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CBX Multi Criteria Rating & Review

Multi Criteria Rating & Review System for wordpress

CBX Rating System for wordpress is a versatile and complete rating solution for your wordpress site . It helps you to get rating of your articles with additional customs question and comment option.


  • Unlimited rating forms. You can add,edit ,delete rating forms ,view all forms listing with it's review count ,select one form as default , change default form any time
  • While adding rating forms you will find huge options like form position ,shortcode enable /diaable , show/hide , users who can rate , posts where to show ,users who can view rating reviews and many more
  • Ip and cookie checking system to restrict repeated rating
  • You have 3 custom criteria with 5 custom users .Stars are selectable (show/hide), stars names and criteria names are editable
  • Comment box ,with required options and charecter limit
  • 3 custom question of type textbox/radio/checkbox . Can show,hide questions , make it required and edit checkbox or radio numbers
  • User based and form based summary table with delete bulk actions
  • Form intigretion with short code , with meta box under post ,with direct function call in any where or in post loop , find result summary with direct function call
  • Top rated posts widget
  • Language file support and easily customizable

See more details and usages guide here

For details documentation check here

Pro Version:

We have pro addon(s) which enables more premium features beside the free core version(Core version will be always free).

Pro Version Features

  • Theme & Custom Style for rating presentation
  • Unlimited criteria
  • Unlimited reasons/stars in each criteria
  • Guest email verify
  • Custom WooCommerce Top Rated Product Widgets
  • Custom Easy Digital Downloads Top Rated Downloads Widgets
  • Admin alert for new rating
  • Buddypress posting integration
  • myCred integration
  • Custom Rating Icons
  • Rating Edit optoin for specific user group

Plugin Backend

Author Codeboxr Team
Contributors manchumahara, codeboxr
Tags comment, multi criteria, rating, ratingsystem, reviews, shortcodes, widget, woocommerce
  1. cbratingsystem screenshot 1

    Plugin listing in plugin manager

  2. cbratingsystem screenshot 2

    Rating System menu after activate the plugin

  3. cbratingsystem screenshot 3

    Rating form listing with 'add new form button'

  4. cbratingsystem screenshot 4

    Rating Form edit view-1

  5. cbratingsystem screenshot 5

    Rating Form edit view-2

  6. cbratingsystem screenshot 6

    Rating Form edit view-3(permissions)

  7. cbratingsystem screenshot 7

    Rating Form edit view-3(Criteria)

  8. cbratingsystem screenshot 8

    Rating Form edit view-4(Enable disable comments)

  9. cbratingsystem screenshot 9

    Post meta box for enable disable rating for any specific posts

  10. cbratingsystem screenshot 10

    Frontend Rating Form-1

  11. cbratingsystem screenshot 11

    Frontend Rating Result

  12. cbratingsystem screenshot 12

    Frontend Rating Reviews/Comments

  13. cbratingsystem screenshot 13

    Frontend Rating Form-2

  14. cbratingsystem screenshot 14

    Backend Rating Logs

  15. cbratingsystem screenshot 15

    Backend Average Rating

  16. cbratingsystem screenshot 16

    Theme Manager for Rating System

  17. cbratingsystem screenshot 17

    Rating System Tools to control tables and options values

Please note: if you are updating to 3.3 from any other version you need to reset the rating tables. Go to Rating System from left menu, then tools -> click reset all. It will give a fresh rating system that works. We needed to change the database tables for this plugin and changed a log and couldn't keep the previous data to move for any better future of this plugin.

How to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload cbratingsystem folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or as you define the wp-content directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Rating System-> Add rating Form to create a rating form
  4. Explore the setting and create form , set the position ,edit criteria names ,star names and questions
  5. View backend pages to view all ratng logs , forms listing
  6. Read faqs and detail from our site to get the shortcodes and function


  • Latest Review Shortcode
  • Latest Review Widget
  • Latest Review Custom Function
  • Meta rich Snippet support


  • [Fix] Star count fix if no vote and user doesn't have permission to vote


  • [Fix] Language string missing fix


  • [Improvement] Add translation for two hard coded string
  • [New] Translation added as pot file.


  • [Improvement] Moderated logs now have better color indicator
  • [New] New review status count by status type before user log table
  • [New] Click to copy shortcode
  • [New] Visual shortcode insert from the editor
  • [Fixed] language folder renamed to 'languages' from 'language' to follow standard


  • [Improvement] Added Screen option to set custom pagination number in backend user rating logs and avg rating logs
  • [Fixed] backend user rating logs and avg rating logs sorting in proper way


  • [Fixed] User log listing and avg log listing in admin dashboard now has proper pagination and data rendering.


  • [Fixed] New review first time appended or edited review was not showing rating icons properly after 3.7.2 updates


  • [Fixed] New review first time appended perfectly(bugfix in js)
  • [Fixed] Edit review at first delete if review is listed and then add(refresh)


  • [Fixed] Duplicate content issue in archive mode
  • [New] Rating Edit feature(coupled coded in core and addon)
  • [Improvement] Core refactor for rating form show
  • [Improvement] CSS tweak for admin and frontend
  • [Fixed] Delete single log used to delete all avg, which is fixed now, sql bug


  • [Fixed] Time ago method revamp for better translation support
  • Other minor improvement


  • [Bug Fix] Style was broken if review disabled from any form setting. Thanks @ Alex Stadler for noticed the reason why style brokes sometimes


  • Solve guest user verify not working
  • Removed feature which user groups rating will be moderated as it was never implemented but was added in form setting
  • Moved buddypress posting code from core to pro addon which is a pro feature (code clean up)
  • default sorting for rating log now working, it's desc by created date
  • Admin alert implemented in pro addon


  • Dates now display as per site timezone setting
  • Added missing translations


  • Guest email js verifiy now supports unicode and more better regex
  • Guest user now can not vote usin any email that is used for any registered user
  • JS Improved: Rating readonly version had width fixed to 100px and now it's removed for better style
  • If you are using pro addon then download updates
  • Top Rated Woo Products , Top Rated Edd Downloads - Two new widget is added to pro addon


  • Extra theme css is now moved to addon plugin as this feature actually works from addon, more decoupling :)
  • Switch toolbar is now more responsive and rating criteria title doesn't override in small screen


  • Non logged in no vote mode avg rating shows criteria that is not chosen -- now fixed


  • Minor bug fixes
  • Fresh new documentation
  • Meta key for avg rating for any form id for better custom query to sort by meta key = 3.4.4
  • Guest user email verify issue fixed
  • Rating icon mouse hover hint added for already rated = 3.4.2
  • Backend js added as per the menu or screen
  • Fixed question edit issues = 3.4.0
  • php5 style widget constructor as per wordpress 4.3 requirement
  • Fix "Top Rated Posts" widget, form was not saving properly.


  • Google Rating Schema or Rich Snippet Added
  • Bug fix for avg rating when form id is not default(we are sorry, it should not be)


  • While submitting review if comment char limit crossed the allowed size then it was showing comment cut wrong
  • No more read more link in ajax comment preview
  • Added stripslashes for user rating logs in admin


  • \' type character is taken care in comment


  • Fixed php warning for woocommerce tab replace


  • Review shown login improved for who is allowed and if shown own review
  • Ajax security updated
  • Bug fix for question display in backend and frontend , store answer based on it on ajax and normal display


  • bug fix for extra field not array


  • 50% revamp of code, please go to tools of this plugin and reset


  • Bug fix


  • Maintenance Release

Is it possible to restrict any user group from rating ?

yes, there is setting in every form to set which user groups can rate .

If i call direct function in post loop then how to hide default form ?

Select default form position setting s as none ( positions are left /right /none)

Can I show a different(not default ) form in a post ?

yes ,set the form with meta box under post .

Version 3.8.0

Requires WordPress version: 3.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 06 Feb 2017

Date Added: 22 Nov 2014

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