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Form Builder & Front End Editor BuddyForms

A simple yet powerful Form Builder. Contact, Register and POST FORMS. Ideal for User Submitted Content. Get all Insights! Extendable with Addons!

Build all kind of forms - no coding required.

Contact forms, post forms and registration forms are now easily build in minutes. A Form Builder for beginners with drag and drop, ready-to-use form templates and full control over user submitted content (receive, collect, process and publish it). For developers & advanced level, benefit from filters and fully customizable forms that enables you to do whatever you need.

BuddyForms has proven to be an invaluable plugin for communities and networks. With simple forms it is very easy to encourage members, users and community to contribute and engage with your site. This makes the plugin priceless valuable as it supports organic traffic to your site.

Features of BuddyForms

  • Customize your own forms via Drag and Drop or benefit from our pre-configured forms
  • Choose between over 20 field types (text, numbers, check boxes, buttons, comments, media files, post status, taxonomies, CAPTCHA, ...)
  • Set custom validation rules to prevent users from submitting false data
  • Full moderation control of the submitted content by predefining the status: pending, draft, published
  • Define what happens after a user submits content (display a submission message, displaying the page content, redirecting to a specific URL)
  • Submit your form by reloading the page or asynchronously with AJAX
  • Select which kind of content is submitted: page, post, attachment or no specific
  • Easily embed forms anywhere on your site via shortcodes or create a new form straight from your admin bar
  • Enable/Disable comments related to the submitted content
  • Enable/Disable Frontend Revision for users
  • Choose if unregistered users are able to see and submit content via forms or not
  • Control who can create, edit and delete content that is created from a form and even prevent 404 error messages when a published post is set back to draft mode
  • Set-up email notifications to notify admins when content is submitted
  • Set-up email notifications to notify users when their content gets published or changes status (published, awaiting review, draft, scheduled, privately published, deleted, editing draft, awaiting moderation)

Upgrade to ‘Professional’ to skyrocket the engagement around your website and gain even more control over submission forms!

→ Get more information and upgrade at BuddyForms

Typical Use-Cases that our users create with BuddyForms

  • Blog posts – Follow your editorial schedule and keep your blog up-to-date by collecting content from different authors
  • Online Directories – Crowdsource categorized data from your community
  • Showcase – Present your recent work or let clients showcase their use-cases built with your product or tool
  • News Magazines – Create single articles through collaborative writing among a team of editors
  • How-to’s – Gather a learning community around you, let users share their knowledge and engage discussions on your site
  • Marketplace – Sell and purchase products from different vendors and list all the product features

Of course, you can do simple forms, too like

  • Contact Forms – Collect leads and customer support data
  • Registration Forms – Sign-up users to your webpage
  • Login Forms – Grant users access to restricted content

BuddyForms works great with other Plug-Ins. Enhance its capabilities with the following

  • BuddyPress – Enable all publishing features of BuddyForms in BuddyPress
  • Ultimate Member – Submit and manage posts from your Ultimate Member profile
  • WooCommerce – Build your own marketplace with user-submitted products
  • WooCommerce Simple Auctions – Create and manage auctions via front end
  • Advanced Custom Fields – Integrate Advanced Custom Fields in your form like native BuddyForms form elements
  • Posts 2 Posts - Efficient many-to-many connections between posts, pages, custom post types, users.
  • WC Vendors - BuddyPress WooCommerce Vendors integrates WC Vendors with BuddyPress and enables your vendors to use BuddyForms to create and manage their Products


Contact Forms

Registration Forms

Post Forms

Works great with BuddyPress or Ultimate Member

BuddyPress Integration

Ultimate Member Integration

More Videos

User Review from Webzio Showcase the Plugin Moderation Logic!

Docs & Support

Submit Issues - Contribute

  • Pull request are welcome. BuddyForms is community driven and developed on Github

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Author Sven Lehnert
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  1. buddyforms screenshot 1

    Form Wizard - The easy way to create forms

  2. buddyforms screenshot 2

    Form Builder - Expert view to setup individual forms with endless possibilities

  3. buddyforms screenshot 3

    Form Settings - Form Builder Settings View

  4. buddyforms screenshot 4

    Forms Overview in Admin

  5. buddyforms screenshot 5

    EmbedForm the form in Pages via Shortcodes

  6. buddyforms screenshot 6

    Frontend Form Example of a Simple Post Form

  7. buddyforms screenshot 7

    Form Submissions in the admin backend

Upload the entire BuddyForms folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. Head to the 'BuddyForms' menu item in your admin sidebar

  • Add missing function buddyforms_get_form_field_by_slug. Was removed from merge conflict


  • Add new file user-meta.php to display user meta fields in the admin user views
  • There was an issue during registration. add_user_to_blog only works on multi site.
  • Add missing parameter to the buddyforms_activate_account_mail for the new_user_id
  • Rename_process_post to process_submissions
  • Remove old unneeded functions
  • Add new centralised sanitize function buddyforms_sanitize()
  • Move the number form element to the basic fields
  • Small jQuery fix. Make sure the correct fields get displayed for the field types


  • Full support for the Visual Composer
  • Add new loading overlay animation
  • We fixed creating mail notification triggers in the form wizard.
  • We fixed the submit button from stopped being working
  • If the redirect is enabled and the form is set to ajax, we make sure that the ‘after submission message’ gets displayed
  • Scroll to the top after submitting a successful form with ajax
  • Add some field type management. This will get improved soon. It’s a starting point
  • Add new options to generate content
  • Create a new function to replace form fields easily by slug and shortcode [field_slug]
  • Add a new option to the title to auto generate it from other form elements
  • Create a new option in the taxonomy form element to select a placeholder text
  • Add an ‘is_admin’ check to the post meta saving function, to avoid deleting meta while saving from the admin editing screen.
  • Get the page_on_front and exclude it from the query. This page should not be used for the endpoints
  • We removed visual composer elements from the BuddyForms editing screen
  • Add an extra check to make sure JavaScript validation is only running if at least one form exist.
  • Set the BuddyForms post type public to false. There is no need to access BuddyForms directly
  • Add the post id to the buddyforms_user_can_edit filter. If we need more attributes it’s time for a arguments array


  • Add Post Formats support
  • Tested WordPress Version 4.7.1
  • New Pro Feature: Create a new form element for the post formats


  • Fixed a issue in the mail notification. Array elements like checkboxes and taxonomies got displayed as 'Array'
  • Add a new function to display Checkboxes, eMails, Websites and Taxonomies in mail notifications.


  • Enable Advanced options for the contact form fields
  • Spelling correction
  • Add some isset checks to prevent nonce in the form select meta box
  • Add new parameter to the buddyforms_user_can_edit filter to enable limit user submissions by user role.
  • Add all error messages in filter to allow the overwrite from other plugins


  • Check if a mail notification exist to avoid php notice if debugger is enabled
  • Update the freemius SDK.


  • Fixed an issue with categories and tax. The form element was only working as taxonomy form element.
  • Fixed the admin header for WordPress 4.7
  • Update the welcome screen links and screenshots


  • Add a new function remove_admin_scripts to remove styles and scripts added by other plugins and themes
  • Add Kleo Theme Support
  • Fixed an issue with the dependencies management. If pro was activatedit still ask for the free. Fixed now with a new default BUDDYFORMS_PRO_VERSION in the core to check if the pro is active.
  • Make sure any css from other plugins is deregistered if the BuddyForms view is displayed
  • Add suffix "buddyforms to all js handle
  • remove_all_actions( 'admin_head', 10 ) if BuddyForms is viewed
  • To strict remove of all other plugin and theme relevant js and css is the only solution to avoid conflicts if the edit screen is used.
  • Fixed a missing attribute in the buddyforms_form_element_multiple function cursing the form element checkbox and select to break.


  • Fixed an issue in the form import function.
  • Add a new do action buddyforms_admin_js_footer to add custom extension js to the admin footer
  • Add a new filter buddyforms_form_builder_post_type to add new options into the post type select
  • Rebuild buddyforms_locate_template function to fix a issue loosing the variables if used locate_template
  • Rename buddyforms_add_form_element_to_select to buddyforms_add_form_element_select_option
  • Add Text Domain and Domain Path in the header
  • Remove indeed function parameter and variables
  • Add dynamic version to the welcome screen
  • Subject and message have not been unique
  • Clean up the code
  • Code smell fixes
  • Delete unneeded files
  • Update translations


  • Remove old select2 dependencies
  • Fixed a firefox admin ui css issue with the form type select box
  • Make sure the taxonomy form element only get saved during form processing if a taxonomy is selected in the form element
  • Separate starter and professional plans in the pro version. They have been accidentally the same.
  • New labels for the free starter professional and business plans
  • Rebuild the mail notifications. Its not needed to add any message text. BuddyForms will automatically use the subject and message form elements if they are available.
  • If no message text is available BuddyForms will add all form element valuers as table into the eMail.
  • Add new option to select the submitter as Sent to address
  • Create a new function buddyforms_mail_notification_form_elements_as_table to add a form elements table via tags or if no mail message content exists
  • Documentation for the new features
  • Fixed smaller issues and css fixes reported by users.


  • smaller submissions loop table css fixes
  • fixed an issue with the update form the 1.5.3 version


  • Freemius SDK update
  • smaller changes


  • First public version

Can I create a normal Contact Forms

Yes, you can create Simple Contact Forms or Complex Contact Forms with many different actions to create your submission logic.

Can I create a Registration Forms

Yes, you can Create Registration Forms

Can I create a Content Forms

Yes, you can create Content forms for any post type.

Can I Combine Registration Forms and Content Forms

Yes, you can add login and registration Form Elements to any form and ask your user to Login or Register during form submission.

Documentation & Support

Extensive Documentation and Support

  • All code is neat, clean and well documented (inline as well as in the documentation).
  • The BuddyForms Documentation with many how-to’s will help you on your way.
  • Find our Getting Started, How-to and Developer Docs on
  • or watch one of our Video Tutorials
  • If you still get stuck somewhere, our support gets you back on the right track. You can find all help buttons in your BuddyForms Settings Panel in your WP Dashboard and the Help Center!

Requires WordPress version: 3.9 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 15 Feb 2017

Date Added: 28 Oct 2016

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