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Mega Menu Plugin for WordPress - AP Mega Menu

Horizontal & Vertical layout Mega menu | Responsive & User friendly | Widgetized, Drag & Drop | Built-in and custom layouts

★ Important Note: This plugin is replacement of WP Mega Menu Plugin.

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AP Mega Menu Add powerful and great looking Mega Menu in your WordPress site with - AP Mega Menu

  • Horizontal and Vertical both layout
  • Widgetized, Drag & drop

AP Mega Menu is a FREE WordPress plugin, for Mega Menu. With AP Mega Menu, you can easily add several widgets column wise, configure them and create great horizontal and vertical mega menu.

Adding a Mega Menu onto your website was never easy before. It is now easy and fast. You can create brilliant Mega Menus without any coding knowledge in just no time.

It supports Flyout or Mega Menu, allows you to create the menu easily by “drag and drop”. You can select matching template / layout for your theme from various pre-designed skins/templates.

This plugin is highly compatible and works with any “well coded” WordPress themes (Free or Premium). It is responsive, Search Engine Optimized (SEO) and secure!

For More Video Tutorials Click Here

A free Mega Menu plugin with premium features!

Here are list of features:

  • Supports Flyout or Mega Menu sub-menu styles
  • Widgetized Mega Menu with Visual Builder Drag and Drop Position Method
  • Mega Menu/Flyout 8 Pre Available Skins or Custom Template Designs
  • Enable AP Mega Menu with horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Fade or Slide transitions
  • Hover or click trigger effect to open menus
  • General settings per menu options with Disable Menu Text, Active Menu Link and many more options.
  • Hide Arrow, Hide Menu On Mobile, Desktop, Hide Menu Icon, Menu Label Field with animation type, delay time, iteration count settings.
  • Menu Item Alignment left or right specially useful for search type menu.
  • Free AP Mega Menu Contact Info Widget Added.
  • Extra top or bottom section with options for only upload image,show only text or choose html editor to add any html content.
  • Horizontal Mega Menu position features such as Full-width, Center, Left Edge, Right-edge.
  • Vertical Mega Menu/Flyout position features such as Aligned to Parent and Full-height.
  • Horizontal Flyout position features such as Left or Right.
  • Menu Replacement Settings With search form simply by adding provided shortcode inline or as megamenu type.
  • Menu Icon Settings with 300+ FontAwesome, 160+ Genericon and 100+ Dashicons available.
  • Custom Settings Options to display featured image or default custom image(width and height custom option)
  • Choose default or individual posts image size for featured as well as custom images.
  • Sub menu Posts Type Custom options with display category name, author name, excerpt and many more options for mega menu type.
  • Language Translation Ready
  • Fully Responsive, Touch & Retina Ready
  • Tested in all modern browsers
  • Full Documentation and Video Tutorials
  • Basic Support

Install AP Mega Menu and give your readers a super comfort while reading!

Premium Features:

★ Mega Menu/ Flyout 14 Free Elegant Template Layouts/ Custom Design
   14 Free Available Skins/ Templates beautifully designed or custom design with multiple customization options.

★ Horizontal & Vertical Megamenu
   Add several widgets column wise, configure them and create great horizontal and vertical mega menu in a easy way.

★ Mega Menu Or Flyout Submenu Styles
   Supports Flyout as well as Mega Menu sub-menu styles to create the beautiful menu easily.

★ Single Group Mega Menu
   Option to set single group mega menu with total 8 Columns. Add multiple widgets of your choice from
   10+ custom widgets available or any other widgets.

★ Multiple Group Mega Menu
   Set multiple group mega menu with specific columns. Easily add/edit/delete group for specific menu and show widgets on a specific group.

★ 100+ Customization Options
    Restyle your menu using the custom theme settings, customize the style of your menus in the most effective way.

★ Enable Sticky Extension
   You can make your menus stick to the top of the page as the user scrolls down.

★ Advanced Menu Items : Horizontal/Vertical Tab Mega Menu With Animation and Trigger Effect
    Simply add tab block from advanced menu items metabox on create menu page. You can add horizontal and vertical tabbed mega menu with different animation and trigger effect for content display.

★ Active View More Button
   Enable view more button for specific sub menu items to show after lists of sub menus on mega menu and even customize your own custom color from Custom styling options for specific menu items.

★ Menu Replacement Settings
    Easy replacement settings for menu display: various configuration options like:
    Search type:
        - Mega Menu Type
        - Inline Type
        - Popup Form Type
    Login Form ( use inbuilt shortcode)
    Register Form ( use inbuilt shortcode)
    Logo Image
        - Upload Logo Image
        - Set Width
        - Set Height
    Woocommerce Cart Total
        - Set Default Display Type such as Show icon only, show icon and item count, show icon and price or all.
        - Set Display Layout Using # Text

★ 5 Available Inbuilt Menu Icons / Custom Icons
   Contains 650+ FontAwesome,120+ Genericons, 160+ Dashicons, 400+ IcoMoon and 40+ Line Icons 

★ Upload Custom Icons
   Choose menu icons for specific menu from font-awesome, genericon and dashicons Or upload your own custom icons.

★ Top/ Bottom Section for Mega Menu
   Enable/disable top or bottom extra content for megamenu type with options to add Single Text, upload image from media library or simply add html content.

★ Menu Label Animation
   Select different menu label animation and iteration count for specific menu items.

★ Roles & Restrictions
   Possibility to show menu items only to specific user groups, or by logged in status.

★ More Advanced Custom Widgets
   Organize your menu by adding any WordPress widget and 10+ custom widgets available with different layouts.

★ Shortcode Settings
   Use shortcode in any page, post content editor or widgets area to display mega menu.

★ Custom CSS
   Enable your own custom css and fill the custom css as per your site requirement.

★ Background Image
   Upload Background image for specific mega menu, choose single background image or upload two image and set animation as cross fading type where image will be changed on hover effect or change the first background inage to another uploaded background image on hover on specific time duration.

★ Unlimited Custom Item Styling
    Set different custom styling for each menu items.
      Menu Bar Configuration Options
        Flyout Styling Options
        Mega Menu styling options
        Menu bar, Mega Menu background color options
        Widgets Styling Options
        Top/Bottom Section Custom Styling Options
        Second/ Third Level Menu Styling Options
        Menu Label Background Color
        And many more..

★ Import and Export
   Import the custom theme json file and export your custom template json file if any and assign to any specific menu location.

★ Fully responsive & Touch friendly

★ Translation Ready & Fast loading

★ Search Engine Optimized

★ WordPress Compatible
    – Multisite Compatible
      – Woocommerce Compatible
      – Siteorigin Page Builder Compatible
      – Tested with multiple themes and WordPress versions

★ Tested in all modern browsers

★ And many more...

Premium Upgrade

  • For premium upgrade, please go here

Support Feel free to ask for support. Send us an email or use forum support on or in our website.

Some Useful Links

For a easy installation guide checkout the Installation tab above.

For complete information and documentation regarding plugin,please visit below links.

Plugin information

Plugin documentation: Docs

Free Demo

Premium Demo

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  1. ap-mega-menu screenshot 1

    Backend - General Settings & Mobile Settings

  2. ap-mega-menu screenshot 2

    Backend - Image Default Settings

  3. ap-mega-menu screenshot 3

    Backend - Shortcode Settings

  4. ap-mega-menu screenshot 4

    Backend - Import/Export Settings

  5. ap-mega-menu screenshot 5

    Backend - Custom CSS

  6. ap-mega-menu screenshot 6

    Menu Settings - Enable AP Mega Menu Settings

  7. ap-mega-menu screenshot 7

    Top Level Menu Settings - AP Mega Menu/Flyout Settings

  8. ap-mega-menu screenshot 8

    Top Level Menu Settings - Add Widgets Settings

  9. ap-mega-menu screenshot 9

    Top Level Menu Settings - General Settings

  10. ap-mega-menu screenshot 10

    Top Level Menu Settings - General Second Settings

  11. ap-mega-menu screenshot 11

    Top Level Menu Settings - Mega Menu Settings

  12. ap-mega-menu screenshot 12

    Top Level Menu Settings - Mega Menu Second Settings

  13. ap-mega-menu screenshot 13

    Top Level Menu Settings - Flyout Settings

  14. ap-mega-menu screenshot 14

    Top Level Menu Settings - Menu Replacement Settings For Search Settings

  15. ap-mega-menu screenshot 15

    Top Level Menu Settings - Icon Settings

  16. ap-mega-menu screenshot 16

    Sub Level Menu Settings - Sub Menu Settings

  17. ap-mega-menu screenshot 17

    Sub Level Menu Settings - Sub Menu Second Settings

  18. ap-mega-menu screenshot 18

    Sub Level Menu Settings - Icon Settings

  19. ap-mega-menu screenshot 19

    Sub Level Menu Settings - Enable Custom Menu Settings

  20. ap-mega-menu screenshot 20

    Sub Level Menu Settings - Custom Menu Settings Options

  21. ap-mega-menu screenshot 21

    Sub Level Menu Settings - Featured Image Settings

  22. ap-mega-menu screenshot 22

    Sub Level Menu Settings - Custom Image Settings

  23. ap-mega-menu screenshot 23

    Custom Theme Settings - Custom Theme Add/Edit Customization Settings

  24. ap-mega-menu screenshot 24

    Frontend Horizontal Menu Demo

  25. ap-mega-menu screenshot 25

    Frontend Vertical Menu Demo

  1. Unzip
  2. Upload all the files to the /wp-content/plugins/ap-mega-menu
  3. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  4. To use the plugin, go to Appearance > Menus > Select AP Mega Menu and Enable options for particular menu locations on left section.


  • Responsive Menu Toggle Color CSS Refinement For Pre Available and Custom designs.
  • Responsive Menu Toggle Color JS Refinement.


  • Demo Link Updated.
  • Backend/Responsive CSS Refining.


  • Extra Backend Screenshot added.
  • Premium Upgrade link added on readme.txt file.
  • Slight changes on backend settings name and url.
  • Frontend CSS Refining.


What does this plugin do?

This plugin allows you to easily add widgets column wise on horizontal as well as vertical mega menu and flyout menu.

Will it effect my site's speed?

No, It will not affect the loading of the site in anyways.

Version 1.0.3

Requires WordPress version: 3.8 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 03 Feb 2017

Date Added: 03 Jan 2017

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