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CB Custom Modules

Free suite of custom modules for Beaver Builder that highlight photography with smooth animations, interactions, and hover effects.

CB Custom Modules is a free suite of elegant custom modules for for Beaver Builder that highlight photography with smooth animations, interactions, and hover effects. This is an extension of the Beaver Builder page builder plugin.

Current Modules

  • Poise - Poise is an adaptation of the default WordPress image gallery that highlights images on hover, literally elevating the image with a CSS3 transform and sleek diffused shadow. Clicking on images opens them in the beautiful default BB lightbox.
  • Shade - Add sleek hover effects and custom colors to your background images. Overlay them with custom WYSIWYG content and even make them clickable.
  • Spotlight - Create your own list of custom links on one side that each replaces the 'spotlight' photo on the other. Customize column sizes and more.
  • Broadside - Horizontal slider to showcase design work, posters, photography, and more. Responsive and responds to touch on mobile. Clicking on images opens them in the beautiful default BB lightbox.
  • Scout - Sticky navbar that fixes to the top of the screen when it gets there, allowing smooth scrolling to other elements on the page.
  • Dust - Utilizing the popular Particles.js library, this module helps you make custom heros with cool interactive, animated backgrounds.
  • Slice - Animated photo gallery with stacked, 'sliding cards' effect. Integrates with the default Beaver Builder lightbox.

For more information and module demos, visit the plugin page.

If you have ideas for future modules or enhancements to current modules, please contact me or visit the github repo.

Author Brian Coords
Contributors bacoords
Tags beaver builder, beaver builder custom module, builder, drag-and-drop, page builder, photography
  1. cb-custom-modules screenshot 1

    Poise Module Example

  2. cb-custom-modules screenshot 2

    Shade Module Example

  3. cb-custom-modules screenshot 3

    Spotlight Module Example

  4. cb-custom-modules screenshot 4

    Broadside Module Example

  5. cb-custom-modules screenshot 5

    Dust Module Example

  6. cb-custom-modules screenshot 6

    Scout Module Example

  7. cb-custom-modules screenshot 7

    Slice Module Example

  1. Be sure that you have the Beaver Builder Plugin installed and activated.
  2. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/cb-custom-modules directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  3. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' screen in WordPress


  • Update to fix bug with Scout Module caching admin bar override


  • Update to fix bug that may cause conflicts with other custom modules


  • New Module: Slice, a photo gallery module
  • New design in Dust module: Bubbles


  • Adds offset option to CB Scout Module, allowing you to set the distance from the top of the screen.


  • Adds two new modules: Dust and Scout
  • Streamlines settings layout for multiple modules
  • Adds vertical align options to Shade module


  • Initial Version

Can I install this plugin without Beaver Builder?

Yes, but it won't do anything. This plugin is an extension to Beaver Builder.

What about browsers?

CB Custom Modules uses some modern CSS specs like Flexbox and animations. Modules will all work, but with older versions of IE you might see a less-refined version.

Are these modules responsive?

Yes. Some modules maintain their same behavior on mobile, but modules that rely on hover effects provide an experience tailored to touch screens.

Is this plugin open source?

Yes. Feel free to use and adapt as needed. Or reach out to me with any feature requests.

For the scout module, how do I make the page scroll to another part of the page?

  1. Find the row or element you want to scroll to, find the Advanced Settings tab, give that element a unique id such as gallery.
  2. When you add your link to the module, the link field would need to be #gallery. The plugins do the rest.

The Beaver Builder team also has a great breakdown of this technique with screenshots.

Version 1.2.2

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 18 Jan 2017

Date Added: 01 Jun 2016

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