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Clickky's Mobile Web Monetization Tool

Monetize mobile users on your website to the fullest by adding new advertising formats with Clickky’s monetization plugin.

Clickky‘s monetization plugin helps you to increase revenue from your Wordpress site.

It allows to avoid the manual integration of monetization code into a website, and start running ads customized for WordPress sites fast and efficiently. You don’t have to know how to code, just install the plugin and follow the guidelines.

Various mobile advertising formats are available.

Unique formats:

  • customization-friendly native ads
  • in-text ads
  • gift ads.

Other formats:

  • Rich media
  • Expandable
  • Interstitial
  • Dialog ads
  • Pop-up, etc.

Monetization plugin is created for customers of a Clickky’s self-serve platform. Publishers with WordPress sites receive an access to more than 20 WP-customized ad formats, 100% fill rate and can choose the category of ads displayed (Entertainment, Games, News, Travel, News, etc.).

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Monetize your Wordpress website to the fullest!

Author Сlickky
Contributors Сlickky
  1. clickkys-mobile-web-monetization-tool screenshot 1

    Add placement

  2. clickkys-mobile-web-monetization-tool screenshot 2

    My placement

  3. clickkys-mobile-web-monetization-tool screenshot 3

    Edit placement

  4. clickkys-mobile-web-monetization-tool screenshot 4

    Edit placement (Pages to show)

  1. After you have installed and activated the plugin, a link called Clickky will appear on the left side of the menu. By proceeding the link, you’ll be able to add new placements.

  2. To add a new placement, it is required to create a new placement in the publisher cabinet at by clicking on the button for placement creating a placement.

  3. To enter the domain name and choose categories which apply to the site.

  4. Then you’ll have to choose the ad format and proceed to the next step.

  5. On the third step it’s enough just to copy the code and move to the admin panel of your own site.

  6. On your website you should move to the Add placement section and paste the copied code to the dark-colored field and click the Check button.

  7. You should get a notification about the code being correctly installed and you can move to this placement adjustments by clicking the Next button.

  8. On the editing page you can activate your placement (1), change the visibility settings (2) and save the changes, using the Save (3) button. You can also select pages the ad should be shown on.

  9. After saving the settings, you can move to the placements page (My placement) and activate/deactivate the placement, edit or delete it.

  10. After adding the placement to the site, you need to return to the page where you created a placement in Clickky’s cabinet and move to the 4th step where you need to check the ad code availability on the website by entering a link to the page of the ad placement and finishing the integration by clicking Finish integration.

  11. After you successfully perform all these actions, the code will be considered placed on your website and the monetization will begin.

Version 1.3.4

Requires WordPress version: 3.4 or higher

Compatible up to: 3.4.2

Last Updated 15 Feb 2017

Date Added: 07 Oct 2016

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