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Cart2Cart: CRE Loaded to WooCommerce Migration

Move from CRE Loaded to WooCommerce with this plugin and get the store of your dream in a while.

Cart2Cart: CRE loaded to WooCommerce Migration Plugin can be a lifeline for your successful switch. You don’t have to be a technician to perform move with no troubles, as the process is fully automated. Also, there is no need to worry about store downtime, because even while migration it is going to be active. Get a possibility to have a new WooCommerce store just in a few hours.

The plugin offers 2 migration options

  1. Free Demo migration — lets you perform migration of products, orders, customers and categories in limited quantity (up to 10 entities each) for test purposes.
  2. Full Migration — lets you perform UNLIMITED migration of products, orders, customers, categories, variants, attributes and other related entities. Full Migration price starts at $69 and may vary depending on the number of transferable entities and additional options chosen.

Features of automated migration

  • Simple - automated and easy procedure won’t take much efforts.
  • Fast - only a couple of hours are needed to complete migration.
  • Free Demo - within 10-30 minutes try how service functions.
  • Support - Cart2Cart Team is always ready to be a hand of help for you.

Transfer the following entities from CRE Loaded to WooCommerce

  • Products, product images, product extra fields, product attributes, product variants;
  • Orders, order statuses;
  • Customers, customer shipping address, customer billing address;
  • Categories, category images.

Supported CRE Loaded versions: 6.2 Standard, 6.2 Pro, 6.2 B2B, 6.3 Standard, 6.3 Pro, 6.3 B2B, PCI CE (6.4 Standard), PCI Pro (6.4 Pro), PCI B2B (6.4 B2B), PCI CE (6.5 Standard), PCI Pro (6.5 Pro), PCI B2B (6.5 B2B). Supported WooCommerce versions: 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 2.0.x (new software versions are constantly being added).

Please note. User passwords will not be transferred. Therefore, after migration is completed, ask your customers to recover them.

Move all your customers, orders and products to WooCommerce store. With the help of this plugin you can get your both stores connected to perform accurate migration. The data are going to be interacted after you set the Connection Bridges for CRE Loaded and WooCommerce shops. Then you will be redirected to Migration Wizard to complete the switch successfully.

Steps to take before migration

  • Perform CRE Loaded installation and make sure that Source and Target stores are available online.
  • Prepare CRE Loaded FTP data to set the Connection Bridge.
Author MagneticOne
Contributors Cart2Cart
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  1. Download archived plugin file.
  2. Unzip it to your PC hard drive.
  3. Upload extracted file to wp-content/plugin directory.
  4. Go to Admin -> Plugins, click “Cart2Cart CRE Loaded to WooCommerce Migration” and perform activation.
  5. Provide CRE Loaded FTP details and download the Connection Bridge.
  6. An automatical download for your Connection Bridge will be performed.
  7. Press Start Migration button and get redirection to Cart2Cart page. There you can run Full Migration and get a brand new WooCommerce store.


  • Initial commit

How Preserve IDs options can be used?

Among many different migration options Cart2Cart allows to: preserve product IDs on the Target Store, preserve order IDs on the Target Store, preserve customer IDs on the Target Store. These options are available for different shopping carts. You may check the supported carts page to ensure that you can migrate such data. Please note, there are cases when IDs preservation has limitations: you can use preservation of IDs only if you choose "Delete current data from the Target Store before the migration" option; you can't use preservation if you use "Recent Data Migration".

What is the option of Preserving order IDs on Target store?

Preserve Order IDs is an optional feature that allows you to match your source store order ID with the one on the target store. You can choose the option on the step of Migration Setup - Entities Selection. The order IDs will be migrated to the target store without changes, for example: source store order #19 will be migrated as target order #19. Note: To avoid duplication, the option requires current target store data deletion.

Can my new hosting cause migration interruption?

In case your store has a big number of entities, please make sure your hosting plan has enough space to accommodate all the data. Otherwise, Cart2Cart won’t be able to transfer your entities and migration will be interrupted.

Does migration influence the speed of my store?

The migration process doesn’t influence the speed of your store performance. Needless, to say a newly established store without data will work faster than a store with thousands of products, orders and customers. The most common reasons that may cause a slowdown of your store are: amount of products doesn’t meet a memory limit of your hosting plan; wide range of third-party modules; numerous product variants, product images; viruses; resource consuming template with animations; large amount of visitors.

Do you migrate the customer passwords?

"I would like to migrate from one shopping cart to another with encrypted customer passwords. Is there a way for customers to preserve the accounts but be prompted to enter new passwords? " Customer accounts can be migrated from source to target shopping cart. Cart2Cart doesn't migrate the passwords, because they are encrypted specifically. Your clients should use Password Recovery tool on your target shopping cart to access their accounts. However, order history will be available after the migration. You can find more detailed information about password recovery in our article. *Note: Please, check if migration of corresponding types of data is supported for your shopping cart.

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Version 1.0

Requires WordPress version: 3.5.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 07 Feb 2017

Date Added: 11 Apr 2014

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