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AWPCP - Classifieds Plugin

AWPCP Classifieds: Great for increasing retention to your site, adding revenue for your business, and creating customer interaction.

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Add a classified ads section to your WordPress site, quickly and easily.
Lots of features, very configurable. Easy to setup. Great support. We're the #1 WordPress Classified Ads Plugin: 8+ years old and over 10,000 active sites

NEW module(s): Mark as Sold , Restricted Categories and Ad Campaign Manager


Ad Features

1. Search classifieds by city, state, country, username, or keyword
2. Allow AdSense ads to be displayed
3. Control over HTML use in classifieds
4. Limit the text size of ad postings
5. Standard form fields can be enabled or disabled, 
   depending on your needs (title, website, name, country, etc)
6. Allow or disallow image posting with ads
7. Automatic expiration of ads (free or paid)
8. Configurable ad display for AdSense placement
9. Classified ads can have a "Tweet This" button in their layout
10. Classified ads can have a "Share on Facebook" button in their layout
11. Classified ads can be flagged by community for bad/offensive content
12. Classified ads can imported via CSV files
13. Classified ads now support embedded videos
14. Classified ads can have character limits, supported by plans (different plans can have different limits)
15. Classified ads can be displayed on any page for a single category using shortcodes
16. Auto-verify ads with email links to post immediately upon click
17. Classified ads can be 'Sent to Facebook' inside of ad management
18. Support for displaying ad events in BuddyPress activity stream with [BuddyPress module](
19. Classified ads can be edited via front end, back end with or without registration (depending on settings)

Notification Features

1. Allow posters to be notified of expiring ads, renewals, and approvals of ads
2. Allow admin to be notified when new ads are posted, ads are edited and much more
3. Classified ad users can contact the ad poster without exposing 
   the poster's email (blind email system, similar to Craigslist)
4. Admin can (optionally) be notified of expiring ads

Payment Features

1. Allows for paid or free classifieds
2. Supports PayPal, PayPal Pro, and 2Checkout for paid ads
3. Allow for image posting limits higher than free ads
4. Multiple fee scales for posting ads (allows you to have longer ad 
   postings with higher fees)
5. Variable ad expiration lengths connected to fee scale 
   (e.g. allow ads  to run for 30 days for $10, 60 days for $15, etc)
6. Supports a "credit system" or pay with regular currency per ad.  Mix
   and match if you want.
7. Support for ad "subscriptions" (packages of ads for a single price)

Ad Posting Controls

1. Allow admin to approve ads prior to posting
2. Allow admin to approve images prior to posting
3. Users can edit or delete their own classifieds
4. Admin can edit or delete all ads in the system
5. Secure system gives users a unique editing key to administer 
   their own ads
6. Allows for limiting image posting (by image size, height, 
   width and total count if desired)
7. Anti-spam checks for all ads posted via Akismet.
8. Flagged ads can be viewed separately to determine violations, and
   then deleted or unflagged.
9. Ad Management panel, visible by users and admins for easier
   ad creation/editing/delete.
10. Admin can post ads on behalf of other users with the ads displaying as
    if the user posted them initially
11. Email verification step can be used to auto-post ads upon successful 
    verification link click
12. Ads can be posted to a Facebook page manually or automatically

Image Features

1. Allow image posting or shut it off completely
2. Control the number, filesize, height and width of images posted
3. Allow for different numbers of images to be posted with 
   paid ads vs. free ads
4. Allow for image approval prior to posting
5. Allow users to have a primary image for their ad
6. Now supports multi-image asynchronous loading

Premium Modules (Add on modules, not included with free plugin)

1. Category Icons (adds small icons to give visual cues to 
   your user for each category in AWPCP)
2. Extra Fields (allows you to add any custom fields for display.  
   For example, if you have a pet-related board, you might have 
   "Sex", "Breed", and "Dam/Sire" as additional fields you require for display)
   Now supports search and custom ordering of fields.
3. Regions Control (allows you to restrict viewing of ads based on 
   locale, so users don't see items they aren't physically near them, 
   also allows customization of the region types, such as 
   village, borough, etc)
4. PayPal Pro Support (allows you to have an embedded payment 
    form on your site for use with PayPal Pro accounts)
5. RSS Feeds (allows you syndicate your classifieds for your users to
   download in their favorite RSS reader and come back to your site
   more often!)
6. Featured Ads (allows you to promote certain ads over others by 
   charging a fee for them, featured ads are displayed using CSS to
   highlight them.  Featured ads are always returned first in a category,
   the overall ad list, or in search results.  Also has a widget for 
   placement anywhere on your site.  Full admin control of featured ads, too)
7. Fee Per Category (allows you to charge for certain categories
   and not others, giving you more freedom on how to configure your classified
   section.  Allows for multiple fee plans per category, as well as a default
   plan to cover "all other unspecified" categories)
8. Coupons/Discounts (allows you to offer coupon codes for ad
   promotions to your users, coupons can be a percent off, or a fixed amount,
   have expiration dates and be tracked by usage)
9. Subscriptions (allows power users to place blocks of ads at a time,
   great for real estate agents, car dealers, anyone who wants to place ads in
10. Comments/Ratings (allows users to rate ads and place comments 
    on them.)
11. Payment Gateway (allows users to purchase ads, 
    subscriptions and credit plans using
12. Attachments (allows users to attach PDFs, text files or other 
    images to their classifieds (great for job boards!))
13. BuddyPress (allows users to manage their ads in the BuddyPress
    profile directly, see events from ad posting in the activity stream and more)
14. **NEW** Mark as Sold (allows users to mark for sale items as sold to keep content
    in your classifieds, but clarify availability)
15. **NEW** Restricted Categories (restrict content from users unless they accept a disclaimer from your site.)
16. **NEW** Ad Campaign Manager (put your own advertisements into the classifieds in 5 different positions)

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These are just some of the features of Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin

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Author D. Rodenbaugh
Contributors awpcp
Tags ads, awpcp, classified, classified ads, classified theme, classifieds, classifieds script


Please backup your WordPress database before you install/uninstall/activate/deactivate/upgrade Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin.

Pre-installation note: If you have previously tried other classified plugins and you plan to give the classifieds page created by Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin the same name as previously used with other classifieds plugins you've installed, please make sure your database has been cleared of any entries in the wp_posts table where the post_name value and the post_title value are the same as the name you plan to give your classifieds page. For example, if your classifieds page will be named "Classifieds", you might have a wp_posts database entry post_title value of "Classifieds" and post_name value of "classifieds" still left over from previous installations of other classifieds plugins. You need to check your database to make sure data from your previous classifieds plugins does not still exist. Specifically, you need to delete all entries from your wp_posts table where the post_title and post_name values are the same as what you plan to name your classifieds page.

  1. Upload the folder another-wordpress-classifieds-plugin with its contents to wp-content/plugins/

  2. Activate the plugin

  3. Click on the "Click here to setup your site options" link and fill out all your various options to configure how you want your classifieds to run.

  4. After you have setup your options you should create some categories and sub categories for your classifieds

  5. After you have created your categories you should setup your payment fees if you are going to be running in pay mode.

Your classifieds should now be ready and working. If you are having problems please visit the support forum for technical questions, documentation and FAQs.

Version 3.7.4

  • Prevent 404 errors in BuddyPress Listings.
  • Add better responsive behaviour to List of Listings.
  • Do not show regions selector if no regions are allowed.
  • Restore AWPCPBROWSECATS shortcode but direct to AWPCPBROWSEADS.
  • Remove unused query vars 'a' and 'i'.
  • Prevent PHP Warnings and Errors in PHP 5.4 and above.
  • Do not show View Categories menu if page's name is emtpy.
  • Prevent creation of invalid rules for View Categories page.
  • Fix label for submit button in Upload Images form.
  • Fix bug that incorrectly allowed images to be allowed.
  • Strip CR characters from listing's meta description.
  • Fix typo: 'Pelase' -> 'Please'.
  • Fix problem with aposthrophes in categories names.
  • Validate PayPal payment information using Merchant ID.
  • Fix text domain for strings in Placeholder's notice.
  • Add updated translations from Transifex.
  • Add notification for media uploaded to listings (#532).
  • Asks admins to enter PayPal Merchant ID to improve verification of payment information.
  • Add warning notice when testing an import operation.

Version 3.7.3

  • Fix PHP Warning in Browse Categories Page Redirection Handler.
  • Remove no longer used query paramter a=browsecat

Version 3.7.2

  • Remove Browse Categories page.
  • Update plugin to use Facebook API v2.7.
  • Generate better frontend URLs
  • Show database error when a listing cannot be saved.
  • Include up to date translations from Transifex.
  • Update text context for strings in Place/Edit Listing page.
  • For TB_closeWindow element to have box-sizing: content-box.
  • Use awpcp-button CSS class in 'Select Files' button.
  • Fix width of category icon in smaller screens.
  • Fix database error in Listings Finder.
  • Fix problem with Datepicker fields in Import Listing.
  • Fix error calculating number of rows in CSV file.
  • Add Waiting on Confirmation screen for payment transactions.
  • Update cacert.pem.
  • Renewed listings should not require moderation.
  • Restore support for Extra Fields in CSV Importer.

Version 3.7.1

  • Add support for Custom Login URL.
  • Add support for import listings in batches.
  • Rename AWPCP.[mo,po] to another-wordpress-classifieds-plugin.[mo,po].
  • Remove oEmbed support for BrainShark.
  • Add translation for Portuguese (Brazil) * pt_BR.
  • Remove unused jQuery UI files.
  • Make using the name of the recipient in email address optional.
  • Return '404 Listing not found' for deleted listings.
  • Fix plugin uninstaller to cleanly remove all tables.
  • Show most specific region first in listing's location.
  • Fix bug that moved listings to Awating Approval by mistake.
  • Fix bug in Search by Phone feature.
  • Improve appearance of Post Listing screens on mobile devices.

Version 3.7

  • Show return to listing link after Reply to Ad form is submitted.
  • Add placeholder to show elapsed time since listing creation.
  • Add settings for updating subject & body of ad verification email.
  • Add Settings link to plugin entry in Plugins page.
  • Hide Number of days before expired listings are deleted setting if not used.
  • Add French translation for Mark as Sold.
  • Add settings to hide and override the 'No Image' image.
  • Update translation for French languge in main plugin.
  • Add a global Hide empty categories from dropdowns option.
  • Disable the Classifieds > Fees area if payments are disabled.
  • Update plugin's JS to work without jQuery Migrate.
  • Fix Fatal error caused by trying to access a private property.
  • Fix missing constructor parameter notice.
  • Fix premium upgrades for websites with local blocks.
  • Fixed character count when quotes are added to ad details text.
  • Fix problem with image Open Graph metatag.
  • Allow multiple AWPCPSHOWCAT shortcodes in the same page.
  • Fix PHP Warning in Task Queue.
  • Fix pagination issue.
  • Fix translation problem in 3.6.5.
  • Media Uploader: replace href="javascript;" with href="#".
  • Fix alignment of labels on Edit Ad page in admin.
  • Fix appearance of comments & ratings in admin.
  • Update awpcp_ajaxurl() to match current request's scheme.
  • Fix description of Listing's URL settings.
  • Add workaround for mime_content_type bug.
  • Fix width of textfields in smaller screens.
  • Reduce number of HTTP requests to EDD store.

Version 3.6.5

  • Add category parameter to Random Listings shortcode.
  • Update integrations with SEO plugins to generate basic meta tags.
  • Add filter to prevent generation of basic meta tags.
  • Add 'days-before-expired-listings-are-deleted' setting.
  • Update name and description of 'autoexpiredisabledelete' setting.
  • Update name and description of 'addurationfreemode' setting.
  • Replace AWPCP with the blog name in Place/Edit Ad user panel pages.
  • Fix image's aspect ratio in Listings Widget.
  • Fix Random Listings shortcode to be more random.
  • Replace usages of get_currentuserinfo() with wp_get_current_user().
  • Fix width of textareas in Settings admin page.
  • Add setting to control whether the mobile menu starts expanded or closed.
  • Fix PHP errors and notices in Billing Form.
  • Fix Search By Payer Email feature.
  • Enqueue plugin scripts and styles in plugin admin pages only.
  • Fix undefined index error in Extra Fields.


  • Missing metadata column fix for easy manual triggering
  • Updated Slovak translation.
  • Added Romanian translation.

Version 3.6.4

  • Show user's name using the format selected in the settings.
  • Add setting to control the format of the user's name.
  • Add plugin integration for Profile Builder
  • Start using Sandbox endpoints configured with the latest security standards.
  • Fix conflict with Polylang plugin.
  • Allow BuddyPress Listings placeholders to be used in Reply to Ad email message template.
  • Add awpcp_replace_placeholders() to replace arbitrary placeholders.
  • Add awpcp-clearfix CSS class to avoid theme conflicts.
  • Fix conflict with WordPress HTTPS.
  • Fix Category Dropdown script to run on Opera Mini.
  • Fix typo in a comment in Installer class.
  • Update Ad Management panel to remove AWPCP from the page's title.
  • Add missing translations.
  • Create uppercase and lowercase versions of rewrite rules that include escaped octets.
  • Fix problem saving media metadata.
  • Run upgrade task to calculate image dimensions again.
  • Include website's URL in license_check request.
  • Replace usages of get_ad_id() with get_current_listing_id().
  • Make sure utf8mb4 charset is supported before trying to use it.
  • Remove unwanted new line characters from email headers.


  • Fixed fatal error when upgrading from 3.5.3.x on upgrade routines that were calling incorrect function

Version 3.6.3

  • Start using PayPal TLS Test Sandbox endpoints (for PP security update in Jan 2016).
  • Prevent REPLY-TO-AD shortcode from being executed more than once.
  • Avoid showing duplicated messages in Search Ads form.
  • Do not print empty hidden fields in Category Selector.
  • Avoid trying to process non-existing files in Image Dimensions Generator.
  • Prevent PHP Warning in awpcp_unique_filename when $path does not exists.
  • Update translation files with lost plural strings.
  • Add plugin integration to fix conflict between WooCommerce and AWPCP.
  • Use empty string as User Agent when contacting
  • Allow AWPCPSHOWCAT to accept multiple categories IDs.
  • Add show_categories_list parameter to AWPCPSHOWCAT shortcode.
  • Fix layout issues when Genesis admin theme is being used.
  • Fix Strict Standards error in Import Payment Transaction Task Handler.
  • Fix references to no longer defined properties in plugin installer.
  • Prevent database errors trying to upgrade from 2.0.6..
  • Remove usage of awpcp_get_image_url in Migrate Media Information Task Handler.
  • Updated French translation to fix missing and incorrect strings

Version 3.6.2

  • Register premium modules widgets on load_module.
  • Add constant to hold the lowest priority value used in actions and filters.
  • Prevent race condition trying to update licenses status in main store.
  • Fix typo in notice shown when one or more licenses are inactive.
  • Add Flush Rewrite Rules button to Debug admin page.

Version 3.6.1

  • Increase credits balance even when payment is not required.
  • Give priority to the category_id parameter passed in $_REQUEST.
  • Update Rewrite Rules to prevent showing the wrong category.
  • Use getimagesize to calculate image dimensions.

Version 3.6

  • Add AWPCPUSERLISTINGS shortcode.
  • Show helptext longer than 20 characters below the textfield.
  • Add support for more currency symbols.
  • Allow admins to control whether user information is overwritten or not.
  • Submit Search Listings form to the current page.
  • Submit Category Selector information to the current page.
  • Add Russian, Slovakian translations from Transifex.
  • Add German translation.
  • Add filter to generate Listing's access key.
  • Add function to unregister widgets safely.
  • Include width and height attributes in image tags.
  • Rename 'Unpaid' filter to 'Incomplete'.
  • Add opt-in setting to send emails from wordpress@.
  • Update Form Field table to support changes in WP 4.3.
  • Update admin Listings Table to take support modifications in WP 4.3.
  • Use H1 for headings in Admin Screens in WP 4.3 or above.
  • Change Search Ads page introduction text.
  • Allow user to post listings in more than one region using Fees.
  • Add explanatory note about the proper configuraiton for a successful integration with Facebook.
  • Add description field for Fees.
  • Change the text for the 'Free Ads expiration threshold' setting.
  • Schedule first clear cache action 10 seconds from now.
  • Update cacert.pem.
  • Start uploading files as soon as they are added to the queue.
  • Prevent user from leaving the page without uploading the files.
  • Replace Plupload Queue with a simpler Files Upload widget.
  • Remove Plupload Queue scripts.
  • Show an alert if no files have been uploaded.
  • Update code to validate Akismet and CAPTCHA settings.
  • Add settings to control usage of CAPTCHA in Place Ad and Reply to Ad forms separately.
  • Add settings to control usage of Akismet in Place Ad and Reply to Ad forms separately.
  • Update appearance of Media Uploader and Media Manager in different screen sizes.
  • Update text domain to match plugin's slug.
  • Add awpcp_format_number and awpcp_format_integer functions.
  • Add support for Emojis.
  • Show WP Members login form if available.
  • Automatically add BuddyPress Listings to the list of active components.
  • Remove Checkout/Payment step when an administrator is posting a listing.
  • Show the Login step only when the user actually has to log in.
  • Add plugin integration for Facebook Button Plugin.
  • Add documentation for CSV Importer.
  • Update heading tags in admin screens.
  • Fix translation issue in Listings Media Center.
  • [Search Listings] Do not include previous query parameters as hidden fields.
  • Fix Fatal Error during ajax requests.
  • Fix: shows posted date if listing is not renewed.
  • Fix sorting problem in Manage Listings caused by Featured Listings module.
  • Fix Ad's get_category_name method.
  • Encode whitespace in media URLs.
  • Fix CategoryDropdown to notify other widgets at startup.
  • Update Facebook Integration documentation.
  • Remove margin from list of attachments.
  • Use same order conditions for listings in Manage Listings and Latest Ads Widget.
  • Drop PHP4 style constructors for classes.
  • Remove no longer used reCAPTCHA library.
  • Fix awpcp_find_page function.
  • Add manual upgrade task to fix problematic filenames.
  • Render form steps using span instead of a tags.
  • Fix bug in pagination links.
  • Replace backslashes with regular slash in media URLs.
  • Show Manage Images step if all image slots are already used.
  • Order Ad Posted By field options alphabetically.
  • Fix bug in awpcp_get_browse_category_url_from_id().
  • Do not show primary image as part of $images placeholder.
  • Add upgrade routine to create Tasks table if missing.
  • Fix javascript conflict with BD's ReCaptcha.
  • Add missing string translation in Uninstall page.
  • Redirect users to Manual Upgrade page.
  • Update uploaded file count when a file is rejected by the server.
  • Fix duplicate listing title problem.
  • Show an estimate of the remaining time for manual upgrade tasks.
  • Replace 'form-submit' CSS class with 'awpcp-form-submit'.
  • Fix PHP Notice in WP 4.3 when Subscriptions module is activated.
  • Fix Preview Step.
  • Fix styles for thumbnails generator.
  • Update plugin to use version v2.4 of Facebook API (#1288, #1293).
  • Prevent unnecessary slashes in Fee descriptions and names.
  • Update function to return the Manage Credit Section URL.
  • Fix missing query context in Search Listings page (Closes #1298).
  • Fix layout issues in Uploaded Files Manager.
  • Make sure selected regions remain selected during preview steps.
  • Fix missing regions validation in frontend.
  • Fix duplicated regions validation in frontend.
  • Hide Uploads File step unless all available fees allow to upload files.
  • Fix JavaScript error in WP 3.9.8.
  • Remove unused CSS.
  • Prevent empty needle PHP warning in Page Title Builder.
  • Update default values in Payment_Transaction to match database defaults.
  • Merge duplicated AWPCP_Test_Media classes.
  • Fix tests for Categories Collection.
  • Fix for PHP Fatal error: Class 'WP_REST_Server' not found.
  • Fix get_url_from_path method in Media class.
  • Fix URL generation in Buy Credits and Renew Subscription pages.
  • Fix typo in Buy Credits page.
  • Fix Credit Plans Table to show amounts and numbers using format settings.
  • Fix problems in Category Icons module.
  • Properly set email content charset.
  • Properly set email content charset.
  • Fix problems with Categories Selector in main page.
  • Make sure the large version of images is properly deleted.
  • Update plugin's translation files.
  • Fix division by zero error in awpcp_pagination().
  • Update URL functions to support PATHINFO permalinks.
  • Fix sprintf() warning in Image Placeholders handler.
  • Make sure Category Selector resets page number.
  • Update awpcp_get_formatted_number() to work with multibyte characters.
  • Update code that shows notices for problems with premium modules.
  • Add tests for awpcp_format_number and awpcp_format_money.
  • Use non-breaking space as separator between currency symbol and amount.
  • Fix currency format in Manage Fees admin page.
  • Fix missing title column error in CSV Import.
  • Fix problem with apostrophes in Region Control fields.

Version 3.5.3

  • Remove restriction that prevents Moderators from using Bulk delete.
  • Update message shown when there are missing pages.
  • Add setting to allow users to overwrite contact name and email.
  • Remove usage of AWPCP_TABLE_PAGES table.
  • Add setting to overwrite the currency symbol.
  • Fix errors in French translation.
  • Fix spelling error in Spanish translation
  • Fix problems with Listing Awaiting Approval notification.
  • Fix flush-rewrite-rules error.
  • Fix Restore Pages feature.
  • Fix function that generated media thumbnails URLs.
  • Send both Awaiting Approval and Posted notifications.
  • Print regular whitespace instead of nbsp; in get_formmatted_amount.
  • Fix functions that generate Media URLs.
  • Add plugin integration for Facebook All.
  • Add RUB and TRY as supported PayPal currencies
  • Add purchases credit right after a real payment is made.
  • Make sure plugin pages info is imported once only.
  • Remove view-categories from pluing pages info.
  • Fix problem trying to compare page ids of.
  • Avoid fatal error trying to render an object as the value of a hidden field.
  • Enable localization for strings shown in UI Datepicker.

Version 3.5.2

  • Load translations from wp-content/languages/$domain-$locale.{po,mo} for better upgrade behavior
  • Improve error messages shown when there are missing pages
  • Always show a notice when the category filter is active in Manage Listings
  • Fix issue in RolesAndCapabilities::user_is_administrator().
  • Fix User Search problem in Listings Table
  • ListingsFinder Fix error in title condition
  • Fix error saving Facebook configuration
  • Avoid posting listings to User profile when no page or group is selected

Version 3.5.1

  • Use mb_strtoupper if available in _get_currency_code
  • Fix function that finds media thumbnails for sites not under single site directory structure
  • Make button's tooltip translatable in Delete Form.

Version 3.5

  • NEW: Allow users to remove the title of the entry from the listing URL
  • NEW: Add settings to allow users to remove listing information from URL
  • NEW: Asynchronous uploads for listing images and attachments.
  • NEW: Allow registered users to edit their own Ads without entering Ad key
  • NEW: Add plugin integration for Add Meta Tags plugin
  • NEW: Add setting to control whether payment terms are shown when no category is selected
  • Add is_awpcp_page() function.
  • Use lowercase filenames for newly uploaded files
  • Move Window Title settings to Ad/Listings section.
  • Do not overwrite a page's post name if it is not the default one
  • Flush Rewrite Rules if the post name of an AWPCP page changes
  • Include URL to edit listing in the message sent when a listing is succesfully posted
  • Add link to return to main AWPCP page to the Delete Ad confirmation screen
  • Use GET, instead of POST, to send information from the Search Ads widget
  • Use GET method instead of POST in Search Ads form
  • Add functions to detect if a page including an AWPCP shortcode is being displayed
  • Move URL and AWPCP pages related functions to a new file
  • Added French translation
  • Add awpcp_is_email_address_allowed() function
  • Add plugin integration for WooCommerce to avoid wp-admin lockdown
  • Remove code to initialize session from AWPCP's main class
  • Load translation files from an external directory
  • Add support for reCAPTCHA v2
  • Fix PHP Warning in Manage Categories admin screen
  • Allow currency symbol to be removed from display
  • Add missing translations
  • Improve perfomance of main plugin handling a large amount of categories
  • Update method to retrieve title separator in Yoast WordPress SEO integration
  • Add support for reCAPTCHA v2
  • Do not consider bot requests to calculate a listing's view count
  • Allow WordPress Shortcodes in Single Ad page layout
  • Add setings to control positioning of currency symbol
  • Use site name as Sender name in Listing is about to expire email notification
  • Update Facebook helper class to use version 2.3 of the Graph API
  • Add option to send notification to administrators when a listing is flagged
  • Add notifiction for images awaiting approval uploaded from Manage Images section
  • Allow URLs without http:// and https:// in Form Fields
  • Show Individual Listing's images as a gallery
  • Fix shortcodes and widgets to show listings in user selected order
  • Fix translation issue in Ad Detals step template
  • Add 'status' attribute to ajax response for Delete Comment action
  • Add function to generate unique file name for uploaded images
  • Use date_i18n to generate localized dates
  • Make 'Search' string translatable in Search Ads Widget
  • Fix conflict with Private Message plugin
  • Fix Place Ad form validation in frontend screens
  • Fix typo in messages shown when images are pending approval.
  • Fix spelling error in admin area
  • Fix typo in Payments API.
  • CSS fixes for File Manager component
  • Fix PHP Notice in code used to upload files.
  • Fix conflict with imagesLoaded jQuery plugin
  • Fix Random Ads Widget
  • Fix MainMenu JS code to avoid mark up issues
  • Show View Categories menu item when viewing the list of listings
  • Fix appearance of responsive tables in mobile devices
  • Show listing excerpt in widgets, even if show-images is not enabled
  • Fix function to generate Listing Verifiation URL
  • Fix email validation code in Place Ad page
  • Further improvements to appearance of responsive tables in mobile devices
  • Remove PHP Notice caused trying to access a property of a non-object.
  • Avoid scheduling more than one job for clearing a listing's Facebook Cache
  • Avoid PHP Warnings triggered when the setting for Secure URLs is enabled
  • Schedule Clear Ad Facebook Cache events to be executed 5 minutes after the current time
  • Fix typo in Extra Fields module.
  • Always try to find region options for regions dropdowns
  • Fix slow query trying to filter listings by region
  • Rename CSS class clearboth to awpcp-clearboth
  • Use activate_plugins intead of install_plugins as the admin capability
  • Fix bug handling item price in Listing Importer
  • Clear categories list cache after listings are imported
  • Add awpcp-updated CSS class to avoid collisions with theme's styles
  • Prevent configuration conflict in Payment Settings
  • Remove incorrect use of ARRAY_A in PaymentTransaction::query
  • Update awpcp_pagination function to avoid printing too many page links
  • Fix PHP Warning in Manage Categories admin screen
  • Fix broken Search Listings form when permalinks are disabled
  • Fix broken form in Search Listings Widget when permalinks are disabled
  • Do not show a dropdown of regions when Region Control is not installed
  • Fix unexpected "amount of credit in your account is not enough" error
  • Fix translation error for 'Terms of Service:'
  • Fix bug in Listings Finder causing listings to disappear from admin and frontend
  • Define undefined variables in WP List Table sub-classes and AWPCP_Page
  • Do not pre-select a user in the Ad Owner listing when editing a listing
  • Make Listing Owner field optional if User Registration is off
  • Fix bug in Import Listing screens affecting non-english websites
  • Fix broken navigation in pagination links and category selector
  • Fix bug in Categories Dropdown
  • Fix bug in Settings Validator code
  • Fix error presentation in Buy Credits page
  • Use a relative URL for the Manage Credit menu item
  • Namespace rules for messages in plugin's stylesheet

Version 3.3.3

  • Fix problem with image uploads that allowed for non-image files to be uploaded instead. Strict extension checking enabled. Security problem if left unpatched.

Version 3.3.2

  • Allow users to choose thumbnail position in Latest Ads and other widgets
  • Do not set names for the select and text fields used as helpers in the Multiple Region Selector
  • Include total amount paid and total credits spent in the email sent when a listing is successfully posted
  • Add Automatic Upgrade routine to fix media entries that were stored with an empty mime type
  • Fix query to get images when a single mime_type is used as condition
  • Configure Free Payment Term to use one of the accepted payment types
  • Execute awpcp_handle_admin_requests on admin_init
  • Fix several translation issues
  • Verify category cache keys before rendering
  • Add setting for currency code to 2Checkout
  • Make created/updated dates on Show Ad match ad's
  • Better handle www/no-www redirect on the front page

Version 3.3.1

  • Improve rewrite rule for View Categories.
  • Fix conflict with BBPress.
  • Avoid sending verification email when payment is cancelled or fails.
  • Fix ajax handler for Delete File action.
  • Fix conflict with WordPress SEO plugin.
  • Avoid sending verification emails if Email Verification is off.
  • Add support for the appsecret_proof field doing requests to Facebook API.
  • Fix Search Widget: Allow specific region fields to be hidden again
  • Do not send verification emails for Unpaid listings
  • Fix PHP notice in Facebook Cache Helper.

Version 3.3

  • Allow admins to mark price field as private
  • Add Users Autocomplete field
  • Add plugin integration for Content Aware Sidebars
  • Add support for posting Ads to Facebook Groups
  • Add support for posting Ads to Facebook automatically
  • Add option to hide price if it is empty or was set to zero
  • Allow listings to be filtered by category in Classifieds > Listings screen
  • Make sure Facebook reads basic Ad information when asking it to scrape an Ads page
  • Use version 2.0 of Facebook Graph API and Facebook Login Dialog
  • Improve name and description of "Verify Email Address"
  • Remove Region Selector from Search Ads screen
  • Show detailed error message when there is a problem trying to renew a Listing
  • Force categories list to display a single column in mobile devices
  • Disable Force Secure URLs feature if website does not support secure URLs
  • Add $categories placeholder
  • Add function to render list of categories with cache support
  • Better Edit Image/Files frontend screens
  • Design improvements for the Listings and Search Ads widgets
  • Do not include AWPCP's Javascript in all frontend pages
  • Do not show No Image default thumbnail if AWPCP is configured to not allow images.
  • Rename page-search-ads.js to page-search-listings.js
  • Overwrite Sender Name and Sender Email using current user's information
  • Do not load Payment Term Fee categories when Fee Per Category module is not activated
  • Add core modifications to control premium modules using EDD licenses
  • Remove Latest News section from admin dashboard
  • Remove Fatal error caused by trying to read information from an inexistent Payment Term
  • Fix Renew Ad bulk operation in Ad Management panel
  • Fix Credit Plan issue
  • Make sure PaymentTransactionHelper always assigns an user to the transaction.
  • Do not show configuration admin notices to regular users.
  • Fix integration with Yoast WordPress SEO plugin.
  • Remove PHP warning due to missing argument
  • Improve calculation of the date a listing should be marked as expired
  • Improve description about number of days left before Listing expires
  • Handle WP_Error in Facebook Cache Helper
  • Fix Ad Expired notification behavior
  • Fix Missing argument PHP Warning
  • Add District of Columbia (Washington, D.C) as a valid state option for Authorize.Net
  • Fix function to count number of Ads in a specific category
  • Use decoded version of the listing's URL in emails
  • Fix syntax error in Ad Enabled email template.
  • Add parenthesis to control scope of OR operand in SQL query
  • Fix PHP Warning in Search Widget.
  • Fix problems with region listings count
  • Make sure setImageOrientation method exists in Imagick class
  • Mark pages in trash as missing
  • Fix error handling uploaded files with utf-8 characters in their names
  • Fix error in Facebook Settings when trying to select None as page or group
  • Fix formatting issue when editing a listing
  • Fix responsive main menu in Show Ad and Browse Ads pages
  • Add verification for edge case of duplicate page title
  • Fix: fallback image is not being shown

Version 3.2.2

  • NEW: Add quick link to Mark an Ad as verified from Classifieds > Listings screen.
  • Allow administrators to see Ad with images pending approval.
  • Make sure Ads appear in Awaiting Approval section after they are edited or renewed.
  • Widgets now show "There are currently no Ads to show" if there are no Ads available to show.
  • Slightly improved appearance of AWPCP messages in WP 3.8+ admin dashboard.
  • Users no longer need to return to website after making a payment to complete the post Ad process.
  • Added $twitter_button_url placeholder.
  • Added $facebook_button_url placeholder.
  • Add modifications necessary to fix for running plugin in WP 3.9.
  • Update cron jobs configuration and instantiation time.
  • Disable "Send to Facebook" action for disabled Ads.
  • Add optimized version of main plugin's images.
  • Ask Facebook to scrape an Ad every time it is updated, created or enabled.
  • Fix SQL errors encountered when Traditional mode is added.
  • Fix duplicate title error in Meta class.
  • Fix error displaying credit balance in Place Ad page.
  • Add helper functions to handle multi-byte strings.
  • Make default Ad image bigger to avoid random images problem with Facebook.
  • Make sure installed modules are properly shown in the admin sidebar.
  • Do not show Category field in Edit Ad form to regular users.

Versions 3.0.2, 3.2, 3.2.1

  • NEW: Attachments module
  • NEW: Add support for email verification to post Ads
  • NEW: Add 'Send to Facebook' action to ad management (beta).
  • NEW: Add a preview step to the Place Ad workflow
  • Change "Select Category" to "All Categories" in Category dropdown in search contexts
  • Change "Select Option" to "All Users" in Users dropdown in search context
  • Globally change parameter 'awpcp-txn' name to 'transaction_id'
  • Add functions to fix rotation of uploaded images
  • Change Admin Categories query parameter to avoid conflict with WP Security
  • Add CSS media queries for elements in Place Ad * Order Step
  • Add setting to control word count in Ad excerpt
  • Sort users in user dropdown by display_name.
  • Add asterisk in front of required fields in Place Ad/Edit Ad form
  • Verify $attachments placeholder has been properly installed
  • Use bold font for subtitles in Single Ad view
  • Store selected number of results in Manage Categories section
  • Premium modules now perform compatibility checks at initialization.
  • Replace awpcp_time with awpcp_datetime.
  • Do not overwrite Ad info with Profile info on Edit.
  • Add setting to control the order of the Region Fields.
  • Add setting to show/hide the Ad Access Key in email notifications
  • Allow users to make phone, contact name and website private.
  • Fix Upload Image/Files step styles in admin screens.
  • Add support for posting Ads in multiple regions (with Subscriptions module only)
  • Add 'allow-regions-modification' setting for Multiple Reigons feature available with Subscriptions module.
  • Add JavaScript validation to warn user about duplicated regions
  • Add integration for WP Affiliate Platform plugin
  • Remove 'caticons' images from main plugin.
  • Use WP DB to insert new category rows
  • Add security hash to Renew Ad URL
  • Add compatibility with All In One SEO Pack
  • Make Categories list collapsible and add multiple dropdowns to choose a category
  • Add setting to control whether categories list are collapsible or not.
  • Send email to admin user when images are awaiting approval
  • Allow admin to decide which payment types (currency, credit) are accepted
  • Allow admin to control the file permissions of the uploads directory
  • Improved code to unzip image files in CSV Import
  • Allow search by category field to be hidden in Search Ads widget
  • Add support for GET extra field parameters in search form.
  • Improve Ad's layout in widgets.
  • Credits should be debited from the user account at the end of the transaction
  • Use WP functions to access database from get_total_imagesuploaded
  • Delete disabled Ads after 7 days (instead of 30).
  • Use plugin_dir_url and plugin_dir_path functions to get plugins path and urls.
  • Run clean up function daily. Ads are still deleted after they have been disabled for a full month.
  • Add verification to warn about duplicate page names
  • Add search by payer email on the Listings admin section
  • Fix hardcoded table name in Basic Regions API methods.
  • Add first version of unit test suite for AWPCP.
  • Add shortcode for a frontend Buy Credits page
  • Update plugin templates and CSS style to make it more responsive
  • Load jQuery Smoothness Theme using a protocol relative URL.
  • Add end_date, last_updated_date, renewed_date placholders
  • Add $parent_category_url and $parent_category_name placeholders
  • Update translation files.
  • Add links to View Ad and Return to Listings to media manager screen
  • Improve appearance of admin sections in WP 3.8.
  • Add setting to force secure URLs on payment pages
  • Add OpenGrap integration with Facebook Official Plugin
  • Generate proper canonical URLs when Yoast WordPress SEO is installed
  • Allow users to use wildcards in domains whitelist definitions.
  • Fix Unpaid filter in admin Listings section.
  • Update text in settings.
  • Multiple fixes in Categories admin section.
  • Improve Akismet configuration error message.
  • Clicking the name of category redirects the user to the Edit Category section.
  • Update CSV Importer screen texts.
  • Rename "Non Verified" filter in admin listing to "Unverified".
  • Add items_per_page parameter to AWPCPSHOWCAT shortcode
  • Move premium modules translations into their own files
  • Remove spaces around region names before saving them
  • Strip slashes from form data in Search Ads form
  • Use MySQL LIKE operator for searching Ads
  • Do not show upgrade notices to non admin users.
  • Fix Fatal error in hosts that do not have PHP EXIF extension.
  • Fix PHP error in showad function
  • Prevent Show Ad shortcode from being executed twice, or more times
  • Fix Manage Attachments link
  • Do not print HTML markup for the Multiple Region Selector if no fields are enabled
  • Remove unused css styles that caused conflicts with Easy Bootstrap Shortcode plugin
  • Fix translation problem in email messages
  • Fix users dropdown in Place Ad page to use less memory loading users info
  • Fix Fatal error in Comments & Ratings module
  • Preserve creation time when editing Ads
  • Mark images/attachments as enabled by default when image approve is off
  • Fix: Parent category was not being properly updated on Edit Ad
  • Remove theme conflict: Update JS code used to handle Delete Ad button
  • Fix: Show sub-categories in proper order
  • Fix path to loading gif used in admin forms.
  • Remove Knockout JS HTML comments from Multiple Region selector template
  • Add missing string to translations files and update spanish translations
  • Fix Knockout JS parse error and other JS errors in IE.
  • Do not execute Edit Ad shortcode multiple times during the request
  • Fix: Update coupon redemption count
  • Fix placehoder to display Ad images
  • Fix Ad URL and page title in Show Ad page
  • Fix Ads Widgets to show images again
  • Fix fatal error when trying to access an Ad that doesn't exists.
  • Fix error parsing Ad price
  • Fix Search Ads widget
  • Fix validation errors in PayPal Payments Standard gateway
  • Fix Categories Dropdown to notify other widgets when a category is selected
  • Do not require price field when not marked as required.
  • Show prices below 1.00
  • Add missing translation domain to translatable string
  • Fix spelling errors in admin URLs
  • Run custom_column handler later to avoid conflict with Simplr Registration Form Plus+ plugin
  • Fix has_expired() method of Ad
  • Improve cron job routine to send Renew Ad emails
  • Change name of hash parameter in Edit Ad page
  • Escape quotes and double quotes in mailbox name
  • Fix workaround for ThemeForest's theme_formatter function
  • Fix Buy Subscription option in User Panel for non-administrators users.
  • Fix Add credit/Remove Credit operations (were failing if WP_DEBUG was defined).
  • Fix Payment Transaction: functions to verify transitions between payment status.
  • Fix fatal error in Authorize.Net module and problem uploading images
  • Fix fatal error on Renew Ad page
  • Make manual upgrade for 3.0.2 mandatory only if there are pending transactions in wp_options table
  • Fix Renew Ad link and Renew Ad calculations
  • Minor fixes for Credit System screens.
  • Fix: Remove legacy number images allowed filter that caused problems to uploaded images
  • Fix admin menu error for non-adminastrator users.
  • Fix: Search pagination breaks when going to second page
  • strip_html_tags renamed to awpcp_strip_html_tags.
  • Fix MySQL strict mode issues with new columns in Ads table
  • Add option to show 500 listings per page
  • Fix MySQL strict mode issues when saving images
  • Fix fatal error caused by missing file.
  • Fix image size issue in Latest Ads widget
  • Fix Registration URL setting
  • Fix hardcoded database table name.
  • Fix function that retrieves Ad information for Facebook Share button
  • Fix CSV import problems
  • Do not enforce region data, when payment term does not allow regions
  • Do not show Fee Categories warning to regular users
  • Improve upgrade screen to run all upgrade routines with one click
  • Fix: Pre-fill region fields with Profile data.
  • Fix conflict with bbPress and Facebook Share Button
  • Fix conflict with All In One SEO Pack OpenGraph tags
  • Use currency symbol defined in settings in payment page
  • Fix spelling error
  • Do not show menu markup when there are no menu items enabled
  • Use display name as user's contact name in Place Ad
  • Fix upgrade issue from older versions

Version 3.0.1

  • Made regions control fields optional on search (new settings)
  • Fixed reCAPTCHA conflict with other plugins
  • Fixed Place Ad JavaScript bug affecting some users
  • Fixed 414 error generated on bulk operations for admin Listings screen
  • Fixed contact name/email display issue for non-admin users
  • Fixed Category icon module display issue for 3.0 upgrade

Version 3.0

  • NEW: PayPal Pro (Express Checkout and Direct Payment integrations)
  • NEW: Comments and Ratings
  • NEW: Authorize.Net Payment Gateway support
  • NEW: New Credit System.
  • NEW: New Payment System.
  • NEW: Two Place Ad workflows: Pay First-Post Later; Post-First, Pay-Later.
  • NEW: Add settings to control currency and date formats.
  • NEW: Make category link clickable.
  • NEW: New Listings section.
  • NEW: Add bulk action to mark Ads as featured or non-featured.
  • NEW: Add bulk action to renew Ads.
  • NEW: Add bulk action to mark Ads as SPAM.
  • NEW: Add bulk action to Flag/Unflag Ads.
  • NEW: Add Unpaid Ads section in Admin Listings, to see unpublished Ads.
  • NEW: Allow Admin to re-send Access Key from Listings section.
  • NEW: Allow admin to edit Ad's start and end dates.
  • NEW: Allow admin users to change the category of an Ad.
  • NEW: Include a link to full version of Ad in the Ad Posted Email sent to admin.
  • NEW: New Fees section.
  • NEW: Allow Fee plans to be marked as private.
  • NEW: Add setting to hide decimals in price.
  • NEW: Add setting to control Fees order.
  • NEW: Allow admin users to control the number of characters in title per Fee plan.
  • NEW: Add new sort options and allow Search Results to have a different order.
  • NEW: Allow administrators to be notified when an Ad gets a response.
  • NEW: Allow for an email to be sent to the Ad owner when an Ad is approved.
  • NEW: Allow for an email to be sent to the admin when an Ad is pending approval.
  • NEW: Allow admin notifications to be send to a configurable email address.
  • NEW: Show category ID in Categories Admin listings for easy access.
  • NEW: Allow empty categories to be hidden.
  • NEW: New Widgets: Random Ad widget, Categories widget.
  • NEW: New shortcode: [AWPCPLATESTLISTINGS].
  • NEW: New shortcode: [AWPCPRANDOMLISTINGS].
  • NEW: New shortcode: [AWPCPFEATUREDLISYINGS] (with Featured Ads module only).
  • NEW: Add support for reCAPTCHA in Place Ad and Reply to Ad pages.
  • NEW: Add new content placeholders to be used in Single and Listings layout.
  • NEW: Replace Max and Min price search dropdown fields with textfields.
  • NEW: Improved login form with register and lost password links.
  • NEW: Increase maximum file size per image to 1MB.
  • NEW: Use WordPress Thickbox.
  • NEW: Use jQuery Form included in WordPress.
  • Fix: Numerous missing translations added.
  • Fix: Email doesn't go to user when the Ad is pending approval.
  • Fix: Ad are posted prematurely.
  • Fix: Remove Payment Transactions objects from wp_options table.
  • Fix: Admin cannot Unflag Ads from the Ad Management panel.
  • Fix: Make keyword optional in Search form if other fields have values.
  • Fix: Consider Ad's renewed date when showing Ads Listings.
  • Fix: Search by ID in Admin Listings section.
  • Fix: PayPal payment gateway verification and validation functions.
  • Fix: Create Transactions objects only when there is a clear intention of posting an Ad.
  • Fix: Allow users to search by category from Search Widget.
  • Fix: Conflict with Events Manager.
  • Fix: Allow for partial searches on deafult region fields (without Region Control module).
  • Fix: Conflict with JetPack OpenGraph meta tags.
  • Fix: (PayPal) Consider Taxes to decide if paid amount matches order amount.
  • Fix: Uninstall function.
  • Fix: Minor fix to AWPCP Admin home screen layout.
  • Fix: Include styles and scripts using wp_enqueue_style and wp_enqueue_script.
  • Fix: Auto-populate region fields from Regions data available in existing Ads (without Region Control module).
  • Fix: Conflict with jQuery UI.
  • Fix: AWPCP styles overrides loginform CSS style.
  • Fix: Compatibility problem with CryptX.
  • Fix: Remove sevearl XSS and SQL Injection vulnerabilities.
  • Fix: Redirect users to current page after they register a new account.
  • Fix: Show categories hierarchy in the admin screen.
  • Fix: Improved compatibility with AdBlock add-on for Google Chrome.
  • Fix: Compatibility issue iwth SEO Ultimate plugin.
  • Fix: Use HTML labels in AWPCP forms.
  • Fix: Add CSS style to fix widgets format in IE8.
  • Fix: Replace "AWPCP Transaction" with "{blogname} Transaction".
  • Fix: Load CSS after all premium modules styles.
  • Fix: Use same URL for View Categories link and AWPCP Main page if "Show Ad listings on main page" is unchecked.
  • Fix: Show users dropdown list sorted alphabetically.
  • Fix: Allow for IPv6 addresses in posterip field.
  • Fix: Thumbnails files were being saved with the wrong name.
  • Fix: Better email address validation.
  • Fix: Ad Posted email was begin sent multiple times for the same Ad.
  • Fix: Move session_Start to the init hook.
  • Fix: Conflict with W3 Total Cache in Place Ad workflow.
  • Allow Extra Fields to be assigned to multiple categories.
  • Add ranged serach for numeric Extra Fields.
  • Add CSS classes to Extra Fields form fields and rendered values.
  • Render links fro Extra Fields with URL and Email validators.
  • Fix: Extra Fields not always showing up in Search Page.
  • Fix: Extra Fields search not working in some cases.
  • Fix: Allow Extra Fields with validators to be optional.
  • Allow admin users to control the number of characters in title per Subscription plan.
  • Allow image count and character count control in Subscription Plans.
  • Add setting to control Subscription Plans order.
  • RSS module is now a stand alone plugin.
  • Add RSS feeds per category.
  • Include Extra Fields in RSS feed.
  • Add options to show larger images in RSS feed.
  • Add Autocomplete field to choose Region Parent in Region Control admin screens.
  • Improved region Ad count implementation to reduce processing time.
  • Allow Region Selector to be collapsible.
  • Fix: Support for different regions hierarchy in Region Control (Country->County->State vs Country->State->City).
  • Fix: Show Regions in Sidelist in alphabetical order.
  • Fix: Conflcit between Region Control and Theme My Login.
  • Google Checkout module is now a stand alone plugin.
  • Fix: Featured Ads become non-Featured Ad when edited.

Version 2.2.1

  • Updated translation files for missing strings
  • Removed bogus file from plugin root directory causing problems on Windows
  • Added support for IPv6 addresses on posterip column
  • Fixed problem deleting images so all derived images are removed, not just the main one
  • Fixed image upload problem where image filenames were dropping the first character of the name
  • Changed session_start to launch from an init hook to reduce conflicts with other plugins

Version 2.2

  • NEW: Official Spanish translation added to AWPCP
  • NEW: Added jQuery to plugin for formal regions support
  • NEW: Allow Sidelist to show Regions from any level.
  • Fixed PHP warning for WP 3.5 about wpdb::prepare
  • Fixed Renew Ad link trailing slash problem
  • Fixed payment table headers for Place Ad payment page
  • Moved session_start to an init hook to reduce plugin conflicts
  • Image upload bug where filename was being improperly truncated for thumbnails
  • Added defensive code to handle conflict with Themeforest-based themes that use wpautop improperly, causing double-break output on AWPCP pages
  • Fixed Regions Ajax conflict.
  • Fixed cache problem that caused sidelisted regions not to appear.
  • Store regions ad count in database to improve module performance.
  • Move Regions CSS and JS to external files.
  • Replace region parent dropdown fields with autocomplete fields.


  • Fixed problem with category links where a 404 error would appear when AWPCP pages are used on the front of a site

Version 2.1.3

  • NEW: Added shortcode for display of single categories of ads: [AWPCPSHOWCAT id=4 children=true] where id is the category, children says whether to display child categories of this category or not (allowed values: true, false, yes, no, 0, 1)
  • NEW: Send email when Ad is successfully renewed.
  • NEW: Store and display the most recent date when an Ad has been renewed.
  • NEW: Enable Ad Images if the renewed Ad is enabled.
  • NEW: Allow users to enable/disable images from frontend Edit Images screen.
  • NEW: Add disable/enable operations in the Ad Management panel.
  • Fixed JavaScript error in Admin Dashboard
  • Fixed to not show primary image if the image is disabled.
  • Fixed CSV Importer to consider default dates.
  • Show accurate remaining character count when editing an Ad.
  • Fixed SQL error when adding new Fee plan.
  • Fixed ad counts not working with child regions (parent count inaccurate)
  • Fixed problems with Renew Ads from dashboard
  • Fixed issue with subscriptions not paginating on admin dashboard
  • Fixed SEO Friendly URL issue when Browse Cats was main page
  • Fixed widget registration issue when widget was translated (caused widget to disappear)
  • Fixed compatibility with Simple Lightbox Plugin
  • Fixed imported ads to have access keys generated for them during import
  • Fixed missing translation strings in PO file

Version 2.1.2

  • NEW: Allow for regions control region box to be collapsible
  • NEW: Make Region Control Sidelist collapsible
  • NEW: Redesign region selector widget to use less space
  • Regions Module selector is not working on all sites
  • wpautop and wptexturize break AWPCP's inline JavaScript
  • PayPal certificate verification issues
  • CSV Importer does not show useful error messages when upload fails.
  • Add radio fields to choose which Roles have AWPCP admin access.
  • Conflict between Region Sidelist and Region Selector
  • awpcp_ajaxurl is returning the wrong URL
  • Show images/icons (instead of just text) to identify the supported payment methods.
  • Use cURL both with and without bundled CA to solve certificate verification issues.
  • Fix Fatal error in 2Checkout validation function.
  • Avoid creating Extra Fields named with WP Reserved Words
  • Fix Google Checkout validation and verification module.

Version 2.1.1

  • NEW: Display characters allowed in Payment Step screen
  • NEW: Make Featured Ads widget take into account current selected Region
  • MySQL Strict mode error when editing an Ad.
  • Setting a location to a Region clears all sub-locations
  • template errors. Move split tags to the same line
  • Renew Ad template.
  • JS error related to missing fields in Ad Details form.
  • "Call Time Pass By Reference" PHP error in Ad class.
  • provide a fallback for esc_textarea function.
  • Remove extra HTML table tag.
  • redirection problem in Region Control selector.
  • SQL error in Region Control module.
  • MySQL Strict mode when installing Region Control module.
  • Fixed CSV import error with certain date formats.

Version 2.1.0

  • NEW: Allow users to download Debug in

Question: Does your plugin have any particular requirements for PHP or MySQL versions? Answer: Yes, you need PHP 5.2+ and MySQL 5+. Earlier versions may work, but are not officially supported.

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