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WordPress Chat by Chatwee

Build a buzzing community using our responsive, customizable group chat with multiple chat rooms. Sign up for free and get going.

There are multiple WordPress live chat plugins available, so how's our different? Well our focus is primarily on online communities and their growth.

Why? Because your website audience matters!

People coming in to your site have a direct impact on whether your endeavor is a success or a failure. It’s our goal to help you succeed by providing an advanced group chat solution that:

  • enhances the overall user experience
  • boost user engagement
  • creates a platform for real time interaction, including text, a rich set of emoji, and photos

Chatwee can become your site’s social hub, a place where community members come together to interact, or serve as an add-on supporting comments section or a forum.

Importantly, with our plugin, you actually gain access to two independent widgets, both of which you can test absolutely for free.

Sign up with no commitments whatsoever and add a new, dynamic element to spark up your site. As proven by numerous sites using Chatwee, we’re among the leaders in providing solutions supporting online community growth.

See Chatwee 2.0 live

See Chatwee 1.0 live

Key benefits of the Chatwee WordPress plugin:

  • two distinct products in one package - decide which one suits you best and go with it, or easily switch anytime
  • extensive customization options
  • user-friendly installation, including enabling Single Sign-on utilizing your WordPress user database
  • real time, rich interaction across multiple chat rooms (the latter available with v2)


Author Chatwee Ltd
Contributors paulq
Tags Chat, chat box, chat plugin, chat room, chat system, Chat Widget, comments system, community, contact us, customer support, engage, free chat, group chat, live chat, live help, live support, online community, Shout Box, social chat, support, user experience, Website Chat, WordPress chat, wordpress live chat
  1. chatwee screenshot 1

    Chatwee in action

By installing the Chatwee WordPress Chat plugin you gain access to two independent widgets. Once you’re done with the setup, you’ll be able to choose the one you wish to actually use from a dropdown menu. Follow the steps below to get the chat going in no time.

Please note that in order to use the plugin, you have to sign up with us first. Don’t worry, the account is free and comes with absolutely no commitments.

  1. Log in to your WordPress admin panel, go to Plugins, and click Add New.
  2. Type Chatwee WordPress Chat into the search bar.
  3. Once WordPress Directory shows you the search result, install the plugin and activate it.
  4. Next, log in to your Chatwee Dashboard and copy the relevant installation code (1.0 or 2.0) into a box in the plugin settings page (the plugin will be listed in the left column of your WordPress admin panel). Save changes.
  5. That’s it! Now go ahead and explore customization options in your Chatwee Dashboard and the plugin settings page.

Alternatively, you can upload the unzipped 'chatwee' folder to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory after you download it.


  • Feature: Embed the Chatwee Live Chat Widget to your site!
  • Feature: Customize appearance! Colors, fonts and skinning available.


  • Feature: Select WordPress pages on which you have your chat enabled.


  • Feature: Enable Single Sign-On for Chatwee chat plugin.


  • Bug Fix: Fixed log out in SSO.


  • Bug Fix: SSO bugs fixes


  • Bug Fix: Issues with login with SSO fixed


  • Bug Fix: Issues with Guest login fixed


  • Feature: Extension of support of displaying avatars through the most popular WP avatar plugins such as: WP User Avatar and User Avatars
  • Feature: Displaying important notices about issues and warnings in WP Dashboard regarding installation and usage
  • Feature: Optimization of requests sent to Chatwee API


  • Feature: Appointing (SSO) moderators directly in WP plugin settings page
  • Feature: Ability to assign moderator function to particular WP roles
  • Feature: Redesigned and improved WP plugin settings page devided into sections and provided with tips


  • Feature: Ability to enable/disable chat for guests/loggged in members
  • Feature: SSO login for all subdomains
  • Bug Fix: Issues with SSO and login system fixed


  • Feature: Ability to add custom groups as moderators
  • Bug Fix: Removed error message with CHATID
  • Bug Fix: Adding moderators


  • Feature: Choose how to display users name in chat


  • Bug Fix: Error message with SSO and login system


  • Feature: Chatwee 2.0 support
  • Feature: Single Sign-On error log
  • Plugin GUI improved

Is Chatwee free to use?

Yes, we do offer a Free-forever plan to anyone who finds it suitable for his needs. If, however, you’d like to gain access to more features and be able to accommodate more users at the same time, we kindly encourage to you to upgrade. If you’re hesitant to spend money and would like a trial first, no problem. Please contact us, and we’ll arrange a free trial of the paid plan of your choice.

Will Chatwee show ads in my chat widget?

Regardless of whether you’re using the Free plan, or have purchased a subscription, Chatwee doesn’t display any ads in your chat widget. We appreciate that our solution is an integral part of your site, so we keep it ad-free.

How much customization can I do?

Chatwee WordPress Chat plugin gives you access to two individual widgets. With Chatwee 1.0, you can customize things like the color of the background, border and text, choose font and its size, as well as select one of the three display modes available. Using Chatwee 2.0, you can click and drag the chat window to adjust its size to the one that fits you best. It also offers the option to set up multiple chat rooms with paid plans. There’s plenty more, though, and the best way to learn about Chatwee is to install it and explore it on your own. Essentially, these are two different products, and comparing them isn’t really fair, as they both offer unique features to their users.

Who are simultaneous chatters?

Simultaneous chatters are people logged in to the chat at the same time and they don’t have to reflect the number of people currently visiting your site. Their number depends on the plan that you have in place. Once the limit has been reached, the next person trying to access the chat will see a message informing them about it and will not be able to join. If your site accommodates a significant number of users, going into high hundreds, or even thousands, we can discuss an Enterprise solution to meet your individual needs.

Is Chatwee available in my language?

Chatwee 1.0 is currently available in: English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Persian, Kurdish, Hebrew, Bengali, Telugu, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, German, French, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Slovenian, Slovak, Thai, Dutch, Italian, Korean, Greek, Swedish, Norwegian, Hindi, Serbian, Croatian, Japanese, Romanian and Vietnamese. Chatwee 2.0 is still a relatively new product and is currently only available in English. Would you like to help us translate Chatwee? If so, let us know and we'll send you the array of phrases to translate from English. In exchange, we'll offer you a free, one-time upgrade to your current plan.

What do you mean by Enterprise solution?

An Enterprise solution would be a tailor-made chat plan that includes a number of simultaneous users going beyond what’s available with the ready-made plans, as well as the possibility of having new chat features developed on demand. If you happen to be interested in a group live chat solution adjusted to the specific needs of your online community, please contact us, and we’ll discuss the details individually.

What is White Label?

White Label means no Chatwee branding or the words 'powered by Chatwee' anywhere on your widget. Please take a look here and here for which of our plans offer White Label.

What types of media can Chatwee users share?

Our chat widget is all about rich, real time interaction. With Chatwee 1.0, you can upload files up to 2 MB that become available for download, as well as post videos and images, with previews generated based on their original URLs. Using Chatwee 2.0, you can upload files as well, and on top of that, you can easily share images and animated gifs simply by selecting the file from your phone or hard drive.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept secure PayPal and credit card payments. In certain cases, such as a one-time annual payment, for example, a bank transfer can be arranged as well.

Can I cancel my subscription or change plans anytime?

Absolutely, there are no cancellation fees either. You can also upgrade or downgrade your current plan anytime directly in Dashboard.

I need help, the chat isn’t working for me.

First, please make sure you’ve followed all the installation instructions closely and don’t have any settings in place, that would prevent the chat from displaying. If you still can’t get the widget to go, please contact us and we’ll figure this out together.

Any other questions?

Feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to get back to you shortly.

Version 2.0.1

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 13 Feb 2017

Date Added: 23 Jan 2014

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