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Contact Form 7: Zoho Leads integration

Zoho Leads integration for Contact Form 7 forms.

The Zoho Leads integration for Contact Form 7 plugin allows existing CF7 users to automatically create Zoho Leads entries on form submission. When a user enters their information into a CF7 form and hits submit, this plugin will forward their information to Zoho Leads as well as let CF7 continue its form submission process. Note - This plugin is developed, maintained, and supported by an independent developer. The developer has no affiliation with Contact Form 7 or Zoho.

Zoho Leads integration

This plugin interacts with the third-party Zoho CRM API (Application Programming Interface) in order to create new Leads. This is a public web service provided by Zoho and additional information can be found here.

Author Joshua Cornutt
Contributors jcornutt
Tags cf7, cf7 integration, contact form, contact form 7, CRM, curl, leads, smb, wordpress, xml, zoho, zoho api, Zoho CRM, zoho leads
  1. Download the plugin and unzip to your wp-content/plugins directory
  2. Alternatively, just upload the zip file via the WordPress plugins UI
  3. Activate plugin via Wordpress admin
  4. Include the following shortcode on your page or post

Shortcode usage

[cf7lead cf7_id="[CF7_Form_ID]"]

Replace [CF7_Form_ID] with the ID of your CF7 form.

If you're having issues with the plugin, please set the shortcode "debug" option to "true". This will allow the plugin to show debug / error messages to the page (do not use on production systems as the messages will be public).

[cf7lead cf7_id="[CF7_Form_ID]" debug="true"]

CF7 to Zoho Leads mapping

By default, the current field mapping looks like this -

  • CF7 -> Zoho Leads
  • company -> Company
  • first-name -> First Name
  • last-name -> Last Name
  • email -> Email
  • phone -> Phone
  • title -> Title

For a list of Zoho Leads fields, please check out the Zoho Leads docs for more info.

To change the field name mapping, use the shortcode's "fields" attribute. This is a '|' (pipe) separated list of '=' (equal) separated strings. For instance, fields="Company=company|First Name=first-name|Last Name=" is a valid fields string to use. It says to map the Zoho Leads field "Company" to the CF7 field "company" (everything here is case sensitive), the Zoho Leads field "First Name" to "first-name", and to not map "Last Name" to anything (which means that the Zoho Lead field "Last Name" will have no value).


  • Fix for null-checking on PHP v5.5 and older
  • Updated settings table styles


  • Fix README shortcode name


  • Genesis


  • Easy CF7 to Zoho Leads field mapping
  • Convenient, intuitive shortcode
  • Lead Source is the title of the CF7 form
  • Seamless integration and no change to contact form flow
Version 0.0.4

Requires WordPress version: 3.2 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 20 Jan 2017

Date Added: 01 Oct 2016

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