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Contact Form by Supsystic

Contact Form Builder with drag-and-drop editor to create responsive, mobile ready contact forms in a second. Custom fields and contact form templates

Simple and powerful Contact Form Builder by Supsystic with drag-and-drop editor. No coding knowledge is required. Main Contact Form plugin features are:

Contact Form by Supsystic is an ultimate form builder WordPress plugin that lets you to create contact forms in seconds with ease. Build beautiful custom forms and manage submissions the WordPress way. View live previews of your forms while you build them. Capture more business opportunities on your website and get real time mobile notifications for new leads. Drag and Drop Contact Form Builder was made to create responsive, mobile ready contact forms in a second. Custom fields and contact form templates exists in our versoin. Simple and powerful Contact Form Builder by Supsystic with Drag-and-Drop editor does not require coding knowledges.

Google reCaptcha

Every site admin and owner want to become better and be sure in quality of site life, statistics and income. Thus to avoid mistakes in Contact Form filling reCaptcha field was installed in the latest version of Contact Form. Use reCaptcha feature in Contact Form to grow percentage of real users of your site contacts.

Conditional Logic

A really useful new feature for those who get accustomed to gain more. Condition Logic brings new variants of Contact form applications. Just imagine, how it will be easy to order a cup of coffee with your favorite pie online in 30 seconds! Or Book Hotel correctly with Contact Form even if you hurry. Or Redirect user to his/her country site of your Huge International Corporation with Condition Logic of Contact Form. Uncountable abilities appears in front of your eyes with new Conditional Logic modification of Contact Form.

Embed Popup Forms

Don’t wanna your Contact Form take place on your site? Use Supsystic team implementation of Contact Form into Popup by Supsystic! Thus your can attract fresh site visiters to your Subscribers lists or just collecting emails more actively by Popup addition of Contact Form.

Contact Form Plugin Support

If you have any problem or feature request for the Contact Form by Supsystic, please let us know!

Translations in Your Language Contact Form Plugin

You have an incredible opportunity to get PRO version of the for free. Just Make Translation of the Contact Form by Supsystic plugin! It will be amazing if you take advantage of this offer!

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    Contact Form examples

  2. contact-form-by-supsystic screenshot 2

    Contact Form admin interface

  3. contact-form-by-supsystic screenshot 3

    Survey / Quiz Form

  1. Download Contact Form plugin
  2. Unarchive
  3. Copy the folder with Contact Form by Supsystic plugin
  4. Open ftp \wp-content\plugins\
  5. Paste the contact-form-by-supsystic plugin folder in the folder
  6. Go to admin panel => open item "Plugins" => activate Contact Form Builder by Supsystic

= 1.1.11 / 12.01.2017 * Small fix for Opacity Grey and Spearmint Contact Form Templates * Fix PHP7-compatibility * Fixed issue with exporting data to CSV with checkboxes or multiple lists * Minor improvements

1.1.10 / 19.12.2016

  • Fix colorfield height
  • Aweber subscription fix
  • Admin area core code improvements
  • Core code improvements and refactor

1.1.9 / 07.12.2016

  • Label Delimiter Field parameter for field types Selectbox, Selectlist, Radiobuttons List, Checkbox List, Country List
  • Correct work with Cache plugins
  • Fix form DatePicker background transparency
  • Fix form elements, when they display as "in column"
  • Fix form templates "Ho Ho Ho" and "Merry Christmas"

1.1.8 / 01.12.2016

  • Possibility to set Field value as Page URL and / or Page Title
  • Added new Template "Ho Ho Ho"
  • Added new Template "Merry Christmas"!
  • Fix small issue with Adding new fields after prev. field Edit screen was closed not by Cancel button
  • Make Checkbox / Radiobuttons lists look like more pretty
  • Frontend Core code improvements
  • Minor admin area design improvements

1.1.7 / 23.11.2016

  • Added CSV Delimiter option to Contacts Export functionality
  • Remove some unused form data from frontend - make it more lighter
  • Form sent message color option added
  • Hide form after submit option added
  • Fixed fields validation - Min and Max - for not numeric and date formats
  • Conditional Logic - added Redirect after Submit functionality
  • Minor admin area design improvements
  • Framework code improvements
  • Conditional Logic - small admin area design fix
  • Do not create separate HTML wrappers for hidden fields
  • Fix Labels displaying for Checkbox / Radiobuttons Lists
  • Contact Form Widget - do not show AB Test Forms in list for widget selection
  • Language pack updated

1.1.6 / 16.11.2016

  • SG Autorepondeur API updated
  • Added missing languages in Conditional Logic Language selects
  • Language files updated
  • Minor issues fixes and improvements

1.1.5 / 06.11.2016

  • Conditional Logic integration
  • Fix issue with overriding Fields and Submit form data when changing form template
  • Small spelling issues fix
  • Additional custom themes styles compatibility added
  • Campaign Monitor module - added compatibility with other plugins, that uses same library
  • Fixed Unique views and Conversion count for Forms
  • Code improvements and minor issues fix

1.1.4 / 27.09.2016

  • Integration with Google Maps Easy by Supsystic plugin
  • Fixed issue with form disappear after recognizing fields error on server side
  • Admin area Forms Listing design improvements
  • Added Featured plugins page for admin area
  • Remove unused (for now) column "Active" in admin forms list
  • Code review and improvements

1.1.3 / 07.09.2016

  • Fix issue with 2 or more reCaptcha fields on one page
  • Added additional description tutorial links for Google reCaptcha fields integration
  • Added nonces for saving from admin area - CSRF fix

1.1.2 / 24.08.2016

  • Minor styles conflict with other plugins fix
  • Contact Form Templates minor fixes - to make it compatible with more WordPress custom themes
  • Possibility to create Preset for fields values - PRO
  • Make frontend bootstrap classes influence only for our forms

1.1.1 / 04.08.2016

1.1.0 / 28.07.2016

  • Fix test email sending functionality
  • Fix small javascript error in console on admin area preview when File Upload field added
  • Minor admin area and design improvements

1.0.9 / 24.07.2016

  • Hot fix of Fields menu appearance in admin area

1.0.8 / 21.07.2016

  • Additional email fields type validation - from WordPress Core
  • Right-to-left format in emails for right-to-left language sites
  • Fix issue with HTML symbols (like "<") in Select, radiobuttons lists fields types
  • Make Files Upload button look like usual button in all Contact Form themes
  • If Send Form Success message appear outside of user vision - scroll to it
  • Correct integration with PopUp plugin
  • ReCaptcha update if form was not visible on page when page was loaded
  • Save Test Form email in Form options
  • Added "From" email parameter to Submit Form options
  • Added possibility to disable Labels in send Emails
  • Fixed conflict with other plugins/themes using Modernizr library - now it will work even for cases, when library was overwrite by other library usage
  • Update languages files
  • Small admin area design improvements

    1.0.7 / 23.06.2016

  • New Field type - HTML / Text Delimiter - to create text / html entries right into your form! Enjoy!
  • Added new Contact Form themes: Opacity Grey, Simple White, Spearmint, Support Service, Time for tea
  • New Field type - Subscribe Checkbox: if checked - user will be subscribed too - PRO
  • Fixed issue with sorting Fields by drag-and-drop from Left to Right
  • Fixed issue for Subscription to WordPress message if confirmation is disabled
  • Possibility to set any variable from entered user data - in any place of any field in Submit field options.
  • Possibility to set custom Fields Invalid message
  • Small code review

    1.0.6 / 07.06.2016

  • ReCaptcha Field added
  • Upload Files field type added - PRO
  • Reply To email parameter added
  • Fix radiobutton and checkox sending values
  • Reduce final form size for frontend - make it work faster, with less memory usage
  • Make background preview images - smaller, to not break admin area design
  • If usual added new Field - then place it right before Submit button
  • Save Form data after click on Preview button in admin area
  • Minor issues fixed for DEBUG mode in WordPress

    1.0.5 / 01.06.2016

  • Minor issues fix and code improvements
  • Access module added - PRO
  • Subscriptions to more then 15 Subscribe Services integrated - PRO
  • Code review
  • Minor spelling issue fix
  • Admin area - Backgrounds names
  • Fix conflict when several forms is at one page

    1.0.4 / 26.05.2016

  • Fix issue with text fields Labels output
  • Added translation files
  • Moved basic form submit statistics - to server side: reduce number of ajax requests - to 1

    1.0.3 / 23.05.2016

  • New Form Theme - "Intransigent"
  • Added new code possibilities for customizing Fields in Form
  • Fields editor - possibility to set min and max values for Fields
  • Fields editor - possibility to set validation patterns for Fields
  • Fields editor - possibility to set placeholder separately from label
  • New Forms template added - "Neon"
  • Fix for cases, when there are no base64 functions on server
  • Admin area designs improvements
  • AB Split Testing integration - PRO
  • Fields editor - added fields parameters for HTML classes, styles, and possibility to set any other additional attributes
  • Added "Test Email Functionality" - to be able check your current server email functions work
  • New Field types - Number, Date, Month, Week, Time, Color, Range, URL - all browsers supported!
  • Minor issues fix

    1.0.2 / 18.05.2016

  • Saving all contacts data
  • Possibility to export contacts data - into CSV file
  • Validate form data before save in admin area - to make sure that any important thing was missed
  • Contact Form Widget
  • Correct "Cc" header in emails compiling
  • Added Placeholder as attribute for Form Fields
  • Small code review and corrections

    1.0.1 / 13.05.2016

    • Release on

Can I add more fields or change fields in the Contact Form?

Yes, of course. The Contact Form by Supsystic allows you to add as much fields in the contact form as you need and have several types of them. E.g. * Text – there you can create fields like Name or Subject, so any, where the user need to enter usual text in contact form * Email – a special form field fo emails only * Select Box and Select List – for any options you want to be chosen in the contact form * TextArea – where can be a free content of the contact form * Radiobutton/Radiobutton List – a multiple variants list with a circle type of contact form check mark * Checkbox/Checkbox List – a list of contact form options, where the user should confirm something or click the check mark * Country List/Country List Multiple – if you want your user to specify their country or several ones * Submit Button – by clicking it your user send you a contact form * Reset Button – if you want to give your user and ability to clear all the field by one click

Do you have any limitation in the number of forms, which can be filled in?

No, there is no such a number limit of contact form. You can receive as much cobtat forms as your customers fill in. Increase the level of your purchasing and be in touch with your customers.

Is the Contact Form accessible on the cell phones?

Yes, the Contact form is fully responsive and you can fill it from the frontend on any device: cell phone, tablet, laptop etc.

Does your Contact Form plugin provide any statistics?

For those, who are very attentive to their business we provide the statistics insert. See the number of filled forms in a day, month, year etc. In addition, you can export your statistics in CSV file and open it without internet. Contact Form submitted Failed, Submitted Success, Displayed etc. - each type of forms has own line of the graphic so that it would be easy for you to look through it and analyze your growth.

Other Notes

Contact Form WordPress plugin helps you easily to create contact forms with your customers, gather your own client data and make it maximum elegant, beautiful and quickly. Simple and flexible plugin with user-friendly interface and light theme. Eye-catching contact form design and minimalistic functional variety – everything for your comfort!

The Contact Form has its merits, as in

  • Immediate operation after activation, no need for adding fields, boxes and lists configurations or shortcoding
  • Wide range of settings to configure the optin plugin and make it work for an iternal number of clients.

How to create/edit your Contact form? * Install the plugin by downloading the archive from, uploading it into your site and activating it. * Navigate to the insert “Add New form” and choose the Design option (e.g. Background color, width etc), Fields – all the fields you need for a full info from your client (including different kinds of lists, emails, texts fields etc), Submit options – customize the messages your clients get, after submitting forms, links etc.

After all copy and paste the shortcode into your post or page and Contact Form will automatically creates on your page using the settings you chose above. Form the small line to a whole form in several seconds!

What are the benefits of Contact Form plugin by Supsystic?

Mostly the plugin is very light, easy and simple, which is appropriate almost for every site/online store/ WordPress gallery etc. Including these features at the same time, Contact form plugin produces maximum responsive products and looks cool on every device you need.

But the main benefit in comparing with other plugins is that you have full statistics about all the period using the plugin. Check how many forms were submitted, which were successful or failed on different very easy graphics. Bright colors and minimalistic design allow you to check it as quickly as possible and understand the picture of your growth in two seconds. In addition, you can export your graphics in CSV file and check it on your device without internet access. Clear all the data by one click if you want to start everything from the very beginning or change your form!

You are a professional in programming and IT? Want to use the knowledge and skills in CSS and HTML and see the result? Our plugin allows you to customize it with the help of codes! Change it, rewrite or sert into the code some other shortcodes. Only be sure what you are doing. But the Contact Form has a beautiful feature – Preview. Use this button before saving the changes you did.

Don’t forget that contact form plugin also offers options like: Load Assets in footer or change the User role, Enable Promo link and a lot of others. The contact form plugin was created by the Supsystic team for the maximum comfort and ease of our clients, for everybody who wants to keep in touch with their guests, be modern and have all the info in one place.

Using Contact Form plugin on your WordPress site you start a really responsive business with great analyzer. Contact form by Supsystic plugin is one of the best way to understand your growth, to analyze the target audience of your business, its location, average age, gender etc. The responsive business is better!

Version 1.1.11

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 12 Jan 2017

Date Added: 17 May 2016


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