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AdSense In-Post Ads

A plugin to display a shortcode to insert your Google AdSense ads inside your pages or posts.

The AdSense In-Post Ads plugin allows you to save your most used AdSense ad codes, and insert them as a shortcode in your pages or posts.

You may already use a plugin to display your ads in a widgetized area of your page such as the left or right sidebars, or in the header or footer of your page. While this does get the ads on the page, your site visitors are not likely to click on them.

This plugin creates shortcodes, which you can use inside the body of any page or post to display an AdSense advertisement. This is where your reader's eyes are looking anyway, and it will increase the odds that they will click on the ad.

Upgrade to get even more from In-Post Ads!

Upgrade to WP In-Post Ads and save an unlimited number of ad blocks on your site.

Automatically have your ads inserted for you - never copy and paste an ad code again!

In-Post Ads has additional features that help you control the layout of your ad blocks so you can position them exactly how you want them.

Learn more about In-Post Ads!

Author Scott DeLuzio
Contributors scott.deluzio
Tags ad, ads, adsense, advertising, google, page, pages, plugin, Post, posts
  1. adsense-in-post-ads-by-oizuled screenshot 1

    Easily insert and save your AdSense code to insert into your pages and posts.

  2. adsense-in-post-ads-by-oizuled screenshot 2

    Use shortcodes anywhere in your page or post to insert the ad code.

  3. adsense-in-post-ads-by-oizuled screenshot 3

    Your ad is now in the body of your article where users are more likely to click it.

  1. Download archive and unzip in wp-content/plugins or install via Plugins – Add New.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Copy your AdSense code from Google AdSense.
  4. In your WordPress dashboard, click on Settings > AdSense In-Post.
  5. Paste your AdSense code from step 3 into one of the boxes.


  • Fix: Bug prevented ad codes from being displayed correctly on the admin settings page.


  • Improved admin layout.
  • Introduced upgrade features.


  • New: Includes do_shortcode functions on shortcode output to allow use of other shortcodes in the AdSense shortcodes.


  • Minor updates


  • Minor updates


  • Admin screen layout adjustments


  • Minor updates


  • Minor updates


  • Minor updates


  • Minor updates


  • Bug Fix


  • Initial release.

I already have ads in the sidebar, why would I need this plugin?

When people read content online, their eyes typically scan the main body of the article they are reading. They do not often stray off into the sidebar unless they are looking for something like a navigational link. They rarely will seek out an ad to click on.

This plugin allows you to put ads in front of your site visitor's eyes, thereby increasing the likelihood that they will click on one of the ads.

How do I insert an ad in a page or post?

After you have saved your AdSense code, simply enter [AdSense-A], [AdSense-B], or [AdSense-C] as appropriate into any page or post where you want your add to appear.

Can I use more than one ad block per page?

Yes! However, please check Google's policy regarding the number of ads allowed per page and their general ad placement policies.

Currently Google allows a maximum of three ads per page. If you are including an ad in a sidebar widget, which shows up in all pages, please do not add more than two ads to the body of your page or post.

Additionally, think of your site visitors and the user experience associated with multiple ads. If your page or post is only a few lines long, it may be best to limit yourself to just one ad. If your page or post is a few thousand words long, you may be justified in placing several ads throughout the page.

Can I use ad code from other sources?

Yes, you can use ad code from almost any other source.

If I decide to change the ad code later on, what will happen to the ads currently being shown on my pages or posts?

If you update the ad code in any of the three boxes, the shortcodes used in your pages or posts will update to reflect the new code. They will continue to be shown in the same location on the page as the old code.

If you delete the ad code, and still have the associated shortcode inside a page or post, it will simply remove the ad from that page or post. You may end up with an extra blank space, but otherwise will see no other difference.

Version 1.1.1

Requires WordPress version: 3.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 23 Jan 2017

Date Added: 17 Dec 2013

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