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Spam Protection by CleanTalk (no Captcha Anti-Spam)

Spam protection, anti-spam, all-in-one, premium plug-in. No comments spam & users spam, no contact form & WooCommerce spam. Forget spam.

No CAPTCHA, no questions, no animal counting, no puzzles, no math and no spam bots. Universal Anti-Spam plugin. Formerly "Anti-Spam by CleanTalk".

Anti-Spam features

  1. Stops spam comments.
  2. Stops spam registrations.
  3. Stops spam contact emails.
  4. Stops spam orders.
  5. Stops spam bookings.
  6. Stops spam subscriptions.
  7. Stops spam surveys, polls.
  8. Stops spam in widgets.
  9. Stops spam in WooCommerce.
  10. Checks the existing comments for spam.

Public reviews

With CleanTalk installed you can rest assured that you will no longer have to fuss with annoying spam. You can now focus your time on developing and improving your web site, your blog content, and you business without being distracted by these useless comments. Dr. Erica Goodstone.

Using CleanTalk on WPLift was a great test as we receive huge amounts of spam. Oliver Dale,

I know you have heard of a number of anti-spam plugins. But you must know, the cloud-based ones are the best regarding detection rate. They compare all the content in forms with their own algorithm to find out the legibility.

Free trial then $8 per year

CleanTalk is a free plugin which work with the premium Cloud Anti-Spam service This plugin as a service

Anti-Spam protection for comments

Supports native WordPress, JetPack comments and any other comment plugins. The plugin moves spam comments to SPAM folder or you can set the option to ban spam comments silently. You can also enable the option in the plugin settings to auto-delete comments from SPAM folder.

Spam bot registrations filter

Filters spam bots on registration forms of WordPress, BuddyPress, bbPress, S2Member, WooCommerce, Profile builder, Login with AJAX and any other registration plugins.

Protection from contact form spam

The plugin is tested and ready to protect from spam emails via Formidable forms, Contact form 7, JetPack Contact form, Fast Secure Contact form, Ninja forms, Landing pages, Gravity forms, Contact Form by BestWebSoft, Simple Contact Form Plugin - PirateForms, Visual Form Builder, Form, Contact Form by WebDorado, Contact Form Email, MW WP Form, Contact Form by Jeff Bulllins, Easy Contact, Contact Us Form, Grunion Contact Form, WCP Contact Form, Easy WordPress Contact Form Plugin, WPForms Lite, Custom Contact, Forms, Amo Forms, Caldera Forms, Visual Form Builder, Contact Form Clean and Simple and any other themes or custom contact forms.

WooCommerce spam filter

Anti-spam by CleanTalk filters spam registrations and spam reviews for WooCommerce. The plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce 2.1 and higher.

Newsletters filter

Anti-spam by CleanTalk filters spam subscriptions for MailPoet, MailChimp, PopupAlly and many other newsletter plugins.

Spam filter for theme contact forms

The plugin blocks spam emails via any theme (built-in ones included) contact forms. The plugin filters spam emails silently (without any error notices on WordPress frontend) in AJAX forms as well.

bbPress spam filter

Protects everything about bbPress: logins, registrations, forums, topics and replies.

Other spam filters

  • WordPress Landing Pages.
  • WP User Frontend, UserPro.
  • Any WordPress form (checkbox 'Custom contact forms'). 
  • Any submission to the site (checkbox 'Check all POST data')

Compatible with WordPress cache plugins

  • W3 Total Cache, Quick Cache, WP Fastest Cache, Hyper Cache, WP Super cache, WP-Rocket and any other cache plugins.

Check existing comments for spam. Bulk comments removal

With the help of anti-spam by CleanTalk you can inspect through existing comments to find and quickly delete spam comments at once. To use this function, go to WP Console —> Comments —> Find spam comments.

Check existing users for spam. Bulk accounts removal

With the help of anti-spam by CleanTalk you can inspect through existing accounts to find and quickly delete spam users at once. For use this function, go to WP Console —> Users —> Check for spam.

Blocking users by country

Automatically block comments and registrations from the countries you have set a ban for. This option is useful in cases of manual spam protection and for protection enhancement. If your site is not intended for international audience and you do not expect comments/users from other countries.

Blocking comments by "stop words"

You can block comments which contain "stop words" to enhance spam filtering and messages with obscene words blocking. You can add particular words or phrases.

Private black lists for anti-spam service

Automatically block comments and registrations from your private black IP/email address list. This option helps to strengthen the protection from a manual spam or block unwanted comments from users. You can add not only the certain IP addresses, but also a separate subnet to your personal black list.

Private black list for SpamFireWall

It allows you to add individual IP addresses and subnets to SpamFireWall. It blocks the attacks from IP addresses which are not included in the SFW base yet. This option can help to block HTTP/HTTPS DDoS, SQL, brute force attacks and any others that made it through the HTTP/HTTPS. You can add not only the certain IP addresses, but also a separate subnet to your personal black list.

Low false/positive rate

This plugin uses multiple anti-spam tests to filter spam bots having as low false/positive rate as possible. Multiple anti-spam tests help to avoid false/positive blocks of the real website visitors even if one of the tests failed.

How CleanTalk improves SEO for your website?

So, you already know that the speed of the site has a direct impact on SEO.

CleanTalk works faster than most of the other anti-spam plugins. It is common knowledge that the faster your site loads, the better your customer experience is, the better your SEO will be, and the better your site will convert. Speed is becoming increasingly important in SEO, conversion and user experience. Today, site speed is one of the most important ranking factors on Google. A site that loads slowly will lose visitors and potential revenue.

There are different ways of improving your site's loading performance. One important parameter for site performance is to install well-developed plugins from a reputable source.

Among anti-spam plugins CleanTalk Anti-Spam is one of the fastest. Despite the large plug-in functionality, the developers have optimized the performance of the plugin so that CleanTalk is faster than most analogs. This contributes to the cloud service architecture, as all calculations take place in the cloud, not on the server, the server receives the finished result for further action.

How CleanTalk works?

  • A visitor writes a comment or registers
  • CleanTalk plugin sends action parameters into the CleanTalk cloud
  • Service analyzes the parameters
  • If this is a visitor, the comment will be published. If it’s a spam bot, then CleanTalk blocks this comment or registration.
  • Parameters are written to the log which can be viewed in the Control Panel service.

The CleanTalk team has been developing cloud-based spam protection for 5 years and has created a truly reliable anti-spam service designed for you to ensure your safety.

Spam attacks log

Service CleanTalk (this plugin is a client application for CleanTalk anti-spam service) records all filtered comments, registration and other spam attacks in the "Log of spam attacks" and stores the data in the log for up to 45 days. Using the log, you can ensure reliable protection of your website from spam and no false/positive filtering.


CleanTalk has an advanced option "SpamFireWall". This option allows blocking the most active spam bots before they get access to your website. It prevents spam bots from loading website pages so your web server doesn't have to perform all scripts on these pages. Also it prevents scanning of pages of the website by spam bots. Therefore SpamFireWall significantly reduces the load on your web server. SpamFireWall also makes CleanTalk the two-step protection from spam bots. SpamFireWall is the first step and it blocks the most active spam bots. CleanTalk Anti-Spam is the second step and checks all other requests on the website in the moment of submitting comments/registers etc.

How SpamFireWall works?

  • The visitor enters to your web site.
  • HTTP request data are being checked in the nearly 5.8 million of the identified spam bot IPs.
  • If it is an active spam bot, the bot gets a blank page, if it is a visitor then he receives a normal page. This process is completely transparent for the visitors.

All the CleanTalk SpamFireWall activity is being logged in the process of filtering.

SpamFireWall DDoS Protection

SpamFireWall can mitigate HTTP/HTTPS DDoS attacks. When an intruder makes GET requests to attack your website, SpamFireWall blocks all requests from bad IP addresses. Your website gives the intruder a special page with the description of DDoS rejection instead of the website pages. Therefore SpamFireWall helps to reduce CPU usage of your server.

XML-RPC brute force protection

SpamFireWall can mitigate XML-RPC brute force attacks. It blocks XML-RPC attacks from bad IP addresses. This helps to prevent bruteforce attacks by a Remote Procedure Call.

No spam comments, no spam registrations, no spam contact emails, no spam trackbacks. CAPTCHA-free anti-spam for WordPress

Spam is one of the most irritating things. Spam rates are increasing every year and conventional anti-spam can no longer handle all spam bots. CleanTalk prevents and automatically blocks spam. You'll be surprised how effective CleanTalk is in protecting from spam.

AntiSpam plugin info

CleanTalk is an all-in-one anti-spam solution for WordPress that protects login, comment, contact and WooCommerce forms at once. You don't need to install separate anti-spam plugins for each form. It allows your blog to work faster and save resources. After installation you will forget about spam; your CleanTalk plugin will do all the work. You won't have to deal with spam as CleanTalk does this for you automatically.

CleanTalk is a transparent anti-spam tool, we provide detailed statistics of all incoming comments and logins. You can always be sure that there are no errors. We have developed a mobile app for you to see anti-spam statistics wherever you want.

We have developed the anti-spam for WordPress that protects you from spam bots at the maximum level allowing you to provide your visitors a simple and convenient form of comments/registrations without annoying CAPTCHAs and puzzles. CleanTalk detects spam in multistage tests allowing us to block up to 99.998% of spam bots.

The anti-spam method offered by CleanTalk avoids inconvenient for communication methods (CAPTCHA, question-answer etc.), and offers to your site visitors a more comfortable one.

CleanTalk is a premium anti-spam service for WordPress, the plugin works with our own CleanTalk Cloud Service. CleanTalk offers a free trial, you can look at the pricing here. We provide anti-spam services at the highest level. To maintain this level we cannot afford to offer a free version of our service, as this will immediately affect the quality of the providing anti-spam protection. Paying for a year of anti-spam service, you save a lot more and receive:

  • Up to 99.998% protection from spam bots.
  • Time and resources saving.
  • More registrations/comments/visitors.
  • Protection of the several websites at once in different CMS.
  • Ease in installation and using.
  • Traffic increase and loyalty to the users.
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • Clear statistics.
  • No captcha (reCaptcha), puzzles, etc.
  • Free mobile app to control anti-spam function on your website.

Additional features

  • Daily and weekly detailed anti-spam reports: traffic VS spam.
  • Apps for iPhone, Android to control anti-spam service, comments, signups, contacts, traffic and spam statistics for the last 7 days.
  • AntiSpam apps for most popular CMS on

How to protect sites from spam bots without CAPTCHA?

The most popular method is CAPTCHA - the annoying picture with curved and sloping symbols, which are presented to the visitor to decipher and fill in. It is supposed that spam bots won't discern these CAPTCHA, but a visitor will. CAPTCHA provokes great irritation, but if the visitor wants to comment, he has to fill in these symbols time after time, making mistakes and starting once again. Sometimes CAPTCHA reminds us of the doodles of a two year old child. For users with vision problems CAPTCHA is an insurmountable obstacle. Users hate captcha. Captcha for users means "hate". Unreadable CAPTCHA stops about 80% of site visitors. After 2 failed attempts to decipher CAPTCHA 95% of visitors reject further attempts. At the sight of CAPTCHA and after input errors, many visitors leave the resource. Thus, CAPTCHA helps to protect the resource both from bots and visitors. CAPTCHA is not a panacea from spam. Doubts concerning the Need for CAPTCHA?

“Ultimately, CAPTCHAs are useless for spam because they’re designed to tell you if someone is ‘human’ or not, but not whether something is spam or not.” Matt Mullenweg

You do not have to work in IT to know what spam is. Besides piles of unwanted email, there are spam bots, or special software programs designed to act as human website visitors that post unwelcome messages over the Internet to advertise dubious services. More often than not spam messages do not even make sense. Similar to bacteria and virus mutations developing antibiotic resistance, spam bots are becoming more resilient in penetrating Internet firewalls and security layers.

Why are they spamming me?

Spammers want to get backlinks from your site to improve their site's PageRank or redirect your visitors to malicious sites.This level of spam can damage your reputation with readers and commentators if you fail to tackle it. It is not uncommon for some WordPress websites to receive hundreds or even thousands of comments every week. However, by using a CleanTalk plugin, spam can be easily handled by your WordPress website.

CleanTalk's features

CleanTalk is one of the fastest plugins that allows you to lower the server load. One of the important parameters for each webmaster is the speed of the site, so we make sure that our plugin consumes as few server resources as possible. The Cloud Service provides the advantage: all data processing takes place in the Cloud.

CleanTalk team has developed unique algorithms to assess visitors' behavior. CleanTalk analyzes user behavior and the parameters of the filled forms. Our anti-spam module, being installed in your website, sends the behavior parameters of either a visitor or a spam bot. When these parameters are estimated, the CleanTalk service makes a decision – to post a message or to define it as spam and reject it. Based on these checks, the service forms its own list of email addresses used by spam bots.

The registrations of visitors are being checked in a similar manner. The service adds to the blacklist not just email addresses, but also IP addresses and domains of websites that promote themselves through spam mailing. All of this happens automatically and requires no action from the administration of the website. In 2.5 million queries the service makes a mistake in 40-45 cases, i.e. CleanTalk detects spam with 99.9982% accuracy. We constantly monitor these errors and make adjustments to our algorithms. Even with this exceptional accuracy our team is aiming to improve the figures over time.

All-in-one. CleanTalk protects all forms instantaneously — comments, registrations, feedback, contacts. No need to install additional plugins for each form. You save resources and increase performance of your website.

Spam attacks log. The service CleanTalk records all filtered comments, registrations and other spam attacks in the “Log of spam attacks” and stores the data in the log for up to 45 days. Using the log, you can ensure reliable protection of your website from spam and experience no false/positive filtering.

With the help of anti-spam by CleanTalk you can check existing comments and users, to find and quickly delete spam comments at once. This allows administrators of websites to automatically check and identify spam bots, comments and users, which were not detected by conventional anti-spam tools. The existing comments and users checking process is performed in a database of the nearly 2 million identified spam bots. Detailed statistics allows CleanTalk customers to fully control it.

CleanTalk has an advanced option “SpamFireWall”. This option allows you to block the most active spam bots before they get access to your website. It unloads you website pages when an attempt attack was made, so your web server won't run unnecessary scripts on these pages. Also it prevents any scanning of website pages by spam bots. Subsequently SpamFireWall significantly reduces your webserver load. SpamFireWall can mitigate HTTP/HTTPS DDoS attacks. When an intruder makes GET requests to attack your website, SpamFireWall will block requests from bad IP addresses. Your website gives the intruder a special page with a description of DDoS rejection instead of the website pages. SpamFireWall can help to reduce the CPU usage of your server because of this reason.

“CleanTalk team has been developing a cloud spam protection system for five years and has created a truly reliable anti-spam service designed for you to guarantee your safety”.

We recommend

Max power, all-in-one, premium anti-spam WordPress plugin. No comments & registrations spam, no contact spam, protects any forms. Just install and forget spam.

Author –°leanTalk
Contributors znaeff, shagimuratov, serge00, sartemd174
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  1. cleantalk-spam-protect screenshot 1

    AntiSpam settings.

  2. cleantalk-spam-protect screenshot 2

    AntiSpam plugin rejected a spam bot at the CAPTCHA less registration form. The plugin provides explanation to visitor and websites about each rejected comment/registration or contact message.

  3. cleantalk-spam-protect screenshot 3

    Use AntiSpam analytics tool for each website in service Dashboard to have information about spam/legitimate statistics.

  4. cleantalk-spam-protect screenshot 4

    Use AntiSpam log to control anti-spam plugin.

  5. cleantalk-spam-protect screenshot 5

    CleanTalk works faster than most of other anti-spam plugins.

  6. cleantalk-spam-protect screenshot 6

    The Dashboard with a map of most spam active countries per your account.

Spam protection plugin setup

  1. Download, install and activate Anti-spam by CleanTalk.
  2. Get Access key
  3. Enter Access key in the settings,

WordPress console -> Settings -> CleanTalk

  1. Do dummy spam comment (registration or contact message) with email You should see notice,

*** Forbidden. Sender blacklisted. ***

Important To test spam protection you must post a dummy submissions as website visitor (use must logged out from WordPress console), because the plugin doesn't filter submissions from WordPress administrators.

Done! The plugin is ready to use.

How can setup plugin in WPMU version?

In WordPress multisite version you can switch the plugin to use Global Access key. In this way the plugin doesn't show any options to enter Access key in plugin settings and doesn't show Trial banner in WordPress backend. To setup global CleanTalk access key for all websites in WPMU, define constant in your wp-config.php file before defining database constants:

define('CLEANTALK_ACCESS_KEY', 'place your key here');

Now, all subsites will have this access key.

Manage and control spam protection

Go to Dashboard at the or use Android, iPhone anti-spam app to manage and control spam protection.

5.58 February 15 2017

  • Work without access key
  • Bitrix24 contact integration
  • Issues fixes

5.57.1 February 8 2017

  • Fix for notice logic.

5.57 February 8 2017

  • Setting page changes.
  • Bug fixes for WooCommerce.
  • SpamFireWall filters only GET requests.
  • Optimization.
  • Minor and major fixes.

5.56.1 January 25 2017

  • Minor fixes

5.56 January 19 2017

  • Integrations: MailChimp Premium, Profile Press.
  • Changes comments flow.
  • FireWall updater fix.
  • Users check optimization.

5.55 December 23 2016

  • Integrations: Caldera Forms, Visual Form Builder.
  • Fix for different 'cookies' header names.
  • Fixed user deletion.

5.54 December 12 2016

  • Integrations: AmoForms, Contact Form Clean and Simple.
  • Comments check logic refreshed.
  • Registration JS error fix.
  • Users check fix.
  • Fix for translation system.
  • Minor fixes.

5.53.1 December 9 2016

  • Minor layout fixes.

5.53 November 28 2016

  • Addition warning before deleting users.
  • SpamFireWall is enabled by default.
  • Usernoise modal feedback / contact form : integration.
  • Translations.
  • Optimization.
  • Fixes.

5.52.1 November 14 2016

  • Users and comments check: Using new API method.
  • Quick Contact From: Integration via "Custom Contact Forms" setting.
  • JavaScript filtration improved.
  • Translation changes.
  • Optimized JavaScript code.

5.51 November 2 2016

  • Added protection for internal forms
  • Immediate spam check for comments and users from WP dashboard
  • Optimized code

5.50.1 October 24 2016

  • Improved filtration in contact forms.
  • SpamFireWall: Fixed issue with SFW logs
  • Skipping service fields: Fast Secure Contact Froms, QU Forms, Custom Contact Forms

5.50 October 20 2016

  • Custom contact forms: integration.
  • Pirate Forms: integration.
  • PHP 7 compatibility: Deleted third-party JSON library and dependences.
  • PHP 7 compatibility: Fixed end of lines.
  • YOAST Seo: Fixed PHP warnings.
  • SpamFireWall: Minor fix for SpamFireWall counter.
  • Only admin could access to CleanTalk dashboard (exclude Authors an Editors).
  • Improved filtration in contact forms.

5.49.2 October 5 2016

  • Second Fix for database error. Stable version.

5.49.1 October 5 2016

  • Fixed database error.

5.49 October 3 2016

  • SpamFireWall feature: Class upgraded.
  • New feature: Delete links from approved comments.
  • Settings: Grouped.
  • Settings: Altered description fixed spelling mistakes.
  • Settings: Added indicator for SpamFireWall.
  • Admin bar: Added SpamFireWall counter
  • Clean and Simple Contact Form: Direct integration.
  • WooCommerce: Don't check password recovery form.
  • WooCommerce Wishlists: Issue with check for Google bots.
  • JetPack: contact form fix.
  • Fixed and created the defaults for all CleanTalk options.
  • Fixed spelling mistakes.

5.48 September 15 2016

  • buddyPress: Added private messages filtering. Doesn't check user if he has 3 or more messages in the "sentbox" and "inbox" folders.
  • buddyPress: Added option in settings for private messages check.
  • WooCommerce Wishlist: Added check for wishlists.
  • Fixed issue with "check all post data" option.
  • Improved filtering for Gravity Forms
  • Mobile Assistant Connector fix
  • Minor fixes.

5.47 September 5 2016

  • WooCommerce: direct integration for checkout form.
  • WooCommerce Sensei: login form fix.
  • bbPress: Added the check for topics and comments with stop_words
  • bbPress: Skip check for admin in comments and topics
  • UserPro: fixes. Request without field "shortcode"
  • Contact Form 7: Bug fix.
  • SpamFireWall: Optimized logs rotation.
  • Updated inner functions (compatibility fix for PHP 5.4+)
  • Fixed output of counters (without spamfirewall statistics)
  • Fixed spelling in settings
  • Added "Delete from the list" button in comments spam check page
  • Minor fixes.

5.46 August 17 2016

  • Fixed issue with admin bar links in WP Multi Network mode.
  • Added "All time counter" and "Daily counter" into admin bar.
  • Added settings to disable counters in admin bar.
  • New style for "Get access key manually" button.

5.45.2 August 4 2016

  • Added Anti-Spam protection for Quick Event Manager.
  • Improved bulk spam test for users. Now the plugin does not mark as Spam user, if the user IP address has spam activity more than 30 days ago.
  • Fixed bulk spam test for comments. Previous version had a conflict between spam history for IP and Email.
  • Minor fix function to get the API key.

5.45.1 July 26 2016

  • Fixed issue with missed spam messages, subscriptions.
  • Improved bulk spam test for comments. Now the plugin will not mark as Spam comments, if a comment sender (IP address) has spam activity more than 30 days ago.

5.45 July 21 2016

  • Optimized bulk spam comments deletion.
  • Turned off JavaScript anti-spam cookies if the option 'Set cookies' is turned off. It helps to avoid issues with Varnish.
  • Added links to bulk spam comments&users removal tool.

5.44.1 July 13 2016

  • Optimized options getting code.
  • Added the option 'Protect Logged in users' to do anti-spam tests for submissions by logged in users.

5.43.2 June 30 2016

  • Optimized anti-spam code for AJAX based contact forms.
  • Fixed CSS layout of counters in Admin bar (issue with layout in IE11).

5.43.1 June 23 2016

  • Added agent version in requests to test a connection between the website and servers.
  • Fixed issue with PHP notices in cleantalk-admin.php.

5.43 June 22 2016

  • Added spam protection for registrations via 'Login with AJAX' plug-in.
  • Added a new counter to Admin bar that allows to count spam and approved submissions since last reset.
  • Update the code that tests a connection between a website and CleanTalk's servers. New version doesn't generate submissions with email
  • Fixed issue with spam protection for nested forms by Formidable plug-in.

5.42 2016-06-15

  • Added anti-spam protection for UserPro.
  • Improved protection for Formidable forms + Varnish.
  • Improved bulk search for spam accounts.
  • Fixed spam protection for pages that contain multiple Formidable forms with same HTML ID.
  • Optimized PHP code to be compatible with PHP 5.4 and above. The patch has been applied to Formidable forms spam protection.
  • Minor fixes in plugin backend.

5.41 2016-05-31

  • Added HTTP response in plugin response if an network issue was happend.
  • Optimized JavaScript anti-spam test for Formidable forms.
  • Re-stored the option to auto redirect to plugn settings after plugin activation.
  • Updated Spanish, Russian translations.
  • Fixed issue with nasted fields in Formidable forms.

5.40.3 2016-05-26

  • Added option to encrypt (SSL) connection to CleanTalk anti-spam servers.
  • Added JSON encoding for AJAX forms.
  • Obfuscated private data for Custom contact forms option.
  • Optimized bulk users check for spam over blacklists database.
  • Fixed issue with lost connection to servers and JavaScript anti-spam test.
  • Fixed issue with WordFence and collect_details.

5.40.2 2016-05-11

  • Improved account status check logic.
  • Fixed issue with double anti-spam tests for FastSecure contact forms.
  • Fixed issue with nulled JavaScript variables assigned from backend. This issue might me occured on standart WordPress registration form and with failed JavaScript spam test.
  • Fixed issue with session_start() with PHP sessions stored in memcache.

5.40.1 2016-04-28

  • Fixed issue with Super Socializer.
  • Fixed issue with spam filtration for logged in users and Formidable forms.
  • Added logging of all submitted fields for FastSecure contact form.

5.40 2016-04-19

  • Added JSON encoding for posts that were protected via Custom contact forms option. It allows show anti-spam logs in the Dashboard in more comfortable view.
  • Minor fix in plugin settings.
  • Fixed pagination for bulk users spam test.
  • Fixed issue with unknown _SESSION.
  • Fixed issue with double SpamFireWall database upload.

5.39.1 2016-04-04

  • Improved AJAX based anti-spam test with HTTPS backends.
  • Added fix to avoid issue with empty ct_info_flag on JavaScript side.
  • Added logic to exclude caching for SpamFireWall.
  • Removed a condition to skip accounts with IP in spam test for registered acconts.

5.38.1 2016-03-24

  • Fixed issue with PHP sessions and 'The session id is too long or contains illegal characters'.
  • Removed SpamFireWall protection on /feed page.
  • Disabled anti-spam tests for AJAX calls if the option 'Custom contact forms' is turned off.
  • Added reject notice for spam submissions on Gravity forms with AJAX calls.

5.37.3 2016-03-10

  • Fixed bug with broken MailPoet previews.
  • Fixed bug with broken Geo My WP pop-up windows.
  • Fixed issue with mb_convert_encoding() function.
  • Removed double JavaScript code in front-end.
  • Removed unused variables in anti spam logic.
  • Added option 'Set cookies' (turned on by default). If the option turned off, the plugin will not generate cookies, but in this case plugin will not protect some rarely used contact forms. Any way, turn this option off be compatible with Varnish in spam protection for WordPress core comments, registrations and most popular contact forms.
  • Added anti-spam protection for Gravity forms via option 'Contact forms' with hook gform_entry_is_spam().

5.36.1 2016-02-05

  • Fixed bug, when users receive error after logging in
  • Improve anti-spam filters for contact forms.

5.36 2016-02-04

  • Improved JavaScript anti spam protection
  • Improvements for avoiding blocking requests from payment systems

5.35 2016-01-14

  • Added support for IP licensing
  • Some anti-spam protection improvements
  • Small backend interface fixes

5.34.1 2015-12-17

  • Fixed trackback antispam protection: improved checking mechanism
  • Fixed problem with blocking MailPoet: added exclusions in spam checking algorithm

5.34 2015-12-10

  • Improved spam checking mechanism
  • Added "Collect browser details" option for better antispam protection
  • Fixed custom contact forms checking for AJAX requests
  • Minor translations fixes

5.33.1 2015-12-04

  • Fixed issue with BBPress: restored old user permission checking mechanism
  • Fixed anti-spam comments checking: sometimes get_comments returned wrong comments number
  • Fixed bulk checking: made numeric indexes in users and comments arrays
  • Fixed trackback and pingback checking: removed exception for checking

5.33 2015-12-01

  • Backend interface fixes
  • Improved SpamFireWall efficiency
  • Improved performance of anti spam checking

5.32 2015-11-26

  • Added improvements for manual spam detection
  • Fixed errors in backend
  • Fixed bulk users anti spam checking
  • Added indicator for bulk spam checking
  • Added "Get access key automatically" button

5.31 2015-11-11

  • Improved backend performance
  • Fixed counter of approved/blocked spam attacks
  • Fixed SpamFireWall logging

5.30 2015-11-05

  • Improved anti-spam checking
  • Optimized performance
  • Fixed blocking email preview in MailPoet
  • Interface fixes
  • WPMU interface fixes

5.29 2015-10-27

  • Optimized performance
  • Fixed bugs in custom contact forms spam checking

5.28.7 2015-10-23

  • Optimized PHP sessions creation algorithm. This fix should increase plugin perfomance on hostings without retenion of PHP sessions files.
  • Removed autoredirection to plugin settings after plugin activation.

5.28 2015-10-16

  • Fixed errors in anti-spam checking
  • Restored options for spam checking registrations and cpmmon contact forms
  • Improved spam protection
  • Fixed problems with AJAX functionality in MailPoet, WooCommerce and other AJAX plugins

5.27 2015-10-13

  • Improvements in SpamFireWall feature
  • Code optimization
  • Backend interface fixes

5.26 2015-10-05

  • Added WordPress Language Pack support
  • Removed spam checking for some autorisation plugins
  • New experimental feature: SpamFireWall

5.25.2 2015-09-28

  • Fixed backend bug

5.25.1 2015-09-28

  • Added widget with anti-spam statistics
  • Added information about blocked spam attacks in admin dashboard and CleanTalk settings
  • Added ability not to check comments for users with 3 or above allowed comments
  • Added an option 'Help others known CleanTalk' to show information for site visitors, that your site is protected from spam by us
  • Some backend interface settings

5.24.1 2015-09-16

  • Fixed some errors in frontend
  • Fixed access key saving

5.24 2015-09-14

  • Backend interface fixes
  • Improvement for AJAX JavaScript spam checking

5.23 2015-09-01

  • Fixed BuddyPress profile search false positivities of anti-spam protection.
  • Some interface fixes of bulk users & comments spam checking

5.22 2015-08-26

  • Fixed possible XSS issue for anti-spam test on third-party forms.

5.21 2015-08-21

  • Fixed bug with skipping spam submissions
  • Fixed bug with receiving old user_token for viewing anti-spam statistics
  • Small backend fixes

5.20 2015-08-15

  • Fixed anti-spam stats in admin bar - now statistics updates every hour
  • Fixed issue with skipping spam submissions
  • Added some PHP-constants for advanced users - CLEANTALK_AJAX_USE_BUFFER and CLEANTALK_AJAX_USE_FOOTER_HEADER can be defined to true or false in wp-config.php to control method, which will be used for injection of AJAX script.

5.19 2015-08-11

  • New feature: anti-spam checking for registered users
  • Fixed issue with AJAX JavaScript anti-spam test.
  • Fixed issue with SEO Yoast xml sitemaps and JavaScript anti-spam test.

5.18 2015-08-04

  • Fixed issue with user_token
  • Added anti-spam API, see our FAQ

5.17 2015-07-23

  • Fixed infinite redirection after activation
  • Minor backend fixes

5.16 2015-07-22

  • Fixed external services checking
  • Fixed mass comments deletion
  • Fixed AJAX anti-spam protection

5.15 2015-07-16

  • New feature: anti-spam protection for forms, that uses external services

5.14 2015-07-03

  • Added anti-spam protection for some themes and plugins
  • Some backend fixes

5.13 2015-06-12

  • Closing notification for anti-spam renew
  • Fixed bulk anti spam comment checking

5.12 2015-06-01

  • Added option for checking all post data for spam
  • Some JavaScript protection improvements
  • Added option for old JavaScript check (without AJAX)

5.10 2015-05-25

  • Fixed Javascript error on some forms

5.9 2015-05-21

  • Fixed Javascript error on CF7 and JetPack
  • Some backend and frontent fixes

5.8 2015-05-18

  • Minor fixes

5.7 2015-05-18

  • Fixed French translation
  • Fixed protection algorithm

5.6 2015-05-11

  • Fixed translation
  • Fixed bulk comments anti-spam checking
  • Added option for disabling anti spam statistics in adminbar
  • Some security fixes

5.5 2015-04-29

  • Fixed security issue
  • Some interface fixes

5.4 2015-04-27

  • Some interface and functionality changes in plugin settings page
  • Added counter for anti-spam statistics in admin bar

5.3 2015-04-13

  • Added anti-spam protection for Divi theme contact forms
  • Added anti-spam protection for MyMail contact forms
  • Added anti-spam protection for MailPoet Newsletters
  • Some interface and functionality changes in backend

5.2 2015-04-01

  • Added link for anti-spam statistics
  • Added WP User Frontend Pro registration form protection

5.1 2015-03-24

  • Fixed site crash after installing 5.0 on some websites

5.0 2015-03-24

  • Added bulk comments checking for spam via CleanTalk blacklists
  • Added anti-spam form protection for 'Ajax Login & Register'
  • Fixed JetPack form protection

4.24 2015-03-20

  • Added immediate spam protection activation.

4.22 2015-03-17

  • Added button for automatic spam protection key getting.

4.21 2015-03-11

  • Added license renew notification.

4.20 2015-03-03

  • Added German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese translations.
  • Minor code fixes.

4.19 2015-02-24

  • Increased keys lifetime for JS spam test.

4.18 2015-02-17

  • Fixed bug with comments approvement - moved ct_unmark_red() to cleantalk-admin.php
  • Added PayPal 'payment_status' in skip list.
  • Added Akismet 'spam' status processing.

4.17 2015-02-12

  • New base class.
  • Divided code to 3 separate files - common, public and admin.

4.16 2015-02-05

  • New base class.
  • Fixed JetPack spam filters logics.
  • Optimized Formidable, bbPress, BuddyPress spam filters.

4.15 2015-01-29

  • Support spam test for Contact Form 7 versions before 3.0.0.
  • Fixed global JS-vars for JS spam test.
  • Fixed online notice cookie logics.
  • Optimized spam filters for FSCF, WooCommerce, JetPack.
  • Optimized option getting.

4.14 2015-01-19

  • Removed deprecated option from comment approvement code.
  • New API key URL.
  • Trimmed API key in admin panel.
  • Added current options to array sended to CleanTalk servers.

4.13 2014-12-29

  • Fixed bug with autimatically aprovement not spam comments. Now this option disabled and do not override local WordPress policy.

4.12 2014-12-29

  • Fixed bug with 'Wrong Access key...' notice in WordPress dashboard.
  • Fixed filtration bug in WordPress dashboard login form.

4.11 2014-12-22

  • Improved anti-spam protection for custom contact/registration/subscribe forms.
  • Improved anti-spam protection for comments.
  • Accelerated plugin speed for comments, regirstrations and contacts.
  • Added translation to French.

4.10 2014-12-10

  • Improved anti-spam protection for custom contact/registration/subscribe forms.
  • Option 'Custom contact forms' enabled by default for new setups.
  • Removed settings "Publish relevant comments", "Use encrypted (SSL) connection".
  • Added translation to Danish (thank you for Mikkel at

4.9 2014-11-24

  • Fixed spam test for Contact Form 7.

4.8 2014-11-19

  • Improved anti-spam protection for BuddyPress registrations and custom contact forms.

4.7 2014-11-16

  • Fixed JavaScript spam test for FastSecure contact form.

4.6 2014-11-11

  • Improved anti-spam protection on BuddyPress registrations.
  • Improved anti-spam protection on contact forms.
  • Removed plugin sign from pending, spam comments. To get details about a comment please use Dashboard at
  • Improved Access key validation function.
  • Added protection for bbPress comments via stop list. Stop list function is a list to reject comments by prefiled words. To fill the list please use Dashboard at

4.5 2014-11-04

  • Fixed CF7 JavaScript bug.
  • Fixed rejects in bbPress guests comments.

4.4 2014-10-29

  • Improved anti-spam JS test for CF7.
  • Fixed 'noscript' text in FaceBook Like preview in Valenti theme.

4.2 2014-10-20

  • Fixed double checks issue for BuddyPress registrations.
  • Increased timeout limits to find the work server.

4.1 2014-10-13

  • Optimized code for manual moderation feedback sending.
  • Optimized anti-spam algorithms for comments, contacts and signups.

4.0 2014-10-06

  • Improved anti-spam protection for custom contact forms.
  • Improved anti-spam protection for registration forms.

3.9 2014-10-01

  • Did exception to do not break to create new user in WordPress backend.

3.8 2014-09-19

  • Fixed json_encode() + malformed characters.
  • Fixed JavaScript issue with wpautop().

3.6 2014-09-15

  • Fixed preg_match() issue for Formidable forms and Custom contact forms.
  • Improved anti-spam protection for Custom contact forms.

3.4 2014-09-04

  • We've added anti-spam for themes contact forms and any untested contact forms plugins. To use this test enable option "Custom contact forms" in plugin settings.
  • We've added auto rotation for spam comments. Now the plugin removes comments in SPAM folder older then 15 days. This option is enabled by default.

3.2 2014-08-27

  • Fixed submit_time() logic for failed submits (comments/registrations). Now form fill time resets after every failed submit.

3.1 2014-08-19

  • Added anti-spam test over senders Cookies.
  • Improved form fill anti-spam test.
  • Improved speed selection of the nearest server to website.
  • Improved anti-spam speed for comments.
  • Relevance anti-spam test disabled by default. To enable test should be used option 'relevance_test'.

2.58 2014-08-06

  • Added anti-spam protection for signups posted via WooCommerce order form.
  • Improved anti-spam protection for Contact Form 7.
  • Improved anti-spam protection for registrations. Now the plugin looking for JavaScript anti spam test results not only in POST array, but in COOKIES array too. This improvement allows protect signup forms for any untested signups plugins and themes.
  • Updated PHP API. Now the plugin can resolve sender IP for websites behind proxy servers. If the proxy servers uses private IP address.

2.57 2014-07-29

  • Improved anti-spam protection for comments. The plugin now proccessing website url in the comments form.
  • Fixed sign remove logic for approved comments. Previous version doesn't cut sign for comments approved via AJAX call in WordPress backend.
  • Fixed switching to SSL for comments. Previous version doesn't use secured connection for comments.

2.56 2014-07-21

  • Fixed account status check logic. Previous version makes unnecessary test API calls when the plugin asks account status check.

2.55 2014-07-11

  • Fixed bug with account status function. In backend the plugin showed notice 'Please don’t forget to disable CAPTCHA if you have it!' on every page.

2.54 2014-07-11

  • Fixed signup anti-spam protection logic for BuddyPress registrations.
  • Fixed anti-spam protection for JetPack contact form.
  • Changed account status check logic.

2.53 2014-06-27

  • Fixed anit-spam protection bug for signups.
  • Changed anti-spam functions (comments and signups) priority.

2.52 2014-06-25

  • Fixed 'Fatal error: Call to a member function get_error_code()' issue with signups via BuddyPress.

2.51 2014-06-23

  • Added spam protection for registrations via plugin New User Approve by Josh Harrison. If the CleanTalk matched signup as spam this signup will be denied to placing in pending queue.
  • Added option "Use secure (SSL) connection to CleanTalk cloud". If the option enabled plugin will communicate with CleanTalk severs via 128bit encrypted data channel. So, if you have SSL protected webforms on website you can use this option to be sure that visitors personal data safely transmits to CleanTalk servers.
  • Fixed minor bug with loading backend functions.

2.49 2014-06-10

  • Added spam protection for S2Member forms.
  • Added spam protection for multisite signup form.
  • Optimized account status check function.

2.46 2014-05-19

  • Added: HTML notice about the need to enable JavaScript.
  • Fixed: Fixed pingbacks anti-spam test.

2.44 2014-05-12

  • Added: Anti-spam protection for S2Member framework.
  • Improved: JavaScript anti-spam test.
  • Improved: Plugin load time for backend and frontend.
  • Fixed: PHP warning mb_convert_encoding()

2.42 2014-04-29

  • Fixed: JavaScript anti-spam test for comments.

2.40 2014-04-25

  • New: Fast Secure Contact form support.
  • New: WordPress Landing Pages support

2.38 2014-03-27

  • Fixed: Registraion form submit time spam test.

2.36 2014-03-12

  • Reversed to patches from old revisions.

2.35 2014-03-12

  • New: Notifications about disabled account
  • New: Improved JavaScript spam test.
  • Fixed: Code optimization
  • Fixed: JavaScript test for signups.

2.33 2014-02-12

  • Fixed: CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION bug at admin notice

2.32 2014-02-04

  • New: Added notice about automatically approved comment. The notice shows only for first approved comment and only for new commentators (without approved comments) of the blog.
  • New: At WordPress console added banner for notices.
  • Changed: Screenshots updated.

2.31 2014-01-24

  • New: Added spam protection for JetPack comments
  • Fixed: cURL connection issue "Expect: 100-continue"

2.30 2014-01-13

  • Changed: Improved servers connection logic.
  • Fixed: Antispam test for Fomidable forms.

2.28 2013-12-19

  • New: Added protection against spam bots for WooCommerce review form.
  • Fixed: JavaScript anti-spam logic for WooCommerce review form.

2.27 2013-12-06

  • New: Added protection against spam bots for JetPack Contact form.
  • Fixed: JavaScript anti-spam logic for registrations and Contact form 7.

2.25 2013-11-27

  • New: Added protection against spam bots for BuddyPress registrations.
  • New: Added protection against spam bots for Contact form 7.
  • New: Added Spanish (es_ES) translation.

2.23 2013-11-20

  • New: Added automatic training blacklists on spam bot account deletion.
  • New: Added URL to project homepage at plugin options.
  • Chan

Does the plugin protect from brute force, DoS attacks and spam attacks?

Yes, it does. Please turn the option 'SpamFireWall' on in the plugin settings to protect your website from DoS/DDoS, XML-RPC attacks.

Is the anti-spam protection safe for mobile visitors?

Yes, it is. The plugin doesn't block mobile visitors as well as desktop website visitors. It uses several independent anti-spam tests to decrease the number of false outcomes and to have as low false-positive rate as possible. Multiple anti-spam tests help to avoid false/positive blocks for real website visitors even if one of the tests failed.

What does the plugin do with spam comments?

Spam comments are being moved to SPAM folder by default or you can set the option to ban spam comments silently.

How does the plugin stop spam?

Please, note — administrator's actions are NOT being checked.

The plugin uses several simple tests to stop spammers:

  1. JavaScript anti-spam test. 99% of spam bots don't have full JavaScript functions support. So, the plugin has the code which can be run by normal visitor and can't be run by the spam bot.
  2. Email, IP, domain spam activity list entries check. The plugin uses spam activity database online at, consisting of more than 20 billion spam activity records of IPs, Emails, Domains and ASN. If the sender's IP or Email is in the database, the sender gets some spam scores. To reduce false/positive rate the plugin not only uses the blacklist test to ban spammers, the sender will be banned when and only when multiple spam tests have been failed.
  3. Comment submit time. Spam bots usually submit the info immediately after the page has been loaded, this happens because spam bots don't actually fill the web form, they just send $_POST data to the blog. The normal visitor sends the data after several seconds or minutes.

Will the anti-spam plugin protect my theme?

Yes, it will. The Anti-spam by CleanTalk is compatible with any WordPress theme.

How can I test the anti-spam protection?

Please use the email for comments, contacts or signups to see how the anti-spam protection works. Also you can see the logs for the last 7 days at the Control panel or look at the folder "Spam" for banned comments.

Is the plugin effective against spam bots?

The plugin Anti-Spam by CleanTalk stops up to 99.998% of spam comments, spam signups (registrations), spam contact emails, spam subscriptions, spam bookings or spam orders.

What about pingback, trackback spam?

The plugin passes pingbacks without any checks by default. All trackbacks will be blocked if the sender had spam activity.

Can I use CleanTalk with Akismet?

Sure, you can use CleanTalk with Akismet. In this case you will probably have higher false/positive rate (when legitimate comments/signups are being denied), but you will have stronger antispam protection on your website.

Is CleanTalk better than Akismet?

Please look at this features comparison here

Can I use CleanTalk to remove pending spam comments?

Yes, you can. The plugin has the option to test all pending comments via database of spam active IP/Email, found spam comments will be moved to Trash folder.

How does the plugin find spam in pending comments or registered accounts?

The plugin checks all non-spam comments in the blacklist database and shows you those senders who have spam activity on other websites. There are some differences between blacklist database and API to protect you from spam bot registrations/comments online. Blacklists show all history of spam activity, but our API (which is used in spam tests) relies on other parameters too: last day of activity, number of spam attacks during the last days etc. These mechanisms help us to reduce the number of false outcomes. So, there is nothing strange, if some emails/IPs are not found by bulk comments/accounts test.

To check comments please go here:

WordPress console -> Comments -> Find spam comments

To check users please go here:

WordPress console -> Users -> Find spam users

Should I use other anti-spam tools (Captcha, reCaptcha and etc.)?

CleanTalk stops up to 99.998% of spam bots, so you can disable other anti-spam plugins (especially CAPTCHA-type anti-spam plugins). In some cases several anti-spam plugins could conflict with each other, so it would be better to use just one plugin.

Is the plugin compatible with WordPress MultiUser (WPMU or WordPress network)?

Yes, the plugin is compatible with WordPress MultiUser. Each blog in multisite environment has individual anti-spam options for the protection from spam bots.

After the installation I noticed that the number of spam attacks has been increased in the statistics

There are a few reasons for this:

  • With the indexing of your web-site by the search systems, appearance of external links and better search results position, your web-site attracts more and more spambots.
  • Non-transparent protection systems like CAPTCHA or question/answer, that don't have spam attacks statistics, don't let you see the whole picture, or the picture is incomplete.
  • Counting methods for spam attacks and spam bots are different for different systems, thus the diversity appears. We seek to provide detailed statistics.

Why my dummy "spam" comment passed to the WordPress?

The plugin has several options to detect spam bots and humans. If you just post spammy text like this:

"I want to sell something", "Buy something here.." and etc

the comments will be passed, because the plugin detects sender as a human. So, use special email to test the anti-spam functionality or wait a few days to see how the plugin works.

Is it free or paid?

The plugin is free. But the plugin uses CleanTalk cloud service to filter spam bots. You have to register an account and then you will receive a free trial to test anti-spam for comments, registrations, bookings, contacts or orders. When the trial (on CleanTalk account) is finished, you can renew the subscription for 1 year or deactivate anti-spam plugin.

Can I use CleanTalk with cache plugins?

Anti-spam by CleanTalk doesn't use static HTML code in its templates, so all anti-spam functions work correctly with any WordPress cache plugins.

Does the plugin protect from spam bots if I use forms with third-party services?

Yes, it does. Plugin protects web-forms on your websites which send data to third-party servers (like MailChimp). To enable this protection set the option 'Protect external forms' in the plugin settings.

Does CleanTalk compatible with Cloudflare?

CleanTalk is fully compatible with CloudFlare. Service doesn't filter CloudFlares IP's (AS13335) through blacklists database, so in this case plugin/service filters spam bots using other anti-spam tests.

Is CleanTalk compatible with a content delivery network (CDN)?

Yes, it is. CleanTalk works with any CDN system, i.e. CloudFlare, MaxCDN, Akamai.

Can I use CleanTalk functionality in my plugins?

Yes, you can. Just use following snippet:

    include_once( ABSPATH . '/wp-content/plugins/cleantalk-spam-protect/cleantalk.php' );
//for registration test:
$res=ct_test_registration("nickname", "", "");
//or for some other messages (contact forms, comments etc.)
$res=ct_test_message("nickname", "", "", "test message");

$res now contents array with two parameters: * $res['allow'] - is request allowed (1) or not (0) * $res['comment'] - comment for our server's decision.

I see two loads of script cleantalk_nocache.js. Why do you use it twice?

This script is used for AJAX JavaScript checking. Different themes use different mechanisms of loading, so we use two methods for loading our script. If you absolutely know what you are doing, you can switch one of the methods off by defining constants in your wp-config.php file:

define('CLEANTALK_AJAX_USE_BUFFER', false); //false - don't use output buffering to include AJAX script, true - use it


define('CLEANTALK_AJAX_USE_FOOTER_HEADER', false); //false - don't use wp_footer() and wp_header() for including AJAX script, true - use it

Can I add exclusions for some pages of my site?

Yes, you can. Add this string in your wp-config.php file before defining database constants:

$cleantalk_url_exclusions = Array('url1', 'url2', 'url3');

Now, all pages containing strings 'url1', 'url2', or 'url3' will be excluded from anti-spam checking. Remember, that this option will not be applied in registration and comment checking — they are always protected from spam.

Can I not send my personal data to CleanTalk servers?

Yes, you can exclude your data. Add this string in your wp-config.php file before defining database constants:

$cleantalk_key_exclusions = Array('key1', 'key2', 'key3'); 

Now all fields in your submissions with the keys named 'key1', 'key2' or 'key3' will be excluded from spam checking.

How to test SpamFireWall?

Use special IP in URL to test SpamFireWall. For example,

How can I enter access key in WPMU version?

To set up global CleanTalk access key for all websites in WPMU, define constant in your wp-config.php file before defining database constants:

define('CLEANTALK_ACCESS_KEY', 'place your key here');

Now, all subsites will have this access key.

Why is CleanTalk faster and more reliable than stand-alone solutions?

All anti-spam checks are held in the cloud and don't overload the web server. The cloud solutions have a huge advantage since the parameters are being compared with information from more than 100,000 websites.

I see a lot of blocked messages with the reason "Forbidden. Please enable JavaScript. Spam sender name." in my logs

A lot of spam bots can't perform JavaScript code, so it is one of the important checks and most of the spam bots will be blocked with the reason "Forbidden. Please enable JavaScript. Spam sender name." All browsers can perform JS code, so real visitors won't be blocked.

If you or some of your visitors have the error "Forbidden. Enable JavaScript." please check JavaScript support in your browser and do this JavaScript test at this page:

If you think that there is something wrong in the messages blocking, let us know about it. Please submit a support request here:

Does the plugin work with Varnish?

CleanTalk works with Varnish, it protects WordPress against spam, but by default the plugin generates a few cookies for the protection from spam bots and it also disables Varnish cache on pages where CleanTalk's cookies have been stored. To get rid of the issue with cache turn off the option 'Set cookies' in the plugin settings.

WordPress console -> Settings -> CleanTalk -> Advanced settings

Now the plugin will protect WordPress comments, registrations and most of popular contact forms, but will not protect some of rarely used contact forms.

Does the anti-spam plugin work with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

Yes, it does. But you have to turn off the option 'Use AJAX for JavaScript check' in Advanced settigns of the plugin to be fully compatible with Accelerated Mobile Pages.

How to close renewal or trial notice in the WordPress backend?

To close the notice please save the plugin settings again or it will be closed automatically within 60 minutes after the renewal.

I'm using PHP 4.2 version and i'm getting errors related with JSON. Why does it happens?

–°leanTalk is no longer supports PHP lower than 5.2 version because the support code have incompatibility with PHP 7 version. Please, upgrade your PHP. If you couldn't perform that, let us know about it via support ticket here:

= Should I change anything in the plugin's settings or in my CleanTalk Control Panel when I switch my website from HTTP to HTTPS or vice versa? No. You don't need to change anything in the plugin's settings or in your CleanTalk Control Panel. The plugin will work regardless of the protocol.

Version 5.58

Requires WordPress version: 3.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 15 Feb 2017

Date Added: 18 May 2012

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