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Advanced Facebook Wall Widget

Advanced Facebook Wall Widget - Displays feeds from Facebook Page Only. (It won't work with facebook group)

Advanced Facebook Wall Widget is a Wordpress Widget which displays Facebook Latest Post Feeds from any Facebook Page.

This use Facebook Opengraph API so its highly customizable and you can style the feeds the way you like.

We have 24/7 Active Support so you can let us know if you are having any kind of issue with configuring our extension.


Author Ted Lowe
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  1. advanced-facebook-wall-widget screenshot 1

    Frontend Screenshot

  2. advanced-facebook-wall-widget screenshot 2

    Widget Backend

Thanks for installing our Wordpress Plugin. In this article we'll describe how you can use our plugin perfectly. We are open with suggestions & questions. So for anything please email us at -

After Installing the plugin first you have to went to Wordpress Widgets Page - From Right Sidebar Menu (Appearance :>> Widgets)

Now Drag and Drop our Widget to your preferable widget area.

You will find some configuration fields - Let's sort them out. 1. Facebook ID: It can be your Short URL of facebook page like


Here Facebook ID is - smashmag

If your Facebook Page URL is long then you can find your Facebook page Numeric ID.

go here -

Submit your Page URL. Then you will find a numeric ID. Copy it; This is your Facebook Page ID.

  1. Facebook APP ID & Secret:

You have to create account in Facebook Developers site to obtain the keys. You can use the default values, But to its always better you use your own keys.

First Make sure you are login to Facebook

go here and create new app

The a window will popup

Give it a name and choose category. And then click "Create App" Button at bottom.

If Captcha Require. Fill it.

That's it. And you will find your APP Id & APP Secret

  1. Width: Width of your Module in pixel.

  2. Post Limit: Limit of the numbers of Post you like to display.

  3. Link Target Attributes: Link Target - Open in New Window or Same Window or Top Window

  4. Display Attachment: Yes or No.


Stable version release

Contact us for any kind of support -

Version 0.1

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 07 Feb 2017

Date Added: 01 Jul 2014

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