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CC Essentials

CodeCookies Essentials: A set of powerful tools like shortcodes, widgets and font-awesome icons to extend the functionality of your WordPress site.

CC Essentials is a required plugin for WordPress themes by It packs powerful and useful tools like shortcodes to add HTML elements in posts and pages, custom widgets, font-awesome icons, LoveIt! button, etc. to extend the functionality of your WordPress site. CC Essentials plugin adds the following modules / functionality to the theme:

CC Shortcodes

You will find CC Shortcodes in the post-editing screen when creating posts and pages. Look for the icon with open & closed square brackets: [].

Using CC Shortcodes, you can add HTML elements like buttons, labels, layout columns, notification boxes, tabbed content, Google Maps etc. on your site in no time. Simply click the 'Insert CC Shortcodes' button in the post-editing screen and add the elements.

  • Accordion Toggle
  • Button
  • Icon box (uses Font Awesome icon-fonts )
  • Notification bar
  • Tabbed content
  • Testimonial / quote
  • Layout columns
  • Dropcap
  • Lead paragraph
  • Label
  • Image with CSS3 filters
  • Video
  • Horizontal divider
  • Google Maps with custom zoom and 5 predefined styles

Love It! button

You will find LoveIt! button settings in the CC Settings section in your WordPress admin area. Enabling LoveIt! button on posts and pages will display a small heart icon along with the number of loves the post/page has received. You can optionally set a prefix and a suffix around the LoveIt! button. Some themes by choose to display the LoveIt! button in its own special way. You can also display your most loved posts via the 'Most Loved Posts' widget in the sidebar. The number of ‘loves’ will be stored locally in your default WordPress database.


Most Loved Posts : This widget displays most loved posts in descending order.

Social buttons

In the CC Settings section in your WordPress admin area, there is a ‘Social buttons’ tab where you can fill the social profiles for your site. They will be displayed in the bottom-right corner in the footer area of your site. This feature will work only on WordPress themes developed by

Contributors codecookies
Tags Accordion, buttons, fontawesome, google maps, icon fonts, Image filters, love button, notifications, shortcodes, sidebar, social, social buttons, social icons, tabs, testimonial, themeforest, widgets
  1. cc-essentials screenshot 1

    CC Shortcodes can be accessed by pressing the [] icon in the post-editor.

  2. cc-essentials screenshot 2

    Some of the available shortcodes. Shown here are Button, Accordion and Tabbed Content shortcodes.

  3. cc-essentials screenshot 3

    Some more... Accordion and Icon box. There are many more useful ones to choose from.

  4. cc-essentials screenshot 4

    The CC Essentials settings screen. Nothing complex.

  5. cc-essentials screenshot 5

    When enabled, the LoveIt! button is displayed at the end of each post or page.

Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 4.0 or higher
  • PHP 5.3.29 or higher
  • MySQL 5.0 or higher

Installation from the WordPress Admin Area

Install CC Essentials plugin from your WordPress admin area by navigating to ‘Plugins → Add New’. If you have WordPress Multi-site installation, you have to first navigate to the ‘Network Admin’ area and then ‘Plugins → Add New’. Here, in the search box located in the top-right corner, type “CC Essentials” and press enter. From the search results, install the CC Essentials plugin and activate it. In WordPress Multi-site installation, you have the option to activate the plugin network-wide or individually on every site within the multi-site network.

Installation via Manual Upload

You may install the plugin manually by first downloading it from here (press the red ‘Download’ button above), extracting the zip file and uploading the resulting ‘cc-essentials’ folder into the ‘/wp-contents/plugins/’ directory on your server. Then login to your WordPress admin area, proceed to ‘Plugins’ and activate the CC Essentials plugin.


  • Updated the FontAwesome library to 4.7.


  • Added 'Hide count of 0 loves received' feature.
  • Updated FontAwesome library.
  • Removed prefix span tag when prefix not added.
  • Minor changes to descriptions of options and settings.
  • Changed language domain to comply with WP plugin repository guidelines.
  • Changed field ordering in CCE settings.
  • Fixed a Google maps shortcode issue.


  • Initial release.

What are shortcodes? How to use them on my blog/website?

Shortcodes are nifty little pieces of code that, once inserted in your post-editor, can display various elements like buttons, notification bars, tabbed content, labels, images with cool filters, videos and even Google Maps on your website or blog. And the beauty is, you don't have to actually write the shortcode. Once you activate this plugin, you will find a new icon that looks like two brackets [] in the post-editing screen when you create or edit a blog-post or a page. Click the icon with brackets and choose from the available elements. Enter the required details in the pop-up and press ‘Insert’ to add the shortcode. Finally, save the post. The shortcode element will be displayed on your site.

The LoveIt! button is not displayed on my site. Why?

In your WordPress admin area, go to ‘CC Settings’ and make sure you have checked at least one out of Blog posts and Pages wherever you wish to display the LoveIt! button.

The Social buttons are not working. Why?

As of now, the Social buttons are supported only on themes developed by

Version 1.1.1

Requires WordPress version: 4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 30 Oct 2016

Date Added: 11 Jun 2016

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