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Channel Solution for Twitch

Channel Solution for Twitch (project codename: TwitchPress) is not affiliated or endorsed by Twitch Interactive, Inc.

Channel Solution for Twitch (project codename: TwitchPress) is not affiliated or endorsed by Twitch Interactive, Inc.

The TwitchPress plugin is a new gamers solution for Twitch channels. Released in 2016 and development may never end if the plugin is supported by the gaming community.The TwitchPress goal is to offer WordPress developers a strong start in creating Twitch related services for either personal use or as a service to other Twitch users. The initial purpose of the free plugin is to share WP posts of a gaming nature, with Twitch channel feeds.

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Features List

  1. Twitch API - Authorization Code Flow
  2. Authorize a main Twitch account to handle schedule events.
  3. Smart shortcodes that find live streams and embedding them.
  4. Schedule system for automating API and IRC actions while you sleep.
  5. Post content from WordPress to Twitch channel feed.


I will attempt to cater for gamers and developers by offering help via Discord primarily. More options will become available as the project is more established and supported by the community.

Support TwitchPress

My Patreon campaign offers monthly giveaways within the goals.


Author Ryan Bayne
Contributors RyanBayne
  1. Method 1: Move folder inside the .zip file into the "wp-content/plugins/" directory if your website is stored locally. Then upload the new plugin folder using your FTP program.
  2. Method 2: Use your hosting control panels file manager to upload the plugin folder (not the .zip, only the folder inside it) to the "wp-content/plugins/" directory.
  3. Method 3: In your WordPress admin click on Plugins then click on Add New. You can search for your plugin there and perform the installation easily. This method does not apply to premium plugins.


  • Featured Changes *
  • Technical Notes
    • Fixed uninstallation bug in uninstalldatabasetables()
    • $twitchpress_database_tables replaced with $this->twitchpress_database_tables
    • Plugin could not be removed using the normal method, the Ajax process would hang.
    • Removed ZYPHER_FULLINTEGRATION (a single line in twitchpress.php)
    • Removed ZYPHER_FORUM


  • Feature Changes
    • New basic shortcode for displaying specific stream: [twitchpress_stream]
    • [twitchpress_stream] can be used in widgets.
    • Trace Display now works without having Error Display on.
    • New field added to the activation form for entering the main channel.
    • Store Twitch Profile box renamed to Update Your Channel Information.
    • New "Enter Main Channel" box which will act as a default for placeholding and generating sample content.
    • Activation panel renamed to Twitch Developer Agreement and will focus on official terms & conditions as the first step.
    • New shortcode for displaying one of many streams. It loops through them until a live channel is found.
    • [twitchpress_embed_a_stream_api channels="TESTGaming,ZypheREvolved,starcitizen,cigcommunity"]
  • Technical Notes
    • Fixed installation errors.
    • $attributes_array applied to some basic form inputs.
    • input_text() function now allows appended text after "$appendtext === true" removed from argument.
    • Added $client_id to getChannelObject()
    • Deleted adminaccounts.php view as it is no longer required.
    • Deleted class-users.php as it is no longer required.
    • Deleted class-security.php as it is no longer required.
    • generateAuthorizationURL() greatly changed by adding array of default values.
    • $twitch_clientkey renamed to $twitch_client_id


  • Feature Changes
    • Corrected Twitch link in readme.txt file (Displays on plugins main page)
    • IRC Bot features added (use on localhost or private server)
    • Some installation warnings are now being avoided.
    • Added a Discord Support pannel with Discord widget to the main view.
  • Technical Notes
    • Developed on PHP 7.
    • Uses WebTechGlobal plugin core.
    • Uses Twitch API - Kraken
    • Beta released 15th October 2016


  • Feature Changes
    • New "TwitchPress" menu added to the Toolbar.
    • New box displays your latest feed post.
    • Can quickly turn a Twitch feed post into a blog post. (strictly owners channel only)
    • Constant values updated to reflect project status, links and information corrected.
    • Disconnect Twitch Session option added to toolbar.
    • Appending a value to end of posts to Twitch. Will add a form later for customizing the append value.
    • Post Type Settings box has been hidden, it should not have been displayed at this stage.
    • Reddit added to plugin Action Links (on plugins list view)
    • Trello added to plugins Action Links also.
  • Technical Notes
    • Fixed twitch_session_status() - default false changed to true
    • oAuth2 procedure clearly defined as separate from the soon coming public oAuth2 procedure.
    • Removed $boradcastsOnly parameter getFeedPosts()
    • Fixed bug in globalswitches() by removing Twitter line.
    • Reduced number of database table the plugin creates. Some will not be used for a long time and are premature.
    • Making changes to improve performance and avoid slowing down WordPress.
    • Removed TWITCHPRESS_COPYRIGHT constant as it will probably never be used in this package.
    • __construct removed from TWITCHPRESS_Install() class.
    • TWITCHPRESS_Configuration() __construct no longer creates an object for the PHP class.
    • tableschema_array.php deleted and any schema control will be added to install probably.
    • class-wpcore.php file deleted and use of it's class removed from __construct() methods.
    • Deleted class-wordpressorgapi.php as it has been added a bit too early.
    • class-files.php file deleted, was intended for extensions but they will now only be installed using ftp for a lighter plugin core.
    • Deleted class-categories.php after deciding that extensions will hold these optional systems.
    • Delete class-twitter.php as integration with another Twitter plugin is probably preffered.
    • The class-updates.php file has been deleted pending a new approach.
    • Reduced how often get_twitch_session() checksToken() (reduced calls to Kraken) which was happen per refresh.
    • Initial authorization in twitch_oauth_redirected_adminside() function no longer updates WP profile with Twitch profile by default.


  • Feature Changes
    • Beta released 15th October 2016
  • Technical Notes
    • Developed on PHP 7.
    • Uses WebTechGlobal plugin core.
    • Uses Twitch API - Kraken

When To Update

Browse the changes log and decide if an update is required. There is nothing wrong with skipping version if it does not help you - look for security related changes or new features that could really benefit you. If you do not see any you may want to avoid updating. If you decide to apply the new version - do so after you have backedup your entire WordPress installation (files and data). Files only or data only is not a suitable backup. Every WordPress installation is different and creates a different environment for WTG Task Manager - possibly an environment that triggers faults with the new version of this software. This is common in software development and it is why we need to make preparations that allow reversal of major changes to our website.

Can I hire you to customize the plugin for me?

Yes you can pay the plugin author to improve the plugin to suit your needs. Many improvements will be done free so post your requirements on the plugins forum first.


Translator needed to localize the Channel Solution for Twitch.


These donators have giving their permission to add their site to this list so that plugin authors can request their support for their own project. Please do not request donations but instead visit their site, show interest and tell them about your own plugin - you may get lucky.

  • None Yet

Contributors: Translation

These contributors helped to localize TwitchPress by translating my endless dialog text.

  • None Yet

Contributors: Code

These contributers typed some PHP or HTML or CSS or JavaScript or Ajax for TwitchPress. Bunch of geeks really!

  • Anthony 'IBurn36360' Diaz

Contributors: Design

These contributors created graphics for the plugin and are good with Photoshop. The "fake celebrity pics" creators no doubt!

  • None Yet

Contributors: Video Tutorials

These contributors published videos on YouTube or another video streaming website. Please take interest in any ads that may appear while watching them!

  • None Yet

Version Numbers and Updating

Explanation of versioning used by myself Ryan Bayne. The versioning scheme I use is called "Semantic Versioning 2.0.0" and more information about it can be found at

These are the rules followed to increase the TwitchPress plugin version number. Given a version number MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH, increment the:

MAJOR version when you make incompatible API changes, MINOR version when you add functionality in a backwards-compatible manner, and PATCH version when you make backwards-compatible bug fixes. Additional labels for pre-release and build metadata are available as extensions to the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH format.

Version 1.0.4

Requires WordPress version: 4.2.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 07 Feb 2017

Date Added: 17 Oct 2016

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