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Display Posts Grid, List Without Coding - Content Views

Display recent or any posts by category, tag, author, ID in responsive grid, list layout easier than ever.

Content Views helps you to display latest posts on any page, and more:

  • display posts by category, tag, author, ID, keyword, status
  • display pages by author, ID, keyword, status
  • display children of a parent page
  • sort posts by title, date, ID
  • display any post data: featured image, title, full content or excerpt, meta fields (date, author, category, tag, comment count)
  • display featured image in any size (thumbnail, medium, large, full...)
  • limit number of posts to display
  • enable/disable pagination (ajax, non-ajax)
  • custom actions, filters hook for developers

It provides you a friendly form to filter & display posts quickly, in 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1 : Filter any posts (by ID, category, tag, author, keyword, status)
  • Step 2 : Select layout (grid, scrollable list, collapsible list) to display your posts. You can choose to display any post data (title, featured image, full content or excerpt, meta fields)
  • Step 3 : Paste generated shortcode to anywhere you want (page content, text widget, theme template file...)

Premium features:

  • Most amazing layouts: Pinterest, Masonry, Facebook Timeline...
  • Unlimited output with drag & drop, custom font, unlimited color...
  • Replace layout of Category page, Blog page, Search result page, Archive page... by amazing layout
  • Support custom post type plugins: WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Events Manager...
  • Support custom field plugins: Advanced Custom Fields, Pods framework, Toolset Types...
  • Support membership plugins: Paid Memberships Pro, Members, Ultimate Member
  • Support translation plugins: WPML, Polylang, qTranslate
  • Filterable output by categories, tags... with cool animation
  • Nice animation on mouse over featured image
  • Ajax pagination: load more, infinite scroll
  • And much more...

Get Content Views Pro.

Author PT Guy
Contributors PTGuy
Tags author, categories, category, content, grid, page, pages, Post, posts, responsive, tag, thumbnail, title
  1. content-views-query-and-display-post-page screenshot 1

    Content Views plugin overview

  2. content-views-query-and-display-post-page screenshot 2

    Display Setting form to customize output of queried posts at front-end

  3. content-views-query-and-display-post-page screenshot 3

    Query and display in Grid layout (Show Title, Thumbnail)

  4. content-views-query-and-display-post-page screenshot 4

    Query and display in Grid layout (Show Title, Thumbnail, Content) with Pagination

  5. content-views-query-and-display-post-page screenshot 5

    Query and display in Collapsible layout

  6. content-views-query-and-display-post-page screenshot 6

    Query and display in Slider layout

Using The WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the 'Add New' in the plugins dashboard
  2. Search for 'Content Views'
  3. Click 'Install Now'
  4. Activate the plugin on the Plugin dashboard

Uploading in WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the 'Add New' in the plugins dashboard
  2. Navigate to the 'Upload' area
  3. Select from your computer
  4. Click 'Install Now'
  5. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Using FTP

  1. Download
  2. Extract the content-views-query-and-display-post-page directory to your computer
  3. Upload the content-views-query-and-display-post-page directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

1.9.5 - February 08 2017

  • Fix: In some cases, HTML output of excerpt is broken when allows HTML tags in excerpt
  • Improvement: More clear and simple label, text for some settings
  • Update: Remove <!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --> of Divi theme from excerpt
  • Update: Hide empty <p> tag from excerpt (which can add unnecessary blank space to content area)
  • Update: Add default font-style normal for link & button

1.9.4 - January 25 2016

  • New: Show link to add new View from Admin bar - January 21 2016

  • Fix: Correct output of Scrollable list in Tablet devices - January 11 2016

  • Update: simplify label of some settings in Add/Edit View page
  • Improvement: simplify code base and improve performance of Grid, Collapsible List
  • Improvement: some style adjustments for Scrollable List - December 27 2016

  • Update: Save temporary View data to WordPress transient if SESSION is not available
  • Improvement: Show all content of Collapsible list when printing

1.9.3 - November 22 2016

  • Improvement: Remove prefix "by", "in" (before taxonomy, author) to save translation effort
  • Improvement: More accurate, time-saving mechanism to remove raw shortcodes text of other plugins in post content
  • Fix: "View maybe not exist" error, caused by custom filter hook (which modifies post_type in WordPress query) of another plugin - November 05 2016

  • Tweak: Update message when something went wrong, show exact error in Preview panel
  • Tweak: Update description for keyword setting
  • Tweak: Introduce filter "pt_cv_link_html" to modify HTML output of title, thumbnail, read-more button

1.9.2 - October 24 2016

  • Revert force_balance_tags() for item HTML wrapper, to prevent broken output
  • Tweak: Remove unused functions
  • Tweak: Introduce filter "pt_cv_pagination_text" to customize pagination text

1.9.1 - October 10 2016

  • Fix: XSS security flaw (a big thank to Tristan Madani)
  • Tweak: Improve logic/coding in settings processing, view output functions
  • Tweak: Update some descriptions in View dashboard

1.9.0 - September 19 2016

  • Update: Make excerpt length works with languages which don't use spaces between words
  • Update: Validate session ID before using to prevent session hijacking

1.8.9 - August 19 2016

  • New: Add wrapper for Grid items, to facilitate adding custom style (background color, border, padding, margin)
  • Fix: W3C validator (duplicate ID "pt-cv-page-1")
  • Update: Remove text of [caption] shortcode from excerpt
  • Update: Clear view_count post meta & related functions
  • Tweak: Change sort by option "Created date" to "Published date"
  • Tweak: Remove filter "excerpt_clean_tags", add filter "tag_to_remove" to exclude content of any HTML tags from excerpt

1.8.8 - August 03 2016

  • New: Able to edit Read More text
  • Improvement: Minify and combine styles, scripts to save bandwidth and improve performance
  • Fix: Excerpt (of content was built with Page Builder by SiteOrigin plugin) is not updated
  • Fix: [Scrollable List] Indicators don't change active status
  • Update: [Collapsible List] Allow HTML tags (<b>, <br>, <code>, <em>, <i>, <img>, <big>, <small>, <span>, <strong>, <sub>, <sup>, <label>, <cite>) in heading

1.8.7 - July 25 2016

  • Fix: Broken View output when put View shortcode in Text element of Divi Builder plugin
  • Fix: Shortcode of another plugin is visible in Preview panel
  • Tweak: Add filter to show all collapsible items at page load

1.8.6 - June 27 2016

  • Fix: Conflict with Autoptimize plugin (when enabled forced JS in HEAD)
  • Fix: Incorrect number of words in excerpt when uses \xC2\xA0 or &nbsp; as space
  • Improvement: Able to resize Preview box
  • Tweak: Add filter hook to create custom output completely

1.8.5 - May 27 2016

  • New: Add setting to configure responsive output for Mobile, Tablet devices easily
  • Update: Hide all notices of other plugins in Add/Edit View page
  • Improvement: Faster performance with optimized core filter "item_col_class" - May 11 2016

  • Fix: [View dashboard] Term boxes under "Select taxonomy" panel are not shown after saving View

1.8.4 - May 09 2016

  • New: Add option to enable/disable "Open first item by default" for Collapsible List
  • Update: Leverage WordPress core translations (for "Read More", "No posts found." ...) to minimize user translation effort
  • Update: Update setting text in View dashboard to improve usability

1.8.3 - April 15 2016

  • New: [Collapsible list] Show first item by default
  • Fix: Blank excerpt when post content was made all by shortcodes
  • Fix: Little style issue of numeric text field in WordPress 4.5
  • Fix: Remove unwanted styles (uniform.aristo ...) of another plugin in View page (it caused setting options are overlapping each others)
  • Update: Uncheck "Show Author", "Show Comment" by default

1.8.2 - April 01 2016

  • Update: Remove default font-size 14 pixels for post content in View
  • Tweak: Show post id as data for item (facilitate to customize individual post style)
  • Tweak: Add some filters to customizing View elements by PHP code

1.8.1 - March 21 2016

  • Improvement: Equal column width in grid of 5,7,8,9,10,11 columns (in prior versions, last column was biggest)
  • Fix: Conflict with theme/plugin which uses Bootstrap library - March 12 2016

  • Update: Remove notice message (when there is Javascript errors in active theme/another plugin). It caused confusion. - March 02 2016

  • Tweak: Update Notice message at front-end (when Javascript error occurs) to avoid misunderstand - March 01 2016

  • Improvement: Detect Javascript errors (which can stop Content Views from working properly), show guide to try to solve it automatically
  • Improvement: Prevent error "Permission denied" by session_start() in some hostings
  • Improvement: Prevent conflicts with dropdown Menu in theme
  • Improvement: Clearer shortcode information in View edit page
  • Improvement: Add 2 clear notices in View dashboard about term, thumbnail
  • Improvement: Increase performance by optimizing styles, scripts
  • Improvement: Print friendly (remove plain text URL after each link in Print mode)
  • Update: Disable option "Don't load Bootstrap 3 style & script"

1.7.8 - February 06 2016

  • Improvement: [supports qTranslate-X plugin] Generate valid excerpt of post in current language
  • Fixed: Some bugs of pagination in special cases
  • Update: Drop support for "vpage" parameter in (Ajax) Numbered pagination to prevent ambiguous logic

1.7.7 - January 12 2016

  • Bug fixed: Content floats after View output
  • Tweak: Code relates to grid system
  • Tweak: Update filter "page_attr"

1.7.6 - January 11 2016

  • Update: Set Administrator (instead of Editor) as default user role who can add, edit, delete View
  • Update: Do not wrap items in output to rows anymore
  • Update: Disable sub View by default
  • Improvement: Better View dashboard (simplified text & description, improved styles & scripts, improved display in Tablet)
  • Improvement: Better performance by better solution


  • New feature: Able to disable feature "responsive image" of WordPress 4.4 to prevent blurry thumbnail
  • New feature: Able to disable 2-columns format in Mobile devices & extra small screens
  • Update: Better output when shows only Title of post
  • Update: Add filter to allow HTML tags in heading of Collapsible list
  • Update: Decrease margin of thumbnail
  • Tweak: Add some filter hooks


  • Bug fixed: "Session start" warning
  • Improvement: Rename & restructure Content Views menus in WordPress dashboard
  • Improvement: Remove/Update appended value (for example: 1 → 6) which can make misunderstand about limitation of some numerical settings


  • Bug fixed: Empty date caused by custom hook to WordPress "get_the_date" filter (of another plugin/active theme)
  • Bug fixed: Different output between preview and front-end when excludes some posts (caused by Paid Membership Pro plugin)
  • Improvement: Improve code for better performance
  • Tweak: Rename 'In list' to 'Include only' and update its description
  • Tweak: Replace "Leave a comment" by "0 Comment"


  • Improvement: Reduce processing time by optimizing conditional statements & functions
  • Bug fixed: "No post found" when one of selected terms is hierarchical and operator is AND
  • Bug fixed: Some style issues of pagination (caused by impact of style from active theme)
  • Tweak: Add more helpful descriptions about advanced features in Pro plugin


  • Bug fixed: Fix error in some one-page themes
  • Update: Add woff2 file of Bootstrap font
  • Improvement: Code cleanup & remove no more used filters
  • Tweak: Add some filter actions


  • Improvement: Completely avoid layout issues or style conflict with theme
  • Bug fixed: Collapsible layout does not animate smoothly
  • Improvement: Disable annoy scroll when select content type
  • Tweak: Update text, description of some settings
  • Tweak: Add filter 'post_types_taxonomies', 'view_executed', filter to hide output if No post found

  • Bug fixed: Solve problems with category/tag name in non-latin languages
  • Improvement: Use cleaner loading icon
  • Tweak: Add class for tag of thumbnail
  • Tweak: Add filter to load Content Views assets (styles, scripts) only in page which uses View
  • Tweak: Add filter to allow All HTML tags in excerpt

  • Tweak: Change text domain from "content-views" to "content-views-query-and-display-post-page" and update pot file (prepare for language packs at

  • Bug fixed: Trimming excerpt of non-latin languages cause broken characters

  • Bug fixed: Excerpt length


  • Improvement: More elegant UI for Fields settings
  • Improvement: Performance improvement by merging filers
  • Bug fixed: Slug of term on Non-Latin languages does not show correctly
  • Bug fixed: Fix Javascript error "Uncaught query function not defined for Select2 undefined"
  • Update: Add filter "terms_include_this" to exclude terms from meta-fields output
  • Update: CSS improvements


  • Bug fixed: Missing section in some one-page themes when put multiple View shortcodes to sections
  • Update: Revert filter "view_type_dir"
  • Tested up to: 4.3.1


  • Bug fixed: Layout of Scrollable List was broken if active theme uses classes of Bootstrap carousel
  • Bug fixed: Page is not activated when click on pagination button in Preview
  • Update: Little improvement on output of Collapsible List
  • Update: Add filter to modify date format
  • Update: Rename 'Regular pagination' to 'Numbered pagination'

  • Tested in WordPress 4.3
  • Update: Update Content Views icon
  • Update: Add new filter to customize current page of pagination
  • Update: Print debug message (if the debug mode is enable: PT_CV_DEBUG = true)

  • Bug fixed: Duplicate callback called after pagination finished
  • Tested in WordPress 4.2.4


  • Update: Big update to improve page performance


  • Bug fixed: Can't translate content

  • Improvement: Prevent negative value for some setting options


  • Bug fixed: Date of post is incorrect in some cases
  • Bug fixed: Dropdown menu is hidden

  • Bug fixed: Redirect to new View page when click "Save" button


  • Security: Fix XSS Vulnerability problem
  • Bug fixed: Plugin does not rendering anything sometimes
  • Bug fixed: Title is missing when move Bootstrap to top of all styles
  • Improvement: Optimize CSS properties


  • Update: Update translation function & re-generate .po file
  • Bug fixed: Call non-static function


  • Tested up to: 4.2.2
  • Bug fixed: Fix WordPress bug which can't get valid thumbnail if meta field "_thumbnail_id" is string value instead of integer value
  • Update: Add class for taxonomies in View output
  • Bug fixed: Multiple paginations don't work in same page
  • Update: Restructure plugin's core functions

  • Update: Show confirm message before close a View page to prevent missing changes
  • Tested up to: 4.2.1


  • Update: Some update styles for Scrollable, Collapsible layouts


  • Bug fixed: "undefined" Bootstrap stylesheet link
  • Update: Add some custom filters


  • Bug fixed: Multiple paginations on same page do not work
  • Bug fixed: Fix some UI bugs in Add/Edit View page


  • Bug fixed: "Invalid post type" error in "All Views" page
  • Update: Better responsive output of Scrollable List on Mobile
  • Update: Auto changes line-breaks in the excerpt into HTML paragraphs (if allows HTML tags in excerpt)
  • Tested up to: 4.1.1


  • Update: Supports qTranslate family plugins (qTranslate, mqTranslate, qTranslate-X)


  • Bug fixed: Scrollable list does not show navigation and indicator
  • Bug fixed: Prevent duplicated content caused by other plugins (translation plugins...)


  • Bug fixed: Javascript error in WordPress version 3.4
  • Improvement: Code & description clearance


  • New feature: Able to use Normal pagination (without Ajax)
  • Update: Add filter allows to customize labels for pagination


  • Update: Able to check/uncheck to allow HTML tags in excerpt (to preventing broken HTML output)


  • Bug fixed: Some code appears in excerpt


  • Improvement: Allow some HTML tags (a, br, strong, em, strike, i, ul, ol, li) in excerpt
  • Update: Exclude Views from front-end search results


  • Test up to 4.1
  • Improvement: Add shortcode column to All Views page
  • Improvement: Add some css properties to prevent style overwrite problem


  • Bug fixed: Length of excerpt is wrong if there is filter of other plugins or active theme
  • Improvement: GUI improvement in "Fields settings" group


  • Bug fixed: Scrollable list without image display blank output
  • Bug fixed: Position of pagination button is incorrect after pagination finished (in some case)
  • Improvement: Code refinement


  • Bug fixed: Style of Panel (.panel) is weird


  • Bug fixed: Excerpt show stranger character if content of post contains nothing but a url
  • Bug fixed: Height of thumbnail does not match the thumbnail size setting if current WordPress theme set CSS 'min-width' property for images


  • Bug fixed: Grid only shows 1 column
  • Improvement: Update description, styles, refine code


  • Bug fixed: Menu bar is disappeared


  • Bug fixed: Admin bar is hidden on pages which do not use View
  • Bug fixed: Fix warning message in Dashboard
  • Improvement: Don't auto expand width of items (follow 'Items per row' setting completely)


  • Improvement: A very new customized Bootstrap style
  • Bug fixed: script which hooks to wp_footer is not loaded

  • Bug fixed: Bootstrap style ruins theme layout


  • Bug fixed: Show more posts than Limit value in some cases when pagination is enable
  • Improvement: Customized Bootstrap style which only contains necessary properties
  • Update: Display inline assets of View right after HTML if possible
  • Update: Refine Javascript code for Preview/Front-end

  • Improvement: Clean up 'Read more' button code
  • Improvement: Remove unused code of Order setting


  • Bug fixed: Read more button is invisible (color is white and no background color)
  • Update: Able to set 0 as 'Excerpt length'


  • Bug fixed: Return 'Empty settings' message for pagination request


  • Update: Official refined Bootstrap version (bring here from Pro plugin)
  • Update: Apply "Open in" setting for "Read more" button, too
  • Bug fixed: Get wrong excerpt if content of post contains shortcode tags

  • Update: Add some new hook for customizing options

  • Bug fixed: Fix row style bug

  • Improvement: Update page title as "Edit View" in edit View page
  • Bug fixed: Fix some warnings in PHP 5.2

  • Test up to 4.0

  • Update: Fix some layout problems by influence of "box-sizing" property of Bootstrap
  • Improvement: Code improvement for Grid rendering

  • Update: Restructure Taxonomy filter (remove "Not In" list, add operator[In, Not in, And])

  • Bug fixed: Loosing translation (WPML) in Ajax pagination
  • Improvement: Performance optimization (when get settings of View)
  • Improvement: Update style if only Title is selected to display (to have a more beautiful list of Posts title)

  • Bug fixed: Thumbnail dimensions are empty
  • Improvement: CSS code refinement


  • Update: Important update about caching mechanism
  • Update: Update translation file

  • Refine Javascript code
  • Update description in Setting page

  • Update filter priority
  • Update plugin description


  • Bug fixed: Pagination returns Empty settings
  • Improvement: UI improvement (Add icon to tabs. Show shortcode in text field for easier selecting. )
  • Improvement: Assets loading improvement


  • Fix bug: Javascript error of missing function
  • Update description for some options
  • Update styles


  • Fix bug: does not save Layout format value when select '2 columns' option
  • Fix notice about constant value


  • Update translation feature: load translation file from /wp-content/languages/content-views/
  • Fix pagination bug


  • Fix warning: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent


  • Performance optimization for pagination request
  • Add translation file (.po)


  • Fix pagination bug if number of pages > 10
  • Fix bug of Preview button: click event fires twice
  • Enable other user roles (Editor, Author, Contributor) to see Content Views menu and manage Views


  • Remove shortcodes in excerpt
  • Fix Scroll bug when click Show/Hide preview
  • Update Pagination setting
  • Optimize filters system
  • Compatibility update


  • Fix bug auto selected terms which its value is number in Taxonomy settings box


  • Fix pagination bug (return 0)


  • Fix pagination bug when don't load Bootstrap in front-end


  • Add option to Settings page to enable/disable load Bootstrap in front-end
  • Enable to search by View ID in "All Views" page
  • Fix bug Scrollable List (when slide count = 1)
  • Update settings page
  • Add some custom filters


  • Fix offset bug


  • Fix pagination bug


  • Add "Parent page" option to query child pages of a parent page
  • Show shortcode [pt_view id="VIEW_ID"] to able to copy in editing page of a View
  • Add link to Thumbnail
  • Update Settings page
  • Fix import/export bugs
  • Classify "Add New View" vs "Edit View"


  • Add some WP filters
  • Add main action for Pro plugin to trigger


  • Adjust styles


  • Initial release

How to start?

In WordPress Admin menu, click Content Views > Add New

What is 'View'?

'View' is a custom post type which Content Views plugin stores all settings to filter & display your posts

How many Views I can create?

You can create Unlimited Views, in Unlimited websites

How to edit a View?

In WordPress Admin menu, click Content Views. Paste View ID or title to text field beside "Search Views" button, then click the button to search. Click on Title of View you want to edit. You will be forwarded to View page.

How to use View on my home page?

If you are using a static page as home page, you should paste shortcode [pt_view id="VIEW_ID"] to editor of that page. If you are using "Your latest posts" as home page, you should paste this code <?php echo do_shortcode("[pt_view id=VIEW_ID]"); ?> to a theme file: front-page.php or home.php or index.php.

Version 1.9.5

Requires WordPress version: 3.3 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 08 Feb 2017

Date Added: 28 May 2014

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185 ratings


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