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Cab Grid

Easily add a taxi fare price calculator to your website via shortcode [cabGrid] or widget. Simply enter journey prices in a table.

(Disponible en español | Disponível em Português | Disponible en français | Disponibile in italiano)

Cab Grid is a simple fare price calculator for your Wordpress website (taxi/bus/limo/train/plane/coach). It provides a simple interface for visitors to get fare prices for simple point to point journeys. It can be shown anywhere on your site via shortcode [cabGrid] or widget:

First define areas, then enter prices for journeys between each area. Prices are entered in a simple pricing table.

  • Customisable currency (set your own symbol $/£/€/¥/etc.)
  • Customisable CSS (styling)
  • Customisable booking message
  • Can be displayed on your site via a shortcode: [cabGrid] or as a widget in your sidebar
  • Translation ready

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Author M Williams
Contributors nimbusdigital
Tags aeroplane, airplane, airport, Booking, bus, cab, cab grid, calculate, calculator, car, car hire, coach, estimate, fare, grid, jet, journey, limo, limousine, mini-cab, minicab, plane, price, price calculator, pricing, quote, system, table, taxi, Taxi Booking, taxi fare calculator, taxi price calculator, taximap, train, transfer, transfers, transport, travel, uber
  1. cab-grid screenshot 1

    Admin screen: AREAS tab where areas/places are entered (1-cab-grid-places)

  2. cab-grid screenshot 2

    Admin screen: PRICES tab - enter journey prices (2-cab-grid-price-table)

  3. cab-grid screenshot 3

    Admin screen: OPTIONS tab - configure currency, CSS & custom message (3-cab-grid-options)

  4. cab-grid screenshot 4

    Initial appearance on your website (4-cab-grid-shorcode-plugin-display)

  5. cab-grid screenshot 5

    Price display after pick up and drop off locations selected (5-cab-grid-shorcode-plugin-display-price)

Copy the plugin folder to your Wordpress plugins directory - typically wp-install-directory/wp-content/plugins/

Activate the plugin:

Log in to the Wordpress admin, go to Plugins > Installed Plugins. Find the Cab Grid item and click Activate

Configure your prices:

  1. In the admin menu, click Cab Grid Settings.
  2. Enter the areas (place names) you would like to cover (journey between).
  3. Save.
  4. Click the PRICES tab.
  5. Enter prices for journeys between two places in the corresponding grid cell (see note below).
  6. Save.
  7. (Optional) Click the OPTIONS tab and enter a currency symbol (ie $, £ or €) in the currency field.
  8. (Optional) Also under OPTIONS tab, define any custom CSS in the STYLING text area.
  9. (Optional) Also under OPTIONS tab, enter a message to be shown with the price in the MESSAGE text area. (This could include details on how to book or the maximum number of passengers.)
  10. Save.

*Note: Apart from journeys remaining within a single area, each two places can have both FROM and TO prices. These may often be the same, but you are able to specify different prices if the need arises. i.e. The price for a journey starting from place1 going to place2 might be different to the price starting from place2 to place1.

Add shortcode to a page:

Create (or edit) a page (or post) on your Wordpress site where you want your Cab Grid Price Calculator to appear. Enter the shortcode: [cabGrid] at the point on the page where you want the calculator to be displayed.

Add the Cab Grid widget to your sidebar:

From the Wordpress admin page menu, select Widgets from the Appearance section. Under 'Available Widgets' look for the item named Cab Grid and drag it to you preferred widget area (on the right) Expand the new widget and enter a title (abitrary text of your discerning) and the height you wish the widget to have on your sidebar/widget area.

For more details and screenshots, see

1.1.1 Readme updates 1.1 Tested in WP 4.7 Cab Grid Pro upgrade integration (with auto-discount of up to 50%) 1.0.9 Better mobile layout 1.0.8 Insure all PHP opens with <?php for greater compatibility adding translations (Spanish/French/Portuguese/Italian) Fixed missing admin icon
1.0.7 Changed languages folder from 'lang' to more common 'languages' Updated translatable strings Updated readme syntax CSS reset to combat theme styling overrides Spanish translation Made JS strings translatable 1.0.6 Upgrade link on plugins page Readme overview update translations... admin icon update 1.0.5 Compatibility update 1.0.4 Langage translations 'Powered by' option Admin scripts Hide __constructor() error 1.0.3 Minor updates and fixes 1.0.2 Compatibility alongside PRO version 1.0.1 Corrections 1.0 Initial version.

Where can I get installation help?

Can I translate labels and text?

Yes. Translations are stored in the 'languages' folder. For instructions, see


No external requirements

Version 1.1.1

Requires WordPress version: 3.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 09 Feb 2017

Date Added: 30 Nov 2015

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