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CMB2 is a metabox, custom fields, and forms library for WordPress that will blow your mind.

CMB2 is a developer's toolkit for building metaboxes, custom fields, and forms for WordPress that will blow your mind.

CMB2 is a complete rewrite of Custom Metaboxes and Fields for WordPress. To get started, please follow the examples in the included example-functions.php file and have a look at the basic usage instructions.

You can see a list of available field types here.


Development occurs on Github, and all contributions welcome. Please read the CONTRIBUTING doc for more details.

A complete list of all our awesome contributors found here:




  • CMB2 documentation can be found at the CMB2 wiki on github. Also, If you're into reading code and inline documentation, we tried to keep all functions and methods fully inline-documented.

3rd Party Resources

Custom Field Types Other Helpful Resources
  • WordPress Shortcode Button: Uses CMB2 fields to generate fields for shortcode input modals.
  • WDS-Simple-Page-Builder: Uses existing template parts in the currently-active theme to build a customized page with rearrangeable elements. Built with CMB2.
  • CMB2 Example Theme: Demonstrate how to include CMB2 in your theme, as well as some cool tips and tricks.
  • facetwp-cmb2: FacetWP integration with CMB2.
  • CMB2-grid from origgami: A grid system for WordPress CMB2 library that allows the creation of columns for a better layout in the admin.
  • CMB2 Metatabs Options from rogerlos: CMO makes it easy to create options pages with multiple metaboxes--and optional WordPress admin tabs.
  • CMB2 Conditionals from jcchavezs: Allows developers to relate fields so the display of one is conditional on the value of another.
  • CMB2 Metabox Code Generator from willthemoor: Skip the boring bits. Use this generator to create fully functional CMB2 metaboxes easily. Now with bulk entry!
  • Caldera Metaplate by CalderaWP: Not specific to CMB2, but allows creating templates for outputting your custom fields.


Pluginize was launched in 2016 by WebDevStudios to promote, support, and house all of their WordPress products. Pluginize is not only creating new products for WordPress all the time, like CPTUI Extended, but also provides ongoing support and development for WordPress community favorites like CPTUI and more.


Known Issues

  • Metabox containing WYSIWYG editor cannot be moved or used in a repeatable way at this time (this is a TinyMCE issue).
  • Not all fields work well in a repeatable group.
Author WebDevStudios
Contributors webdevstudios, jtsternberg, gregrickaby, tw2113, patrickgarman, JPry
Tags fields, forms, metaboxes, options, settings

If installing the plugin from

  1. Upload the entire /CMB2 directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate CMB2 through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  3. Copy (and rename if desired) example-functions.php into to your theme or plugin's directory.
  4. Edit to only include the fields you need and rename the functions.
  5. Profit.

If including the library in your plugin or theme:

  1. Place the CMB directory inside of your theme or plugin.
  2. Copy (and rename if desired) example-functions.php into a folder above the CMB directory OR copy the entirety of its contents to your theme's functions.php file.
  3. Edit to only include the fields you need and rename the functions (CMB directory should be left unedited in order to easily update the library).
  4. Profit. - 2016-11-08


  • Better styling for disabled group "X" buttons, and add title attr. Fixes #773.

Bug Fixes

  • Use quotes for label[for=""] selector. Fixed Syntax error, unrecognized expression. Props @anhskohbo (#789).
  • Fix ReferenceError: tinyMCE is not defined javascript errors (happening when trying to remove a repeatable field/group). Fixes #790, and #730.
  • Fix REST API 'show_in_rest' examples in example-functions.php. Any REST API boxes/fields must use the 'cmb2_init' hook (as opposed to the 'cmb2_admin_init' hook).

2.2.3 - 2016-10-25


  • CMB2 REST API! CMB2 now has WP REST API endpoints for displaying your boxes and fields data, as well as registers rest fields in the existing post, user, term, and comment endpoints (in the cmb2 namespace). Enabling the REST API for your boxes/fields is opt-in, meaning it will not be automatically enabled. For more info, check out the wiki.
  • Small string improvement, move a period inside the translatable string. Props @pedro-mendonca (#672).
  • Introduce the 'save_field' boolean field parameter for disabling the saving of a field. Useful if you want to display the value of another field, or use a disabled/read-only field. Props @jamesgol (#674, #346, #500).
  • Update docblocks for CMB2_Field::save_field_from_data() and CMB2_Field::save_field(). Props @jamesgol (#675).
  • More javascript events tied to the media modal actions (related to the 'file' and 'file_list' fields). 'cmb_media_modal_init', 'cmb_media_modal_open', and 'cmb_media_modal_select'.
  • All CMB2 JS events now also get the CMB2 JS object passed in the list of arguments.
  • CMB2 JS object is now instantiated without stomping existing object, to enable extending.
  • New field parameter for taxonomy fields, 'remove_default' which allows disabling the default taxonomy metabox. Props @c3mdigital (#593).
  • Change 'row_classes' to just 'classes', to mirror the metabox 'classes' property. Also now accepts a 'classes_cb' parameter for specifying a callback which returns a string or array. The callback will receive $field_args as the first argument, and the CMB2_Field $field object as the second argument. ('row_classes' will continue to work, but is deprecated)
  • Make wysiwyg editors work in the repeatable groups context. A standard repeatable (non-group) wysiwyg field is not supported (but will possibly be included in a future update). Props @johnsonpaul1014 (#26, #99, #260, #264, #356, #431, #462, #657, #693).
  • Add an id to the heading tag in the title field. This allows linking to a particular title using the id.
  • Internationalization improvements. Props ramiy (#696).
  • Ensure that saving does not happen during a switch-to-blog session, as data would be saved to the wrong object. See more.
  • Add 'cmb2_group_wrap_attributes' filter to modifying the group wrap div's attributes. Filter gets passed an array of attributes and expects the return to be an array. Props jrfnl (#582).
  • Update the unit-tests README and inline docs. Props bobbingwide (#714, #715).
  • Minor update to make naming-conventions consistent. Props ramiy (#718).
  • Update files to be compatible with PHP7 CodeSniffer standards. Props ryanshoover (#719, #720).
  • Make exception message translatable. Props ramiy (#724).
  • Portuguese translation provided by @alvarogois and @pedro-mendonca - #709, #727.
  • Stop using $wp_version global. Props ramiy (#731).
  • Closures (anonymous functions) are now supported for any box/field '*_cb' parameters. E.g.

php ... 'show_on_cb' => function( $cmb ) { return has_tag( 'cats', $cmb->object_id ); }, ...<pre><code></code></pre>

Bug Fixes

  • If custom field types use a method and the Type object has not been instantiated, Try to guess the Type object and instantiate.
  • Normalize WordPress root path (ABSPATH) and theme rooth path (get_theme_root()). Props @rianbotha (#677, #676).
  • Fix issue with 'cmb2_remove_row' Javascript callback for non-group row removal. Fixes #729).
  • Fix issue with missing assignment of variable (undefined variable). Props @anhskohbo (#779). - 2016-06-27

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue that kept CMB2 stylesheet from being enqueued when using the options-page snippets.
  • Fix issue which caused the CMB2 column display styles to be enqueued in the wrong pages. Now only enqueues on admin pages with columns.

2.2.2 - 2016-06-27


  • You can now set admin post-listing columns with an extra field parameter, 'column' => true,. If you want to dictate what position the column is, use 'column' => array( 'position' => 2 ),. If you want to dictate the column title (instead of using the field 'name' value), use 'column' => array( 'name' => 'My Column' ),. If you need to specify the column display callback, set the 'display_cb' parameter to a callback function. Columns work for post (all post-types), comment, user, and term object types.
  • Updated Datepicker styles using JJJ's "jQuery UI Datepicker CSS for WordPress", so props Props @stuttter, @johnjamesjacoby. Also cleaned up the timepicker styles (specifically the buttons) to more closely align with the datepicker and WordPress styles.
  • CMB2 is now a lot more intelligent about where it is located in your installation. This update should solve almost all of the reasons to use the 'cmb2_meta_box_url' filter (thought it will continue to work as expected). (#27, #118, #432, related wiki item)
  • Implement CMB2_Ajax as a singleton. Props jrfnl (#602).
  • Add classes and classes_cb CMB2 box params which allows you to add additional classes to the cmb-wrap. The classes parameter can take a string or array, and the classes_cb takes a callback which returns a string or array. The callback will receive $cmb as an argument. These classes are also passed through a new filter, 'cmb2_wrap_classes', which receives the array of classes as the first argument, and the CMB2 object as the second. Reported/requested in #364.
  • Make the 'title' field type accept extra arguments. Props @vladolaru, @pixelgrade (#656).
  • Updated cmb2_get_oembed() function to NOT return the "remove" link, as it's intended for outputting the oembed only. This is a backwards-compatibility concern. If you were depending on the "remove" link, use cmb2_ajax()->get_oembed( $args ) instead.
  • New function, cmb2_do_oembed()', which is hooked to 'cmb2_do_oembed', so you can use do_action( 'cmb2_do_oembed', $args ) in your themes without function_exists() checks.
  • New method, CMB2:set_prop( $property, $value ), for setting a CMB2 metabox object property.
  • The CMB2_Field object instances will now have a cmb_id property and a get_cmb method to enable access to the field's CMB2 parent object's instance, in places like field callbacks and filters (e.g. $cmb = $field->get_cmb();).
  • Add a data-fieldtype attribute to the field rows for simpler identification in Javascript.
  • Moved each type in CMB2_Types to it's own class so that each field type can handle it's own field display, and added the infrastructure to maintainn back-compatibility.
  • New CMB2_Utils methods, notempty() and filter_empty(), both of which consider null, '' and false as empty, but allow 0 (for saving 0 as a field value).
  • New CMB2_Utils public methods, get_url_from_dir(), get_file_ext(), get_file_name_from_path(), and wp_at_least().
  • Add a cmb_pre_init Javascript event to allow overriding CMB2 defaults via JS.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue with 'default' callback not being applied in all instances. Introduced new CMB2_Field::get_default() method, and 'default_cb' field parameter. Using the 'default' field parameter with a callback will be deprecated in the next few releases. (#572).
  • Be sure to call CMB2_Field::row_classes() for group field rows. Also, update CSS to use the "cmb-type-group" classname instead of "cmb-repeat-group-wrap".
  • Introduce new 'text' and 'text_cb' field parameters for overriding CMB2 text strings instead of using the 'options' array. (#630)
  • Fix bug where the value of '0' could not be saved in group fields.
  • Fix bug where a serialized empty array value in the database for a repeatable field would output as "Array".
  • Allow for optional/empty money field. Props @jrfnl (#577).
  • The CMB2::$updated parameter (which contains field ids for all fields updated during a save) now also correctly adds group field ids to the array.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes back-compatibility issue which could allow multiple CMB2 instances to load (causing fatal errors). (#520)

2.2.0 - 2016-02-27


  • Term Meta! As of WordPress 4.4, WordPress will have the ability to use term metadata. CMB2 will work with term meta out of the box. To do so, see the example cmb registration in the yourprefix_register_taxonomy_metabox function in example-functions.php.
  • New hooks which hook in after save field action: 'cmb2_save_field' and "cmb2_save_field_{$field_id}". Props wpsmith (#475).
  • The "cmb2_sanitize_{$field_type}" hook now runs for every field type (not just custom types) so you can override the sanitization for all field types via a filter.
  • CMB2::show_form() is now composed of 3 smaller methods, CMB2::render_form_open(), CMB2::render_field(), CMB2::render_form_close() (#506).
  • RTL Style generated. Props @devinsays (#510).
  • Properly scope date/time-pickers styling by adding a class to only cmb2 picker instances. (#527)
  • Allow per-field overrides for the date/time/color picker options (wiki documentation: Modify Field Date, Time, or Color Picker options)
  • Fix some inline documentation issues. Props @jrfnl (#579).
  • Include .gitattributes file for excluding development resources when using Composer. Props @benoitchantre (#575, #53).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with 'taxonomy_select' field type where a term which evaluated falsey would not be displayed properly. Props adamcapriola (#477).
  • Fix issue with colorpickers not changing when sorting groups.
  • 'show_option_none' field parameter now works on taxonomy fields when explicitly setting to false.
  • Fix so the date/time-picker javascript respects the 'date_format' and 'time_format' field parameters. Props @yivi (#39, #282, #300, #318, #330, #446, #498).
  • Fix a sometimes-broken unit test. Props JPry (#539).
  • Fix issue with oembed fields not working correctly on options pages. (#542).
  • Fix issue with repeatable field elements stealing focus from "submit" button.

2.1.2 - 2015-10-01

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes back-compatibility issue when adding fields array to the metabox registration. (#472)

2.1.1 - 2015-09-30


  • Make all CMB2::save_fields arguments optional to fall-back to $_POST data. Props JPry.
  • New filter, cmb2_non_repeatable_fields for adding additional fields to the blacklist of repeatable field-types. Props JPry (#430).
  • New recommended hook for adding metaboxes, cmb2_admin_init. Most metabox registration only needs to happen if in wp-admin, so there is no reason to register them when loading the front-end (and increase the memory usage). cmb2_init still exists to register metaboxes that will be used on the front-end or used on both the front and back-end. Instances of cmb2_init in example-functions.php have been switched to cmb2_admin_init.
  • Add 'render_row_cb' field parameter for overriding the field render method.
  • Add 'label_cb' field parameter for overriding the field label render method.
  • Allow CMB2_Types::checkbox() method to be more flexible for extending by taking an args array and an $is_checked second argument.
  • More thorough unit tests. Props pglewis, (#447,#448).
  • Update CMB2_Utils::image_id_from_url to be more reliable. Props wpscholar, (#453).
  • cmb2_get_option now takes a default fallback value as a third parameter.

Bug Fixes

  • Address issue where 'file' and 'file_list' field results were getting mixed. Props augustuswm (#382, #250, #296).
  • Fix long-standing issues with radio and multicheck fields in repeatable groups losing their values when new rows are added. (#341, #304, #263, #246, #150)
  • Fixes issue where currently logged-in user's profile data would display in the "Add New User" screen fields. (#427)
  • Fixes issue where radio values/selections would not always properly transfer when shifting rows (up/down). Props jamiechong (#429, #152).
  • Fixes issue where repeatable groups display "Array" as the field values if group is left completely empty. (#332,#390).
  • Fixes issue with 'file_list' fields not saving properly when in repeatable groups display. Props jamiechong (#433,#187).
  • Update 'taxonomy_radio_inline' and 'taxonomy_multicheck_inline' fields sanitization method to use the same method as the non-inline versions. Props superfreund (#454).

2.1.0 - 2015-08-05

Bug Fixes

2.0.9 - 2015-07-28

Bug Fixes

  • 'multicheck_inline', 'taxonomy_radio_inline', and 'taxonomy_multicheck_inline' field types were not outputting anything since it's value was not being returned. Props ediamin, (#367, (#405).
  • 'hidden' type fields were not honoring the 'show_on_cb' callback. Props JPry, (commits).
  • Fixed: There was no minified cmb2-front.min.css file.
  • Fallback for fatal error with invalid timezone. Props ryanduff (#385).
  • Fix issues with deleting a row from repeatable group. Props yuks (#387).
  • Ensure value passed to strtotime in make_valid_time_stamp is cast to a string. Props vajrasar (#389).
  • Fixed issue with Windows IIS and bundling CMB2 in the theme. Props DevinWalker, (#400, #401)


  • Updated/Added many translations. Props fxbenard, (#203) and Mte90 for the Italian translation.
  • Updated 'file_list' field type to have a more intutive selection in the media library, and updated the 'Use file' text in the button. Props SteveHoneyNZ (#357, #358).
  • 'closed' group field option parameter introduced in order to set the groups as collapsed by default. Requested in #391.
  • Added "cmb2_{$object_type}_process_fields_{$cmb_id}" hook for hooking in and modifying the metabox or fields before the fields are processed/sanitized for saving.
  • Added Comment Metabox support. Props GregLancaster71 (#238, #244).
  • New "cmb2_{$field_id}_is_valid_img_ext" filter for determining if a field value has a valid image file-type extension.

2.0.8 - 2015-06-01

Bug Fixes

  • Fix color-picker field not enqueueing the colorpicker script. (#333)

2.0.7 - 2015-05-28


  • Ability to use non-repeatable group fields by setting the 'repeatable' field param to false when registering a group field type. Props marcusbattle, (#159).
  • Add and enqeueue a front-end specific CSS file which adds additional styles which are typically covered by wp-admin css. (#311)
  • Better handling of the CMB2 javascript (and CSS) required dependencies array. Dependencies are now only added conditionally based on the field types that are actually visible. (#136)
  • THIS IS A BREAKING CHANGE: The group field type's 'show_on_cb' property now receives the CMB2_Field object instance as an argument instead of the CMB2 instance. If you're using the 'show_on_cb' property for a group field, please adjust accordingly. note: you can still retrieve the CMB2 instance via the cmb2_get_metabox helper function.
  • New dynamic hook, "cmb2_save_{$object_type}_fields_{$this->cmb_id}", to complement the existing "cmb2_save_{$object_type}_fields" hook.
  • German translation provided by Friedhelm Jost.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix incorrect repeatable group title number. (#310)
  • Fix obscure bug which prevented group field arguments from being passed to the sub-fields (like show_names and context).
  • Fixed occasional issue when adding a group row, the previous row's content would be cloned. (#257)

2.0.6 - 2015-04-30


  • New metabox/form parameter, show_on_cb, allows you to conditionally display a cmb metabox/form via a callback. The $cmb object gets passed as a parameter to the callback. This complements the 'show_on_cb' parameter that already exists for individual fields. Using this callback is similar to using the 'cmb2_show_on' filter, but only applies to that specific metabox and it is recommended to use this callback instead as it minimizes th risk that your filter will affect other metaboxes.
  • Taxonomy types no longer save a value. The value getting saved was causing confusion and is not meant to be used. To use the saved taxonomy data, you need to use the WordPress term api, get_the_terms, get_the_term_list, etc.
  • Add 'multiple' field parameter to store values in individual rows instead of serialized array. Will only work if field is not repeatable or a repeatable group. Props JohnyGoerend. (#262, #206, #45).
  • Portuguese (Brazil) translation provided by @lucascdsilva - #293.
  • Spanish (Spain) translation updated by @yivi - #272.
  • Added group field callback parameters, 'before_group', 'before_group_row', 'after_group_row', 'after_group' to complement the 'before_row', 'before', 'after', 'after_row' field parameters.
  • Better styling for title fields and title descriptions on options pages.
  • Add a sanitization_cb field parameter check for the group field type.
  • Better function/file doc-blocks to provide better documentation for automated documentation tools. See:
  • cmb2_print_metabox_form, cmb2_metabox_form, and cmb2_get_metabox_form helper functions now accept two new parameters:
    • an 'object_type' parameter to explictly set that in the $cmb object.
    • an 'enqueue_js' parameter to explicitly disable the CMB JS enqueue. This is handy if you're not planning on using any of the fields which require JS (like color/date pickers, wysiwyg, file, etc).

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue with oembed fields in repeatable groups where changing video changed it for all fields in a group.
  • Fix empty arrays (like in the group field) saving as a value.
  • Move 'cmb2_override_meta_value' and "cmb2_override_{$field_id}_meta_value" filters to the CMB2_Field::get_data() method so that the filters are applied every time the data is requested. THIS IS A BREAKING CHANGE: The parameters for those filters have changed a bit. Previously, the filters accepted 5 arguments, $value, $object_id, $field_args, $object_type, $field. They have changed to accept 4 arguments instead, $value, $object_id, $args, $field, where $args is an array that contains the following:
    • @type string $type The current object type
    • @type int $id The current object ID
    • @type string $field_id The ID of the field being requested
    • @type bool $repeat Whether current field is repeatable
    • @type bool $single Whether current field is a single database row

2.0.5 - 2015-03-17

Bug Fixes

  • Fix grouped fields display (first field was being repeated), broken in 2.0.3.

2.0.4 - 2015-03-16


  • select, radio, radio_inline field types now all accept the 'show_option_none' field parameter. This parameter allows you to set the text to display for showing a 'no selection' option. Default will be false, which means a 'none' option will not be added. Set to true to use the default text, 'None', or specify another value, i.e. 'No selection'.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix back-compatibility when adding group field sub-fields via old array method (vs using the CMB2:add_group_field() method). Thanks to norcross for reporting.
  • Fix occasional jQuery issues with group-field indexes.

2.0.3 - 2015-03-15

  • New constant, CMB2_DIR, which stores the file-path to the CMB2 directory.
  • text_date, text_time, text_date_timestamp, text_datetime_timestamp, and text_datetime_timestamp_timezone field types now take an arguments array so they can be extended by custom field types.
  • Removed auto-scroll when adding groups. To re-add the feature, use the snippet/plugin here. (#205)
  • Updated Timepicker utilizing the @trentrichardson jQuery Timepicker add-on (, and updated Datepicker styles. Props JonMasterson. (#204, #206, #45).
  • Added a callback option for the field default value. The callback gets passed an array of all the field parameters as the first argument, and the field object as the second argument. (which means you can get the post id using $field->object_id). (#233).
  • New CMB2::get_field() method and cmb2_get_field helper function for retrieving a CMB2_Field object from the array of registered fields for a metabox.
  • New CMB2::get_sanitized_values() method and cmb2_get_metabox_sanitized_values helper function for retrieving sanitized values from an array of values (usually $_POST data).
  • New 'save_fields' metabox property that can be used to disable (by setting 'save_fields' => false) the automatic saving of the fields when the form is submitted. These can be useful when you want to handle the saving of the fields yourself, or want to use submitted data for other purposes like generating new posts, or sending emails, etc.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix commented out text_datetime_timestamp_timezone field registration example in example-functions.php. Props cliffordp, (#203).
  • Fix sidebar styling for money fields and fields with textareas. (#234)
  • Fix CMB2_Sanitize class to properly use the stripslashed value (which was added in #162 but never used). Props dustyf, (#241).

2.0.2 - 2015-02-15

  • Use the more appropriate add_meta_boxes hook for hooking in metaboxes to post-edit screen. Thanks @inspiraaz for reporting. (#161)
  • Add a row_classes field param which allows you to add additional classes to the cmb-row wrap. This parameter can take a string, or array, or can take a callback that returns a string or array. The callback will receive $field_args as the first argument, and the CMB2_Field $field object as the second argument. Reported/requested in #68.
  • New constant, CMB2_LOADED, which you can use to check if CMB2 is loaded for your plugins/themes with CMB2 dependency.
  • New hooks, cmb2_init_before_hookup and cmb2_after_init.
  • New API for adding metaboxes and fields, demonstrated in example-functions.php. In keeping with backwards-compatibility, the cmb2_meta_boxes filter method will still work, but is not recommended. New API includes new_cmb2_box helper function to generate a new metabox, and returns a $cmb object to add new fields (via the CMB2::add_field() and CMB2::add_group_field() methods).
  • New CMB2 method, CMB2::remove_field().
  • New CMB2_Boxes method, CMB2_Boxes::remove().
  • When clicking on a file/image in the file, or file_list type, the media modal will open with that image selected. Props johnsonpaul1014, (#120).

2.0.1 - 2015-02-02

2.0.1 is the official version after beta, and includes all the changes from 2.0.0 (beta).

2.0.0(beta) - 2014-08-16

2.0.0 is the official version number for the transition to CMB2, and 2.0.1 is the official version after beta. It is a complete rewrite. Improvements and fixes are listed below. Note: This release requires WordPress 3.8+

Enhancements Bug Fixes
  • New mechanism to ensure CMB2 only loads the most recent version of CMB2 in your system. This fixes the issue where another bundled version could conflict or take precendent over your up-to-date version.
  • Fix issue with field labels being hidden. Props mustardBees, (#48).
  • Address issues with autoloading before autoloader is setup. Props JPry, (#56).
  • Fixed 'show_on_cb' for field groups. Props marcusbattle, (#98).
  • Make get_object_terms work with and without object caching. Props joshlevinson, (#105).
  • Don't use __DIR__ in example-functions.php to ensure PHP 5.2 compatibility. Props bryceadams, (#129).
  • Added support for radio input swapping in repeatable fields. Props DevinWalker, (#138, #149).
  • Fix metabox form not being returned to caller. Props akshayagarwal, (#145).
  • Run stripslashes before saving data, since WordPress forces magic quotes. Props clifgriffin, (#162).

1.3.0 - (never released, merged into CMB2)

  • Localize Date, Time, and Color picker defaults so that they can be overridden via the cmb_localized_data filter. (#528)
  • Change third parameter for 'cmb_metabox_form' to be an args array. Optional arguments include echo, form_format, and save_button.
  • Add support for show_option_none argument for taxonomy_select and taxonomy_radio field types. Also adds the following filters: cmb_all_or_nothing_types, cmb_taxonomy_select_default_value, cmb_taxonomy_select_{$this->_id()}_default_value, cmb_taxonomy_radio_{$this->_id()}_default_value, cmb_taxonomy_radio_default_value. Props @pmgarman, (#569).
  • Make the list items in the file_list field type drag & drop sortable. Props twoelevenjay, (#603).
Bug Fixes

1.2.0 - 2014-05-03

  • Add support for custom date/time formats. Props @Scrent. (#506)
  • Simplify wysiwyg escaping and allow it to be overridden via the escape_cb parameter. (#491)
  • Add a 'Select/Deselect all' button for the multicheck field type.
  • Add title option for repeatable groups. Title field takes an optional replacement hash, "{#}" that will be replaced by the row number.
  • New field parameter, show_on_cb, allows you to conditionally display a field via a callback. (#47)
  • Unit testing (the beginning). Props @brichards and @camdensegal.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where remove file button wouldn't clear the url field. (#514)
  • wysiwyg fields now allow underscores. Fixes some wysiwyg display issues in WordPress 3.8. Props @lswilson. (#491)
  • Nonce field should only be added once per page. (#521)
  • Fix in_array issue when a post does not have any saved terms for a taxonomy multicheck. (#527)
  • Fixed error: 'Uninitialized string offset: 0 in cmb_Meta_Box_field.php...`. Props @DevinWalker. (#539, #549))
  • Fix missing file field description. (#543, #547)

1.1.3 - 2014-04-07

Bug Fixes
  • Update cmb_get_field_value function as it was passing the parameters to cmb_get_field in the wrong order.
  • Fix repeating fields not working correctly if meta key or prefix contained an integer. (#503)

1.1.2 - 2014-04-05

Bug Fixes
  • Fix issue with cmb_Meta_Box_types.php calling a missing method, image_id_from_url. (#502)

1.1.1 - 2014-04-03

Bug Fixes
  • Radio button values were not showing saved value. (#500)

1.1.0 - 2014-04-02

  • Repeatable groups
  • Support for more fields to be repeatable, including oEmbed field, and date, time, and color picker fields, etc.
  • Codebase has been revamped to be more modular and object-oriented.
  • New filter, "cmb_{$element}_attributes" for modifying an element's attributes.
  • Every field now supports an attributes parameter that takes an array of attributes. Read more.
  • Removed cmb_std_filter in favor of cmb_default_filter. THIS IS A BREAKING CHANGE
  • Better handling of labels in sidebar. They are now placed on top of the input rather than adjacent.
  • Added i18n compatibility to text_money. props @ArchCarrier, (#485)
  • New helper functions: cmb_get_field and cmb_get_field_value for getting access to CMB's field object and/or value.
  • New JavaScript events, cmb_add_row and cmb_remove_row for hooking in and manipulating the new row's data.
  • New filter, cmb_localized_data, for modifiying localized data passed to the CMB JS.
Bug Fixes
  • Resolved occasional issue where only the first character of the label/value was diplayed. props @mustardBees, (#486)

1.0.2 - 2014-03-03

  • Change the way the 'cmb_validate_{$field['type']}' filter works. It is now passed a null value vs saved value. If null is returned, default sanitization will follow. THIS IS A BREAKING CHANGE. If you're already using this filter, take note.
  • All field types that take an option array have been simplified to take key => value pairs (vs array( 'name' => 'value', 'value' => 'key', )). This effects the 'select', 'radio', 'radio_inline' field types. The 'multicheck' field type was already using the key => value format. Backwards compatibility has been maintained for those using the older style.
  • Added default value option for taxonomy_select field type. props

Requires WordPress version: 3.8.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 15 Nov 2016

Date Added: 16 Sep 2014

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