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Cleverwise Cloaked Files

Easily cloak (hide) file downloads on your site so that secret codes are required to see/get them.

This plugin adds the ability to cloak (hide) downloads for your site. This is because in order for someone to download a cloaked file that person must know a special link. This allows for many useful applications such as ecommerce purchases or newsletter signup bonuses, just to name a few.

The actual download page(s) layout is totally controlled by you. How? Because the download page(s) are simply standard Wordpress page(s) or post(s) that are easily managed and altered in the familiar editor. So you layout the download page(s) including any special announcements before and/or after the download link to fit your design concept. Wherever you want the actual download link to be inserted/appear you simply include the shortcode. This will instruct Wordpress to replace that shortcode with the actual download when the secret URL code is used. Yes, of course, the layout is changeable at any time.

However you aren't limited to one download page. Nope. In fact there is no limit! You could have two, three, ten, 50, etc. This way you could design multiple secret download pages and theme them differently with banners, text, announcements that match the file downloads. Awesome isn't it? Now when designing and publishing these secret pages you should mark them private instead of public. This way they won't appear in any recent posts/pages links, RSS feeds, or be sent to the search engines. If that does happen don't panic because the page alone won't provide a visitor with any files. They still need a special code which you will include in your download links that visitors will just click on.

The system also logs when people click on the download links. This is easily viewable in the plugin admin panel so you can see how many downloads each file is getting and track what is popular. Plus if that wasn't enough you can have unlimited cloaked files. There is no limit other than what your website hosting allows in storage. So get creative and cloak, and cloak, and cloak...

What kind of files does this plugin support? Any file including PDF's, exe's, zip's, etc there are no restrictions! So what are you waiting for?!

Language Support: Should work for all languages that use the A-Z alphabet. Plugin does display some messages in English that are easily changeable in the admin panel. The only limitation is possible removal of unknown characters outside standard A-Z.

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Thanks for looking at the Cleverwise Plugin Series! To help out the community reviews and comments are highly encouraged. If you can't leave a good review I would greatly appreciate opening a support thread before hand to see if I can address your concern(s). Enjoy!

Author Jeremy O'Connell
Contributors cyberws
  1. cleverwise-cloaked-files screenshot 1


  1. Upload the cleverwise-cloaked-files directory to your plugins.
  2. In Wordpress management panel activate "Cleverwise Cloaked Files" plugin.
  3. A new menu option "Cloaked Files" will appear on your main menu (under Comments).
  4. Once you have loaded the main panel for the plugin click on the "Help Guide" link which explains in detail how to use the plugin.


Initial release of plugin

Will this plugin stop file sharing?

Yes and no. It will stop file sharing in the form of the public just stopping by and downloading your cloaked files. However if a user knows the secret code to a file he/she can share it with others. To stop this you could create a new cloaked file record pointing to the old physical file then delete the old cloaked file record. This will make the old download code invalid. Of course you'll need to update all your download links like in your ecommerce thank you page or whatever.

Is there a file size limit?

The plugin does not limit the size of files. The only limitations are that of your web infrastructure.

How many files does the plugin support?

The plugin supports unlimited cloaked files. The only limitations are that of your web infrastructure.

Can I have multiple download pages?

Yes! The plugin supports an unlimited number of download pages/posts. You simply add a shortcode to tell Wordpress where to place the download link on a given page or post.

How does it take for changes to take place?

As far as the plugin is concerned it happens instantly. If you have any caching plugins or systems there might be a delay. If so flush your cache(s).

Version 1.0

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 07 Dec 2016

Date Added: 21 Jan 2015


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