thumb' after save the new thumbnail
  • add filter-hook 'crop_thumbnails_before_update_metadata' before update metadata
  • add filter-hook 'crop_thumbnails_editor_jsonDataValues' in the editor, to adjust dataValues
  • add filter-hook 'crop_thumbnails_editor_printratio' in the editor (see F.A.Q. for details of usage)


  • small language adjustments


  • make the modal-dialog more robust against css-overriding of other plugins



  • refactoring some parts of the code to make it more modular
  • adding a cache breaker to the backend, so in post-view and mediathek the image should be refreshed after the modal-dialog closes
  • provide a javascript-event ('cropThumbnailModalClosed') after the modal is closed (see F.A.Q. for details)
  • provide the human-readable Name of the Crop-Size (if available), using the "image_size_names_choose" filter
  • provide some size settings for the modal-dialog - via filter "crop_thumbnails_modal_window_settings"
  • mini language update


  • add crop-thumbnail-button to the default attachement-screens so i could accessed better
  • change modal-dialog from thickbox to ui-dialog
  • fix the missing crop-thumbnail-button in the attachment-list-view





  • fix warning: when settings are saved


  • change Constant from CPT_LANG to CROP_THUMBS_LANG
  • change Constant from CPT_VERSION to CROP_THUMBS_VERSION
  • bug fix: wrong calculated scale in the cpt-crop.js (selection will again always fill the maximum space)
  • change behavior: on landscape-ratio-images the selection will be initial in the middle of the image (portrait-ratio-images stay the same - i asume that portrait-ratio images are mostly portraits)
  • add current jcrop (version v0.9.12) directly into the plugin to get rid of the subversion of cpt-crop.js for an prior version of jcrop in wordpress 3.4
  • add settings-option to display debug (js and/or data)
  • handle image-sizes with zero width or height
  • fix notices: not set variables
  • fix warnings: if an image-size is zero


  • bug fix: change the way the link in the featured Image-Box is set
  • languages: some adjustments


  • add language: brazilian portuguese (pt_br)
  • bug fix: fixes for the upcoming Wordpress 3.5
  • bug fix: in crop editor, if an original image is larger than a single selected image-size, the predefined selection will now be on maximum possible size
  • bug fix: ensure that other plugins can´t add styles and scripts into the crop-thumbnail-iframe


  • workflow-enhancement: change the way the plugin handled same image-ratios (faster editing and less warnings)
  • the image-size with the biggest dimensions now is used for the min-boundaries (jcrop)
  • if the min-boundaries (jcrop) are bigger than original image the min-boundaries turned off


  • add a settings link in the plugin-listing
  • add a support-author area in the settings
  • update language files
  • Fix the readme-file for correct display informations on
  • add screenshots for
  • add license.txt


  • Initial Version

How do i add custom image sizes?

The plugin do not add additional image sizes, it only make it possible to edit the crop area. You can add image sizes with normal wordpress functions (see:

Simply add the code to the functions.php of your theme, i.e.:

add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'my_adjust_image_sizes' );
function my_adjust_image_sizes() {
    //add an cropped image-size with 800 x 250 Pixels
    add_image_size( 'my-custom-image-size', 800, 250, true );

After you add the image-size any futher image uploads will produce a cropped image "my-custom-image-size" which you can use in post-loop:

if ( has_post_thumbnail() ) { 
    the_post_thumbnail( 'my-custom-image-size' ); 

What internal rules use the plugin for cropping?

  • The plugin will only crop image-sizes where crop is set to "true" (hard crop mode - see:
  • If you had set one of image dimension in add_image_size to "0" or "9999" (an set crop to true) the plugin will crop it in the ratio of the original image.
  • You are able to crop all images with the same ratio at once (default) or and any imagesize (and ratio) seperate.

I have cropped the image but the old one is used on the page.

If you had viewed your image on the site before, your browser has cached the image. Go tell them to reload the fresh image from the server by hitting "F5".

Is it possible to crop an non-cropped image-size?

No. The purpose of this plugin is to provide control for the wordpress automatic crop. If you want to crop let's say the full-size image you should

  • a) upload it in a better format in the first place
  • OR b) use the Standard Wordpress-Image editor to crop the image.

Is it possible to adjust the css-style of the crop-thumbnail window?

Yes, for a simple test, copy the css/cpt-window.css file into your template_directory and make some change. Then add this code into the functions.php of your template.

function myCustomStyle($content) {
    $content = get_bloginfo('template_directory').'/cpt-window.css';
    return $content;

I have two image-sizes that have nearly the same ratio. I want to make use of the feature "Crop all images with same ratio at once", but cause the ratios are slightly different they wont be selected together.

You can add the following filter in the functions.php of your theme to adjust the ratio of one or more specified image-sizes. CAUTION: use only when the ratios are really close.

add_filter( 'crop_thumbnails_editor_printratio', 'my_crop_thumbnails_editor_printratio', 10, 2);
function my_crop_thumbnails_editor_printratio( $printRatio, $imageSizeName) {
    if($imageSizeName === 'strange-image-ratio') {
        $printRatio = '4:3';//do override ratio
    return $printRatio;

Can i make the modal-dialog fullscreen?

Yes, i added a filter with some settings for the modal-dialog, so you can adjust the size:

function crop_thumbnails_modal_window_settings_override($param) {
    $param['limitToWidth'] = false; //You may set a number, then thats the maximum width the modal can be. On small screens it will be smaller (see offsets). Set to FALSE if you want no limit.
    $param['maxWidthOffset'] = 0; //window-width minus "width_offset" equals modal-width
    $param['maxHeightOffset'] = 0; //window-width minus "height_offset" equals modal-height
    return $param;

I have show the cropped image in the backend in an custom meta-box. It does not update after the modal-dialog closed. Is there a way to fix this

Yeah, there is a way. After the crop-thumbnails-modal closed it triggeres a javascript event on the body element. You could use jQuery to cache-break your cropped thumbnail (in backend-view). The event called "cropThumbnailModalClosed". The plugin also provides a global function that could be called (only in post-edit-view and mediathek) to do the cache-break. Example-Code:

$('body').on('cropThumbnailModalClosed',function() {
    CROP_THUMBNAILS_DO_CACHE_BREAK( $('.your-image-selector') );

What languages are supported?

  • English
  • German (de_DE)
  • brazilian portuguese (pt_BR) - thanks to Alex Meusburger
  • Ukrainian (uk) - thanks to Jurko Chervony from
  • Italian (it) - thanks to akteon18

I want to contribute code.

Fantastic, i published the code on github: But be warned, i am carefully evaluate new features.

If you fork and planning to publish the forked plugin, please contact me.

Version 0.10.12

Requires WordPress version: 4.6 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 23 Dec 2016

Date Added: 15 Nov 2012

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