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Callcap Webmatch

Works with Webmatch by Callcap to associate pageviews with phone calls and dynamically change phone numbers on your Wordpress page using your Webmatch

"Webmatch" is a call-tracking feature provided by Callcap that associates phone calls with specific pageviews to bridge the gap between advertising campaigns and incoming phone calls.

Webmatch allows a company to bridge the gap between basic web analytics and direct sales via phone calls. If a call leads to a sale, Webmatch can help you see where the initial visit came from, what ad campaign it may have run under, and what page the user was on when they called you.

At it\'s most basic, Webmatch will simply associate recent calls to recent pageviews, but with Dynamic Rotator enabled, Webmatch can show unique phone numbers to visitors to more accurately track their statistics.

Author Callcap
Contributors Callcap
Tags call tracking, phone numbers, phone tracking

In order for the Callcap Webmatch plugin to work, you must have Webmatch enabled on your Callcap account. More information can be found here:

From the Wordpress admin panel, click "Plugins", search for "Callcap Webmatch", install the plugin, then click "Activate"

Full documentation located at


  • Added ability to edit existing campaigns
  • Added "phone link" feature - turns phone numbers into clickable links on mobile devices
  • Fixed a bug where the page didn't confirm with user before deleting the campaign
  • Removed ability to use KCAP variables from plugin. These are complex to implement, don't play well with WordPress's framework and really require manual coding to work well.


  • Fancy new documentation! Find more at
  • Removed "Instance Name" as it's no longer used. Using "Label" as a generic user-facing label going forward.
  • Tested compatibility with Wordpress 4.6.1
  • Savage!


  • Major layout/design updates
  • Allowed multiple rotators/campaigns per site
  • Enabled targeted CSS class for rotators.
  • Added UTM Variable tracking
  • Added UTM Search Term tracking
  • Added Pull Parameters functionality
  • Added KCAP variable manual tracking
  • Better code commenting
  • Better terminology, more user-friendly text
  • Added a "Label" field for better sorting of campaigns
  • Consolidated javascript code
  • 4.2 gallons of coffee consumed
  • Wow! What a save!


  • Renamed database entries to include 'Callcap' for easier troubleshooting/uninstallation
  • Modified how data is stored in database so it's using only a single cell entry and all data is in a multidimensional array


  • Consolidating some terminology in the plugin
  • Testing compatibility with Wordpress 4.4.1


  • General cleanup salute


  • Improved WP standardization


  • Initial launch
Version 1.3

Requires WordPress version: 4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 02 Dec 2016

Date Added: 10 Dec 2015

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