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Casper's Flyin' Call-to-Action

A lightweight, highly customizable call-to-action plugin that makes it easy to get your visitors' attention.

Casper's Flyin CTA is the perfect plugin for announcements or calls to action: lightweight, easy to use, and lots of customization options; including two themes (display the CTA at the bottom of the page or have it slide it from the side), several screen positions based on your chosen theme, and full control over the colors and branding.

Don't let your visitors miss out on great deals or important announcements again!

NOTE: I know the Options page is becoming really cluttered. I'm working on 2.0 which will reorganize the Admin page into a much more managable set up. Thanks for everyone's feedback!

Author Casey James Perno @ Ironistic
Contributors XAce90
Tags bar, button, call to action, cta, easy, feedback, fly, popover, popup, review, simple, slick, slide out, sticky, tab, widget
  1. caspers-fly-in-cta screenshot 1

    This plugin enables you to add a bar to the bottom of the page (left, right, or centered) to act as a call to action.

  2. caspers-fly-in-cta screenshot 2

    It slides open when you click it, revealing more information. You can even include a form right in the slide out.

  3. caspers-fly-in-cta screenshot 3

    Alternatively, you can put the call-to-action on the left or right of the page, not at the bottom.

  4. caspers-fly-in-cta screenshot 4

    It also slides open when clicked, revealing an important message or further steps the user may want to take.

  5. caspers-fly-in-cta screenshot 5

    You can find settings for this call to action, including background and font colors, under Appearance -> Fly-in CTA.

  6. caspers-fly-in-cta screenshot 6

    As shown here, there are several powerful settings. Not only can you control where on your page the CTA sits, you can determine which pages to have the item show up on. You also get a full WYSIWYG editor where you can add media and forms. You also have the option to turn it on and off without having to deactive and reactivate the plugin.


  1. Find us through your WordPress admin (Plugins -> Add New -> search for Casper's Flyin CTA); install.
  2. Activate plugin.
  3. Go to Appearance -> Fly-in CTA
  4. Change the content and colors as you see fit.


  1. Upload the caspers-flyin-cta folder to the plugins folder of your WordPress install.
  2. In your WordPress admin, go to the plugins page.
  3. Find Casper's Flyin CTA and activate it.
  4. Go to Appearance -> Fly-in CTA
  5. Change the content and colors as you see fit.


  • Fixed bug where horizontal flyout from the left was not smoothly transitioning


  • Added custom post type support. You can now choose to have the CTA appear only on a custom post type.
  • No longer forces content to be centered. You can choose to center it in the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Added a Settings link to the plugin on the Plugin's page
  • Fixed bug where one of the sliders wasn't working when you were logged in
  • Fixed related bug where the slider was getting pushed too far down and off the screen when logged in
  • Fixed bug where paragraphs were getting stripped.


  • Fixes fatal bug to the side fly-in theme that 1.3 introduced


  • Added option to hide on mobile (and to set what screen width counts as mobile for your site)
  • Added option to set z-index (in order to prevent some sticky menus and other items from covering the flyin)


  • Added supported for Gravity Forms 'Add Form' button
  • Fixed issue where slideout wasn't working on themes that were not using jQuery


  • fixed bug where scroll bars were appearing unnecessarily


  • Bug fixes, including fixing an issue when the content was too much for the screen


  • Added shortcode support
  • Added the option to, when cta is located on the side, have the top bar flush with the screen instead of jutting out onto the page
  • Bug fixes


  • Added option to have flyin automatically open up on the homepage
  • Added ability to set timer for the automatic flyin
  • Added a width setting so users can set the width (percent for bottom bar, pixels for side bar; sidebar width only affects the tab currently)


  • Bug fixes, mobile responsive tweaks, readme typos, admin UX, and improved syntax


  • Release!

Why should I use your plugin?

I work closely with the marketing department at Ironistic who are frequently requesting some call to action like the ones presented in this plugin. This was written primarily to make it easier on my team to deploy and, as such, will constantly and continually be improved by their recommendations. So you know not only will it continue to be supported with lots of new features down the road, it will also be reviewed and improved by professional marketers (and not just some ratty developer).

How should I contact you if I find a bug?

You can find me on Twitter at @SirCaseyJames.

Version 1.4.1

Requires WordPress version: 4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 10 Jan 2017

Date Added: 22 Jan 2016

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