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Climate Tagger

Suggests tags for your posts based on an experts-vetted climate thesaurus, using the Climate Tagger API

The Climate Tagger Plugin for WordPress is a simple, FREE and easy-to-use way to integrate the well-known Climate Tagger API into your WordPress site. The Climate Tagger API has been helping knowledge-driven web sites better catalogue, categorize, contextualize and connect their data with that from the broader climate knowledge community since 2011. The Climate Tagger is backed by an expansive Climate Compatible Development Thesaurus, developed by experts in multiple fields and continuously updated to remain current.

The tags suggested by the Climate Tagger are displayed in a word cloud, with the most relevant tags appearing larger.

The plugin is based on Thoth's Suggested Tags. More information about the Climate Tagger is available at

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Author Aptivate
Contributors Aptivate
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  1. Upload the plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate it through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Register at to get your FREE API token (or use your exiting one)
  4. Enable the plugin and enter the API key (Settings -> Climate Tagger)
  5. The Suggested Tags box will appear on the right hand side when you create a post (Save Draft to refresh tag suggestions after you added your text or made changes..
  6. Select any of the suggested tags from the word cloud to automatically add them to your article
  7. If you wish tag suggestions to appear for pages as well as posts, add page to the comma-separated list of Post types on the Settings page


Props @swc-pdi * Added the possibility to select a certain project in the Climate Tagger configuration * Adapted methods after ClimateTagger API changes


  • Documentation updates
  • Replaced references to reegle API with Climate Tagger


  • Documentation updates only


  • First version


This plugin uses wp-cli and PHPUnit for testing. The tests require runkit for mocking functions.

  • Grab the latest source from github:
$ git clone
$ git clone
$ cd runkit
$ phpize
$ ./configure
$ sudo make install

Add the following lines to /etc/php5/cli/php.ini:
  • Install the test WordPress environment:
cd climate-tagger
bash bin/ test_db_name db_user 'db_password' db_host version

where: ** test_db_name is the name for your temporary test WordPress database ** db_user is the database user name ** db_password is the password ** db_host is the database host (eg localhost) ** version is the version of WordPress (eg 4.2.2 or latest)

  • Run the tests
Version 1.0.3

Requires WordPress version: 3.7 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 23 Sep 2016

Date Added: 02 Jun 2015


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