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CM OnBoarding Plugin

Create an onboarding tutorial on your site to improve your user experience. Include help widgets & step-by-step guidelines for improved navigation

The Onboarding plugin is a useful tool for creating guidance widgets that can be displayed on any WordPress page or post for user support. This onboarding plugin is optimal for anyone looking to improve user training or instructional guidance online.

These tutorial items can be divided into help sections in a designated order. The plugin improves the user onboarding experience by adding a guidance widget to a page to quickly display help items.

The plugin can include a search bar on your widget to assist users in searching for key phrases and help items, as well as site content including plain text, images, videos and hyperlinks.

The Onboarding plugin supports using videos, images and text to enhance the guidance experience. This onboarding plugin guides users easily around the site, answer questions, serve as a site walkthrough, and more to improve the on boarding process.

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Basic Onboarding Plugin Features

  • Add tutorial widget to your site
  • Customize multiple guidance items
  • Adjust help widget size

Benefits of Going Pro

  • Show help widget on defined set of pages
  • Choose from several widget icons, available in two themes
  • Customize a link to your own icon for the plugin to use
  • Tutorial items can be presented with Select box, Side menu or as a Slider
  • Choose the theme of your help widget
  • Add any HTML above and below the content
  • Add a search bar to allow users to quickly find what they need
  • Create a template to use across multiple help items
  • Customize the widget labels
  • Help items can point to external links

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  • Guidance - Assist your site users to locate what they need.
  • Experience - Improve user experience and overall engagement
  • Training - Support user training
  • OnBoarding - Shorten user learning curve

What does this plugin do, exactly?

  • Allows to create Help Items
  • Each Help Item can have many sections containing title & content
  • Displays an icon on the right edge of the page
  • Icon toggles the sliding panel containing all defined sections and titles

Pro Version Features

  • Show Widget On Limited Set of Pages
  • Multiple Icons – You can choose from several widget icons, available in two themes.
  • Custom Icon – For even more customization you can provide a link to your own icon.
  • Multiple Widget Types – several widget types to elect from.
  • Header and Footer support.
  • Search within the Widget.
  • Help item templates for repeated items across several widgets.
  • Change the plugin basic labels easily
  • Point any help item to an external URL.

Plugin usage instructions

  1. Go to "Add New Help Item"
  2. Fill the "Title" and "Content"
  3. Click "Add Help Item" to dynamically add more items
  4. Check "Show on every page"
  5. Click "Save Changes"
  6. Go to any page of your website
  7. Look for Help Icon on the right edge of the screen
  8. Click on the icon to open the widget

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  1. cm-onboarding screenshot 1

    OnBoarding Widget when closed.

  2. cm-onboarding screenshot 2

    OnBoarding Widget when open.

  3. cm-onboarding screenshot 3

    Plugin settings.

  4. cm-onboarding screenshot 4

    Help item editing.

  1. Upload cm-onboarding folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.


Initial Version


Fixed bug with uploading images from media library


Fixed the bug with saving the option "Show on every page"


Fix bug with JS


Change Plugin menu settings

Version 1.1.9

Requires WordPress version: 3.9 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.0

Last Updated 24 Nov 2016

Date Added: 12 Dec 2014


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5 ratings


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