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Cart2Cart: Modified eCommerce Shopsoftware to WooCommerce Migration

Perform an accurate and simple switch from Modified eCommerce Shopsoftware to WooCommerce at ease.

Cart2Cart: modified eCommerce Shopsoftware to WooCommerce Migration plugin allows you to transfer all you current store data to another platform absolutely automatically and with no technical skills required. With the help of a number of additional options, you can to adjust migration to your needs and extend its possibilities. To perform a switch you need to establish a connection between the stores, choose entities to move and let Cart2Cart do its work.

The plugin offers 2 migration options

  1. Free Demo migration — lets you perform migration of products, orders, customers and categories in limited quantity (up to 10 entities each) for test purposes.
  2. Full Migration — lets you perform UNLIMITED migration of products, orders, customers, categories, variants, attributes and other related entities. Full Migration price starts at $69 and may vary depending on the number of transferable entities and additional options chosen.


  • User Friendly. Intuitive Migration Wizard will gradually guide you through every step of migration.
  • Flexible Price. The migration cost fully depends on the amount of transferring entities and additional options chosen.
  • Demo Migration. Still in hesitation? Put into test Cart2Cart plugin before performing an actual transfer with the help of Demo Migration and move up to 10 entities to WooCommerce for free.
  • Dedicated Support. Be sure to get the needed help by contacting an assiduous Support Team via phone, chat or ticket.

Transfer the following data from modified eCommerce Shopsoftware to WooCommerce:

  • Products, product images, product extra fields, product attributes;
  • Categories, category images;
  • Customers, customer shipping address, customer billing address;
  • Orders, order statuses, order products;
  • Manufacturers, taxes.

Supported WooCommerce versions: 1.1.x - 1.6.x, 2.x Please note: Your current store design will not be transferred, as Cart2Cart migrates data only.

In order to start the migration, you need to follow a few simple steps. After the registration, fill in the required fields in Source Cart section to set up Connection Bridge, by providing access details of your current modified eCommerce Shopsoftware. On its side, WooCommerce doesn’t require any FTP details, so all you have to do is to click “Install Connection Bridge” button to establish the connection. Afterwards, proceed the transfer with the help of Migration Wizard. Finally, you’ll be offered to perform a free Demo Migration (optionally) to ensure that everything has been set okay. Then, select Insurance plan (recommended) and launch Full Migration.

Pre-Migration Steps

  1. Install WooCommerce store and make sure it can be reached via internet.
  2. Check for FTP details for your shopping carts. You need them to perform migration.
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Contributors Cart2Cart
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  1. Download file and extract it to your hard drive
  2. Upload unzipped file to wp-content/plugin directory
  3. Activate “Cart2Cart modified eCommerce Shopsoftware to WooCommerce Migration” in plugins section of your admin panel
  4. Insert FTP details to upload the Connection Bridge files for modified eCommerce Shopsoftware
  5. Connection Bridge files for WooCommerce are will be uploaded automatically
  6. Click Start Migration button and follow the Migration Wizard to perform an accurate and swift migration

Initial commit = 1.0. =*

Does Cart2Cart service migrate taxes?

Yes, taxes migration is available. Note that, due to WooCommerce peculiarities, they will be already included to product prices after the migration.

Is it possible to migrate to the same domain on a different directory?

Yes, it is. You can migrate within same domain using different folders.

Will you transfer my SEO URLs?

No, migrations of SEO URLs from modified eCommerce Shopsoftware to WooCommerce are not available. Also, note that your store’s URLs and structure will be changed after the transfer.

Does Cart2Cart transfer passwords to the WooCommerce shopping carts?

Cart2Cart doesn’t provide password migrations, since every platform uses a different password encryption algorithm. However this issue is easy to fix, by simply asking clients to recover their passwords after the migration.

Can I migrate metadata to WooCommerce?

Yes, Cart2Cart supports metadata migrations. Online shop owners can transfer their meta titles, keywords and descriptions from and to WooCommerce store. In order to do that, you will have to install a free WordPress SEO Plugin before migration.

Version 1.0

Requires WordPress version: 3.8.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 3.8.18

Last Updated 07 Feb 2017

Date Added: 13 Mar 2015

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