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Advocate Marketing Software

Advocate Marketing system that generates reviews forms (1-5 stars or 0-10 rating) & triggers automation based on the review.

Heads up! Portions of this plugin require a paid http://SwiftCloud.IO account to be of use.

Some of the basic functions of this plugin are free.

This system will... (free features)

  1. Easily generate customer satisfaction surveys in a variety of styles
  2. For happy customers, easily add one-click sharing of that review to help word spread
  3. For unhappy customers, open a trouble ticket in SwiftTasks / SwiftHelpDesk so you can try to make it right
  4. See some basic reporting and rolling averages

Paid features...

  1. More options on everything - anonymous forms, more styles,
  2. Viral Marketing software. Each shared review has a tracking URL so you can see top influencers and ambassadors
  3. Referrals and automation to both referrer and referrals of sequences using SwiftCloud's MAGNET autoresponders
  4. Optionally add a Photo / Video contest for users to, say, tag you in an instagram photo to win a prize, or upload a video testimonial which you can use in marketing
  5. More advanced options for publishing reviews i.e. certain categories only (i.e. for a specific help agent, specific franchise location, etc.)

Enterprise Options

  1. Scheduled Purging (for site performance & large scale data, as well as medical HIPAA data handling rules)
  2. Variable Rolling Averages, or time-window based averages i.e. 90 day average or last 30 votes averages.
  3. API to track nonresponders – a non-response score varies by organization but is usually somewhere “passive� or lower. By tracking non-responders with those who do, you’ll have more accurate insight into real-world stats.
  4. Scheduled Reporting – automatically receive a PDF, with recipient specific to category i.e. for multiple locations or varied stakeholders
  5. Repeat-Reviewer Trend Tracking – auto-merging repeat reviewers to compare history
  6. SMS Conversational Reviews unified with your web and/or phone stats
  7. Twilio Phone API for Voice-based reviewing unified with your web stats
Author Roger Vaughn, Tejas Hapani
Contributors SwiftCloud
Tags advocate marketing, microformats, Referral Marketing, reviews
  1. Enable the plugin
  2. Create an account


  • Added shortcode [swift_review_refer_to_friend]


  • Added dashboard with RSS feeds.


  • Added option meh in Yes/No rating style.
  • UI changes.


  • Allow anonymous reviews.


  • UI changes.


  • Added new rating type.


  • UI changes.


  • Basic setup.
Version 1.8

Requires WordPress version: 4.5 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 09 Feb 2017

Date Added: 26 Dec 2016


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